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The North Scott Press (Eldridge, Iowa) Wednesday, February 11, 2009


for pAtrons of the scott county librAry system
Volume 10 • Issue 1 February 11, 2009
"A library is the repository of our collective memory – our history, our yesterdays, our news of the day and our tomorrows" - Virginia Hamilton

A newsletter

big events in store for the scott county librAry
saturday, Feb. 28
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
	 If	you’ve	stopped	into	our	Eldridge	Headquarters	 in	 the	 past	 few	 months	 you	 may	 have noticed changes in the layout and flow of	our	collection.	Last	September,	we	started	 a	 big	 move	 to	 improve	 the	 functionality	 of	 our	 Library	 and	 after	 putting	 on	 the	 last	 of	 the finishing touches are excited to invite the public	to	celebrate. 	 On	 Saturday,	 February	 28th,	 the	 Scott	 County	Library	in	Eldridge	will	be	hosting	an	 Open	House	Event	with	activities	for	all	ages.	 Storyteller,	Duffy	DeFrance	will	be	kicking	

Open HOuse

off	the	event	at	1	p.m.	when	she	brings	some	 well	loved	classics	through	puppet	tales	at	our	 new	children’s	puppet	theater.	Simultaneously,	 those	wishing	to	check	out	our	newest	area	 designed	 for	 teens	 will	 want	 to	 stop	 in	 our	 Teen Zone where we will have some terrific Wii	gaming	action.	 	 As	an	additional	part	of	the	Open	House	 Event,	the	Library	will	also	be	hosting	the	featured	artist,	Suzanne	Deneuve	with	an	artist’s	 reception.	Susanne,	a	native	of	LeClaire,	has	 had	her	work	featured	at	our	Eldridge	Library	 throughout	January	and	February	and	will	be	 on	hand	to	answer	questions	and	discuss	art	 pieces	and	style.	The	Open	House	runs	from	 1	-	4	p.m.	with	the	Puppet	Show	beginning	at	 1	p.m.	All	ages	are	invited	to	drop	in	and	no	 registration	is	required	for	any	portion	of	the	 event.

Above: The new puppet theater will delight children and parents alike at the upcoming open house. Left: The new Teen Zone is open for business.

m Ark y our c AlendAr f or these greAt events!
KeiSha'S cOrner
by Keisha
	 By	now	our	new	president	has	been	sworn	 in (twice!) and taken office. I wanted to report that	 as	 an	 intelligent	 and	 interested	 canine	 citizen,	I	voted!	 	 The	Scott	County	Library	hosted	early	voting	in	our	First	Amendment	Room	and	being	 a	typical,	interested	individual,	I	checked	out	 the	activity	in	the	room	while	the	staff	was	 engaged	elsewhere.		When	they	noticed	that	 I	 was	 missing	 they	 looked	 to	 the	 doorway	 where	I	was	just	prancing	in	proudly	wearing	 my	new	“I	voted”	sticker	on	my	chest.		The	 	 staff	was	curious	as	to	how	I	voted	but	I	refused	to	comment	on	such	a	private	matter.	 	 Since	my	write-in	candidate	lost,	I	will	let	 it	be	known	that	I	voted	for	“Lassie”!			We	 do	 	need	 someone	 to	 keep	 “big	 dogfood”	 under	control	and	I	feel	that	more	should	be	 done	about	decent	dog	parks	for	SMALL	dogs.	 We	do	like	to	play	with	German	Shepherds	 but	at	my	size	you	must	know	your	playmate	 well.		After	all,	I	could	 resemble	a	food	source.	 	 There	is	much	talk	 of	what	type	of	dog	the	 new first family should get	and	I	haven’t	noticed	 the	 press	 mentioning	a	Maltese.	The	 two	 little	 girls	 in	 the	 White	 House	 need	 a	 WHITE	dog	to	match	 their	new	house.	In	a	 pinch,	we	can	be	used	 to	 mop	 the	 floors.	 	 It	has	been	so	cold	 outside	that	I	resist	my	 usual	daily	dash	to	the	 deck	where	I	warn	all	 living	 creatures	 that	 the	dog	is	now	on	duty.	 Those	 squirrels	 and	

	 Mark	your	calendars	now!	The	Friends	of	 of	the	Scott	County	Library	System	branches	 the	Eldridge	Library	and	the	QC	Magic	Club	 and	are	$5	per	person	or	$20	for	a	family	ticket	 are	teaming	up	for	a	grand	event	on	March	14th	 which	admits	one	household. at	7	p.m.	The	show,	to	be	held	at	the	North	Scott	 High	School	Auditorium,	will	feature	some	of	 the	area’s	top	professional	stage	magicians	who	 plan on dazzling the audience with their finest skills. The two non-profit groups are pairing together	to	raise	funds	for	the	Scott	County	 Library	 System’s	 annual	 Summer	 Reading	 Program	which	provides	events	and	reading	 incentives	for	over	1500	children	throughout	 the	County.	The	magic	will	start	early	with	 table	magicians	and	concessions;	doors	will	 open	at	6	p.m.	The	North	Scott	High	School	 Orchestra	will	also	be	raising	funds	through	 concessions.	“I	think	that	this	is	going	to	be	a	 spectacular	and	affordable	event	for	the	whole	 family,”	says	Youth	Librarian,	Crystal	Kehoe,	 “I	cannot	think	of	a	more	fun	way	to	spend	the	 evening	with	family	and	support	some	great	 area	organizations.”	Tickets	are	available	at	any	

