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									2009 SHOP COPY
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B1. 6PPC Light Varmint, Farley Black Widow R/L action w/Rt eject; Broughton bbl w/.262 nk <350 rnds; Terry Leonard Redwood & Carbon Fibre gluein stock w/buttstock removable weight; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Bob Brackney; 99% cond. Absolutely state of the art. Super Accurate & Beautiful. $2549.($3200.invested) B2. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Grizzley II R/L w/Rt eject action; Shilen bbl w/.262 nk New (unfired); Tony Larson Carbon Fibre glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Includes: Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmiths: Tony Larson; Brand New. A polished beauty with rapid shoot potential. $2495. ( A $3000. value) B3. 6PPC Light Varmint, Firefly R/L action w/rt eject; Broughton (2 bbls) w/.262 nk, 1 new unfired, 1 c.250 rnds; Tony Larson Redwood & Carbon Fibre glue-in stock; Shilen 2oz trig (one of the best we have ever had) Gunsmith: Tony Larson; As New cond. Very handsome State of the Art rig at discount. $2495. ($3200. invest) B4. 6PPC Light Varmint, Farley R/R action w/ejector; Shilen & Lilja bbls w/.262 nk c.350-375 rnds; Borden f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; includes Kelbly bases; Gunsmith: Borden; exc cond. Very desirable action, stock & builder. $2489. B5. 6.5 X 284 Light Gun, 1000 yard Light gun, SA Rem trued action w/oversize recoil lug; Hart SS 26” #7 taper bbl 1-8”T c.200 rnds w/Vias muzzle brake; Shehane Tracker f-glass stock w/glassbedding & w/beautiful clear cote & polished Alum buttplate; Jewell 2oz trig; 1pc Tooley scope base w/.020 MOA taper; Inclu: 45 cases; custom Meplat Uniformer & point reamer & custom 1” scope rings; Gunsmiths: Hart Rifle Barrels; Near New cond. Has shot 2” grps @ 600 (load Inclu) Redding Comp. bushing 3 die set avail @ $175. $2395.(over $3000. invested) B7. 6PPC HVY Varmint, BAT Model B R/L action , Krieger bbl w/.262 nk c.3-500 rnds, Six pistol gripless f-glass glue-in stock w/weight sys in buttstock, Jewell 2oz trig, Inclu: 1 pc Kelbly type scope base, Gunsmiths: Hammond Rifles, 98% O/A cond. A winning rig by one of the top smiths in Benchrest. $2375. B9. 6PPC Light Varmint, Borden TPE R/R action w/ejector; 2 Hart + 1 Shilen Ratchet bbl w/.262 & .263nk, Hart 260 rnds; Shilen 1476 rnds, Hart 3 groove 1087 rnds; Borden f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Borden & Livengood; Exc. cond. A very competitive shooter in great shape. $2349.
B10. 6PPC Light Varmint, polished Stolle Panda R/R action, Shilen bbl w/.262 nk <500 rnds, custom redwood & carbon fibre glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: J. Meyer, near new cond. A high gloss state of art tack driver, $2349.

B11. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle polished Panda R/L action, Shilen bbl w/.262 nk 300 rnds, Meredith f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: Weaver & Livengood, 98-99% cond. A near new rig you can own right away! $2299. B12.6PPC Light Varmint, BAT(SB) action R/L w/rt eject; Krieger bbl w/.263 nk c.750 rnds; McMillan Edge f-glass glue-in stock ; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu Kelbly bases; Gunsmith: G. O‟Cock; Exc cond. A potential winning rig configured for rapid firing. $2298. B13.6PPC Lt/Hvy Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L polished action w/Rt micro port & static ejector, Shilen bbl w/.263 nk c.300 rnds, Kelbly Klub f-glass glue-in stock w/buttstock wt. system, Kelbly 2oz trig, Gunsmiths: Kelbly Inc., Very near new cond. Great shooter & opportunity for as new, State of the Art, 2 class rig. $2298. B14. 6PPC Light Varmint, Borden TPE R/R action w/ejector; Hart 3 groove bbl w/.262 nk c.800 rnds; Jewell 2oz trig; inclu Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmith: Borden Accuracy; 99% cond. Former owner J. Borden‟s own rifle & very accurate. $2295. B15. 6.5X284 & 308 Hvy Var, Hart Mod 2AS R/R action; Hart bbl 308 1-14T w/.336 nk, 200 rnds, Shilen bbl 6.5X284 1-8T w/.291 nk, 75 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig, Inclu: Kelbly bases; Gunsmith: D. Kern; Exc cond. 308 has won 200 yd Score Nat‟ls. 2 discipline target rifle in great shape. $2290. (over $3000. invested) B17. 6PPC Light Varmint, Rimrock BR mod R/L action, Hart 3 groove bbl w/.262 nk <300 rnds, Borden f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Inclu: Kelbly scope bases, Gunsmiths: Borden, Exc cond. I‟ve seen this gun shoot groups in the .1‟s very competitive. Up to 3 extra bbls (2-6 & 1-22PPC) available @ $200. ea. $2249. (over $3100. invested) B18. 6PPC Light Varmint, Viper drop port R/L action; Hart bbl w.261 nk <700 rnds; McMillan Edge Mod f-glass glue-In stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: R. Futch; Exc cond. Best group .092 often shoots .1 groups. $2249. B19. 6PPC Light Varmint, Farley R/L action: Chanlynn bbl w/.262 nk <90 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in stock w/sharp cracked granite paint job; Jewel 2oz trig; includes Davidson scope bases; Gunsmith: G. O Cock; as new cond. About as near new as they come with a premium action. $2249. (orig. invest c.$3000.) B21. 6PPC Light Varmint, R/L Stolle Panda action, Krieger bbl w/.262 nk c.650 rnds, Edge mod f-glass glue-in stock. Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: Al Skiver, exc cond. I‟ve seen this gun shoot frequent .1 groups, $2199. B22. 6PPC Light Varmint, polished Stolle Panda R/L action w/rt eject; Shilen bbl w/.262nk, 850-900 rnds; Kelbly‟s f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: M. Niblett; exc cond. I‟ve seen this one shoot .1 @ 100 & .3 @ 200. A steal @ $2198.
B23. 6PPC Light Varmint, R/L Stolle Teddy action shortened to Panda length, Krieger bbl w/.262 nk c.800 rnds, Edge f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: Al Skiver, exc cond. I‟ve witnessed a world record fired with this rifle, $2189. (dedicated PPC boltface)

B24.6PPC Light Varmint, Borden TPE R/L action, Hart bbl w/.262 nk 1200 rnds, Borden f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Kelbly scope bases. Gunsmith: Borden, exc cond. A very sought after rig, $2179. B25. 6PPC Light Varmint, BAT SB R/L action w/rt eject; Krieger bbl w/.262 nk c.300-350 rnds; T&M Prec f-glass glue-in & bolt-in stock by McMillan; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu: 30MM BAT scope mnts; Gunsmith: J. Simison; 98% cond. Very desirable action/rig – current State of the Art. $2195. B27. 243 Ackley 1000 yd Hvy gun, Mod Rem 700 trued action, Black Star bbl SS 1.450x28”x8”T w/.274 nk c.600 rnds, Bruce Baer multi-colored lam wood stock w/1” SS rails 10” custom bbl bedding block w/Delrin shim & bedding in Marine Tex, factory Rem 2Lb trig (add $100. for custom2 oz trig), Gunsmith: Mike Davis, 98% cond. This very competitive rig has fired .484-10 shots @ 200 & has won 1000 yd events. $2100. B28. 6PPC Hvy Varmint, Viper drop port R/L action; 2 Hart bbls w.262 nk <900 & 2800 rnds; McMillan Edge Mod f-glass glue-In stock; Jewell 2oxz trig; Gunsmith: B. LaChapelle; Exc cond. Best group .072 has finished in top 5 in 2006-50 shooters. $2099. B29. 6PPC Light Varmint, Viper R/L action; 2 Shilen bbls w/.262 nk <500 & c.275-300 rnds; Bruno/McMillan f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Stevens Accuracy; exc cond. A competitive rig using state of the art components at a good price. $2099.

LIST #1 2009 GUNS ON HAND (cont.)

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B30. 30X47 Hunter Class, Stolle Kodiak R/L action; Shilen bbl w/.331 nk <200 rnds; McMillan graphite stock w/pillar glassbedding; Jewell 2oz trig; includes cases, dies & 6X Weaver scope; Gunsmith: R. Hoehn; as new cond. A complete outfit ready to compete. $2098 (a $3000. value) B31.6PPC Light Varmint, Nesika mod J R/L action; Hart bbl w/.262 nk c.400 rnds & Shilen bbl w.262 nk c.2700 rnds; SG&Y f-glass glue-in stock, w/vented forend; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu Kelbly bases; Gunsmith: SG&Y & LaChapelle; Exc cond. A great shooting-low mileage rig priced right. $2095. B32.6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action, Krieger bbl w/.261 nk c.350 rnds, Six pistol gripless f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmiths: Hammond Rifles, Exc cond. A super accurate rig by one of Benchrest‟s top smiths. $2049. B33. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action w/308 bolt face; Shilen bbl w/.262 nk <500 rnds; Kelbly Klub f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmiths: B. White; Very close to new cond. A great shooter/looker ready to win for you. $2049. B34. 6PPC Light Varmint, Farley R/L action w/TN coated bolt; 1 Shilen bbl w/.262 nk c.600 rnds, 1 Spencer bbl w/.262 nk c.850 rnds; T&M Stockworks by McMillan f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu: Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmith: Bell; VG-Exc. Cond. I‟ve seen this rig shoot multiple .1 groups in same agg. $1995. (cost to build c.$3000.) B35. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/R action; Hart bbl w/.262 nk c.15-1600 rnds; Borden f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Borden‟s Accuracy; exc cond. An all Borden built rig that I have seen shoot .1 grps. $1995. B36. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action; Shilen bbl w/.262 nk <400 rnds; Borden f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: A. Adams; near exc cond. Very competitive-current technology-sharp paint. $1989. B38. 6PPC Hall LV, Hall Mod “S” R/R action w/3 bbls; 1 Shilen w/1040 rnds, 1 Krieger w/881 rnds, 1 Hart w.704 rnds all w/.262 nks.; McMillan f-glass clear coated, glue-in stock; Hart 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Hammond; Exc cond. I‟ve witnessed this gun shoot numerous .1 groups. $1949. B39.22LR Sako 10½ lb., Mod P94S single shot R/R action, Lilja SS match bbl w/tight bore w/<500 rnds, McMillan f-glass stock w/pillar glassbedded over alum bedding block, factory 7oz trig, Burris Signature scope mnts, Hoehn bbl tuner & cleaning rod guide, Gunsmith: G. Toman, exc cond. A very competitive rig for the serious BR shooter & a bargain @ $1949. B40. 6PPC Light Varmint, R/L Stolle Panda action polished ‟01 mod, 1 Hart bbl w/349 rnds, 1 Krieger bbl w/950 rnds both bbls w/.262 nk, Six Kelbly fglass stock w/flat under buttstock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: C. Hammond, metal 97-98%, stock needs paint. A bargain in a fine rig for someone who can get unfinished stock painted, $1949. (c.$2800.invested) B41. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda polished R/L action, Shilen bbl w/.262 nk c.700 rnds, Kelbly f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: Stevens Accuracy, near new cond. This gun was built in Jan of ‟04, $1949. B42. 6PPC Light Varmint, Borden/TPE R/R action, Hart bbl w/.262 nk 200 rnds, Borden f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Kelbly type scope bases, Gunsmith: N. Dixon, exc cond. Rifle fired only 200 times & very accurate. $1949. (over $2500. invested) B43. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Hall “M” R/R SS action, Lilja bbl w/.261 nk <700 rnds, Six gripless f-glass stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: B. Brackney, Exc & very accurate, $1949. w/extra 22PPC Lilja bbl <250 rnds w/.245 nk + brass add, $250. B44. 6PPC Light Varmint, Farley R/R Panda action w/ejector, Krieger bbl w/.262 nk 800 rnds, Six f-glass stock w/extended forearm, glue-in & bolt-in, Jewell 2oz. trig, Gunsmith: T.K. Nolan. Exc. cond. Special epoxy black finish by Six. Rig place 7 th @ 100 yds in 2002 Cactus Classic, $1949. B45. 6PPC Hvy Varmint, Stolle Teddy R/R action; Lilja bbl w/.262 nk 50 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in & bolt-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: K. Livengood; Exc cond. Capable of .1 grps & frequently + a sought after action. $1899. B46. 6PPC Light Varmint, Hall Mod S R/R action w/rt eject; 1 Hart bbl w/.263 nk, 900 rnds & 2 Shilen bbls w/.263 nk, 86 & 451 rnds; Terry Leonard redwood & carbon fibre glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu: Hart 1” scope mnts; Gunsmiths: D. Scott, W. Campbell & A. Arnette; About exc cond. State of the Art handsome rig w/fast shooting potential. $1899. w/3 bbls. B47. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action; Shilen bbl w/.262 nk c.1100 rnds; Kelbly f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Kelbly‟s Inc; exc to near new cond. A sliver beauty that sparkles like diamond dust & shoots potentially winning aggs. A bargain @ $1899. B48. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L polished action; Krieger bbl w/.262 nk c.450-600 rnds; Six ambidextrous f-glass glue-in TH stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmiths: Kelbly‟s Inc.; VG-Exc cond. Very competitive accuracy looks & good price in one package. $1885. B49. 6PPC Teddy LV, polished Stolle Teddy R/L action; Hart bbl w/.262 nk <300 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: J. Pierce; exc cond. A tough to find action at the heart of a great looker/shooter. $1849. B50. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action, 2 Hart bbl both w/.262 nk 1-250; 1-900 rnds, ambidextrous TH f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: N. Dixon & B. LaChapelle; near exc. cond. Tough to find TH version w/state of art components. $1849. B51. 6PPC Hall HV, Hall model “B” R/R action, 1 Shilen bbl w/1600 rnds, 1 Hart bbl w/1040 rnds, both bbls w/.262 nk, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith; Hammonds Rifles, Near exc. cond. One of the most desirable actions to build a HV on. $1849. B52. 6PPC Lt/Hvy Varmint, Hall “M” R/L action w/fluted bolt; 2 LV SS bbls w/.262 nk, Krieger 877 rnds & Shilen 431 rnds, 2 HV SS bbls w/.262 nk, Shilen 765 rnds & Hart 781 rnds; Six f-glass stock w/wt sys & nice paint; Jewell 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Lowell Frei; stocker & painter N. Lindley. Sample screamer target incl. Precision & beauty combined. $1848. 1 bbl ea. add‟l bbl $150. B53. 6PPC Light Varmint, Stolle Panda R/L action, Krieger bbl w/.262 nk <850 rnds, Six ambidex-TH f-glass glue-in pillar glassbedded stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: B. Sutton, metal 96%, stock exc but paint shows some nicks. An honest good shooting rig at a fair rice, $1799. B54. 6PPC HV & Cruiser, R/L Panda action, Lilja HV & Cruiser & Spencer cruiser bbls all w/.262 nk, 1100 rnds, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith Spencer. Choice components w/bbls to practice & compete. Exc. cond, $1798. w/1 bbl; $150. ea. add‟l bbl. B55. 6PPC LV/HV, Stolle Panda R/L action, Shilen bbl w/.262 nk <500 rnds, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: B. Green, Exc to VG cond. Inclu forend & buttstock wgt sys. Fluting or shortening bbl makes LV class. $1795. B57.30HBR Hunter BR, Stolle Kodiak hunter R/L action, Shilen 22” bbl w/.332 nk c.250 rnds, McMillan f-glass stock w/pillar glassbedding & decelerator pad, Jewell 2oz trig, Inclu: $300 set of custom dies, Gunsmiths: C. Tucker, 98% O/A cond. An absolute $2200 value at a steal. $1699. B59. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, 10X SS copy of Stolle R/R action w/Kelbly rib, 2 Shilen bbls w/.262 nk c.500 rnds each, Borden style Adamowicz f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Exc cond. This high gloss beauty has won the IBS Score Nat‟ls & many other score events, $1698. B61. 6PPC Lt/Hvy Varmint, Stolle Panda R/R action, Hart SS bbl w/.262 nk c.800 rnds, McMillan f-glass stock w/buttstock weight sys, Canjar 2oz trig, Gunsmith: Seely Masker, Exc-VG cond. Desirable/accurate competition rig. $1675. B62. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Hall mod B R/R action, Hart bbl w/.262 nk c.1400 rnds, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, custom 2oz trig, includes B&L scope mount, Gunsmith: Spencer, VG cond, paint shows some nicks. I‟ve seen this gun shoot .1 range groups. (a $17-1800. value), $1649. B63. 22 Rimfire Bench, 10½ lb class Mod P94S R/R actions converted to single shot; Shilen bbl w/custom bbl tuner c.2000 rnds; McMillan f-glass stock w/alum bedding block; factory 8oz trig; Gunsmith: Bill Meyers; exc cond. Attractive tack hole rig $500 below cost to build. $1649. B64* 6MM Firewalker Unlimited Rail, (slight ex. Cap PPC), CPS R/L action w/coned-fluted bolt, Hart SS bbl w/.262 nk<600 Moly rnds, Steel I-Beam upper unit Wichita 2pc rests w/sighter cam + 2 dial indicators, Canjar 2oz trig, Gunsmith: B. White, w/ctg cases & dies. Capable of <.1 grps. $1599. B65. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, CPS (Time Prec) mod AHV 2”X10” similar to Stolle R/L action; 1 Broughton bbl w/1200 rnds, 1 Krieger bbl <400 rnds, both w/.262 nk; Borden f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu: scope bases machined in top of receiver; Gunsmith: B. White; exc cond. I have witnessed .20 100 yd aggs from this gun. Only 40 of this size action were ever made. $1599.

LIST #1 2009 GUNS ON HAND (cont.)

