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					United Nations Global Compact US Network Meeting October 22, 2007 San Francisco, California

“Responsible Procurement”
Summary Prepared by Symantec

Responsible Procurement

• • • •

Aron Cramer, President & CEO, Business for Social Responsibility Ana Paula Tavares, Deputy Director, Rainforest Alliance Sue Mecklenburg, Vice President for Sustainable Procurement, Starbucks Debbie Raphael, Toxics Reduction/Green Building Program Manager, City of San Francisco • Marcy Lynn, CSR Program manager, Sun Microsystems • Maisie Greenawalt, Director of Communications & Strategic Initiaitves, Bon Appetit Management Company

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Responsible Procurement
Speakers Con’t:

• Aliza Wasserman, Institutional Outreach Coordinator, Community Alliance with Family Farmers • Mark Heintz, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Hewlett Packard • Matthew Guyer, Director, Corporate Relations, WWF and Board Member, Climate Savers Computing Initiative • Phillip Williams, Vice President of Systems Engineering and Sustainable Design, Webcor Builders • W. Wes Washburn, Operations Manager, eBay • Rex Heineman, Practice Leader, Advisory Services, American Express Business Travel

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What is Responsible Procurement?
Aron Cramer, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) • Industry and cross sector collaboration focused on sustainable supply chain practices • Great progress made over the past decade including corporate codes of conduct, greater transparency and heightened consumer awareness • Current focus on “more systematic progress” and “beyond monitoring” • The goal is a “sustainable” supply chain with practices that integrate public policy, worker empowerment, supplier ownership and internal buyer alignment • On supplier ownership, BSR piloting “CSR on the Offensive” to engage suppliers and their stakeholders to design sustainability processes • BSR called for the UNGC to join sustainable supply chain management initiative

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Sustainable Food Services
Marcy Lynn, Sun Microsystems Maisie Greenawalt, Bon Appetit Management Company Aliza Wasserman, Community Alliance with Family Farmers • Employees are often the catalyst for more sustainable procurement initiatives such as on-site cafeteria service; ongoing internal communication and employee engagement is also critical for success • The importance of “quality” cannot be underestimated and it must be part of any sustainable food service program • Building relationships with food distributors and local farmers is an important element to a sustainable food service program • Avoid “green-washing” by verifying source of food, managing travel distance of food, and balancing the PR efforts of the corporation with the employee‟s needs and perceptions

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Responsible Procurement and Business
Ana Paula Tavares, Rainforest Alliance Sue Mecklenburg, Starbucks Coffee Debbie Raphael, City of San Francisco • Sustainable procurement is important to business because it addresses brand risk management, supply risk management, market access, access to training, employee recruitment and retention, potential cost saving, reduced regulatory risk and provides business a competitive advantage • Certified products used by business such as coffee, paper, furniture, green buildings and travel are available and support responsible procurement • Standards for manufactures goods must include management systems, compensation, labor practices and human resource policies • Business in the role of consumer can also help drive innovation in the market place as more sustainable procurement practices are pushed down • For any responsible procurement practices to be successful they must include an accepted policy statement, accountable staff and end-user participation

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Responsible IT The Corporate-NGO Climate Initiative
Mark Heintz, Hewlett Packard Matthew Guyer, World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) • More aggressive stakeholders are requiring companies to re-evaluate their procurement practices

• WWF-HP Partnership
– C02 Emissions Reductions & Verifications for HP Facilities-HP agrees to reduce its C02 emission by 15% by 2010

– Developing Energy Efficient Metrics for Products-HP and WWF will work together to develop energy efficiency metrics and goals for its products – Education-HP and WWF will work together to define and implement specific informational education efforts to address climate change and to highlight best practices
– Philanthropy-HP will help support World Wildlife Funds special climate change projects through out the world through philanthropic gifts of HP equipment and money • The climate savers computing initiative creates awareness and preference for energy efficient computing and to help drive demand for more efficient technology • Through Climate Savers Computing initiative it is estimated that global CO2 emissions from the operation of computers will be reduced by 54 million tons a year by 2010 ( 11 mil. cars off the road each year)

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Sustainable Construction and Maintenance
Phillip Williams, Webcor Builders

W. Wes Washburn, eBay • Principles of Design Sustainability – Coexistence
– Recognize interdependence – Accept responsibility for the consequences of design decisions

– Create safe objects to long-term value – Eliminate the concept of waste – Rely on natural energy flows
– Understand the limitations of design – Seek constant improvements by sharing knowledge

• LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council is the standard for sustainable buildings

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Green Travel
Rex Heineman, American Express Business Travel • Businesses should look at environmental policies as part of their T&E policy – Air – „travel smarter‟: plane age, size, configuration, load factor – Hotel – use preferred hotels: green policies, processes, and amenities – Car – use fuel efficient/hybrid Cars in programs and company fleets – Train – consider trains for shorter journeys rather than air

– Meetings - use eco-destinations and/or venues with sustainable practices • Lower CO2 footprint and cost reduction both provide increased shareholder/stakeholder value

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Next Meeting(s)
Actions for future meetings: • Context: two meetings per year of US Network • Next full meeting: Spring 2008 at UN Headquarters in New York • Meeting topic TBD • Reach out to more universities • Send out contact list of meeting attendees

Ohio meeting of regional businesses: November 29, 2007 • Ante Glavas, Executive Director • Business as an Agent of World Benefit • Case Weatherhead School of Management

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