A night of mAgic fundrAiser

deer	 are	 plotting	 to	 take	over	our	territory.	 Last	 evening	 I	 spotted	 4	 deer	 romping	 in	MY	side	yard	with	 no	regard	for	the	dog	 of	the	house.	It	must	 warm	 up	 soon	 so	 I	 can	resume	my	duties.	 	 It’s	 been	 a	 treat	to	greet	my	many	 friends	 from	 my	 bed	 on	the	desk	this	winter	 since	 the	 library	 is	 about	 the	 only	 place	 I	 travel	 in	 the	 subzero	 climate.	 	I’ve	 even	had	to	miss	several	 visits	 to	 nursing	 homes	 and	 I	 hate	 to	 miss	those.	My	people	

need me. Until our next visit, I invite all my friends	to	come	in	to	the	Eldridge	Library	to	 have	some	quiet	time	with	me.	I’m	there	on	 most	Saturdays!	 	 Always	 on	 duty,	 your	 library	 dog.	

river bandit’S raScal viSit
	 Looking	for	a	great	way	for	the	whole	family	to	spend	a	no-school	morning?	If	you	love	 baseball	and	stories	you	won’t	want	to	miss	this	 special	event!		Rascal,	the	Quad	Cities	River	 Bandit’s	furriest	teammate,	will	drop	by	the	 Scott	County	Library	–	Eldridge	Branch	on	 Friday,	February	13th	at	10	a.m.	to	greet	and	 meet	visitors	of	all	ages.	North	Scott	Schools	 will	have	no	classes	that	day	and	all	ages	are	 invited to come and hear some exciting baseball stories,	sing	a	few	songs	and	shake	paws	with	 one of the area’s most exciting characters.

Special 4


pull-Out SectiOn


library newS


The North Scott Press (Eldridge, Iowa) Wednesday, February 11, 2009

newS frOm the directOr
have	quit	buying	new	books	from	book	stores	 and	have	chosen	to	come	to	the	library	instead,	 so	they	don’t	have	to	spend	$25	per	book.”	 Kim	has	noticed	more	users	taking	advantage	 of	other	services	as	well.		“A	few	come	with	 their	laptops	to	use	the	wireless	connection,	 because	they	can’t	afford	the	high-speed	server	 charges.	Others	come	to	use	the	printer,	because	 they	can’t	afford	to	buy	new	ink	for	their	own	 printers.”	Cindy	Mosier,	Branch	Associate	at	 Buffalo	has	witnessed	the	same	trend,	“Most	 of	my	patrons	say	that	they	used	to	buy	their	 books	and	DVDs,	but	now	come	to	the	library.”	 Cindy	thinks	that	the	convenience	of	library	 service	is	a	big	bonus,	“They	love	the	fact	that	 they	can	order	the	new	DVDS	and	materials	 online.” 		 In	addition	to	the	increase	of	library	users	 looking	to	save	money,	the	library	has	become	 a	 hot	 spot	 for	 job	 seekers.	 More	 employers	 are	requiring	job	applications	to	be	submitted	 online	 and	 applications	 for	 government	 resources	are	also	often	online.	Internet	access	 is	 important	 to	 people	 who	 don’t	 have	 it	 at	 home.	It	is	also	important	for	locating	open	 positions.	Walcott	Branch	Associate,	Debbie	 Jacobs has had library users find success in their	job	hunts	through	her	branch,	“A	young	 couple	new	to	Walcott	came	in	to	get	library	 cards.	They	both	were	unemployed	and	applied	 for	jobs	online	at	my	branch	and	also	used	our	 library’s	 books	 and	 materials	 to	 create	 and	 print	new	resumes,”	says	Debbie.	“The	wife	 was	successful	in	her	job	hunt!” 	 Jobless	people	are	showing	up	at	the	library	 as	they	would	to	work,	looking	through	and	 checking-out	 career	 books.	 Others	 come	 to	 escape	 their	 troubles	 and	 look	 for	 jobs	 in	 a	 cozy	accepting	atmosphere.	While	others	are	 trying	to	come	up	with	more	creative	ways	 to earn money or find money in order to keep living.	 Our	Youth	 Librarian	 has	 seen	 many	 people	come	to	the	Eldridge	Library	to	work	


library SyStem uSe Spiraling up in SlOwing ecOnOmy
on	learning	new	skills.	Crystal	Kehoe	states,	 “We	have	seen	so	many	new	faces	looking	for	 help in starting email accounts, finding job postings	and	forging	into	our	library	shelves	 for job ideas. It is terrific to see our services meet	needs	in	this	trying	economy.”	 	 Whatever	 way	 our	 economy	 turns,	 it	 is	 my	wish	to	tell	our	library	members	that	the	 Scott	 County	 Library	 System	 will	 continue	 to	seek	to	provide	the	best	in	library	services.	 Libraries	are	not	only	a	place	to	store	books;	 we	are	a	community	center	for	information.	I	 encourage	you	visit	one	of	our	branches	or	our	 website	soon.	Use	this	opportunity	to	access	 our	materials,	save	your	pocketbook	and	grow	 in your experiences and knowledge to make a	path	for	your	future.