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B66.222 Unlimited Bag Gun, Hart #4 1.750 X 15.5” long R/R action w/Rt eject 1972 Manu., Hart 1.350 X 26” bbl w/factory nk c.7-800 rnds, Hart pattern unlimited walnut stock w/4” wide forend & butt bottom bolt-in w/glassbedding in recoil & tang area only, Jewell 2oz trig, Inclu: scope bases for Unertl posi-mount, Gunsmiths: R.W Hart, VG to Exc. Cond. An all orig (except trig.) 70‟s vintage rig in un-buggered cond. Great basis for 600/1000 yd gun. $1595. B68. 22LR Benchrest, Anschutz early Mod 54 action RB-L or R load; Hart bbl w/match chamber <2000 rnds; McMillan f-glass stock w/bedding bbl block; Canjar 7oz trig; includes Kelbly scope bases; VG-Exc cond. An economy priced competition grade rig. $1595. ($2000.+ invested) B69. 30 X 44 Hunter Class BR, Rem mod 700 action; Schneider bbl w/.332 nk c.1200 rnds; McMillan modified f-glass stock w/pillar glassbedding; Shilen 2oz trig; includes Kelbly scope mnts, dies, cases & Lyman (AO) 6X scope; Gunsmith: A. Adams; VG-Exc cond. A complete package allowing you to immediately compete. $1595. B70* 6PPC Heavy Varmint, CPS AHV mod. R/R oversized action (Stolle type except all steel thru center) Hart SS bbl. w/264 nk c.900 rnds, Borden style glass stock, Canjar 2oz trig, Gunsmith: B. White. A well executed potential match winner, $1589. B71. 6PPC Light Varmint, Hall Std R/L action, Krieger bbl w/.262 nk unfired, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Kelbly scope bases, Gunsmith: D. Kern, 98% condition. Very very near new piece at a steal. $1585. B72. 30 HC Hvy Varmint, Rem 40X action, Shilen bbl w/.326 nk 200 rnds, D&B Tracker lam colored wood, glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Inclu: Kelbly scope bases, 140 cases & dies, Gunsmith: D. Kern, Exc condition. A super score shooting caliber using 30 American cases & light bullets. $1499. ($2400.+ invested) B73.6PPC Lt/Hvy Varmint, Hall “S” R/R SS action w/scope bases, Hart SS bbl, w/.262 nk <800 rnds, McMillan f-glass stock, Shilen 2oz trig, buttstock wt system, Gunsmith Seely Masker, highly accurate yet bargain priced due to need for repainting, $1499. B73. 6PPC Light Varmint, Hart Mod 1 plain R/R action; Hart SS bbl w/.262 nk <500 rnds; McMillan painted f-glass stock; Hart 2oz trig; Gunsmith: Seely Masker; Metal 96%: Paint 80%. One accurate, desirable bargain. $1498. B74. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Shilen DGA R/R action, H&S Prec. SS bbl 13T w/.262 nk <200 rnds, Six SPG f-glass stock, Burns 2oz trig, Gunsmith J. Greenawalt unique pictorial paint, O/A 96%, $1429. B75. 6PPC Light Varmint, CPS ALV-R/L polished action w/coned & fluted bolt, Hart SS bbl w/.264 nk 775 rnds, McMillan glass stock, Hart 2oz trig, Gunsmith M.Toth. Ready for scope & Competition, $1419. B76. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Hall Mod M R/R action w/fluted bolt; Hart bbl w/.263 nk c.700 rnds; Hall pattern f-glass glue-in stock By Six; w/buttstock removable weight; Jewell 2oz trig; Inclu: Hart 1” scope mnts; Metal 97%; paint only fair. Great bargain in a premium custom action rig. $1395. B77. 300 Weatherby Ackley, R/R sleeved Rem 721 action, Shilen bbl w/.336 nk 29” 420 rnds but unfired since rechambering, McMillan Tooley MBR fglass stock w/glassbedding, Jewell 2oz trig, Weaver scope bases & Answer muzzle brake w/cap, Gunsmith: Bryant Custom, Exc cond. Former owner has won matches with this rig. A bargain @ $1395. B78. 6PPC Light Varmint, Williams Prec/CPS mod SLV R/R action w/coned nose & fluted bolt; Shilen bbl w/.262 nk 4-500 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in red/blk marbled stock; Jewell 2oz trig; Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmith: John Brown; VG+ cond. Economy priced custom actioned rig. I‟ve seen shoot grps in the 1‟s. $1385. (c.$2000. to duplicate today) B79. 6PPC Light Varmint, CPS ALV R/L action; Hart bbl w/.264 nk <50 rnds; CPS all Alum glue-in stock; Canjar 2oz trig; B&L scope mounts; Gunsmith: B. White; Very nearly new. I‟ve done much of my best shooting with a twin of this rig. $1395. (a steal for such a piece) B81. 6PPC Heavy Bench Bag Gun, Rem XP-100 action w/Sinclair steel sleeve w/custom extractor, 700 bolt handle; Lilja SS bbl 1.3X25” w/.262 nk <200 rnds; Six-Hall pattern f-glass stock w/steel forend rails; Custom 2oz trig. (? make); Inclu. Kelbly scope rings; Gunsmith: Greenawalt bbl only; Sinclair balance of gun; Exc. cond. Handsome & very accurate. $1349. B82. 6PPC Light Varmint, Hall Mod M R/R action; Shilen fluted bbl w/.264 nk c.1200 rnds; Hall pattern f-glass glue-in stock by Six; Hart 2oz trig; Inclu: B&L 1” scope mnts; VG/OA has amateur paint job. Great beginner rig using custom action at super price. $1295. B83. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Wichita R/R action; 1 Hart & 2 Shilen bbls w/.262 nk, Hart 267 rnds & Shilen 890 & 728 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in stock w/striking paint; Hart 2oz trig; Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmith: S. Masker; exc cond. A top shooting rig you will be proud to own. $1295. w/1 bbl ea. add‟l bbl. $150. B83. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, PAS (CPS successor) R/L mod SLV action; Lilja bbl s/.262 nk c.1250 rnds; McMillan f-glass stock w/pillar glassbedding; Jewell 2oz trig; 1 pc scope bases for Weaver type rings; Gunsmith: J. Meyer; VG-Exc cond. I‟ve seen this rig win BR matches. A steal @ $1295. B84. 6BR Norma Unlimited Class, Hart mod 2A R/R action; Hart bbl w/.2685 nk, c.1400 rnds; lam wood TH glue-in stock w/ 3¾” wide forend; Hart 2oz trig; Gunsmith: R.W. Hart; metal VG, stock needs work that may require breaking glue-in bond. Rig is essentially a varmint class bbl action in an unlimited stock. $1249. B86. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Shilen DGA R/R action, Wiseman bbl w/.2645 nk 14-1500 rnds, CPS Alum. I-Beam glue-in stock, Canjar light pull trig, B88. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Hall mod S R/R action, Hart 24” bbl w/.262 nk <300 rnds, Six f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Include: B&L 1” scope mnts, Gunsmiths: Sinclair, Exc cond. Truly a bargain in a gun capable of <.2 groups. $1195. B90. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Rem 40X sleeved R/R action; Schneider SS bbl w/.262 nk c.2200 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in stock; Jewell 2oz trig; inclu Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmith: Speedy Gonzales; VG to Exc. cond. A bargain priced rig for a beginner. $1169. B91. 6PPC Barreled action, R.W. Hart #1 R/R action w/coned nose fluted bolt w/Sako extractor; 3 Hart bbls w/.262 nk HV taper 2-23” & 1-24” 4-500; 6700 & 13-1500 rnds; prepared for glue-in bedding w/trig pins; Gunsmith: N. Dixon; includes 45 loaded cases & Rem ADL trig guard; exc but for a bit of thinning blue on action. A great opportunity & price if you want to choose your own stock. $1149. B92.6PPC Light Varmint, R/R Rem 40X action, Hart bbl w/.262 nk c.700 rnds, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Hart 2oz trig, Hart scope mnts, Gunsmith: A. Skiver, Exc. cond. This action has a new cone nose custom bolt. $1149. B93. 6PPC Light Varmint, Remington R/R action, mod XP-100 sleeved, completely trued w/custom fluted bolt; Hart & McMillan bbls w/.262 nk 6-800 rnds; McMillan f-glass glue-in & bolt-in stock; Burns 2oz trig; includes Weaver scope mnts; near exc cond. A truly excellent piece priced for an entry level shooter. $1099. B94. 6BRX Lt/Hvy Var., sleeved Rem 40X single shot action; Hart 22” X 13.5 twist bbl w/.269 nk <300 rnds; H&S Precision f-glass glue-in stock; converted Rem trig c.6oz; Gunsmith: Bob Green; VG-Exc cond. One accurate 600 yd competitive & a great buy. $1099. ($1700.+ invested) B95. 6PPC Light Varmint, Rem 40X R/R action, w/Sako ext. & coned bolt; Hart bbl w/.2645 nk 12-1300 rnds; CPS Alum I-Beam glue-in stock; Hart 2oz trig; Gunsmith: CPS, 95% cond. I‟ve had some of my greatest success w/a rig like this. $1099. B96. 6X47 Rem 40XBR LV, Rem 40X BR model action; Factory SS 20½”X14”T bbl c.2000 rnds+; Factory wood BR stock, professionally pillar glassbedded; Rem 2oz trigger; External cond 96%. Top caliber before the PPC or basis for 17 or 20 cal varmint. $1075. B98. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Rem 40X action w/custom extractor; Hart bbl 25” w/.265 nk c.6-800 rnds; Six f-glass glue-in & bolt-in stock w/pistol gripless style w/new paint; Hart 2oz trig; Weaver scope mnts; Gunsmith: N.B. Waltz; VG to Exc cond. A good beginner piece requiring minimal case neck turning at a bargain price, $949. B99. 6PPC Rem XP-100 HV, 1 Hart bbl w/2600 rnds, 1 Shilen bbl w/<800 rnds both w/.262 nk, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Millet scope mnts. Gunsmith: Jim Meyer, Exc to VG cond. Bolt has Ruger bolt handle & Sako ext. Shoots .1 & .2 @ 100 yds; .3 to .5 @ 200. $925.

LIST #1 2009 GUNS ON HAND (cont.)

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B100. 6PPC LV R/R partially trued Rem 700, Shilen bbl w/.262 nk <500 rnds, Bruno pattern f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Gunsmith: J. Meyer, Exc to VG cond. Exceptional value in a beginner piece. $925. B101. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, Rem 700 trued/single shot action w/$500 custom Stolle Bolt, Hart bbl w/.263 nk 1000 rnds, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Shilen 2oz trig, Exc. to VG cond. Good entry level rig @ a bargain price, $899. B102. 222 Light Varmint, Rem XP-100 R/R action, Hart bbl w/factory nk 4-500 rnds, Brown Prec. f-glass stock w/unique block type bedding, Hart 2oz trig, Gunsmith: CPS, inclu scope mnts, metal-97%/stock-80%. Highly accurate rig for target or varmint. $899. B103. 223 Heavy Varmint, 40X action w/5”X2”X2” Alum sleeve, Hart SS 23”X14T bbl. w/.251 nk c.1100 rnds, CPS Alum skeleton stock, Canjar set rig, w/scope mnt. Highly accurate target or live varmint rig, $899. B104. 6PPC Sleeved 700 Rem Light Varmint, R/R, Hart 21½” bbl w/.267 nk c.8-900 rnds, McMillan f-glass stock bolt-in, Canjar 2oz trig, Gunsmith: Hart Rifle Bbl. VG cond. Great beginner or club shooter piece. $899. B105. Lawton Machine Custom SS 1.350 dia. Action, w/PPC boltface, Rt bolt, Left load, Rt micro port eject, New, $895. B106.6PPC Heavy Varmint, sleeved/trued Rem 700 action; Hart bbl w/.262 nk <250 rnds; Latino-Borden style f-glass glue-in stock; Canjar 6oz trig; Gunsmith: M. Hollister; VG cond. I‟ve seen several <.2 grps from this rig. $875.
B107. 6X47 Light Varmint, Rem mod 722 action w/black Shilen sculptured sleeve, Dewey SS bbl c.3-500 rnds, Shilen pattern RH TH lam walnut stock, Rem 40X 2oz trig, include Weaver scope bases, Gunsmith: SS&D, 96% cond. Rarely see this quality today – would make a great 204 Ruger w/new bbl, $875.

B108. 6PPC Heavy Varmint, sleeved Rem 700 action, Hart SS bbl w/.265 nk, <1000 rnds, f-glass BR stock & Canjar 2oz trig, inclu scope mnt, O/A cond c.96%. Great beginner piece, $875. B109.* 6PPC Light Varmint, Rem XP-100 trued action, w/Ruger bolt handle, Sako ext. & Davidson 1pc. scope base, Hart SS bbl w/.263 nk sub 900 rnds, McMillan f-glass stock w/bolt-in bedding, Canjar 2oz trig, Good beginning BR rifle in VG/OA cond. $875. B110. 6PPC Light Varmint, Sleeved Rem 700 action w/Sako extractor, Lilja bbl w/.262 nk c.2000 rnds, McMillan f-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2oz trig, Kelbly scope bases, Gunsmith: Arnold Erhart, Exc-VG cond. Economy beginner or entry level rig. $849. B113. Steyr .177 Air BR Rifle Pre-charged CO2 single shot match barreled action; Factory bbl; McMillan f-glass glue-in stock; Factory 1oz trig; Includes B-Square 1” scope mnts; Gunsmith & former owner Larry Brown; 95% cond. A superbly accurate BR air rifle. Charging equp avail@ extra cost. $799. 0114. 308 Hunter Class, Rem 700 action, Hart bbl w/.328 nk <500 rnds, H&S Prec. f-glass stock w/pillar glassbedding, Shilen 2oz trig, VG+ cond. An attractively priced very accurate piece, $729. B115. 6PPC Heavy Bbl Action, Ajax chrome-moly R/L action. Copy of Hall “B” 1.750 X 7.75; Shilen 1.350 X 28” bbl w/.261 nk, c.2-3000 rnds; missing trig hanger, another must be made or action drilled for trig retaining pins; c.95% cond. Bbl long enough to rechamber w/addition of trig hanger this is a $1000.+ action. $695. (Great gunsmith project) B116. Modified Hart #4 action, R.W. Hart action, sans recoil lug, 1.750 X 10.5 long w/custom coned nose bolt, sliding extractor, extended bolt handle & PPC boltface; VG cond. This nearly 4½# action could be opened to accept .473 head ctgs. A great buy @ $695. Remington NEW 700 Actions, short w/308 bolt $385.; Long w/30-06 bolt $385.; ADL Mag $395.; BDL blued, $480.; short Mag, $579.; BDL SS, $549. BDL (LH) blued, $559. We occasionally have used actions & bolts. Stolle “Panda” benchrest/Varmint NEW actions R&R, R&L or L&R PPC or 308 boltface, $1100. Ea. Call for availability. NEW Nesika Bay actions in stock w/Borden Bump “J” Mod, $1020. Call for other models. Predator NEW stainless single shot actions. Drop in replacement for 40X Rem, Right port/bolt only. Excellent target varmint action takes Rem 700 trigger. 223 – 308 or magnum boltface $750. BAT Mod 3L & DS PPC actions in stock. Call for pricing VARMINT RIFLES
Try us for your NEW VARMINT Rifle Purchase

V1. 22-250 Cooper Western Classic, Mod 22 w/color casehardened receiver finish; Blued factory rnd to hex bbl <100 rnds; AAA French walnut w/beautiful wrap around checkering & skeleton grip cap & buttplate; Factory crisp 1½ lb trig; Inclu: 1” Tally scope mnts w/color case hardened finish; About 99% cond. Has all upgrades Inclu checkered bolt knob & inlayed sling swivels. $2995.(a cool $4000. to buy now) c.donk V2. 22CCM Cooper Mod 38 Custom, Shilen SS match bbl <300 rnds, factory AAA Claro walnut stock w/beaded cheekpiece & checkering, factory trig, Include: c.250 loaded & empty cases + loading dies, 99% cond, w/factory papers & suggested loads all factory original. Note: Both CCM rifles w/same ser # @ $3650. $2249. V3. 6X284 Long Range,Rem 700 completely trued action converted to single shot, K&P SS 1.250X30” fluted untapered bbl w/1-8” twist; no turn neck 140 rnds fired; McMillan Tooley MBR f-glass stock, Red/yellow- purple swirl w/alum glassbedding; Jewell 4oz trig w/safety; Inclu: 1pc 20 MOA Picatinny Rail (Badger) scope base; cases & loaded rnds & VIAS muzzle brake & oversize recoil lug; Gunsmith: Norcal Precision (CA); Near New cond. Rifle weighs 14.5# would make a fine long range BR competition rig. $2195.(over $2600. invested) V4. 223 Cooper Western Classic, Mod 21 w/color casehardened receiver finish; Blued factory rnd to hex bbl <200 rnds; Beautifully figured walnut stock w/wrap around checkering; Factory crisp 1½ lb trig; Inclu: 1” Tally scope mnts case hardened finish; 99% cond. Original cost nearly $2600. $1999.c.donk V5. 22-250 Rem 40X-KS, w/SS single shot action; Rem hvy 27¼” bbl w/10”T; McMillan KS mod f-glass stock; factory 40X trig c.2½ lb & crisp; New in Rem gun case. This is a new gun at a bargain price. $1895. ($2195. elsewhere) V6. 6BR Remington 40X LH, Mod 40X-KS L/L action; factory 27¼” SS bbl w/10” twist .266 nk <50 rnds; McMillan f-glass stock w/factory glassbedding; 40X 2½ lb trig; includes Leupold 1” mnts w/lapped rings & cases; as new w/factory papers in orig case. An excellent caliber & shooter about new. $1895. (a $2300. value) V7. 7MM Rem Mag 40-KS, w/SS single shot action; Rem hvy SS 27¼” bbl w/10 T; McMillan KS mod f-glass stock; factory 40X trig; New in Rem gun case. This is a new gun at a bargain price. $1895. ($2195. elsewhere) V8. 222 Rangemaster 40X single shot SS action, SS factory hvy bbl 26¼” <250 rnds, factory walnut stock w/factory glassbedding, 40X trig crisp 1lb, Includes: Leupold Weaver type scope bases, As New cond. As close to new as they come. Add $100 for factory 2oz trig. $1840.(current cat. C.$2600.) V9. 22-250 Custom Roy Vail, Mauser M98 R/R action tastefully engraved, blued 24” bbl w/.650 muzzle est.<400 rnds bore scoped VG, custom stock nicely colored/figured walnut w/shadowed cheekpiece, ebony forarm tip & ivory grip cap, w/carved deer. Stock is nicely checkered w/inlayed swivels, floorplate release button & checkered horn buttplate, orig single stage 4 lb trig, Unertl scope bases, Gunsmith: Roy Vail, 95% cond. A seldom seen piece of custom gun making from the 50‟s/60‟s era. $1695. V10. Swift Custom, Hall “M” R/R action; Hart bbl .248 nk c.950 rnds 26” #7 taper w/snakeskin finish; McMillan Rem Var. pattern f-glass glue-in stock by T&M Stockworks; Jewell 2oz trig w/bottom safety; includes Kelbly bases & VIAS muzzlebrake + once fired cases; exc cond except for a few paint scratches. Gun has fired ¼ “ groups, $1650. (0ver $2500. invested)


