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Spokane Garry - Spokane Public Schools


									                                       Spokane Garry
                                       Middle School
                                       725 East Joseph Avenue • Spokane, WA 99207-3499 • 354-5200
                                       Welcome to Garry Middle School!
                                       Garry is recognized as one of the region’s top three performing middle schools and
                                       the top performing middle school in Spokane Public Schools based on the State
                                       Accountability Index. Garry is a learning community that is passionate and dedicated
                                       to providing a high quality education to every student that comes through the door. It
                                       is an exciting place where students are exposed to a variety of experiences that develop
                                       preparedness for success in high school and beyond. Every effort is made to recognize
                                       students and provide services that meet a wide range of individual needs and areas of
                                       interest. Staff and community members work in cohesion to ensure this takes place and
                                       continually look for opportunities to promote a positive climate and foster an authentic
                                       love for learning. Garry is proud to be one of the most diverse campuses in the city
                                       and believes in celebrating differences and the pursuit of equity for all. These glowing
                                       attributes serve as a foundation for a school culture that believes all students can succeed
     Garry’s Mission Statement         and reach their individual potential.
      Garry Middle School, in
 partnership with the community,       What Makes Garry Special?
 is dedicated to improving assessed    Garry is emerging as a school on the move with rising tests scores and cutting edge
  achievement within all academic      programs designed to improve achievement and empower students. Technology is
areas, which will enable students to   currently being utilized to implement advanced assessments tools that provide teachers
 become independent learners and       with in-depth information about each student’s individual progress and areas of strength.
 productive citizens in our society.   In addition, all students participate in an advocacy program where self-reflection of
                                       academic performance and personality traits drives goal development and future career
                                       aspirations. At Garry parental participation and support flourishes through student-led
                                       conferences where each student demonstrates ownership of their educational journey and
                                       solicits help from caring adults along the way. All members of the learning community
                                       actively work to provide enriching activities for students that meet the needs of the
                                       current generation. As a result a multitude of opportunities such as pre-engineering and
                                       robotics are accessible to students.

                                       Providing Excellence for Everyone
                                       In Spokane Public Schools, the four areas we have identified for focus this year are crucial
                                       to the realization of our goal to help every student graduate. To that end, we are working
                                           • Increase K-12 mathematics achievement for all students
                                           • Transform the culture of middle schools with a commitment to creating
                                         a rigorous academic learning environment
                                           • Increase on-time graduation, reduce the drop-out rate, and increase post-
                                          secondary readiness
                                           • Implement a standardized data collection system where data is collected
                                          and disseminated centrally for building- or department-level analysis focused
                                              on improving student achievement.
                                       To reach these goals, we are assessing students at all grade levels more frequently so that
                                       we can provide support before they fall too far behind. In our middle schools and high
                                       schools, we are designing and implementing academic interventions to keep students on
                                       track to graduate.
                                          New high school math materials are better aligned to the state’s updated standards and
                                       include online support for students and parents.
                                         And, because we understand the value of having excellent teachers in every classroom,
                                       we are working to increase the capacity of each teacher to deliver quality instruction by
                                       continuing to provide great professional development.
                                         We thank you for your interest in Spokane Public Schools, as this is work we cannot
                                       accomplish without the assistance of a supportive community.

                                                                               Annual Report Card 2010
                                                             State Assessment Results
                     MSP 2010                                               WASL 2009                                     WASL 2008
   7th Grade        Garry MS        District   State       7th Grade        Garry MS       District   State   7th Grade   Garry MS    District   State
   Reading             48.5           61.3     63.4       Reading              49.3         56.4      59.3    Reading       52.1       63.3      63.1
   Math                44.8           55.4     55.3       Math                 52.7         54.3      51.8    Math          36.6       52.4      50.5
   Writing             42.1           63.9     70.3       Writing              52.4         62.6      69.8    Writing       50.5       66.1      70.0

   8th Grade        Garry MS        District   State       8th Grade        Garry MS       District   State   8th Grade   Garry MS    District   State
   Reading             59.6           63.5     69.4       Reading              58.8         69.0      67.5    Reading       46.5       63.7      66.3
   Math                43.3           48.5     51.6       Math                 44.9         53.7      50.8    Math          32.5       49.5      51.8
   Science             39.8           52.8     54.5       Science              43.7         53.8      51.1    Science       25.2       48.6      48.2

Major Goals from School Improvement Plan                                               District AYP Message
1. To improve the mathematical, literacy and scientific                                 The intent of the federal No Child Left Behind Act is to
achievement of all students as measured by the MSP.                                    ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills they
                                                                                       need to be productive and engaged citizens. Under NCLB,
2. To create personalized learning environments that                                   schools and districts that receive federal funds must make
respond to academic, social and emotional needs of all                                 Adequate Yearly Progress toward the goal of 100 percent
students.                                                                              of students meeting state standards by 2014 or be subject
                                                                                       to various sanctions. Districts are considered to have made
3. To create challenging and relevant learning environments                            AYP if they meet requirements in 111 areas. Spokane
that engage students in learning and understanding.                                    Public Schools did not make AYP this year because it
                                                                                       missed 12 of these areas, and is considered to be in Step
4. To create a culturally responsive environment that
supports and encourages restorative practices and excellence                           2 of improvement. Statewide, only 89 districts out of
for all.                                                                               296 made AYP this year. Most of the districts that made
                                                                                       AYP are relatively small districts and benefitted from the
                                                                                       small number of students enrolled. Because of this, we are
Summary of School Data                                                                 required to implement our district improvement plan. Our
Expenditures per pupil (district average) ................ $10,270.41                  SPS families are vital partners in improving schools, and
Annual school budget ............................................$62,921               we welcome you to actively participate in the revision and
Highly Qualified Teachers .......................................96.88%                 update of the improvement plan. Contact your school for
                                                                                       more information, or go to and click on
For more information regarding this school’s academic achievement and other
related data, please visit                                  “Superintendent of Schools.” We are proud of the work we
                                                                                       are doing and are committed to the success of each student.
Spokane Public Schools Mission:
To develop the skills and talents of all students through                              Construction Update
rigorous learning experiences, supportive relationships, and                           In addition to major building replacements and
relevant real-life applications.                                                       modernizations, and technology and safety upgrades, the
                                                                                       2009 facility improvement bond approved by Spokane
Spokane Public Schools complies with all federal and state laws and regulations        voters included $28 million for an “annual capital projects”
and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,
sex, age, disability, sexual orientation including gender identity, creed,Vietnam-     component to provide for smaller facility improvements at a
era veteran or disabled veteran status. This holds true for all students who are       number of schools each year between 2009 and 2015. These
interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school      projects are planned for the 2010-2011 school year, with all
  Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to        scheduled to be completed by September 1, 2011. Find a
the school district’s Title IX officer and/or Section 504/ADA coordinator. Title IX     complete list of bond projects at
Officer, Jon Swett, (509) 354-7399 * Section 504 Coordinator, Wendy Bleecker,
(509) 354-7248 * ADA Officer, Mark Anderson (509) 354-7272 * Affirmative
Action Officer, Ivan Bush (509) 354-7344* 200 N. Bernard Street, Spokane, WA            The Garry projects include expanding asphalt on north
99201-0206                                                                             side. Last year included a fire alarm upgrade.

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