Paul Seelau, Director

library briefS
happened	 if	 Eleanor	 Roosevelt	 had	 run	 for	 President	against	Dwight	Eisenhower.		Copies	 are	now	available	at	the	Eldridge	Library.	Our	 March 23 discussion will be on a non-fiction 	 February	20	-	Teens	are	invited	to	come	to	 book. the	Eldridge	Library	after	hours	for	a	special	 movie	event,	a	Dark	Night	at	the	Library.		Doors	 Ou ube cOnteSt and will	open	at	6:45	and	the	movie	will	begin	at	 7	p.m.	with	a	running	time	of	2	hours	and	32	 red carpet premiere minutes.		We	are	showing	a	PG-13	superhero	 th th flick that was recently released. Call the library 	 Teen	Tech	Week	will	be	March	8 -14 	and	 Quad-City	Libraries	are	again	celebrating	with	 for	movie	details. 	 March	12	-	1:15-	4:00	p.m.	Teens	are	invited	 a	YouTube	 movie	 contest	 for	 teens.	 	 Teens	 to	join	our	Wii	Sports	Bowling	tournament.	 ages 13-19 may work alone or in a group to 	 Sign-up	 begins	 at	 1:15	 p.m.	 	 It	 is	 a	 single	 create	a	3-5	minute	video	based	on	one	of	our	 elimination	tournament	with	prizes	for	the	top	 themes—Book	trailers,	deleted	scenes	from	 two	bowlers.		There	will	also	be	other	games	 books, or outtakes from books. Teens may film for	contestants	to	play	while	they	wait	their	 in	or	outside	of	the	library	and	are	welcome	 to	use	library	computers	to	edit	their	videos.	 	 turn	or	after	they	are	eliminated.		 The	deadline	to	upload	videos	to	YouTube	is	 	 March	16	-	1:00	p.m.	Teens	are	invited	to	 watch	another	movie,	a	classic	teen	adventure	 March	14.		On	March	26	we	will	again	hold	our	 flick from 1985 about a group of seven young Red	Carpet	Premiere	at	the	Putnam	Museum	 friends from a small Northwest town who find and	IMAX	theatre.		Entrants	and	their	families	 themselves	on	a	thrilling	underground	adven- are	invited	to	a	pizza	pre-party	at	6:00	p.m.	 ture	as	they	seek	the	secrets	behind	the	treasure	 while	all	others	may	attend	the	free	premiere	 of	the	notorious	pirate,	One-Eyed	Willie.		The	 in	 the	 theatre	 at	 7:00	 p.m.	 Entry	 forms	 and	 movie	is	rated	PG	and	those	interested	can	call	 more	 information	 is	 available	 at	 your	 local	 library.		 the	library	for	movie	details.		 	 March	 26	 -	 Teen	 YouTube	 Contest	 Red	 Carpet	Premiere	at	the	Putnam	Museum	and	 miSh OmmunitieS IMAX	Theatre. May - TBA Special graffiti art workshop in Owa prOgram to	be	held	in	cooperation	with	the	Figge	Art	 	 Our	Amish	Communities	in	Iowa	program	 Museum.		More	details	to	come! was	 postponed	 from	 January	 and	 has	 been	 rescheduled	to	March	16	at	6:30	p.m.	in	the	 cOtt Ounty eadS First	Amendment	Room	at	the	Eldridge	branch.	 	 	 Scott	County	Reads	book	discussion	group	 Dr.	Frank	Yoder	will	be	discussing	the	various	 is	always	open	to	new	members.		Our	discus- communities	in	Iowa,	describing	their	histosions	 are	 held	 on	 the	 4th	 Monday	 of	 every	 ries,	lifestyles,	and	beliefs.		Dr.	Yoder	is	an	 month	 at	 6:30	 p.m.	 at	 the	 Eldridge	 branch.	 adjunct	professor	for	the	University	of	Iowa,	 	 Our	February	23rd	discussion	will	be	on	the	 where	he	has	taught	many	Iowa	history	and	 book	Eleanor Vs. Ike	by	Robin	Gerber.		This	 Amish	courses.		Please	join	us	for	this	free	 novel is a fictional tale of what would have event,	no	registration	is	required.				