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V11. 222 Rem 40X-KS, Rem 40X single shot action; Factory 27¼ ” hvy bbl believed unfired; Factory f-glass stock w/factory glassbedding; Rem 40X trig crisp 2lb.; Inclu: Weaver scope bases; Believed NEW; Great opportunity in a very accurate caliber. $1598. (A $2300. value) V12. 223 Rem 40X Custom single shot SS action, SS factory hvy bbl 27¼” w/12” T & c.400 rnds, Beautiful custom R/H T-hole w/3” wide BR type stock w/pillar glassbedding, Shilen 2 oz trig, Inclu: Leupold silver bases, Very near new cond. Beautiful custom stocked 40X which shoots small groups. $1495. V13. 22-250 Rem 40X single shot, factory 27¼” hvy blued bbl c.4-500 rnds, factory Rangemaster walnut stock, Factory 40X trig 1¾lb, Metal 98% Wood 96%. All orig „70‟s vintage 40X in great shape. $1399. V14. 223 Cooper Varmint Model 21- 3lug Montana Varminter, factory SS only 25 rnds fired, Green & Gray lam wood stock, factory trig tuned to crisp 13 oz., includes Leupold scope mnts, ANIB w/orig papers. Great chance for a presently unavailable version of a very accurate piece. $1349. V16. 6BR Cooper Model 22 Montana Varminter, factory 26” SS 1-14T bbl w/500 rnds bore scoped exc., Nicely figured walnut stock, factory 22 oz trig, includes Leupold scope bases, Very near new. Desirable caliber in orig box w/all paperwork. $1299. V17. 223 Rem VS Composite, Factory c.1.250 diaX26” Carbon fibre wrapped bbl. May be unfired but certainly less than 50 rnds, Factory syn police model stock w/2 forward swivel studs, Factory trig, 100% cond. All orig collector New sug retail $1912. Blue book 100%-$1500. Manf. only 19992000. $1295. V18. 243 WSSM Cooper, Mod.16 Montana Varminter; Factory SS 26” bbl, Unfired; Factory walnut stock w/nice figuring; Factory crisp <2 lb trig; Inclu: Leupold scope mnts. As new in box w/all papers A $1600. value & about new. $1249. V19. 220 Swift Varminter, trued Mod 700 action converted to single shot; Lilja SS 26” #7 taper bbl <100 rnds; McMillan hunter class f-glass stock w/pillar glassbedding ; Rem 16oz trig; Gunsmith: D. Tooley; Exc. cond. A great nearly new varmint rig for a fraction of the cost to build. $1198. ($1800.) V20. 308 Cooper, Model 22 Phoenix Varminter; Factory 24” SS match grade bbl exactly 40 rnds; Black Syn stock w/forend vent cuts; Factory trig; Includes Leupold scope bases; As new in box. Essentially a new gun at a bargain.$1150. V21. 6PPC Live or Lt Varmint, Rem XP-100 action; Shilen bbl w/.262 nk c.350 rnds; McMillan Hunter class (2¼” forend) f-glass stock w/Alum pillar bedding; Jewell 2oz trig; Burris Signature 1” scope mnts; Gunsmith: C. Tucker; Exc. Cond. O/A A two discipline rig for varminting & benchrest. $1149. (c.$1900 to replicate) V24. 6MM Rem 40X single shot action, factory stainless hvy bbl 27¼” <400 rnds, factory Rangemaster walnut stock, factory crisp 16 oz trig, Includes BSquare 1” scope mnts, 98% cond. A very clean/accurate 40X. $1149.current cat. Price $2600. V25. 6MM Rem Browning, Mod B78 falling block, single shot; Factory octagonal bbl, bored scoped good; Medium figured high gloss Walnut stock; Factory trig; Includes Browning 1” scope mnts; 98% cond. A classic look in a modern Hi-wall actioned piece. $1099. V28. 6BR Varmint, Mod. 700 BDL trued action; SS Shilen varmint taper bbl 27” X 10T factory nk <300 rnds; H&S Prec. Syn varmint stock w/glassbedding over bedding block; Rem crisp 2 lb 40X trig; Inclu: Burris Pos-Align 1” mnts; Gunsmith: B. Monell; Exc cond. Great 9¾ lb rig for reaching out w/o recoil. $1049. ($1675. invested) V29. 22-250 Browning, Mod B78 falling block, single shot; Factory rnd bbl <400 rnds; Slightly figured high gloss Walnut stock; Factory trig; Includes Browning 1” scope mnts; Metal 98%; wood 92%. Manf. 1973-82 a desirable update of the Hi-wall Winchester. $999. V30. 244 Ackley Custom, AMT R/R SS action; Shilen SS bbl w/.262 nk 28” #7 taper 12 twist <150 rnds; McMillan f-glass Winchester Marksman mod stock w/pillar glassbedding; Rem trig c.2lb; 98% cond. A superb long range varminter. $999. (over $1500. invested) V32. 17HMR Cooper, Mod 57M; Factory bbl <200 rnds; Factory walnut stock; Factory crisp 1½ lb trig; Inclu: 1” Tally scope mnts; 99% cond. A near new, detachable clip rifle Orig. cost nearly $1200. $979.c.donk V33. 6MM Rem Custom, Win M70 converted to single shot, Hart 26” bbl w/12” T .269 nk, unfired, McMillan f-glass Hunter class BR stock w/pillar glassbedding, exc to near new cond. Exceptional varmint rig priced right (over $1300 invested) $949. V34. 257 Ackley, trued Ruger mod 77 Mk II action converted to single shot, Hart bbl #7-26” w/snake finish .282 nk c.900 rnds, factory varmint lam wood stock w/pillar glassbedding by T&M Stockworks, factory trig tuned to 2lb, Inclu 100 once fired cases & lapped factory Ruger scope mnts, Exc. cond. This rig has shot <3/8” groups. $939. Over $2600. invested. V35. 25-06 Rem Sendero Model 700 Sendero SF II, SS fluted factory bbl <300 rnds, H&S syn factory stock w/alum bedding block, factory crisp 2¾ lb trig, inclu Leupold scope bases, Very near new cond. As new rig in a currently uncataloged caliber. $925. V36. 223 Rem Varminter, Mod 700 VLS w/blueprinted action; Hart 24” 1-9 twist bbl w/factory nk <150 rnds; Factory laminated wood stock, w/prof. glassbedding; Factory tuned Rem crisp 1½ lb trig; Inclu: steel Weaver type bases & 1” leather sling; Gunsmith: Master Class Stocks; Exc cond. Great hvy bullet, long range rig. $895.($1600.+ invested) (c.McFar) V38. 220 Swift Encore, Thompson/Center 220 Swift single shot action, Shilen SS straight bbl 1”X26”X14”T bbl: 165 rnds, 2 pc f-glass stock w/benchrest type forend, Factory 1½ lb trig , Inclu: Virgin Valley 1 pc base w/3 (1”) rings, Gunsmith: Virgin Valley Guns, Exc cond. An Exc carry type Varminter. Available w/SS 24” hvy 308 bbl & black Syn forend at extra $150. $895. (over $1300. invested) V39. 6BR Varmint Hunter Rem 700 action in 6BR, Lother/Walther 22” 1-14T bbl w/.263 nk 400 rnds, Six SPG Hunter stock w/pillar glassbedding, Rem 2oz trig, Includes 1pc Kelbly type scope base, Near Exc cond. A very accurate 8½ lb rifle w/sharp metallic blue paint. $895. V40. 17 Rem Cooper Varminter Model 21 3 lug Cooper action, SS Varmint weight bbl c.4-500 rnds, factory varmint wood stock, factory 10oz trig, Leupold 1” high scope mnts, 95% cond. Typical Cooper quality & accuracy yet affordable. $879. V42. 243 Sako Varmint, AII action; Lilja SS 26” 12”T bbl Rem taper w/Vias brake, c.600 rnds, bore scoped VG, Factory lam wood stock w/glassbedding, Factory 18oz trig, Inclu: Redfield scope bases, Gunsmith: G. Vias, VG+ cond. Good value on custom barreled Sako w/brake. $875. (c.$1700. invested) V43. 300 Win Mag Long Range Varmint/Target, FN action converted to single shot, Schneider SS fluted 28: bbl w/14T <200 rnds, McMillan glassbedded benchrest stock, custom trig (c.1 lb), Gunsmith-Inland Accuracy, CA. Near new O/A, $875. V44. 22-250 Custom Varminter, Win Mod M70 action; Shilen 24” blued bbl, bore scoped good c.800 rnds; H&S Prec. f-glass stock pillar glassbedded w/bedding block; Jewell 3½ oz trig w/o safety, w/means to increase to any weight; includes Leupold 1” scope mnts; Gunsmith: M. Ezell; VG-Exc cond. Includes a 3 shot grp of .5 @ 200 yd shot recently. $849. (Over $1500. invested) V45. 257 Custom Weatherby, w/partially trued commercial M98 Mauser action w/Sako extractor, Hart SS unfired 27¼” #7 taper bbl w/10”T, McMillan fglass benchrest glassbedded stock w/thin rubber butt pad, factory crisp 1¾ lb trig, Gunsmith Hammond rifles, New cond. Includes engraved/hinged trig guard & floorplate. $839. V46. 243 Ackley Varmint, Rem 700 matted action converted to single shot, Factory SS 24” bbl w/Var. taper 12” twist c.600 rnds, Rem factory walnut stock w/glassbedding, Shilen crisp 1¾ lb trig, Inclu: Redfield mounts, Exc cond. Reasonably priced long range Target/Varminter. $799. V47. 22-250 Custom, Rem Mod 722 action; Shilen SS varmint taper bbl, 1-14T X 26”; <200 rnds; AA figured walnut T-hole stock w/rosewood tips & amateur glassbedding; Factory crisp 2lb trig; Inclu; Leupold 1” scope mnts; Metal c.92%; Wood c.95%. A very handsome Varminter you will be pleased to own. $795.(c.$1600. to build) V48. 243 Ackley Varminter, Rem 700 partially trued action, Shilen bbl 21” X 14”T, 1000 rnds, Rem Varmint Syn f-glass stock completely reworked/shaped & painted, Rem c.2lb trig, VG+ cond. This 8½ lb rig would make a great reach out type carry gun, $775.


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V49. 22 BR Kimber, Mod 84M classic varmint; Factory fluted SS bbl, 22-250 rechambered w/factory neck <300 rnds; Factory wood stock; Crisp 2 lb factory trig; Includes Factory 1” scope mnts; 98% cond. A great buy on a hard to get caliber. $749. V50. 221 Rem LV-SF, Rem Mod 700 LV-SF 70; factory SS fluted bbl <400 rnds; factory Syn stock w/alum pillar glassbedding & w/forend widened to 2 1/8 “ & painted‟ crisp 2 lb factory Rem trig; includes 1” scope mnts, can also include Wilson nk size & seater dies @ $30. for pr.; VG – Exc cond. Former owner reported frequent 100 yd groups below .4. $749. V51. 243 Sako Varmint, mod AII varmint, Shilen blued 24” bbl c.300 rnds factory taper 1-12”T, trig tuned to crisp 3lb, 99% cond all orig except bbl. Very accurate & handsome varmint rig. $749. V52. 6X22-250 Sako, Model L57 (low ser. #), <200 rnds, factory trigger crisp 1½ lb. Gunsmith: JW Van Patten, Stocker: B. White, 97% cond. Perfect carry gun in popular high power caliber. $739. V53. 22-250 Ackley Custom Ruger, Mod 77V Mk II SS; Bullberry 26” bbl <275 rnds; Factory lam varmint wood stock w/glassbedding; Factory 2 stage crisp 1½ lb trig; Inclu: Ruger 1” scope mnts & 100 fired cases, c.40 loaded + load data; c.96% cond. Has fired <½” groups – c.$1400. to duplicate. $735.(add $35. for Redding 3 die set) V54. 308 Sako Varmint Mod L579; Factory hvy 23½ ” bbl, c.5-600 rnds; bore scoped VG, McMillan f-glass stock, Sako Varmint mod w/checkering, has 3 Pachmayr socket type swivel inserts in forend; Ruger 1” (yep Ruger) scope mnts; Factory 21 oz. trig; VG/OA cond. A good price on a good shootin Sako. $699. V55. 223 Varminter, Rem Mod 788; Rem 24½” 40X hvy bbl, bore scoped good; nicely finished factory wood stock w/pillar glassbedding; factory trig reworked to crisp 24oz; Includes ¼” group shot w/rifle. $699. V56. 22-250 Rem XR-100, mod XR-100 single shot, factory 26” varmint taper bbl <50 rnds, lam gray T-hole stock, 40X trig c.2lb, 99% cond. 2005 new model by Rem & tough to find new or used, $649. V57. 22 BR Carry Varmint, 22BR Swedish M96 Mauser w/great bluing & custom bolt handle & jewelling, Douglas Prem. SS bbl #5 taper 24” 1-12 T .244 nk fired 10-20 rnds, custom wood bolt-in stock, Timney trig c.10oz, Weaver bases, Gunsmith: Bob Jourdan (PS writer), Exc cond, except for a few marks on stock. Makes a handsome 8lb carry varmint. $639. V58. 250 Custom Savage, Czech VZ24 mod. M98 action, Douglas #5 26” blued bbl <100 rnds fired, Fajen rollover Varminter AA fancy walnut stock w/contrasting tip & prof pillar glassbedding, Canjar 2½ lb trig, scope bases + Lyman target rear sight & Unertl front sight base, Gunsmithed by B. white & J.W. Van Patten, near new cond. A truly unique piece & caliber. ½ price to build to day @ $599. V59. 223 Rem Var. Spl., Mod 700; Factory 24” bbl rechambered & recrowned by Nelson Berger w/.246 nk dia. <200 rnds; Factory wood pillar glassbedded stock; Factory trig crisp 2lb.; Inclu: Weaver type scope mnts & 50 nk turned cases (1/2 loaded); 96% O/A cond; w/more evidence of bolt cycling. An accurate economy Varminter. $595. V60. 222 Rem Sporter Model 700 ADL, factory wood stock, factory Rem trig, 98% cond has split trig guard bow. A 70‟s vintage piece in an out of production cal. $575. V62. 223 Rem Varmint Spl. Rem 700 mod converted to single shot, factory Rem Varmint bbl, but Matte finish not polished like action c.5-600 rnds, bore scoped VG, factory wood stock w/prof pillar glassbedding, Rifle Basix 6 oz trig, G-VG cond. An economy priced varminter. $555. V63. 22-250 Ackley Remington Var. Spl. 700 mod converted to single shot, factory “Sporter” not Varmint bbl c.4-500 rnds, bore scoped good, factory wood stock w/glassbedding, Rifle Basix 6 oz trig, Includes Leupold 1” scope mnts G cond. A bargain as is or converted to another cal. $499. V64. 223 Savage, mod 12 BVSS, bbl has <200 rnds, bbl has <200 rnds, Lam wood stock w/pillar bedding (not glass), factory Accu-Trigger, Near exc cond. All factory rig at a VG price. $499. V66. 220 Swift Varmint, 98 Mauser action w/custom handle & jeweled bolt; Douglas bbl, bore scoped good; Fajen walnut figured/checkered stock w/glassbedding; single stage aftermarket trig; inclu scope bases for Unertl type scope; VG+ cond. A handsome custom rig priced right. $495. w/carry sling V67. Savage Accu Trigger Mod 12 BVSS cal 22-250 NIB, $530. V68. 22-250 Ruger Varmint, Mod. 77 MK II blued action, 26” SS varmint bbl sub 200 rnds, lam Var stock, trig tuned, inclu scope rings, 98-99% O/A, $470. V69. 22-250 Ruger, Mod 77; factory varmint 24” bbl c.2-300 rnds; factory wood stock; factory 1½ lb trig; includes Unertl bases; VG cond. An honest original M77 varmint. $449. V72. New Remington SS Varmint Synthetic stainless w/fluted 26” SS bbl, Sendero SF II all cals. $999. V73. New Remington 700 LV-SF, any cal, $780. V74. New Remington XR-100, single shot any cal, $770. V75. NEW Remington 700 VSSF RH any cal, $995. A few Varmint Syn (no fluting) @ $649. RH. $675. LH V76. New Remington 700 VLSS Thumbhole, $820. V77. NEW Remington Mod 700 Varmint Laminated Stock, all cals. $759. Call for other mod. pricing. V78. New Remington Mod 700 SPS (Spec. Purpose Synthetic Varmint) all cals, $649. V79. NEW Ruger Mod 77VT Mark II w/SS bbl. & laminated stock, all cals. Price on request. V80. NEW Ruger #1 Varminter Cals. 22/250, 220, 223, 25-06, Price on request. V81. NEW Savage Mods, 12F class 6.5X284, $1049. NEW; 12LRPV in 6BR Norma $949. Call for pricing on other models. V82. New Tikka T3 Varmint any cal. Call for pricing. ASSORTED LONG GUNS F3. 7MM-08 Silhouette Custom, Trued 700 BDL action; Hart 24” SS bbl w/.3055 nk c.350 rnds; Factory wood stock professionally altered to 2¼” wide flat bottom forend w/pillar glassbedding; Factory trig; Includes: Weaver scope bases; Gunsmith: G. Fullmer; VG+ cond. An accurate custom bargain rig. Gun weighs 9½ lbs. $795. (c. $1450. invested) F4. 270 Browning, A-bolt stainless action, Mod stainless Stalker II, factory 20” bbl w/boss, bore scoped VG, graphite/f-glass stock, Burris scope mnts, 98% cond. A great all weather big game gun. $639. F7. 338 Ruger 77, walnut stock, unfired. This is a new factory M77T (no box). $499. F8. 12 Ga. Marlin O/U, Mod 90 w/single trig & separated bbls. 28” choked M&F w/Exc bores; Factory walnut stock w/orig Marlin recoil pad (turned hard w/age); Wood c.85-90%; Metal c.80% A scarcely seen US made O/U. $495. F9. 12 Ga. Win Auto, Model 50 (1st yr of manf. 1954) 1 of first 2000; Factory 28” mod w/o rib; Factory wood checkered stock; 95% O/A cond. Seldom encountered in this cond. $495. F10. 243 SS Rem, Mod 700 SS BDL; Factory 24” bbl, no sights, bore scoped exc. <75 rnds; Factory black synthetic stock w/glassbedding; Factory Rem crisp 1lb trig; Inclu: Leupold scope bases; Exc cond. Locking lugs have been lapped giving above average accuracy.$489. F11. 30-06 Ruger Mod. 77 Mk II SS, all weather Syn stock w/recoil pad, w/machined in muzzle brake, w/scope rings, as new-< 200 rnds, $429.


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F12. 12 Ga. Ithaca M37, pump action, mod 37 feather light, 2 bbls, 26” Cyl w/vent rib & 28” mod may substitute deer slayer bbl w/iron sights, factory wood stock w/recoil pad, 97% cond. $350. F16. 45 Cal T/C Hawken, caplock action converted to primer ignition sys, Exc to VG cond. All orig (except ignition) factory gun no longer avail in 45 cal, $299. F17. 50 Cal. T/C Hawken, caplock action, fired only one shot, as new cond. All orig factory piece, $299. (c.$450. if new) F18. 12 Ga. Ithaca Pump action, mod 37 feather light, 26” Imp Cyl & 18+” Cyl bore bbls may substitute deer slayer bbl w/iron sights, factory wood stock w/recoil pad, 97% cond. A clean piece w/the versatility of 2 bbls, $325. F22. Cal. Knight ML, Revolution model w/pivot block action; SS bbl & receiver w/iron sights; Black synthetic stock; See thru type scope mounts; Exc cond. Great bargain on all weather muzzleloader. $225. (New price $375.) F23. 12 Ga. Mossberg, Model 500A; Factory 30” vent rib bbl w/full choke screw-in tube; Factory wood stock; Metal 97%; Wood 85% $175. F25. 50 Cal T/C Percussion, New Englander mod; Factory round 26” bbl; Factory wood stock w/many finish nicks & mars; Factory single trig; Inclu: factory adj open sights; G+ cond. Good buy in a working front stuffer. $125. NEW Remington 700 ADL rifle w/syn. Stock/Matte bbl. action Cal 270, 30-06 w/22” bbl., $449.; 7MM Mag, 300 Win Mag, 24” bbl., $474. TACTICAL, SMALLBORE, HIGHPOWER, AIR RIFLES & ACCESSORIES R1. 223 M70 Custom/Course, 223 Rem M70 action w/extended bolt handle & stripper clip modification; Shilen SS match bbl, 1-9T w/factory nk <300 rnds; Lam walnut stock w/adj cheekpiece & 3 way adj buttplate; Jewell 19oz trig; Inclu: REG micro target rear sight w/Gehmann iris + OK Weber globe front; Gunsmiths: B. White/bbl, A. Stitman stock & action alterations; Very near new & flawless. A first class over the course piece costing $2500.+ to build. $1949. R2. 22LR Cooper Mod 36 Custom Mod 36-3 lug action; Shilen blued hvy match bbl <2000 rnds; Factory AAA Claro walnut stock w/beaded cheekpiece & checkering; Factory trig; 98% cond, but has a few small dents in stock. An excellent out of production Cooper w/very tiny test target group. $1795. R3. Feinwerkbau pre-charged air rifle, pneumatic action, field type mod; multi-colored laminated wood stock w/adj cheekpiece & buttplate; target type front sight; match adj trig; Exc cond. Superb accuracy in a high velocity target or field rig (Current version has a catalog price tag of $2625.) $1595. R5. Feinwerkbau .177 air rifle, competition grade, single stroke pneumatic mod 601; laminated wood stock; FWB 1” scope mnts; match adj trig; VG+ cond. A super accurate all orig. rig w/o metallic sights. (Current 603 mod lists for $2375.) $1395. R7. 6.5 X 284 F-Class Savage, 12 F Model; New-in-box factory orig. $1049. R9. 22LR Browning M52 (Special Edition)Manf. ‟91-‟92 only) virtual copy of orig. Win M52C Sporter; Factory orig stock w/1 or 2 very slight blemishes; 99% cond. All orig., possibly unfired piece. $995. R10. 308 Palma Match Remington Mod 700 action; Jamison blued 28” bull bbl w/12”T bore scoped G-VG & shoots very accurately; Anschutz type prone style walnut stock w/some figure w/forend rail & handstop glassbedded; Rem 40X trig; Inclu iron sight bases & Anschutz type fully adj butt plate w/2 shoulder pieces; VG cond. $995. R11. 22LR Anschutz Int’l, Model 1413 Int‟l; Factory bbl bore scoped showed VG bore; Wood factory RH T-hole stock w/hook buttplate only & glassbedding; Kenyon trig c.12oz but fully adj; Inclu: scope & sight bases but no target sights; VG cond. An honest used Int‟l rifle at an attractive price. $949. R12. 22LR Win M52D; Factory hvy target 28” bbl bore scoped VG+; Factory walnut stock w/full length forend acces rail + adj buttplate base piece Only; Factory <2lb trig; Inclu: target sight bases; Metal 93% marked US, Wood 85%. A very good “D” model manf 1964 all orig except buttplate. $895. R13. 22LR Win M52, Mod B target action, w/Parkerized finish; Factory 28” hvy bbl w/3 dovetail blocks bore scoped exc & better than any “B” I‟ve ever seen; Factory walnut target stock; Factory trig; Best I can tell all orig c.90-92% Manf 1948 & available w/orig, Vaver micro target sight set for this mod in exc cond. for $175. $895. w/o sights. R15. 22LR Walther Silhouette, mod KK-Silhouette R/R, factory bbl bore scoped VG, RH TH stock w/stippling, light single stage trig, Weaver bases, exc cond w/slight wear marks on stock. A very accurate reasonably priced piece, $798. R16. 6.8MM Rem Tactical, Mod. 700 6.8 Rem SPC; 22” factory blued fluted bbl <100 rnds; H&S Prec. synthetic stock w/Alum bedding block; Factory trig; As new in orig box. A great buy in a 6½ lb tactical. $699. R18.22LR Kimber, mod 82A Gov‟t, 25” factory hvy blued bbl c.1000 rnds, wood prone style stock w/forend rail, factory trig, Unertl type bases, exc cond, slight blemished blue near muzzle. An accurate target 22 which accepts target sights, $575. R21. 22 Win 52 Target, 22 LR (Manu. 1936); factory 28” bbl w/o front sight insert in ramp, bore scoped VG+; factory wood stock, finish removed intended to refinish w/forend tip shortened; factory trigger; metal 90%, wood 80%. A good representative 52 from the „30‟s. $475. R22. 22LR Ruger SS, Mod 77/22-VHZ; hvy SS bbl c.350 rnds; laminated wood stock; factory scope mnts; 98-99% cond. This all stainless factory orig rig is near new in orig box. $399. R26.Plastic handstop to fit Win mod 52B or C w/swivel & attaching post, $19.95. Same w/o swivel & attaching post, $4.95 R28. High-power target front sight (fits dovetail base) w/Walther iris type adjustable insert, exc. $39. ($75.-$85. value) R31. Bald Eagle 22 rim thickness gauge w/dial indicator, $59.95 (if new $85.) R32. Freeland (I think) RH alum hand stop & attaching screw, just add sling swivel, fits Win 52B, $34. R33. Winchester mod 52 five round detachable clips, orig Win, $24.95; generic, $20. R34. Ground fork alum support for rifle w/no-mar coated fork area, $7. R35. Redfield No. 75 detachable extension micrometer target peep sight, exc, $89.95 R36. Lyman Mod 77H match front globe sight w/no 77A insert set, near new $39.; insert set only, $9.95 R37. Rem Mod 513 peep sight attaching base, $7.95 R38. Lyman Mod 57MS micro peep sight attached to top mount base for flat top receiver w/.565 mounting hold spacing, Near New, $45. (had been on Enfield military receiver). R40. Sight base for Redfield type receiver sight to fit Savage mod 12 or 112, $18. R41.Lyman mod 17A front target sight set of 6 inserts, $6.95 R42.Redfield target front sight as used on Win M75 or Rem M513, VG, extra high $30. R43.Marble Goss micrometer peep sight, missing attaching screw, $79. R44.Freeland thumbscrew sling keeper, 1¼”, $4.95 R45.Lyman M77-R target front sight, $29. R46.Rear target sight attaching base to fit Springfield 03-A3, exc, $22. R47.Williams micro target rear sight to fit c.¾” dia round top receiver, exc, $49. R48. MO’s mod 101 micro rear target sight w/Gehmann D75 iris eyepiece, exc, $249. (New Val. $350.) R49*Used complete RF bolts to fit M513 Rem exc., $90. Another missing a few parts, $35.; Mossberg M144 VG/Exc, $55. safety. Note: These bolts must be fitted to receiver by a competent gunsmith.


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R50. Anschutz or Winchester 3½” high bipod rest, fits accessory rail, VG, $12. R51. Swiss type solid aluminum LH palm rest, hand piece only, $19.95 R52. Merit Deluxe Master sight disc (screw-in iris for rear sight), $42. R53. Bushnell Sentry II 20X spotting scope, fair cond. $49. R54. Sight eyepiece thread adaptor for sight, $7.50 R55. Freeland cuff hook, New $4 R56. Sam Bond combination arm cuff & 1¼” sling G-VG, $16. (if new $39.) R57. Cordura shooting coats all RH, new 38 only, $100. R57A. Kneeling roll used, $8. R58. Safety glasses, high impact protective, New, $3. R59. Eye shield for blocking vision in non-aiming eye. Attaches to rear sight eyepiece, $7.95 R60. Ammo blocks (nylon) 50 rnd for small bore, VG, $7.ea. R61. Williams Micrometer rear peep sight, fits round receiver, Exc. $49.c.Sptswd. R62. Ammo 22 LR, CCI Std velocity, $6./100 R63. 30 cal stainless stripper clips, $3. pr. R64. Shooting gloves/mitts, RH & LH, 10X & Freeland etc. Used $10. R65. Ruger 10/22 extra magazines, $9.95ea. R66. Lyman 17A detachable Front Target Sight w/1 insert, $30. C.Sptswd R67. Freeland Aristocrat small bore front target sight (6½” long). Takes 1” clear inserts w/1 insert, $60. R68*Hawkeye brand NRA leather shooting coats w/strap closure, some sizes may need one or more straps replaced, generally VG cond, Men‟s sizes 36-40, $75. New price is $250. also ISU type coat size 38 & 40 only-near new, $80. R69. Cloth shooting coats 10X & Bob Allen brands, sizes Med Jr. all RH sizes except 1 size 40LH, both button & strap fronts, $23. R70. English made MK IV-226 micro target rear sight, less eyepiece, exc, $125. R72. Redfield Palma target rear micro sight, exc, $199. R73. Tomkins Big Bore globe front sight w/level &1 insert, exc. $40. HANDGUNS H1. Feinwerkbau Air Pistol, .177 compressed air pre-charged mod P30; stippled walnut grip; adj match trig; adj target sights; inclu luggage type carry case & owners manual; Exc cond. Includes two air cylinders. (Current Mod P-40 basic retail @ $1495.) $725. H2. 22 Short Colt 4th Mod. Derringer (non-firing) in Picture frame 2 ea. Lord & Lady models about 95% except for surface roughness from humidity, $149. ea. H3. Marksman Air Pistol, Manu. Morton H. Harns, LA, Ca. Good, $19. SCOPES S1. Burris 6X mini (same as HBR) silver w/ultra fine CH & targ dot w/AO, Exc, $225. S2. Burris 6X HBR w/AO & dot, silver, exc, $249. S3. All Burris scopes at substantial discounts---call for prices S4. Bushnell 6X Sport view w/duplex, gloss, exc, $39. c.Olnk We have two of these. S5. Bushnell Elite 4200 NIB 6-24X40MM, matte w/mildot reticle, $405., w¼” dot or duplex, $395. 8-32X40MM matte w/duplex, $440. S6. Bushnell 12X25MM compact binoculars 1 black, 1 camo in nylon case, exc, $25. ea. S7. Bushnell 4X w/32MM obj. Sportsman model w/duplex, near new, $39. S8. Bushnell Banner 22 Scope 4X20MM 1” dia w/duplex, inclu mnts, exc, $30. S9. Bushnell competitor 20X-40MM spotting scope w/tripod, exc, $48. S12. JC Higgins 2½X w/CH (non Perma center) steel 1” tube, VG, $25. S15. Leupold 3.5-10X 50MM gloss Vari X III, new in box,$450. S16. Leupold 35X, 40X or 45X Competition scopes NIB, $925. S17. Leupold 1.5-5X20MM gloss w/duplex, near exc, $249. S18. Leupold 36X & 24X, we frequently have several of these used scopes in stock & are interested in buying them always. Generally these are priced from $475. to $599. Call for availability & details. S19. All Leupold scopes available & priced very attractively - call for prices S20. Lyman 15X Super Targetspot w/CH & lens caps w/o recoil spring 97% cond. Inclu mounting instructions, $549. S21. Monoscope 4-9X 40 w/CH, good, $89. S22. Monoscope 2.5-32MM (Japan) w/CH matte, about exc, $29. S23. Nightforce scopes priced very competitively---call for prices. S24. Nikon 15-45X 60MM spotting scope exc in Realtree Camo finish, $199. S25. Nikon 4-12X 40MM w/AO & duplex, black luster fin, Monarch mod, exc, $249. S26. Realist (USA) 3 to 9X w/o adjustment turret caps, Good, $69. S27. Redfield 2-7X Tracker, gloss w/duplex, VG+ $159. S28. Redfield 3-9 Tracker, gloss w/duplex VG, $199. Same in silver. S29. Redfield 4-12X44 gloss w/duplex, VG+ $175. S30. Redfield 6X wide field w/duplex, near exc, $149. S31. Redfield 2-7X w/med CH New in orig box, $179. S32. Redfield 6-18X40MM Tracker SE, gloss w/duplex & AO, exc, $199. in orig bx. S34. Redfield 20X Mod 3200 w/CH, orig target rings, orig plastic carry case, exc cond. $549. S35. Redfield 16X Mod 6400 w/ ¼” dot, orig plastic carry case, c.90% cond. $485. c.McFar S36. Redfield 4X w/wide field & CH, VG, $94.95 S37. Sightron 36X42 NEW matte Black w/AO, 1/8” dot & 1/8” click adjustment, $425. Big Sky model w/CH or 1/8” dot New, $525. S7A. Sightron 8-32X56MM Matte black w/¼” dot new, $775. (copy of Nightforce NXS) S38. All Sightron scopes available @ 75-80% of list price. S39. Simmons 6.5-20X50MM Whitetail classed w/black crinkle finish, w/duplex, as new, $149.

SCOPES (cont.) S40. Simmons 3-9X32 Mod 22 Mag matte w/1” tube & matte fin. $25. S41. Simmons 6-18X, 40MM w/AO & duplex, exc/gloss, $89. S42. Simmons 2.5X duplex,Exc.$30. S43. Simmons 3 to 10X 44MM (44 Mag) wide angle w/duplex, VG, $69., c.Fisher S44. Simmons 4-12X 40MM Deerfield w/duplex, VG, $69. S45. Simmons 3X9, 40MM wide angle, exc.$79. S46. Simmons 12X AO, Duplex, AS NEW, $139 S47. Swift 4-12X 50MM wide angle matte, no A/O ANIB, $149. S48. Tasco (Japan) 24X44 MM target w/¼” dot & AO, exc, $149. S49. Tasco (China) 6-24X44 w/AO, tar knobs, ¼” dot matte black, as new, $175. S50. Tasco (Japan) 6-18X40 MM w/duplex gloss black somewhat spotted cond, dent in obj bell mechanically sound, $69. S51. Tasco Pronghorn 3-9X-32MM obj w/duplex, VG, w/1” Weaver low rings, $45. C.Olen S52. Tasco 4-16 40MM Silver w/AO & duplex VG/Exc, $125. S53. Tasco 6X-40MM w/wide field & duplex, VG, $49. S54. Tasco 6-18X w/duplex CH & adj. objective, VG/Exc., $89., slight damage. S55. Unertl 16X, 1½” target model w/CH, return spring, lens caps & magnum clamp, c.90% cond. $729. S56. Unertl 16X 1½” target w/post + horiz CH reticule w/recoil spring & lens caps, 97% cond. S57. Unertl 16X 1¼” target w/std CH w/recoil spring & lens caps, 98% cond. This is an uncataloged magnification, $799. S58. Weaver 3-9, mod V-9 (steel) w/CH, VG/Exc, $98. S59. Weaver New T36X 40MM w/fine CH, blk matte, $412.; w/1/8” dot, blk matte, $417.; w/fine CH, silver, $417.; w/1/8” dot, silver, $422. S60. Weaver 4-16X silver w/duplex, as new, $249. S61. Weaver 10X K-10 C3 gloss w/duplex VG-Exc. Made in USA, $149. S63. Weaver K-4 w/CH, 90-95%, $89. S64. Blazer by Weaver 6-24X 50MM w/AO & duplex, matte black New, $149. Same in 8-32X 44MM, $159. S65. Weaver Mod C4 (4X) 22RF w/CH w/tip off mount, $12.95 S66. Weaver 16X T-model (steel) w/fine CH, c.98%, $375. c.McFar S67. Weaver 10X T-model (steel matte fin) w/duplex good cond, $325. c.McFar BULLET SWAGING DIES & EQUIPMENT For making Full Jacket, Hollow Point, Benchrest Quality Bullets X1. X2. X3. X4. X5. X6. X7. X8. X8.