	 When	 the	 economy	 nose	 dives,	 library	 usage	generally	picks	up.	This	is	true	in	the	 past	and	continues	today	as	our	nation	and	the	 world	suffer	from	economic	woes.	Visits	for	 the last six months have risen by 6.5% over the same period last year in our six branches and	bookmobile. 	 “This	trend	is	sweeping	the	nation,”	said	 Jim	Rettig,	president	of	the	American	Library	 Association.	In	2008,	the	association	reports,	 76	percent	of	Americans	visited	a	local	public	 library,	up	from	65	percent	in	2006.	The	most	 common reason for the increase, experts say, is	that	people	are	trying	to	save	money. 	 How	can	libraries	help	pocketbooks?	Big	 draws	are	our	free	computers	and	Wi-Fi	service.	Also,	people	are	using	more	DVDs	and	 video-games.	With	the	recession	weighing	on	 them,	“people	recognize	the	great	value	the	 public	library	is,”	says	Rettig.		Our	Branch	 Associates	 have	 noticed	 the	 change.	 Kim	 Olson	from	Durant	has	had	many	comments	 from	patrons	who	use	the	Library	because	of	 cost	effectiveness	and	convenience,	“Library	 users	of	varying	age	groups	tell	me	that	they	

c alendar Of t een eventS in eldridge



Cindy	Mosier,	Branch	Associate 	 With	the	arrival	of	the	new	year,	the	Buffalo	 Branch	is	looking	forward	to	more	activity! 	 After	a	brief	holiday	break,	Story	Hour	and	 the	Kountry	Kidz	Daycare	outreach	are	back	 in	full	swing.		Story	Hour,	for	preschoolers,	 meets each Wednesday at 10:00 am. Six to twelve	kids	or	more,	along	with	Moms	and	 Grandmas,	 enjoy	 stories	 and	 a	 craft	 to	 take	 home.	 	The	 daycare	 kids,	 usually	 15	 or	 so,	 eagerly	 wait	 for	 “Library”	 to	 arrive	 each	 Tuesday	morning.		 	 ‘Teens	 and	Tweens’	 Game	 Nights	 are	 in	 session	once	a	month,	with	the	kids	enjoying	 games	 on	 the	 big	 screen,	 and	 refreshments	 provided	by	our	Friends	group. 	 A	new	venture	is	a	“Game	Day”,	just	like	 Game	Night,	but	after	school,	and	for	4th	and	 5th graders. The first one in January brought six youngsters.	They	had	a	blast,	and	are	already	 making plans for the next one. 	 The	Friends	of	the	Buffalo	Library	is	offering	used	books	and	magazines	for	sale	on	a	 continuing	basis.			The	Friends	have	approved	 purchase	 of	 a	 train	 table	 for	 the	 Library,	 to	 complement and expand the popular Thomas the	Tank	Engine	playset. 	 We	 keep	 our	 community	 up	 to	 date	 on	

buffAlo brAnch news




Library	activities	with	a	regular	column	in	the	 town	newsletter,	including	a	popular	monthly	 ‘library	quote’. 	 Our	 plans	 for	 the	 year	 include	 an	 afterschool	 program	 for	 elementary	 kids,	 and	 occasional	evening	events	for	adults.	 	 We’ll	 be	 happy	 to	 see	 warm	 weather	 again!




	 Durant	has	been	busy	throughout	the	winter,	 even	with	the	bad	weather.	Many	new	books	 have	been	added	to	their	collection.	They	had	 a	book	sale	in	December	and	January,	thanks	 to	many	donations,	and	raised	$50	for	craft	 supplies,	story	hour	prizes,	and	jelly	beans.	 Upcoming	 Story	 Hours	 are	 on	 the	 following	Saturdays:	February	14	@	10	am	with	a	 Valentine’s	Day	theme,	March	14	@	10	am	 with	a	St.	Patrick’s	Day	theme,	and	April	18	 @	10am	with	a	baby	animals	theme.	All	ages	 are	 welcome	 to	 listen	 to	 the	 stories,	 make	 crafts,	eat	cookies,	and	have	a	chance	to	win	 prize	drawings.	 	 You	can	contact	the	Durant	Branch	at	563785-4725.

durAnt brAnch

princeton brAnch news
The Princeton Branch is anxiously waiting for	 Spring.	 To	 help	 us	 think	 green,	 we	 are	 featuring	the	River	Action	Kiosk.	The	kiosk	 has	community	information	about	rain	water	 run	off	and	how	to	preserve	our	local	water	 ways.	It	also	shows	us	ways	to	help	us	retain	 and	use	rain	water.	The	kiosk	will	be	on	display	 the	month	of	February.	Come	in	and	take	a	 look. 	 Animal	 lovers	 of	all	 ages	will	 enjoy	our	 latest	 program.	 Summer	 the	 Therapy	 Dog	 comes	to	visit	us	on	Thursday	evenings	from	 4	-	6	p.m..	The	children	are	always	happy	to	

see	Summer,	and	Summer	is	always	ready	to	 hear	them	read	a	story	to	her.	 	 We	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 the	 Princeton	 Friends	 of	 the	 Library	 for	 donating	 several	 new	movies	and	the	Wii	games.	We	have	had	 a	lot	of	fun	and	laughs	learning	how	to	play	 the	games	on	game	night.	There	will	be	a	Wii	 tournament	on	Friday	the	13.	Prizes	and	snacks	 will	 be	 provided.	 We	 are	 already	 thinking	 summer	reading	program	and	a	puppet	theatre	 project	is	in	the	works	so	watch	for	that	and	 other	activities	this	summer.

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StOry timeS
	 Why	come	to	Story	Time?	Besides	having	 great	fun	yourself,	you’ll	also	be	celebrating	 a	love	of	literature	with	your	child.	 BUFFALO:	Wednesdays	-	10	a.m. DURANT:	February	14	&	March	14	-	10	a.m. ELDRIDGE:	Tuesdays	&	Fridays	-	10	a.m. PRINCETON:	Wednesdays	-	10	a.m.


The North Scott Press (Eldridge, Iowa) Wednesday, February 11, 2009


new library catalOg

	 Patrons	will	soon	be	seeing	a	new	look	to	 our	library	catalog,	PrairieCat.		This	new	look,	 provided	by	AquaBrowser,	will	feature	more	 relevant	search	results,	customizable	options,	 and	 better	 browsing	 capabilities.	 	 You	 will	 be	able	to	view	book,	CD,	and	DVD	covers,	 make	lists	of	books	you	have	read	or	want	to	 read,	 write	 reviews,	 and	 tag	 materials	 with	 keywords.		Stop	by	the	library	for	a	preview	and	 to	pick	up	a	brochure.		PrairieCat	AquaBrowser	 will	be	available	from	our	website	the	week	 of	February	15.	

Many library visitors were on hand when Miss Crystal & Clifford, the Big Red Dog, shared Clifford’s stories at the Scott County Library System headquarters in Eldridge.

new gOvernment databaSe
	 Debuting	on	March	1,	our	new	Facts	on	File	 U.S.	Government	Online	database	is	a	reference	site	designed	for	the	study	of	the	structure,	 function,	and	history	of	the	U.S.	government.	 This	informative	resource	provides	students	 and	researchers	alike	with	the	tools	they	need	 to	understand	how	the	U.S.	government	works,	 who	the	key	players	are,	and	what	its	role	is	in	 the	everyday	lives	of	citizens.	Ideal	for	civics	 and	 social	 studies	 classrooms	 and	 projects,	 this	 user-friendly	 online	 resource	 features	 an	 easy-to-navigate	 interface,	 with	 primary	 sources	 and	 topical	 essays.	 This	 accessible	 online	resource	also	includes	relevant	images	 and	videos	applicable	to	articles	and	topics.	 	 The	database	will	be	available	on	March	1st,	 visit	the	library’s	website	and	click	on	Research	 Databases	for	access.	

the benefitS
	 The	lucky	among	us	can	remember	back	to	 an experience where someone read aloud to us. Perhaps	it	was	a	classroom	teacher,	librarian,	 parent	 or	 grandparent	 who	 opened	 a	 world	 to	you	by	sharing	chapter	after	chapter	from	 a	classic	tale.	I	can	distinctly	recall	trying	to	 hide	my	tears	as	I	listened	to	my	second	grade	 teacher	read	the	heart	wrenching	“Where	the	 Red	 Fern	 Grows.”	 Or	 later	 in	 life,	 looking	 into	the	faces	of	my	own	students	as	I	shared	 Roald	Dahl’s	“The	B.F.G”	as	they	laughed	so	 hard	they	had	tears	or	listening	in	silence	as	 they	took	in	every	word	during	the	suspense.	 These stories, these experiences, have been forever	bound	to	my	heart	leaving	an	everlasting	 impression.	 Reading	 aloud	 stories	 with	 others not only creates a mutual experience with	 all	 those	 who	 share,	 but	 constructs	 a	 building	block	to	gained	knowledge	for	our	 students.	In	a	well-known	national	report	by	 the	Commission	on	Reading	it	states	that,	“The	


single	most	important	activity	for	building	the	 knowledge	 required	 for	 eventual	 success	 is	 reading	aloud	to	children.”		 	 Need	a	good	way	to	 start	building	 those	 experiences with children you love? Start with	 some	 of	 your	 childhood	 favorites,	 ask	 a	 children’s	 librarian	 or	 simply	 browse	 our	 shelves	for	a	cost-free	way	to	entertain	and	 enlighten	your	children.	There	are	no	wrong	 choices	as	the	stories	that	your	family	will	love	 to	share	will	be	dependent	upon	your	family’s	 structure	and	taste,	but	do	not	be	afraid	to	try	 new	things.	You	can	always	stop	in	the	middle	 and	start	something	new,	that	is	if	your	family	 will	let	you	stop	reading.	Below	is	a	book	list	 of	new	or	tried	and	true	read-alouds	to	get	you	 started.	If	you	are	worried	about	time	in	your	 schedule, we also have a terrific collection of audiobooks	on	CD	or	cassettes	that	would	be	 perfect	to	use	in	the	car!	Whatever	way	you	 read	you	are	sure	to	provide	an	occasion	for	