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Speer .950 long 6.5MM jackets bx/250, $10. Biehler & Astles 30 cal. core swage & punch ONLY, exc., $125. Custom 22 Cal. core seating die. VG, $85. Cast lead bullet cores, 45 gr., 51 gr. & 57 gr. approx. 1M ea. $20./M B&A 22 cal steel 3 die bullet swage set, produces 6 ogive bullets, good cond w/several sample bullets, $495. Steel 6MM bullet swage die set (3) by ?, produces 7 ogive bullets, good cond w/several sample bullets, $450. Detsch 30 cal carbide 3 die swage set, produces 8 ogive bullets, exc cond w/4 extra punches & several sample bullets, $1700. ($2400. new cost) Detsch 30 cal carbide bullet point up die only w/punch, produces 6 ogive bullets, w/samples exc, $450. ($900. new price) Custom 30 cal lead bullet swage die w/punch for RN bullets 7/8X14 exc cond, $39. USED BENCHREST - TARGET - RELOADING EQUIPMENT MANY SINCLAIR PRODUCTS IN STOCK @ CATALOG PRICE K&M PRODUCTS @ CATALOG PRICES IN STOCK ALWAYS

E2. 22/250 Neck size die taking Wilson bushings 5/8 X 18 TPI, fits tong type tool, $35. E3. 22 to 6MM neck expander 7/8X14, $15. E4. 22 & 30 Cal. Dewey, Parker Hale & Stainless cleaning rods, $10., ea. Both 36” & 44”. May show slight damage from use. E5. 22 Cal. Mandrels to fit Hart neck turner, $9.95/pr. E6. 6MM PPC CPS arbor press type sizer & seater, takes bushings, exc., $45. E7. 6MM custom outside neck turner (.2425 dia. mandrel) w/caseholder for 222, 223 & 220 Swift, has carbide cutter, VG, $55. E8. PPC (6MM or 22) custom made bushing neck size die (like Wilson) w/base, $30. E9. 6PPC or 22PPC custom bushing neck sizer installed in Lyman tong tool, exc, $95. E10. 6PPC (or 22PPC) FL, shoulder bump & bushing sizer Bob Green, $99. (New price $150.) E11. 6PPC Br type nk size die w/.259 nk, $22. E12. 6PPC early Jones neck size tap in die w/alum. base & 258 bushing, $25. E13. 6PPC Lyman Tong Tool type nk sizer takes Wilson bushings about Exc., $95. E14.PPC internal flashole deburring tool, $8.95 E15. 6PPC custom bullet seater by Greenawalt, $28. E16. 2” face X 1” travel .001 dial indicator for use w/Sinclair Phase II measuring tool, $30. E17. 7/8 x 14 die body to take Time Precision mandrels for neck expanding, $14. E18. 6PPC Arbor press or vise type FL size die, $12.50 E19. 6” plastic drop tubes for Lyman 55 Measure 22 or 30 Cal. $6.ea. E20. 6PPC BR type neck size die (takes bushings) w/arbor press base by N. Jones, $35. E21. PPC Arbor press die base (catches primers), $8.25 E22. Action wrench for Hall actions, $25. E23. B-Square crosshair square alignment tool, $5. E24. Bald Eagle, Protector & Caldwell New & Used, rear & front BR sandbags prices start @ $10. E25. Bald Eagle Pedestal Sandbag for 3” wide forearms, $14.95 E26. Benchrest group size measuring device w/22, 6MM & 30 cal reticules attached to Mitutoyo 4” dial caliper, New $175. E27. Bonanza graphiter for inside necks, $8.95 E28. Borden short 222 custom bushing FL/bump 7/8X14 die $99. (if new $150.)


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E29. Borden short 22 or 6PPC custom bushing FL/bump 7/8X14 die $99. E30. Borden custom FL/bump die accepting nk bushings, $89. ($150. if new) E31. Bullet Seating Mike, 308 Cal. w/.336 ND or less. Custom tool reads cases shoulder to bullet tip, $9.95 E32. Bullet Comparator (Stoney Point-Sinclair-Hornady) 6MM, $12. E33. Burr Catt tool holder using deburring tool in power drill or driver, $7. E34. Carstensen 30X44 FL custom bushing die, exc., $99. E35. Case mouth inside deburring tool special 15-degree cutter, $14. E36. Case mouth deburring tool, inside & outside $7., 15 degree inside tool $12. Tool holder w/cutter for power use, $18. E37. Case holders for neck turning most calibers, $5. ea. E38. Case neck inside 60 degree deburr w/handle, $9. E39. Custom “one of a kind” 6PPC “Wilson type” straight line bullet seater, $35. E40. Custom 6PPC 7/8X14 bushing neck & shoulder bump die (these typically cost $125. to $160.) our price $75. E41. Custom set of arbor press dies for 22 SLS (.025 short 223 ) NEW,$40. E42. Custom X14 6PPC Bushing neck/shoulder bump die NEW $74. normally $125. E43. Custom (Miles Hollister) 6PPC 7/8 x 14 FL die for Sako USA cases, $40. E44. Custom 222 Mag chamber type bullet seater, $25. E45. Custom 222 Mag arbor press type neck size die, $22. E46. Custom 22 Walldog BR type seater, $28. E47. Custom 308X1.750 (30X47) micro top straight line (Wilson type) bullet seater, $75. E49. Custom Wilson type bullet seater 308 cal., $25. E50. CPS hammer/arbor press type nk size die w/interchangeable bushings & Cal. inserts for 222, 222 Mag., 6X47, 22/6PPC, 22/6BR & .308, $40/1 Cal., $10/ad‟l Cal. E51. Early style CPS 308 Arbor Press type BR sizer & seater w/330 nk dia.$50. E52. CPS 308BR NS die w/.330 nk, $30. E53. CPS 6PPC BR type die set w/extra screw in insert for 308 in NS die, Exc., $64.95 E54. CPS hand/arbor press dies 6PPC & 308 bushing sizer w/2 bullet seaters & bushings. $90. E55. Davidson 22 Cal. seating depth comparator. Fasten to Vernier $15. E56. Davidson plier style bullet puller 22/6MM/30 cal., $18. New; $15. used E57. Davidson seating depth checker for 6MM w/. 378, 445, 473 base piece, $19. Uniformer, New, $18. E58. Davidson seating depth checker 22 cal w/#1 base piece, $15., new nose piece several cals., $12.95 E59. Davidson right port action wrench-fits Stolle or Nesika action, $30. E60. J. Dewey outside neck tuner w/5 mandrels in 22, 6MM & 30 cal w/o caseholder VG/Exc $49. E61. Dewey 308 BR type neck size die w/.333 neck dia., $20. E62. Dewey 222 BR bullet seater, $25. E63* Dewey Arbor press neck sizer 6MM Rem w/.267 nk, $20. E64. Dillon eliminator powder/bullet scale (balance type) New, $44.95 E65. Ferguson 308 Arbor Press NS die, Exc. craftsmanship, $29. E66. Flash hole uniformer/deburrer for .080 hole size w/22-6MM-6.5 & 30 cal piloted collar,$9. E67. Flash hole deburr for 22 & 6MM necked cases w/PPC size cutter, $6. E68. Forster or RCBS collet type bullet puller w/22 collet, $12. E69. Forster hand held outside neck turner, 22-6MM & 30 cal ($87. val.) $49. E70. Forster outside neck turner for use w/their case trimmer New $26.95, 22, 6MM & 30 cal pilots, $5.95 ea. E71. Forester case neck graphite, $6. E72. Forster 308 or 22/250 comb. case lgth & case headspace gage, $12. ea. E73. Forster or RCBS case mouth deburring tool, $6. E74. Forster deburrer mounted in crank type base, $19. E75. Frankfort Arsenal inertia bullet puller, New, $15.49 E76. Hall ultra light (.95oz/pr) one inch scope rings, used, $55. E77. Hall right port side entry action wrench, $28. ($40. New) E78. Hammond 22PPC shoulder bump die 7/8 x 14 takes 1/2” bushings, $99. (New $150.) E79. Hammond 6PPC custom FL/bump die & bullet seater (Wilson type) w/micro top, $189. (a $300. value) E80. Harrell’s Combo Press (clone of Hood press), $275. E81. HARRELL’S CLICKS-ON CUSTOM powder measure. This is the best of the “Culver type” measure. Body of non-magnetic stainless & measuring insert of bearing brass. Max capacity 120 grains. NEW, $200. Same w/ball bearings, $240. w/hopper bottle BR (60gr. Max) Mod $175. w/bottle. Premium 60 gr. $220. 90 gr. Culver mod, $190. E82. Harrell’s Precision Compact Reloading Press, w/frame of solid aluminum, stroke 1 3/4”, length of press 8” including C clamp, finish black anodized & brushed aluminum, NEW, $150. Great for BR match use. E84. Harrell’s 6PPC FL/bump die takes NK bushings, $35. E85. New Hart custom 1” scope mounts (2) to fit Cyl. 1.375 action, $50. E86. Hart/Rem New action wrench for removing low torque barrels from most custom actions $43. Also bbl vise @ $45. E87. Hart Arbor Press 308 die w/334 nk dia., $27. E88.RW Hart, hammer type nk sizing dies (hand held) 222, $35. E89. New Hart benchrest pedestals varmint mod w/o adjustable sides, $197.; Competition model w/side bag tensioning, $234. Competition II mod w/thumbscrew bag tensioning, $248. E90.Hart Tap-in/Arbor Press 308 NS die w/decapping rod, $20. E91. Hart custom/precise primer seater (bench top mod) 308 & 222 head sizes, $69. Also 308 & PPC head size mod., $69. E92. Hart neck turner caseholders PPC, 222, 223 308, 22/250, $5.,ea. E93. Hart neck turner mandrel expansion plug combo., 7MM used, $9. E94. Hart Accuracy Asset; Attaches to swivel stud to make Sporter forearms flat end wide like benchrest rifles. No damage or mod of existing rifle, $34.95


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E95. Hart BR type 308 Cal. nk die, takes Wilson bushings, $35. E96. Hart powder measure bottle adaptor allowing Harrell‟s mid-measure to take 16oz reservoir bottle (New), $19.95 E98. Hood New scope checker for dovetail base mounting ONLY (mounts 2 scopes), $75. E99. Hodgdon H322 powder $14/lb on $100/8lb-pick-up ONLY E100 Holland’s case neck ball micrometer reads to .0001 use for 17 cal & up, New $65. E101 Ideal #310 reloading tong type tool w/alloy handles $29., 222, 308 or 30-06 cals. E102 Imperial dry neck lube $2.50 tin (partial $1.50) E103 Inertia bullet puller (nearly all cals) $12.95. E104 We stock MOST Jewell triggers - 1.5 oz BR Mod, $155. Call for others. E105 Jewell “Live Center” 1” scope rings-single screw, $79.; double screw, $99. E106 K&M 6MM Expand-Iron to expand case necks prior to turning, $15. E107 K&M case mouth tapered (controlled depth) reamer new, $18. Used, $14. E108 K&M carbide primer pocket uniformer sml or lg rifle new, $17.; Used for Lapua PPC $14. for any sml rifle, $10. E109 K&M outside neck turner any cal (except 50) New, $60 E110 K&M primer deluxe hand priming tool w/shellholder, New $39.95; Used $28. E111 K&M Caseholder-Power adaptor to spin cases while neck turning, etc. takes Lee shellholders, $15. E112 K&M PPC or std flashole deburrer (Prof. mod), $14.Master$9.50 E113 K&M case holder/power adaptor for neck turner w/o shell holder, $10. E114 K&M primer/gauge (priming tool w/dial gauge for seating depth), $70. E115 K&M prof. model PPC flash hole deburr/uniformer, New, $14..; Used $7. E116 Kelbly 1” & 30MM used scope rings both w/single & double screw, New sets also in stock, POR E117 Kelbly 1” & 30 MM new & used scope rings in stock always; prices start @ $50. E118 Kleiman/CPS NS die 6PPC w/.258 bushing, as new, $35. E119 Kleinendorst firing pin removal tool for Rem‟s, Stolle, CPS others inclu. Borden, Nesika, Bat, Hall, Cooper & Kimber, $24.95, used $15.; for all except Bat, $30.95 E120 Kleinendorst, Rem-Stolle + other brands bolt disassembly tool, $24.95; used $15. E121 Kroil for mixing with Shooter Choice to enhance its effectiveness,8 oz. $4.50 E122 Lee hand press-new. Ideal portable compact FL size press, $25.95 E123 Lee 15 unit powder measure kit w/slide card for loads, in orig. box., $7. E124 Lee 222 or 308 size punch & base decapping set, $4.95 ea. E125 Lee case trimmer 222 Cal., $6. E126 Lee power spin type case trimmer 7MM Rem Mag, 308, 222 45/70, $5. E127 Lee auto priming tool NEW w/o shellholder, $16.50 Used $9. E130 Lyman flash hole uniformer (not PPC), $7. E131 Lyman model 55 powder measure, VG $35. (2) if new $83. E132 Lyman inside/outside deburrer in power (drill) holder, $9.95 E133 Lyman ldg & sml primer pocket reamer for military cases + primer pocket cleaners w/2 handles, $9. E134 Lyman trimmers power adapter for power case trimming, ANIB, $12.; Used, $10. E135 Lyman case prep kit, includes 2 handles accepting case neck brushes, primer pocket cleaners and crimp removers, $6.95 E136 Lyman Universal drill press trimmer NIB but w/o trimmer head, $20. E137 Lyman Mod LE-100 electronic powder/bullet scale 9V or 110V, VG, $99, (a $200. value) E138 PPC/Lyman tong tool NS die, takes Wilson bushings, w/handles,$95. E139 Lyman tong tool w/custom 22-250 or 6MMX250 bushing neck die, taking Neil Jones bushings, $75. E140 Lyman Tru-Line junior progressive press (accepts 310 dies) VG, $85. E141 Lyman 310 die sets(20-30 in stock) call for prices & cals. E143 Micrometer 0-1” reads in .001, VG, $14.95 E144 NECO bullet slide, bullet/barrel lube, $7. E145 NECO moly dry neck lube kit, $17.($37.50 New Price) E146 Neck turner (outside) w/2 mounted mandrels for 22 cal & 30 cal cases well made 1 of a kind tool, w/o caseholder, $49. E147 Neck wall &/or bullet jacket run out gauge w/.001 indicator, all steel one of a kind fixture, $49. E148 Neck turner 22-6MM custom made & unique. 5 sizes of 22+ 1 6MM mandrels. One of the best units we have ever seen, $89. E149 Neil Jones Rimfire accuracy gage, for sorting 22 ctgs by rim thickness, $30. E151 Neil Jones 223 threaded seating die w/.246 & .248 bushings, $79. (New Value $104.) E153 Neil Jones 6PPC arbor press seating die w/.262 nk, $75. E154 Neil Jones 22-250 imp 7/8X14 FL bushing die w/.244 bushing, $55. E155 Neil Jones micro measure New, $325; E157 Neil Jones micro neck sizing die & base, 22 or 6PPC cal., $59. ($110. if new) E158 Neil Jones micro neck sizing die & base, 22 or 6PPC short cal., $50. ($110. if new) E159 Neil Jones micro bullet seater 6PPC cal., $59. ($110. if ew) E160 Neil Jones threaded seating die 22 w/.246 bushing, $65. ($120. if new) E161 Neil Jones bushings for sizer & seater @ 50% of new price. E162 Neil Jones micro bullet seater 6BR short cal. w/.264 bushing, $50. E163 New Titanium 1” high scope rings 1.1oz fit Davidson or Weaver bases, reg. $125. our price $75. Pr. E164 Assorted New owl ear, bunny ear & rabbit ear front & rear sandbags, $12.-$44., ea. E165 New nutcracker type 22/6PPC NS die w/o handles. Your choice of bushing size,$99. E166 New collapsible/adjustable height shooting stool 18”-24”. W/padded top. Hardwood construction, $52.95 E167 New med. Width & sausage type pedestal sandbags (filled), $10.,ea. E168 Ohaus 40 rnd plastic loading block for Hornet, 223 & Mag cases, $4. E170 Ohaus best 3 beam powder/bullet scale w/leveling screws, bubble level & .1 gr. Precision all in Mahogany transport case, a $300.+ value, @ $199. E171 PACT digital precision powder trickler w/instructions, exc, $24.95