reading alOud

great	memories	that	will	last	longer	than	a	trip	 to	the	cinema	or	the	mall	and	will	put	your	 students	 on	 the	 path	 of	 becoming	 life-long	 learners. 	 Great	Read	Aloud	Chapter	Books	for	the	 Whole	Family: 	 Charlotte’s	Web	–	E.B.	White 	 Clementine	–	Sara	Pennypacker 	 The	Doll	People	–	Ann	Martin 	 Homer	Price	–	Robert	McCloskey 	 The	Invention	of	Hugo	Cabret	–	Brian	 	 Selznick 	 A	Long	Way	From	Chicago	–	Richard 	 Peck 	 My	Father’s	Dragon	–	Ruth	Stiles 	 Gannett 	 The	Penderwicks	–	Jeanne	Birdsall 	 Ruby	Holler	–	Sharon	Creech The Tale of Despereaux – Kate 	 DiCamillo

friendS Of the library newS
	 The	 Friends	 of	 the	 Eldridge	 Library	 has	 been busy with many activities to benefit the library. The Angel Tree project received 299 packages	and	they	were	delivered	to	the	Food	 Pantry	for	them	to	distribute.		Thank	you	for	 your	continued	support	of	this	much	needed	 project	to	help	children	of	the	North	Scott	area	 to	have	a	happy	Christmas.	 	 Our	Christmas	Bake	and	Craft	Sale	was	a	 huge	success;	it	seems	to	get	better	and	better	every	year.		Thanks	to	our	members	and	 patrons	who	donated	food	and	craft	items	for	 us	to	sell.			We	had	a	story	teller,	Santa	Claus,	 cookie	decorating	and	train	display	along	with	 the	many	food	and	craft	items.		 	 The	month	of	March	will	be	a	busy	one	for	 the	Friends	Group.		The	Battle	of	the	Books	 is	on	Saturday,	March	7	starting	at	10:00	a.m.	 in	the	First	Amendment	Room	at	the	Eldridge	 Library.	 Winners	 of	 the	 prospective	 North	 Scott	elementary	schools	will	be	competing	 for	the	traveling	trophy.		The	Friends	will	be	 sponsoring	 a	 Magic	 Show	 Saturday,	 March	 14th	at	the	North	Scott	High	School	Auditorium	starting	at	7:00	p.m.	You	can	purchase	 tickets	in	advance	at	the	library	or	that	night	 at	the	door.	Our	ever	popular	White	Elephant	 Sale	will	be	March	20	&	21.	You	can	bring	 your	clean,	usable	treasures	to	the	Eldridge	 Library	 starting	 the	 week	 of	 March	 16.	 No	 clothing	donations,	please. 	 The	Spring	Book	Sale	will	be	coming	up	 in	 May	 and	 you	 can	 always	 bring	 in	 your	 donations	of	books,	DVD’s	and	Videos	to	the	 Eldridge	Library	any	time.			 Our new officers for 2009 are: 	 President:		Lynda	Miller 	 Secretary:		Maggie	Collogan 	 Treasurer:		Mary	Moore 	 The	Friends	of	the	Eldridge	Library	meeting	 is	the	fourth	Monday	of	every	month	starting	 at	1:30	p.m.	in	the	First	Amendment	Room	of	 the	Eldridge	Library.	Come	join	us. Have a worn or tattered flag? Bring them to the Scott County Library System where the VFW will collect and properly dispose of them.

Adrian Blackwell - President, Eldridge Doug Morrell - Treasurer, Long Grove Carol Albrecht, Eldridge Becky Cole, Eldridge Larry DePover, McCausland Linda Tubbs, President - Eldridge Steve Billups Vice Pres. - Princeton Jeni Criswell, Secretary - Long Grove Arnold Christian, Blue Grass Lisa Hawkinson - Pleasant Valley Doug Morrell - Long Grove Robert Petersen - Walcott Joe Ragona -Donahue Annette Tank - Walcott

Foundation Board Members:

Current Board Members

Henrietta Poppe, Blue Grass Joe Ragona, Donahue Judi Sarafin, Eldridge Ann Suiter, Princeton Steve Suiter, Princeton Ex-Officio Members: Paul Seelau Henry Neumann

e generosity of these area businesses ...