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E172 PACT digital powder scale w/2 check weights & wall transformer & instructions, exc, $99. E173 PACT digital powder dispenser w/user manual for use w/above scale, exc, $125. or $200. for both. E174 PPC 15 rnd load block w/Velcro cloth padded cover, $7. E175 PPC shoulder bump gage, New $5.; used $3. E176 Pindell outside neck turner 30 cal w/case holder, $25. E178 Polished bolt knob for Stolle bolt, $13. E179 Powder measure support, attaches to corner of metal toolbox (homemade), $5. E180 Powder Scale specimen dish, $3. E181 PPC & Std. size flashole deburr tool, $10.95 ea. E182 RCBS case neck turner attached for their case trimmer cat. #98860, $39. E183 RCBS rotary case trimmer w/6MM, 33 & 44 cal pilots, $39. E184 RCBS neck brush w/handle 22-6MM cal, $3. E185 RCBS flashole deburring tool w/22 & 30 cal pilot stops, $12. E186 RCBS Prime Guard priming tool, exc$18. E187 RCBS powder trickler, $6. E188 RCBS Mod 505 reloading scale, exc., $39. E189 RCBS Uniflow powder measure w/stand & large screw micro adj. option, exc., $59. Also competition (Rifle) mod. $60. E190 RCBS Posi-Prime hand priming tool, w/depriming acces., as new, $15. E191 RCBS powder measure/piggyback stand, $12. E192 RCBS 6MM flashole deburring tool, $6.50 E193 RCBS Trim Pro manual case trimmer kit, ANIB, $59. E194 RCBS casemaster gauging tool, measures case nk thickness/Vari., concent., case lgth & loaded rnds runout NEW, $69. E195 RCBS Automatic primer feed w/sml. & lg tubes NIB, $13.95 E196. RCBS Ram priming tool, fits any 7/8 x 14 press, uses RCBS type shell holders, $9.95 E197 RCBS flashole deburring tool for 6MM PPC size, $14.95 E198 RCBS Hand Priming tool w/magazine feed sys. uses std shellholder, NIB, $21.95 E199 RCBS Trim Mate case prep center, a $100. value, $59.95 E200 RCBS or similar case neck brush handle, $3. E201 Redding powder measure stand clamp, $10. E202 Redding Imperial sizing die wax, new 1oz tin, $6.; Used (partial), $4. E203 Redding body dies most Cals. New, $16.75 E204 Redding #RS-6 powder measure stand as new, $10. (if new $18.) E205 Redding bullet & powder scale Mod #1, VG $35. E206 Redding BR-30 competition powder measure, New, $171.; Used, $95.; BR-3 mod $70. E207 Redding Powder Measure Stand NEW (in box), $18. E208 Redding 6PPC body die for BR chambers (Not USA/Sako case), New price $34.95 E209 Redding #2 master powder & bullet scale, $44. E210 Redding competition shell holder 5pc. Set, size #12 (PPC), New, $25. E211 Rem 700 triggers New, $65.; Used, $45. Stainless $55. E212 Rem 700/40X firing pin spring, New, $9.95; used, $7.95 E213 Rem complete bolt for XP-100 w/308 bolt face, exc, $189. E214 Saunders screw-in mirage shades for Leupold, Weaver, Lyman LWBR, $12. ea. E215 Several chamber swab/12” handle combo, $6.,ea. E216 Small primer military case crimp remover (reamer), $9.95 E217 Shilen, Hart & occasionally Jewell used 2oz triggers, $89. to $120. E218 Shilen 222 knock out type neck size die w/.246 nk dia., $20. E219 Shilen 222 NS arbor press die w/.246 nk, $20. E220 Sinclair case driver w/PPC & 223 size caseholders, $24. E221 Sinclair micrometer top for Wilson seater, incl. 6MM stem, $28. E223 Sinclair expander body w/oversize 7MM mandrel, $19.95 E224 Sinclair flashole deburring tool handle only $5. E225 Sinclair all purpose rest top & post for Hart pedestal w/adj sides, filled sandbag & forend stop (new cost $75) price, $49.95 E226 Sinclair neck wall thickness/variance gauge w/6MM & 30cal pilot stops, no indicator, $24. E227 Sinclair nk expander body, New $16.75 E229 Sinclair carbide primer pocket uniformer for hand or power use, sml primer, $14. E230 Sinclair bullet comparator, 6 caliber 22 thru 308 New, $16.95, used, $10. E231 Sinclair 6PPC Kwick case trimmer, $10. E232 Sinclair action cleaning tool kit (Act-2) $29.50 E233 Sinclair flash hole deburring tool New, $16.85; used $12. E234 Sinclair bullet seating depth tool w/gage guides for Rem, sml. Sako & sml. Kimber, exc.,$19. E235 Sinclair dual ended mandrels for neck turner, New $9.75 E236 Sinclair benchrest all purpose top w/post, New $57. E237 Sinclair competition cartridge block (hold 25) PPC cal.$7. E238 Sinclair RC-3 bracket set to make double rod case, $8.50; triple bracket set, $10.50 E239 Sinclair single BR rifle cleaning cradle, Exc, $34.95 New single & double rifle in stock. Call for pricing. E240 Sinclair Phase I neck turning tool, New $56.50; Used $39. E241 Sinclair Phase II primer pocket uniformers, New $25.50; used $19.95 E242 Sinclair pedestal speed screw-sighter/record device, NEW, $61. E243 Sinclair neck turning tool adjustment fixture w/correct .001-dial indicator NEW $55. ($69.50 catalog) or w/New NT-1000 neck turner, $109. E244 Sinclair scope ring lapping kit, NEW $16.25


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E245 Sinclair Phase II outside neck turner w/22 & 6MM mandrel, New $59.95 E246 Sinclair micro bullet seater in 7MM Mag, Exc$40. ea. E247 Sinclair 8” 22 Cal. drop tube fits Lyman measure, $5.95 E248 Sinclair 7/8 X 14 neck expander die body w/o mandrel, New, $16. E249 Sinclair micro-top for Wilson bullet seating die, $20. Same w/6MM stem, $25. E251 Sinclair case neck thickness gage w/6MM pilot stop, w/o dial indicator, $20. E252 Sinclair priming tool clone for PPC case only (no changing shell holder) exc, $65. E253 Sinclair delrin drop tube adaptor to fit RCBS or Redding powder measures w/4” & 6” drop tubes, $18. E257 Springfield 30-06 complete bolt, $99. E258 Steel size die shim pack. 7 pc (.004-.010) BR seater die shims .003-.025,. Either, $7. Plastic .002-.025 BR seater shim set, $5. E259 Stuck case extractor (from die or unattached bbl). $4.50 E260 Stoney Point 22 cal bullet comparator, $9.95 E261 Stoney Point overall length gauge w/6PPC modified case plus 6MM bullet comparator (a $60.+ new value), $44.99 E262 Stoney Point bullet comparator 17 cal. $10. E263 Stony Point curved mod OAL gauge for auto, lever & pump rifles, $20. E264 Stony Point bullet comparator new, $27.95 E265 Stony Point OAL gauge for bullet seating to rifling, New $33.25; used , $24.95 E266 Ten X products custom outside neck turner w/6MM & 30 cal mandrels & exponders, w/.0001 dial indicator, exc, $99. E267 Time Precision, CPS & PAS complete bolts also fit XP-100Rem w/480 bolt face, 1 w/Sako extractor, VG/exc, $175. ea. E268 Used Wind Flags generally in stock call for price & details. E269 Whitetail carbide primer pocket uniformer sml or lg, $12. ea. E270 Wichita mod 1375 or 1275 .223 head size complete bolt w/9 flutes w/c.½” extended bolt handle, missing ejector, VG/Exc, $200. E271 Wilson base & punch set for decapping new $7.70 Used $5. E272 Wilson seater drift assembly, 22 or 6MM, new $14.75; Used $8. E273 Die base for Wilson NS die, $5. E274 Wilson power adaptor for trimmer, $7. E275 Wilson outside nk turner in 22 & 6PPC w/Sinclair mnt + caseholder & 2 pilots as new, $75. ($135. value) E276 Wilson old style (no bushings) 6BR NS die w/.2625 nk, $14. E277 Wilson chamber-type bullet seaters 222, 22 & 6BR & PPC, 218 Bee, 22/250 Std. & Ackley, 6MM Int‟l, 221 Rem, 308, $25. ea, used SS micro, $49. 17 Ackley Hornet, New @ $38. most cals. E278 Wilson, hammer type nk size die 218 Bee, 223, 22/250, 243, 250 Sav, 221 Rem Fireball, 22 & 6PPC & BR, 6PPC Oversize, 30x45, $25. ea. w/o bushing. New @ $38., most cals. E279 Wilson Arbor Press/Vise type FL sizer 22 & 6PPC & 6BR, 308, $5. New $12. E280 Wilson case trimmer, New $32.35; Used $25. E281 Wilson cart. case gauges All non belted Cals. NEW, $18., Used 221 Rem, 22PPC, 220 Swift, 6PPC, 6BR, 243, 30-06, + others $9. E282 Wilson inside neck reamer 22, 6MM, 7MM or 30, Used $15.; New $23.95 E283 Wilson trim caseholders 222/223, 22/6MMPPC & BR, 22/250, 6MM Tall dog, 220 Russ, 220 Swift, 243 Win, 243 Rockchuck, 284, 300 Sav, 257 R, 244, 7X57, 270/280, 308 & 30-06, PPC unfired, 7MM/300 mag new or unfired, BR unfired, 17/22 Fireball, 378/460 Wby mag, 22 Hornet, 257 thru 375 Wby mag, $4.,ea. New @ $5.50, most cals. E284 Wilson “Old Style” NS die w/o decapping rod 6PPC, $10. E286 Wilson 6BR Old style neck size die w/.263 nk, $14. 7/8 X 14 RELOADING DIES D1. Bonanza 22PPC FL benchrest set, $30. D2. Bonanza 30M1 carbine FL 3 die set, $22. D3. Bonanza 243 FL set, New, $20. D4. Bonanza 6X47 New bullet seat die, $6. D5. Bonanza 6MM Rem-small base FL set, NEW, $20. D6. Bonanza 22PPC NS die, $19. D7. Bonanza 308 benchrest seater Only, $24. D8. Bonanza/Forster benchrest FL set; 6PPC or 308; $44.each set. D9. Bystrom 222 FL set, $15. D10. CH 243 nk size die, $7. D11.CH 308 FL set, $15. D12. CH 308 Winchester, neck size set, $20. D13. CH 300 Win Mag taper crimp die, $5. D14.CH 222 Rem, FL or NS set, $20. D15. Forster 22PPC Fl die new, $21.95 D16. Forster 22 NS die New, $21.95 D17. Forster22 or 6PPC FL die new, $27.50 D18. Forster 7/8X14 bullet puller w/243 collet, $16. D19. Forster stuck case remover (from die) as New $9.95 D20. Forster 6PPC NS benchrest set, $30. D21. Forster/Bonanza 220 Swift FL, $15. D22. Forster 6PPC FL 7/8X14 die w/o internals, $16.95; w/internals, $19.95 D23. Herter 30/30 FL set missing seater stem, $12. D24. Herter 7X57 FL die, $7. D25. Hollywood 44 Spec/Mag FL die, $5. D26. Hornady new dimension 6MM nk size (any ctg) only, $8. D27. Hornady 257 FL New Dimension set, $27. D28. Hornady 243 FL set,$19.

7/8 X 14 RELOADING DIES (cont) D29. Hornady New Dimension 6MM Rem, New $20. D30. Hornady 6MM Cal. nk die, New, $11.99 D31. Hornady 22/250 FL “New Dimension” set, $20. D32. Hornady 38 Cal. expander $6. D33. Hornady custom grade series IV 22PPC FL set, $32. D34. Hornady 22 cal complete decapping assy for new dimension, $15. D35. Lee target model loading set cal 222, used $29.95 D36. Lee 22/250 set $15. D37. Lee 308 Collet NS set, $20. D38. Lee 300 Win Mag collet NS die, $15. D39. Lee 308 NS collet type set, $21. D40. Lee243 FL 2 die set, $12. D41. Lee 222 collet NS set, $20. D42. Lee 284 Win FL set NEW $18. D43. Lee 300 Win Mag seater, $7. D44. Lee 308 FL set RGB series, $12. D45. Lee 22/250 FL set, $13. D46. Lee 45 Colt expander, $6. D47. Lee 6PPC FL set $22. D48. Lee rifle charging die, $8. D49. Lee loader 357 Mag ANIB $10. D50. Lee loader, 357 Magnum, New in box, $15. D51. Lee 303 British FL set, $15. D52. Lee FL set 348 Win, $19. D53. Lee 223 FL set w/bullet puller & shell holder, $15. D54. Lyman 223 seater, $9. D55. Lyman 30-40 Krag 3 die set ANIB, $35. D56. Lyman 30 M1 Carb. 3 die set ANIB, $25. D57. Lyman 9MM Luger 3 die set ANIB, $25. D58. Lyman 45-70 3 die set ANIB, $25. D59. Lyman 30/40 Krag FL set $18. D60. Lyman 243 FL set, $18. D61. Lyman 222 seater, $9. D62. Lyman 30-06 FL set, $15., seater only, $7. D63. Lyman 7X57 FL set die only, $7. D64. Lyman seater ONLY 6MM Rem or 243 (handles both), $8. D65. Lyman shell resizer 32 ACP (ANIB) $5. D66. Lyman FL size die only 44 Spec/Mag., $7. D68. Lyman 243 seater ONLY $9. D69. Lyman 44 Spec. SW seater only$5. D70. Pacific 264 Win. Mag FL set VG, $19. D71. Pacific 30-30 FL set ANIB, $14. D71A. Pacific 257 Roberts FL set, $18. D72. RCBS 17 Rem FL set, $22. D73. RCBS 6MM Rem FL sizer, $12. D74. RCBS 22 Hornet seater, $10. D75. RCBS 300 Win Mag X-FL set, $20. D76. RCBS 44Mag/44 Spec 4 die set, $15. D77. RCBS 22 hornet FL set, $24. D78. RCBS 340 Wby FL set, $25. D79. RCBS 7MM Mag FL sizer, $10. D80. RCBS 220 Swift file type trim die, $9. D81. RCBS 375 H&H Mag FL set, $20. D82. RCBS 7.62 Russian FL set w/shellholder, $22. D83. RCBS 223 FL set, $20. D84. RCBS 444 Marlin 3 die set, Exc, $29. D85. RCBS 458 Win. seater & expander, Exc. $18. D86. RCBS 284 Win. FL set ANIB, $25. D87. RCBS 357 Mag FL set, Exc. $20. D88. RCBS 25-06 FL sizer ANIB, $14. D89. RCBS 357 Mag SWC 3 die set + 38 Spec FL sizer ANIB, $22. D90. RCBS 7MM Mag FL set Exc, $20. D91. RCBS 338 Win. Mag FL set ANIB, $20. D93. RCBS 6PPC FL die, $12. D94. RCBS 308 FL die, $12. D95. RCBS 45-70 FL 3 die set, $22 D96. RCBS 270 Win FL set, $20. D97. RCBS 270 Win Small base FL die, $13. D98. RCBS 243 Small base FL set, $22. D99. RCBS 7MM BR Rem FL set, $20. D100 RCBS 22-250 FL set w/file type trim die, $24.

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7/8 X 14 RELOADING DIES (cont.) D101 RCBS 25-06 FL set NEW, $26.50 D102 RCBS 22/250 FL set, $20. D103 RCBS 30-06 FL & nk size set (3 dies) $28. D104 RCBS 25/06 FL set $20 D105 RCBS 340 Wby Mag FL set + Redding NS die $49. D106 RCBS 222 NS die, $11. D107 RCBS 30-06 FL set, $20, also NS set $20. D108 RCBS 38 Spec WC 3 die Carb. Set $20. D109 RCBS 3 die FL/NS set, 308 Win,$28. D110 RCBS 308 FL set, $20. D111 RCBS Reloader Special FL NEW sets. Most Common Cals., $16. D112 RCBS 243 Win FL set, $20. D113 RCBS Rel. Spl. FL sets 222 & 243, $10.,ea. D116 RCBS 308 Seater only, $9. D117 RCBS 38 ACP (SA) 3 die carbide set, $22. D118 RCBS 6MM Rem set, missing size die internals, $14. D119 RCBS X-sizer (FL) set, $14. D120 RCBS 308 NS w/Bystrom FL set, $18. D121 RCBS 3 die FL/NS set, 7MM Weatherby, $25. D122 RCBS 6X47 seat die, $13. D123 RCBS 222 NS set, $20. D124 RCBS 6MM Rem FL set, $20. D125 RCBS 300 WBY Mag FL set, $24. D126 RCBS 243 NS set, $20. D127 RCBS 284 FL set w/trim die, $33.; w/o trim die, $20. D128 RCBS 380 Auto 3 die std. set, $15. D129 RCBS 225 FL set, $27. D130 RCBS 6MM Rem FL set, missing 2 screws in sizer, $14. D131 RCBS 222 FL set, missing decapping stem, $17. D132 RCBS or Lee 45 ACP expander, $6. D133 RCBS 30/30 FL sizer, $10. D134 RCBS 30/30 WCF FL set, $20. D135 RCBS 224 Wby Mag FL set w/shellholder, Retail $47.55 Sell $25. D136 RCBS Used 6 die set .085 short 6BR, inclu custom bushing nk die, $75. D137 RCBS Used 4 dies + ext. shellholder, 6X44 MM PPC form set $40. D138 RCBS New FL sets in cals, 223, 22-250, 6PPC,243, 6MM Rem, 7MM Mag, 7MM STW, 308, 30-06, 300 Wby Mag, 300 Rem Ultra Mag, 338 Win, $24. each set; 308 small base set or 223 small base set, $27. each; 45-70 3 die set, $29. D139 RCBS New neck size die only cals. 223, 22-250, 243, 6MMRem, 7MM Mag, 308, 300 Win Mag @ $21. each. D140 RCBS P/N 88309 cal .243 WSSM precision MIC, $25. D141 RCBS 30-06 FL set, $20. D142 Redding 6PPC USA nk size die, $22.50 D143 Redding 6MM PPC (small base) FL sizer, $20. D144 Redding 7MM STW FL set, $25. D145 Redding 257 Roberts FL set, $22. D146 Redding 7-30 Waters seater, $15. D147 Redding 308 seater, $12. D148 Redding 308 body die, $19.95 D149 Redding 22 BR body die, $20. D150 Redding 22 BR trim die, $24. D151 Redding 6.5X284 Competition bushing NK die set (3 die), $175. D152 Redding 6BR body die or small base body die, $20. D153 Redding 220 Swift body die ANIB, $16. D154 Redding 22 Hornet seater, $12. D156 Redding 220 Swift Comp. bushing NK die set ANIB, w/o body die, $120. D157 Redding 308 taper crimp die, $ANIB, $10. D158 Redding New FL sets 22-250, $55.50 ea. D159 Redding 6PPC Comp. bushing NK die set ANIB w/o body die, $120. D160 Redding 6PPC USA Deluxe 3 die set (FL,ND & seat) New, $60. D161 NEW Redding 6PPC Comp. Bushing nk die set w/body die FL sizer (List $273.) Our Price is Redding dealer @ $175. D162 Redding body die, any cal. New, $21.95 to $29.25; Used, $16. small base New, $27., Used, $18. D163 Redding 6PPC FL sizer, $19.95 D164 Redding 22/250, 6MM or 243 Ackley (40d) FL set, New, $78.75 D165 Redding 7MM BR Rem form set New $167. Sell $89. D166 Redding 7BR Rem FL set missing expander ball, New List $66.; Sell $33. D167 Redding 6PPC USA FL set,$38. D168 Redding #84406 cal 22-250 Imp 3 die set, $59.95 D169 Redding 243 WSSM competition set, $79. D170 Redding #80318 cal 22PPC FL set, $30. D171 Redding 6PPC Deluxe 3 die set, $55. D172 Redding 243 WSSM FL set, $33. D173 Redding Form #2 6MM SM Wasp, $25.

Page 15

7/8 X 14 RELOADING DIES (cont.) D174 Redding 22-250 Imp trim die, $22. D175 Redding #85129 7.62MMX39 taper crimp, $25. D176 Redding 22 PPC body, $22. D177 Redding 22 PPC USA body, $20. D178 Redding 7MM BR Rem FL set, $15. D180 Redding 22 BR 3 die case form & trim set, $45. D182 Redding 22PPC 4E form & trim set, $10. D183 Redding 22 BR #5E form & trim set, $10. D184 Redding 22 BR #4F form & trim set, $10. D185 Redding 6 BR Rem small base FL, $25. D186 Redding 243 Ackley 40 degree FL (New), $30. BOOKS & MAGAZINES (Special all used books deduct 10%)

Page 16

P1. Gun digest book of Gun Access. & Services-1979, $3.98 P2. Sierra Reloading Manuel, 1978, $9.95 P3. Lyman Shot shell Handbook 2nd Ed. 1973 Soft, $4. P4. American Pistol & Revolver Design & Performance, L.R. Walback, 1978, $32. P5. The Plains Rifle by Hanson, 1960, $29.95 P6. Small Arms Design & Ballistics, Whalen, 1945, $37.95 P7. The Accurate Rifle by Mace, Hard, $19.95; Soft, $13.95 P8. Precision Shooting at 1000 Yards, by Brennan, New, $29.95 P9. Practical Book of knives, Warner, Soft, 1976, $5.95 P10. Hodgdon‟s Data Manuals #21, 22 & 23 (1977) &25. $6.95 ea. P11. The Shotgun Book, J. O‟Connor, 1968, VG w/dustcover, $24.95 P12. Book of the Twenty Two, Fadala, 1989, Soft exc, $10.95 P13. Lyman Muzzleloaders Handbook, First Ed., Soft, exc, $8.95 P14. Gun Digest, 1961, Ed. $10.95; 1974, $7.95; 1977, $7.95 P15. Shooters Bible 1972, $8.95; !987, $6.95; 1990, $5.95 P16. Complete Book of Hunting, Ormand, 1973, VG w/dust cover, $27. P17. Civil War Guns, Edwards, 1972 Exc w/dustcover, $29.95 P18. All About Varmint Hunting, Sisley, soft, 1982 exc, $14.50 P19. Lyman Reloading & Cast Bullet Guide 68 pg, Soft, 1983, $3.95 P20. Precision Shooting Annual, 1995, New, $5. P21. The American Sporting Collector‟s Handbook, Liu, soft, 1977,$4. P22. Coaching Young Athletes, Martens et al, 1983, soft, $9.95 P23. Complete Guide to Handloading, Sharpe, 2nd Ed. 1945 VG w/slight cover damage, $75. P25. Single Shot Rifles & Actions, DeHaas, Soft, 1989. Exc, $24. P26. Lyman Black Powder Handbook, Soft, 1974, exc. $7.95 P27. Discover Swaging, Corbin, 1979 Hard, Exc cond, w/dustcover, $33.95 P28. Professional Gunsmithing, Howe 1946, 1st Ed. W/dustcover. Slight water damaged, $65. P29. Antique Firearms, Lister, 1963 Hard, $14.95 P30. Hatcher‟s Notebook, J.S. Hatcher 3rd Ed. 1962, VG w/dustcover, $42.50 P31. Advanced Gunsmithing, Vickery, 1940, 1st Ed. Good, $39.95 P32. Hunting Big Game Vol.1, 1st Ed. 1946, Whalen, signed H.A. Donaldson $45.95 P33. The Sharp‟s Rifle, Smith, 1943, 1st Ed. Exc, $49.95 P34. A Varmint Hunter‟s Odyssey by Hansen 279 pg. Soft cover New, $34.95 P35. Hodgdon Data Manual #23, 1977, 324 pp. $7.95 P36. Pageant of the Gun by Peterson 1967 Ed. 352 pgs. Hardbound, exc., w/dustcover, $25.; another w/o dustcover, $20. P37. Complete Book of Rifles & Shotguns by O‟Connor, 1961, F to G binding needs reinforcing, $19.95 P38. Guns Illustrated 1971, $4.95 P39. The Book of Rifles, Smith & Smith, 1965, water damaged, readable but rough, $10. P40. Bear by Ormond, 1961 (1st Ed.) VG w/dustcover, $29. P41. The World of the Black Bear by Van Wormer, 1966, VG w/dustcover, $24. P42. Handguns of the World by Hunter, 1956, 128 pgs., soft, VG, $7.95 P43. Popular Handguns by Keller, 1957, 136 pgs, soft, VG, $8.95 P44. Parker America‟s Finest Shotgun by Johnson, 1961 (1st Ed.) 260 pg. Hand w/dustcover, fine, $34. P45. The Parabellum Automatic Pistol, 1964, Stoeger Arms, 4”X6” soft c.30pgs., w/illus., $5. P46. “Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy” by Newick, New $11.95 P47. Williams Blue Book of Gun Dealing, 1965-1966, 68pgs, soft, $3. another No Years, $3. P48. Gun Digest Metallic Silhouette Shooting 1979 Ed. $5.95 P49. Lyman Reloading Handbook 44th Ed,1967, $6.95 P50. Lyman Pistol & Revolver Handbook, 1978, 280 pp. Soft, $4.95 P51. Fighting Handguns by Cooper, 1958, 128pgs, soft, VG, $7.95 P52. The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle by Kauffman, 1960, fine w/dustcover, $29. P53. Set of 3 Outdoor Life Skill Books, Game Bird Hunting, Outdoor Photography & Sportsman‟s Camping Guide soft in hard slip case, Exc., $9.95 P54. The Accurate Rifle by Page, 1973 hardcover. Current printing New hard cover, $20.95 P55. Gun Owner‟s Book of Care Repair & Improvement, 1975, fine w/dustcover, $24. P56. Precision Shooting “Reloading Guide”, New, $19.95 P57. The Accurate Rifle (Soft Cover) 1996 Update version, $17.95 P59. Speer Manual for Reloading Ammunition #8,9,10 or 11, $9.95 ea.

BOOKS & MAGAZINES (Special all used books deduct 10%)(cont.) P60. Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading (Rifle-Pistol) Vol. II, 1973, 512 pp. $8.95 Third Edition, 1980, 664 pp. $10.95 P61. Sierra Reloading Manual, 1971, 1974 & 3rd Ed., $9.95 ea. P62. NEW Accurizing the Factory Rifle by M. L. McPherson, soft cover 330 pgs., $39.95 Collection of Precision Shooting Magazines, 20-30 years. Includes whole years & singles „56-Date $2./copy. Several early issues of Rifle magazine and NBRSA News - POR MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Used unless otherwise noted

Page 17

M1. 3/4” Chucking Reamer HSS 8 flute 2 1/2” cutting lgth., 5/8” shank, Exc., $10. M3. Pair of repro. Fencing foils (wall hangers) Fair-Good, $10.,pr. M4. Ace #12 trigger shoe, ½ “ wide, Exc, $11.95 M5. Action wrenches for low torqued, Remington actions or those taking Rem bolts, NEW 2 brands, $43. & $50. Used $27.95 M6. Adjustable heavy duty magnetic base indicator holder, New, $25. M7. Anti-cant device attaches to 1” scopes (Black) NEW, $24.95 M8. Asst. sizes & types of loading blocks (wood & plastic) $2.,ea. State Cal. M9. Assorted US made New taps from 4-40 to 9/16-24 avail at 50% of pricing in MSC catalog. Example 10-32 catalog, $13.23. Our price $6. M10. Assortment of 25 or 30 soft gun cases priced from $5.-$30., incl. some Browning‟s & All leather cases. M11. Australia mrk 1” steel scope rings w/1 pc base which clamps on Rimfire grooved receiver, $25. M12. BR Targets pkg 100-100 yd 10 images per sheet, $9./100 M13. Bay state #17 round thread die holder for 1 3/4” dies 16” long,$12. M14. Benchrest New front pedestal rests: All Hart New pedestals in stock at their catalog prices. Caldwell New rests “The Rock BR” wishbone style w/windage top $159. “The Rock” tripod style w/side tensioning on bag & w/forend stop. $89.95. Frequently used pedestals from various manufacturers------call us. M15. Benchrest front & rear sandbags by Protector, Bald Eagle & Caldwell in leather or Cordura pricing ranges from $15. to $65. Usually have used bags at $5. to ?-----call for pricing/availability. M16. Box of 6, one inch carbide tipped RH tool bits New, $30. M17. Bronze Bristle Brushes Special order w/brass core 22, 6MM, 30 Cal., $10.50 dz. M18. Brown & Sharp dial test indicator w/white 1½” dia. face .030 travel reads to .0005 w/some accessories, $99. M19. Brown & Sharpe 0-1” outside mike (.001) exc, $25. M20. Brown & Sharp 1”-2” micrometer, exc., $49. (New price $115.) M21. Buck Personal 4” Sheath knife w/sheath-Good, $20. M22. Bushnell prof. bore sight tool w/3 arbors & case, NEW, $79. as new, $60. M23. Carbon fiber New cleaning rods, 17, 22, 6MM & 30 cal std or long, $29.95 ea. M24. Challenger 2 scoped rifle hard case, VG, $29. M25. Chinese manf outside micrometer 0-1” digital readout to .0001, Exc., $30. M26. Compact steel/alum Vee type bbl. vise for low torque bbls. w/Var taper, exc. $30. M27. Daisy point sight 800 NEW adj for Win & elev. mnts, on 3/8std dovetail, $9. M28. Daisy point sight adapter to mnt above point sight on Mod 717 pistol,$3. M29. Dewey & Bore Tech metal cleaning rod carriers w/lock screws single tube takes 1 rod @ each end, $18.95; Double tube model holds rods w/handles side by side, $34.95 M30. Dillon precision 6” stainless dial caliper, exc, $30. M31. Double ended #5 HSS 60º center drills, 1/2” New, $3. M32. Electronic/digital 6” caliper, reads .001 in inches or metric, New $39.95 M33. General square head SS protractor NEW, #12. M34. General brand adjustable magnetic holder (indicators, etc.) #387, NIB, $22. M35. Glass & plastic vials for 45 gr. of powder $10./50 19 only for 160 gr. Max, $7. M36. Gun Guard sliding latch hard single gun case-used, $14. ea. M37. Gun Guard gun cases economy Special Edition $15., single scoped rifle, $25. M38. Gun Guard used double scoped rifle luggage type gun case, $25. to $35. by cond. M39. Hammer extension (RH) for scope sighted rifles w/exposed hammers for .290X.085 size, $7. M40. Hart accuracy assy – flat BR type forend attachment for sporter stocks w/o attaching screw, $25. M41. Hart scope ring sets, 1” for flat top receivers w/same hole spacings, $35. ea. pr. M42. Hart 2oz trig to fit 700/40X Rem, Exc, $110.c.Swen M43. Hoppes Benchrest 9 Copper solvent, 4 oz. btl., $4. M44. Imperial sizing die wax, $6./can NEW M45. Harris benchrest bipod 6” to 9” height “S” series (cants), Exc, $59. M46. Hoppes #9 solvent, Pt. $4.95 M47. Iron Sight Gunworks open sight fits receiver ring on Rem 700, 40X, 600, XP-100 adjusts for W&E, $10. M48. Jewell .5 wide live center scope rings 1”, $80. M49. Kenon (Japanese) 6” stainless dial caliper, New, $39.; Used, Exc, $29. M50. Kelbly new 1” scope rings single screw, $62. pr.; Used, $50. pr. Double screw is +$5. M51. Kelbly lt.wt scope rings single or double screw Mod. NEW $62. M52. Lee powder measure kit (13 dippers w/slide chart) ANIB, $5. M53. Lee hand press for loading & FL sizing while at the range NEW, $22.95 M54. Lee bullet lubricating & resizing kit 45 Cal., $7.50 M55. Leg O’Mutton all leather take down gun case, needs some repair, F to G, $39. M56. Leupold 30MM QRW scope rings matte, med, $59.99 M57. Leupold 1” std. high scope mnt rings NIB $ M58. Low torque barrel vise (Vee-Vise) action wrenches for most custom & factory actions, rear or loading port type, $42.50 M59. New micrometer 0-1” reads to .0001, in wooden case, $24.95 M60. Lufkin radius gage set 3/64 to 1/2”, $35. ($90.+ if new) M61. Lyman D7 reloading scale; New, $39. Mod 500 as new w/dust cover, $45.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Used unless otherwise noted

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M62. Machinist’s adjustable parallel set 3/8” to 2 1/4” import as new, $38. M63. Mauser M98 issue trigger (off Siamese), Exc, $20. M64. Maxon Non Mar jewelers ring clamp New, $10. M68. Mitutoyo 6” stainless dial caliper, New, $39. Used, exc, $29. M69. Mitutoyo outside micrometer 1”-2” ratchet, reads to .0001, Exc, $55. (if new $107.) M70. Mitutoyo outside micrometer 2”-3” ratchet, reads to .0001, Exc, $55. (if new $117.) M72. MS moly aerosol moly coating kit for bullets. Reg. $34.95 Sale $24.95 M73. New 0-1” micrometer measures to .001, $24.95 M74. New Hand Vise, great for tool makers, hobbyists, etc. $6. M75. NEW Remington 700/0X short action firing pin spring, $7. M76. Open type rear sight to fit dovetail in bbl adjusts for W&E, $8. M77. Outdoor Edge 10” stainless shears in Cordura sheath, Exc, $15. M78. PACT precision chronograph w/built in ballistic computer, sky screen system & adjustable tripod for mounting. Exc, cond., $125. Value; $150. M79. Pachmayr 1” pivot scope mount to fit Savage M99, VG, $29.95 M80. Pacific case length micrometer gauge, $9.95 M81. RCBS type 22 Rimfire shell holder for press, $9.95 M82. RCBS type Kinetic bullet puller, NEW, $12. M83. RCBS 6” dial Caliper, Synthetic, $9.99 M84. RCBS powder trickler,$6. M85. RCBS Rockchucker press priming arm w/sml primer post, $5. M86. RCBS threaded adaptor for Rockchucker or “A” series presses 1.225X12 TPI to 7/8X14 TPI, $13.95 M87. Redfield Jr./Sr. 1” split med. or high New scope mount rings, $19.95 M88. Redfield 1” scope rings & bases for Rem 700 long or short action, $20./set M89. Redfield 2 piece scope base sets: Rem 700, 721, 725 long action, Rem 740, 742, 760, Sav, 99, 99EG, R, RS, F, C, Win M70 300 & 375 H&H Mag above ser. #700, 100, $5.95 set M91. Remington or Nesika bolt disassembly tool New, $28.50 M92. Remington Mod 700 RH New & Used triggers $50. New, $35. Used. M93. Rem 12 Ga. 2¾X1½X4 or 6 New, $7.,bx/25. M95. Remington mod 700 factory recoil lugs blued or silver, $10. Surface ground to .0002 uniformity, $12. M96. Rig 30 Cal. scoring plug, $5. M97. Ruger factory 1” scope rings to fit M-77V, $39. M98. Ruger M77 factory scope ring set, (low & med.) exc., $33. M99. Scope mount rings all 1” all steel extra high fits 3/8” dovetail base or tip off type receivers plus same but alloy type w/double base & ring top screws, high & extra high, $29. pr. M100 Scope mount w/1” rings for S&W Mod 41, $23. M101 Scope level 1” blk or silver (Aluminum) $20. ea. M102 Several used bore cleaning tubes. These slip in place of the bolt & act as a guide for the cleaning rod. They prevent bore wear from rod friction & serve to keep cleaning solvents out of the trig. Fit Remington 700, 40X, 788, XP-100 or 600 Models., Also Wby & Shilen, $10.,ea. M103 Several used luggage type cases both single & double gun $20. To $30. M104 Several used Powder/case funnels 22-45 Cal. $1.,ea. MTM version w/several length/caliber inserts, $2. M105 Shotgun 3pc alum cleaning rod w/loop tip, $4.95 (2) M106 Sinclair case neck thickness/variance gauge w/.001 dial indicator & 22, 6MM, 6.5 & 7MM pilot stops, $45. M107 Sinclair double cleaning cradle 3” wide forends, $69. New; Used,$55. M108 New Phase II Sinclair Outside Neck Turner w/.001 dial indicator & mandrel of choice, $89.50 M109 New Phase II Sinclair Case Nk Gauge to check nk wall variation inclu .001 indicator & pilot in cal. of choice, $54.50 M110 Springfield 03-A3 complete bolt, very slight surface rust, $49. M111 Stalwart 15 round PPC loading block w/Velcro fastened cloth cover, $7. M112 Starrett SS dial caliper 0-6” in carry case, exc. $50. M113 Starrett telescoping hole gauges (2) ½” to ¾” & 2 1/8” to 3½”, exc, $15. pr. M114 Starrett 2” to 3” outside mike series 226, reads to .0001, exc, $60. M115 Starrett 0-3” depth mike series 440 w/ratchet stop & lock nut in carry case, exc, $75. M116 Starrett drill point gage (for tip grinding),$9. M117 Starrett 0-1” micrometer VG, $26. M118 Starrett edge finder single end, 3/8” NIB, $12.; double end, ” NIB, $20. M119 Starrett series 436 micrometer (.001 graduation) VG+ cond. 1” to 2”, $35.; 3” to 4”, $55.; 4” to 5”, $62.; 5” to 6”, $69. M120 Starrett toolmakers locating button set (4) .299 dia. NIB, $6. M121 Starrett No. 122 series 12” Vernier calipers in wood box, exc., $199. M122 Starrett 6” spring dividers ANIB, $12. M123 Starrett No. 436 0-1” Micrometer; fair, $24.95 M124 Steel 1” high vertically split scope rings w/dovetail scope bases to fit? Matte or bright blue, $20. M125 Stripper clip adapter to fit Win M-70. $24.95 M126 Talley blued 1” steel scope rings to fit Unertl target or Kelbly/Davidson type bases, $49. M127 Talley blued steel, high 1” scope rings & bases to fit Rem mod 700 or 40X, $40. M128 Tasco NEW world class one inch gloss black ring set std. or med. Height, $9.95 M129 Tapered steel Weaver type scope bases to allow 1000 yd zero, fits 700 Rem, $65. pr. M130 Time Precision mechanical rear rest as used in Rimfire BR as new, $199. M131 Trigger shoes used w/set screw attachment, VG, $10. ea. M132 Unertl ¾” tube eyepiece, increase or decrease ?, exc. Cond. w/screw caps, $99. M135 Universal indicator holder for Bridgeport type milling machine, $9.95. new M136 Universal type open end wrench tool w/openings from 7/16” to 1 1/8”, $5. M138 Universal type bbl. vise for changing low torque BR & var. bbls. NEW, $42.50 M139 Warne new 1” low QD scope mounts, regular blue, $20.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Used unless otherwise noted (cont) M140 Weaver type blued steel scope mount bases for 1.350 rnd receivers e.g. Savage, $10. pr. M142 William’s 1/2”X6” center punch, $3. M143 William’s type barrel mounted open rear sight w/incremental wind & elev. Adj., $19. USED CHAMBERING REAMERS for sale