Eldridge • DeWitt • Long Grove • LeClaire 285-2033 • 659-3141 • 285-6455 • 289-2265

The North Scott Press 285-8111

(563) 284-6202

time fOr a new bOOKmObile
Time	for	a	New	Bookmobile	 	 The	Scott	County	Library	System’s	Bookmobile	has	serviced	virtually	every	community	 in	rural	Scott	County	over	the	years.	Currently,	 the	bookmobile	pays	stops	in	the	communities of Blue Grass, Buffalo, LeClaire, Dixon, Donahue,	 Eldridge,	 Riverdale,	 Park	 View,	 Long	 Grove,	 Panorama	 Park,	 New	 Liberty,	 and	Maysville. The original service began in June 1947. We	have	a	unique	and	very	special	privilege	 here	in	Scott	County	to	be	serviced	by	a	bookmobile.		There	are	only	two	bookmobiles	in	 the	entire	state	of	Iowa,	with	one,	of	course,	 belonging	to	the	Scott	County	Library	System.	 	 It	has	opened	up	a	whole	new	window	of	opportunity	for	communities	who	do	not	have	 a	stand-alone	library	right	in	the	heart	of	the	 town.		The	bookmobile	makes	available	any	 and	all	library	materials	just	a	stones	throw	 away	from	their	doorsteps.		The	bookmobile	 that is currently in service is a 1994 International	FE3000. This unit began its service in March 1995, making	it	15	years	old.		The	current	schedule	is	 based	on	a	2	week	cycle	with	55	stops	per	cycle.	 	 Stops	average	25	minutes.		The	patron	count	per	 month is approximately 350. The bookmobile travels	about	700	miles	a	month	or	10,000	to	 12,000	a	year.		The	overall	capacity	is	7,000	 reading	and	non-reading	items.		Currently	the	 bookmobile	is	averaging	5-6	thousand	pieces	 and	has	the	third	greatest	volume	of	materials	 that	are	checked	out	annually	(second	during	 summer	 months),	 just	 short	 of	 the	 Eldridge	 Branch	Library.		Unfortunately,	this	past	year,	 $7,310.00	has	been	spent	in	repairs	alone.		It	 is	now	time	for	a	new	bookmobile! 	 The	bookmobile	participates	in	a	variety	of	 Outreach	programs	through	the	Youth	Services	 department	 including	 the	 current	 Summer	 Reading program. We signed approximately 60	youth/teens	into	the	program.		In	addition	 you	have	probably	witnessed	the	bookmobile	 participating	 in	 local	 parades.	 	 Overall,	 the	 bookmobile	has	been	averaging	8	new	cards	 issued	per	month.	The	loan	period	for	materials	 is	4	weeks	with	renewals	as	needed.		Items	can	 be	requested	and	placed	on	hold	for	patrons	 through	the	PALS	system	and	ILL. 	 Service	is	not	just	limited	to	Scott	County.	 	 In	addition,	the	Scott	County	Library	System	 offered	an	outreach	program	over	the	river	to	 Moline’s	Logan	Elementary	School	when	they	 lost the use of their library to flooding. The bookmobile	 visited	 every	Wednesday,	 from	 September	of	2007	through	January	of	2008,	 averaging	525	students	per	month	during	the	 4	hour	visits.	This	allowed	students	access	to	 materials	when	they	would	not	have	been	able	 to	have	library	service.		It	is	good	to	know	that	 the	Scott	County	Library	System’s	Bookmobile	has	the	capacity	to	be	able	to	serve	both	 sides	of	the	river,	just	solidifying	the	fact	that	 fellow	Quad	Citians	come	to	the	aid	of	one	 another. 	 Unfortunately,	any	Good	Samaritan	work,	 such	as	the	notion	to	help	a	local	Quad	City	 school,	may	be	jeopardized	by	the	inconsistency	of	an	aging	bookmobile.		Regrettably,	 communities	which	solely	obtain	their	learning	 resources	and	materials	via	the	bookmobile,	 may	be	jeopardized	by	the	inconsistency	of	 an	aging	vehicle.		It	is	no	longer	cost	effective	 to	keep	shoveling	money	into	a	vehicle	that	 has	well	served	its	time	in	the	community.		It	 is	now	time	for	a	new	bookmobile!		 	 I	hope	when	called	upon,	that	you	are	able	 to	give.		Either	through	your	talents,	time	and	 energy	by	volunteering	to	help	raise	funding	 for	a	new	bookmobile	and/or	by	giving	monetarily.		I	ask	that	you	please	keep	this	mobile	 library	active.		With	only	two	in	the	entire	state	 of	Iowa,	it	is	truly	a	privilege	that	both	North	 Scott	and	the	Greater	Quad	Cities	has	such	a	 unique	service	right	in	their	own	back	yard.	 	 Please,	let’s	continue	offering	and	supporting	 this	unique	service,	to	keep	it	right	in	our	back	 yard. We may all benefit from it one day, either presently	or	for	future	generations	to	come.	 	 Yes,	it	is	indeed	time	for	a	new	bookmobile! Thank	you	North	Scott,	thank	you	Quad	Cities,	for	all	of	your	past,	present,	and	future	 support. Sincerely, Adrian	Blackwell,	President Scott	County	Library	System	Foundation	 	


The North Scott Press (Eldridge, Iowa) Wednesday, February 11, 2009


rOlling yOur way with bOOKS tOday!
bOOKmObile Schedule
All materials are checked out for four weeks. There are no automatic renewals, unless the bookmobile does not show up because of unforseen circumstances. You may renew online as long as materials are not overdue or on reserve or you can call (563) 285-4794 to renew. A library card is needed to check out materials. Ask for yours today! Materials can also be returned at any Scott County Library. MONDAY February 9, 23 March 9, 23 • April 6, 20 TUESDAY February 10, 24 March 10, 24 • April 7, 21 WEDNESDAY February 11, 25 March 11, 25 • April 8, 22 THURSDAY February 12, 26 March 12, 26 • April 9, 23

Bookmobile Loan Period:

Casey's - Hwy. 61 (E. Blue Grass) 40 Locust Court 1 Birchwood 36 Timberline Drive 8 Oakwood Drive Forest Manor (#1)

3:00-4:00 4:15-4:40 4:45-5:10 5:15-5:45 5:50-6:10 6:50-7:20

Mt. Joy 169th Ave. Stone Brook Lane E. Lomar St. 22nd Ave. Ct. Fellner's Add.: 26th Ave. Hunters Lane #1 Hunters Lane #2

2:30-2:55 3:15-3:40 3:45-4:25 4:30-4:50 6:00-6:15 6:20-6:50 6:55-7:20

Revelle's Addition (Mulberry Ln. 1) Revelle's Addition (Mulberry Ln. 2) Timber Valley Rustic Oaks Timber Lake (1st Add.) Timber Lake (120th St.) Kruse Ave. Telegrove Addition (#1)

3:15-3:45 3:50-4:15 4:30-4:50 4:55-5:15 5:20-5:40 5:45-6:05 6:40-7:00 7:05-7:20

Donahue (Legacy Fields Cir.) 28299 104th Ave Sherry Ann Estates Dixon (American Legion) 5545 270th St. Maysville

3:15-3:45 4:00-4:15 4:20-4:35 4:45-5:30 6:10-6:30 6:45-7:15

BP Station - Riverdale Fox Grove Add. Park Ave. Fenno Drive (weather permitting) South Kensington #1 South Kensington #2

MONDAY February 2, 16 March 2, 16, 30 • April 13, 27

3:20-4:20 4:30-5:30 5:35-6:00 6:10-6:30 6:35-6:55 7:00-7:15

Heritage School Indian Hills Lake Huntington (206th Ave) Lake Huntington (205th Ave) Dexter Acres: Douglas & Jacobs Lake View Court 27020 Glynns Creek Court Long Grove: Eastwood Dr.

TUESDAY February 3, 17 March 3, 17, 31 • April 14, 28

1:00-2:30 2:50-3:45 3:55-4:15 4:20-5:00 5:15-5:45 5:50-6:10 6:15-6:45 7:00-7:20

Sterling Hills Nottingham & Wellington Fox Hollow Rainbow Drive #1 Rainbow Drive #2 Carriage Court Van Villa Court

WEDNESDAY February 4, 18 March 4, 18 • April 1, 15, 29

3:20-4:20 4:30-5:00 5:10-5:25 5:30-5:45 6:35-6:55 7:00-7:20

Willow Stream (by mailboxes) Collier's Addition (weather permitting) Territorial & 220th Ave. Territorial 212th & 235 Ave. 220th & 218th

THURSDAY February 5, 19 March 5, 19 • April 2, 16, 30

3:00-3:30 3:40-4:00 4:45-5:30 5:35-6:00 6:10-7:00

library infOrmatiOn
Eldridge Library 200 N. 6th Ave. - Eldridge - 52748 (563) 285-4794 Mon.-Thurs. 8:00-8:00 Fri. 8:00-4:30 Sat. 9:00-4:30 Sun. 12:30-4:30 Blue Grass Library 114 N. Mississippi St. - Blue Grass - 52726 (563) 381-2868 Tues. 3:00-7:00 Wed. 9:00-1:00 Thurs. 3:00-7:00 Fri. 3:00-7:00 Sat. 9:00-1:00 Walcott Library 207 S. Main - Walcott - 52773 (563) 284-6612 Mon. 2:00-7:00 Tues. 1:00-5:00 Wed. 2:00-7:00 Fri. 9:00-1:00 Sat. 9:00-12:00 Buffalo Library 329 Dodge St. - Buffalo - 52728 (563) 381-1797 Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 2:00-7:00 Wed. 9:00-1:00 & 2:00-7:00 Sat. 8:00-Noon Durant Library 402 6th St. - Durant - 52747 (563) 785-4725 Mon. 2:00-7:00 Wed. 2:00-7:00 Thurs. 9:00-12:00 Fri. 2:00-7:00 Sat. 9:00-12:00 Princeton Library 328 River Dr. - Princeton - 52768 (563) 289-4282 Mon. 8:00-12:00, 3:00-7:00 Tues. 3:00-7:00 Wed. & Thurs. 9:00-11:00, 3:00-7:00 Fri. 2:00-6:00 Sat. 9:00-12:00

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