Page 19

Type Finish Finish Rougher Finish Finish Finish & Resize Finish Sizer Finish Finish Rougher Rougher Finish Finish Rougher Finish Sizer Rougher Finish Finish Finish Finish Finish

Caliber 22LR 22 WRFM 222 Rem 223 Rem 223 Ackley 22SLS (short .223) 222 Mag 22 PPC 22 PPC 22-250 22-250 220 Swift 6X47 on 222 Mag case 6X47 on 222 Mag case w/30 deg shoulder 6X47 on 222 Mag case 6PPC 6PPC 6PPC 6PPC 6BR Orig Rem (Not Norma) 6MM Rem (244) 6X284 6MMX1.75" long PPC

Used Chambering Reamers for Sale Special Features Manf. .2170 pilot SAAMI Solid Carbide SAAMI Clymer Clymer Pac. Prec. Redford Pac. Prec. JGS Redford JGS Clymer Redford Redford Clymer Clymer JGS Clymer Redford & JGS JGS Clymer Clymer Redford Clymer Clymer JGS

Included $35.00 $50.00 $90.00 $30.00 $70.00 Go & NoGo gages


SAAMI Resize .245 or .2465 Nk SAAMI SAAMI SAAMI .268 or .270 Nk .266 or .270 nk .262 Nk Resize .2645 Nk .265 Nk SAAMI .282 Nk Orig. Palmisano

$50.00 pkg $30.00 $60.00 $50.00 $30.00 $30.00 $40.00 $30.00 $35.00 $30.00 $35.00 & $75.00 $60.00 $45.00 $65.00 $40.00 $50.00 $40.00

Finish Finish Finish Rougher Finish Finish Finish

6MMX2.0" long PPC 6MMX2.0" long PPC 7.62X54 Rimmed 308 Win 308 Win 308 Ackley (40 deg) 30-06 Springfield

Orig. Palmisano Orig. Palmisano SAAMI SAAMI SAAMI .3355 Nk Dia SAAMI

JGS JGS Clymer Redford Pac. Prec. Clymer Clymer

Go & NoGo gages Resize reamer Go & No Go gages Go & NoGo gages


$99.00 pkg. $75.00 $35.00 $30.00 $60.00 $50.00 $40.00

Caliber 17 Mach IV 223 Rem 222 Rem Mag 223 Ackley 22-250 220 Swift 22 or 6MM PPC

Head Spaces & Gages for Sale (various manf.) $10.00 each Go gages No-Go Gages Field X X X X X X X X X X X

22 or 6MM BR .085 Short 22 or 6MM BR 6MM Rem (244) 7X47 Mauser 243-260-7-08 or 308 Belted Magnum


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USED STAINLESS MATCH BARRELS unless otherwise noted. We stock Shilen SS match bbls in 22 & 6MM #7 taper & some Rem varmint taper. Call for prices. T1. Shilen 6PPC#7X22¼X14T .262 nk 1678 rnds fits Stolle Teddy, $100. T2. Shilen 6PPC#7X22¼X14T .262 nk 1955 rnds fluted fits Stolle Teddy, $120. T3. Shilen 6PPC#7X22¼X14T .262 nk 1031 rnds fits Stolle Teddy, $145. T4. Hart 6PPC#7X20¾X14T .262 nk c.1400 rnds fits Stolle Panda, $100. T5. Hart 6PPC#7X22X14T .262 nk c.500-1200 rnds fits Stolle Panda, $175. T6. Shilen 6PPC#7X20X14T .262 nk c.500-1200 rnds fits Stolle Panda, $140. T7. 22 Hornet to fit Win Hi-Wall (I believe) #2 taper X 26”X16T good bore, blue only fair, mkd Lava & Cox, $120. T9. Shilen 6X47 #7X21X14TX.262 nk, fits Rem, <300 rnds, $169. T11. Turbo 6PPC by Borden #7X 21¼ X14TX.262 nk, fits Stolle, <200 rnds, $295. T12. M98 Mauser 8MM take offs (3) fair to good bores 23” to 29” w & w/o sights, $10.-15. ea. T13. 6X50 (5.6X50 Mag RWS brass) Shilen #7 taper 14TX21”, <300 rnds w/.263 nk, fits Hart or Rem action inclu BR type dies & brass, $179. T14. Shilen 6PPC #7X23”X14TX.262 nk fits Stolle, c.7-800 rnds, $199. T15. Shilen 6PPC #7X22”X14TX.262 nk, fits Stolle, c.700 rnds, $195. T16. Krieger 6PPC 4 groove #7X22½X1.23X.98X14T, fits Rem w/o lug, c.1500 rnds, $125. T17. Krieger 6PPC #7X20½X1.2X.925X14T, 4 groove, fits Stolle, c.1800 rnds, $120. T18. Shilen 6PPC #7X24”X14T, fits Stolle, c.1500 rnds, $165. T19. Hart 6PPC #7X22¼X1.220X.920X14TX.261 nk, fits early Stolle, c.1500 rnds, $125. T20. Shilen 6PPC #7X24X14TX.262 nk, fits Panda, 979 rnds, $199. (2) T21. Hart 6PPC #7X23X1.2X.96X14TX.262 nk, fits Rem w/o lug, 1750 rnds, only 50 rnds since new chamber, $135. T22. Shilen 6PPC #7X24X1.23X.95X14T, fits Rem w/o lug, 500 rnds, $195. T24. Shilen 6PPC #7X21X14TX.262 nk, fits Stolle, c.1600-2000 rnds, $139. T25. Shilen 6PPC #7X23X14TX.262 nk, fits Stolle, c.3-400 rnds, $210. T26. S&W 22RF, K22 Masterpiece 8” blue w/front sight, c.90% cond. $79. T27. Hart 6PPC w/262 nk 19.25X1.23X14T c.900 rnds fits Stolle Panda, $125. T28. Hart 6PPC w/262 nk #7X22X14T c1100 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $160. T29. Shilen 6PPC w/261 nk 22 light varmint taper, 14T, exactly 808 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $195. T30. Maclennan 6PPC 25”X1.2X.75-14T.262 nk <100 rnds, fits Stolle Teddy, $298. T31. Remington New blued sporter 7MM-08 w/sights, $55. Ithaca 12 ga mod 37 interchangeable 26” deer slayer w/iron sights c.98%, $89. T32. Hart 6PPC LV 20”X#7 taper fluted, 14T w/.263 nk c.3000 rnds, fits Stolle Teddy or CPS, Time Prec.; still shoots very well, $90. T33. Hart 30Spec. (short 308) 28”X#5 reverse taper polished bbl w/15T sub 100 rnds, fits 700/40X Rem, $235. T34. H&S Precision SS 6PPC 20”X14TX#7 taper w/.264 nk sub 400 rnds, 1 1/16X16TPI, would fit Rem 40X or 700 by shortening tenon, $145. T35. Hart 6PPC w/.265 nk, 22”X1.2X.92X14T, fits Rem w/o lug c.2000-2500 rnds, shoots VG, $79. T36. Hart 6PPCX40 degree, 20 3/4X#7X14T, may be unfired, fits Hart or Rem w/slight gunsmithing, $199. T37. H&S Precision 6PPC SS 20”X14TX#7 taper w/.264 nk sub 400 rnds thread 1 1/16X16TPI, $175. T38. Shilen 6PPC w/.262 nk 22 1/2X1.2X.88X14T <800 rnds, threaded 1 1/16X16TPI, $174. T39. New Lilja 17 cal X 1-6”T #7 taper SS match $275. T40. New Hart & Spencer 6MM & a few 22 cal mostly 14”T, $249.-$275. T41. Shilen 6PPC w/.262 nk 25X1.2X.9X14T <500 rnds thread 1 1/16X18TPI, $198. T42* Rem factory bbl. 7MM Rem Mag for 700 Rem, AS NEW, $45. T44. Shilen NEW SS select match #5 taper 17 cal. w/.10” T, #7 taper 6MM w/*, 14 or 15T; 22 cal. 14T, $259. ea. T45. Remington XP-100 factory bbl. 7MM BR rechambered to 7MM Internationals, exc. Bore, muzzle dia. .560, incl. front sight, $39. T46. Remington 7MM STW blued Var. Wt. 26” w/VG bore, $99. T48. NEW H&S Precision SS, 338 Cal.X9.5TX32” polished blank 1.235 to 1.200 @ muzzle, $275. T49. Rem 700 New take-off 308X22” Std. taper, $45. T50. Hart 6PPC, 20 1/4”X1.210X.975X14T, .262 nk c.1100 rnds, fits Hall action, $139. T51. Shilen 6PPC 1.230X.950X14TX24” w/.262 nk, fits Rem w/o lug, 1651 rnds, scoped VG, Greenawalt smithed, $149. T52. Rem 700 NEW take-off 7MM Mag or 300 Win Mag. 24” Sporting weight $49., w/sights T53. H&S SS 6PPC 22”X14T fits Hall “B” 1750 rnds, $85. T54. Hart 6PPCX14TX20” long w/.263 nk fits CPS action 1300 rnds fired, $90. T55. Shilen SS 6PPC w/.262 nk, 21½X1.200X.925MX14”T fits 40X Rem w/o lug c.1000 rnds w/match history, $175. T56. Lilja 6PPCX13TX20” w/.261 nk fits Hart action c.1500 rnds, $95 T57. Hart 6PPC w/.262 nkX21 1/4X14T LV taper sub 1900 rnds, fits Wichita, $99. T58. Lilja SS 30 calX10”TX1.350X30” new, $250. T59. Lilja SS 338 calX10”TX1.350X35” new, $350. T60. Hart 6PPC w/.264 nk to fit CPS 18TPI action, 19” long & fluted, many rnds fired, $70. T61. Hart 6PPC w/.262 nkX14TX19 1/2” LV taper, fits 700 Rem, F to G, $75. T62. Spencer 6MMX14T Max HV 28”, new, $249. T64. Remington 700, 30-06 stainless mountain rifle New take-off, 22” $95. T65. Hart 22 PPC, Hunter taper 20¼”X14”T w/.245 nk, c.650 rnds, fits 700 Rem, $149. T66. Hart 6PPC #7 taper X 23”X14”T, fluted c.1750 rnds, fits „80‟s vintage Stolle Panda w/flat nosed bolt, $145. T67. Rem 222 700 Sporter 24” w/o sights, $75. T68. Hart 6PPC #7 taper X 23”X14”T, .2645 nk, c.1000-1200 rnds, fits Shilen DGA, $120.

USED STAINLESS MATCH BARRELS unless otherwise noted (cont). T69. Hart Opus (300 Sav. reduced capacity) #7 taper X 24”X15”T w/.327 nk, only 30 rnds fired, to fit Hall action, $249. T70. Lilja 6PPC #7 taper X 25”X15”T w/.261 nk, 1 fluted; 1 no flutes, c.7-900 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $150. $175. T72. Hart 250/3000 #7 taper X 26¾”X12”T .279 nk, fits Stolle Panda, c.1000-1400 rnds, $129. T73. Hart 250/3000 #7 taper X 26½”X14”T, c.5-700 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $159. T74. Shilen 6MM Ackley fluted #7 taper X 26”X14”T, 3-400 rnds, fits 700 Rem (factory nk), $299. T75. Shilen 6PPC #7 taper X 20½”X14”T, w/.262 nk, c.12-1400 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $139. T76. Hart 6X47 #7 taper X 22”X14”T, probably 2000+ rnds, fired .27 100 yd agg in 2006, $99. T77. Hart 6PPC #7 taper w/.262 nk c.1790 rnds, fits „80‟s Stolle Panda, $110. T78 Shilen 6PPC #7 taper X 21”X14”T w/.262 nk, c.1400 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $115. T79. Hart 6PPC #7 taper X 22¼”X14”T w/.261 nk, c.1500 rnds, fits early Stole Panda, $125. T80. Shilen 300 Wby Mag 1.24X.75X26”X10”T, fits Hall express action <400 rnds, w/muzzlebrake, $299. T81. Rem 243X20” longX13.5T 40X BR SS w/factory nk c.400 rnds, $189. T82. Krieger 6PPC #7 taper X 20½ ”X14”T 4 groove w/.262 nk, c.1800 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $140. T83. Shilen 6PPC #7 taper X 22”X14”T, w/.262 nk, c.500 rnds, fits Stolle Panda, $249. T85. Lilja New 1ea. SS 17 cal 6”T or 10”T 28”X#7 taper, $250. ea. T101. Rem 243 700 New take-off 24” sporter-clean (no sights), $75. T87. Rem 25-06 700 Varmint c.500-700 rnds blued VG/OA, $75. T102. Rem 300 Win Mag 700 SS sporter 24” no sights, VG bore, $85. T88 Rem 25-06 700 Sporter New take-off 24” gloss blue no sights, $65. T104. Rem 300 Ultra Mag 700 New SS Sporter 24”, $99. New 700 Rem, 243, 270 or 30-06 Take-off 20” or 22” w/sights matte fin. $45.; 7MM Mag or 300 Win. Mag. 24”, $50.; 223, 7MM-08, $55. RIFLE STOCKS

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W1. Competition type RH thumbhole laminated maple/walnut semi-inletted (I think Fajen) New stock w/deep belly forend to accept Anschutz M54 action (numerous other round actions could be fit to this stock) $149. W2. Rem 700 ADL – short action walnut all orig & exc, $79. W3. Sako Mod 591 synthetic w/bbl channel opened up for #5 taper, exc, $99. W4. Boyd “The Ross” thumbhole sporter in laminate either brown or gray to fit long or short Remington Mod 700 RH. Finished w/black pad NEW, $159. W5. Boyd laminated Warner Varminter either brown or gray to fit short action Rem M700. Completely finished w/undersize bbl channel, NEW, $135. W6. H&S Precision Hunter class benchrest w/Alum bedding block for 700 Rem SA-RH ADL type New, $340. W7. H&S Precision RH thumbhole varmint/tactical fits 700 Rem BDL Var. or Police bbl, New, $310. W9. Rem 700 SA-RH Varmint Spl. Walnut, accepts #7 bbl w/glassbedding VG w/some dings, $49., same exc. no bedding, $69. W10. McMillan Manu. benchrest type completely finished in black matte w/recoil pad to fit Cooper bbl action, new,$199. W11. Bruno NEW (Speedy style) benchrest mod in marbled colors for Stolle Panda., $249. W12. Military wood M14 w/fiberglass hand guard, no metal $25. W13. Beretta 12 ga. checkered O/U forend NEW for BL models, $30. W14. H&S Prec. varmint synthetic as made for Remington 700 SA NEW,$340. W15. H&S Prec. Brand New RH 40X Rem ADL type w/Alum bedding block & pillars, $340. W16. Rem 722 front ½ of bbl channel opened, VG +, $45. W17. NEW H&S Prec. Benchrest w/3” wide forearm, accepts Rem 700 or 40X short action w/single shot alum. bedding block, painted & ready to bolt in your bbl. action, $340. W18. Rem 700/40X Single Shot mod. 40X Walnut stock w/o pistol grip, hollowed for lightness, 12½ trig pull glassed, $60. W20. Rem 700 Varmint Spl. 70‟s vintage, c.90% cond, $90. W21. Bishop Utility Semi-inletted 700 Rem ADL lg. action New, $49. W22. NEW Rem Mod 700 Synthetic factory stocks (not varmint) Long or short action ADL model, Special $29. BDL model, $49. W23. NEW Rem Var. synthetic or long or short action, drop in using bedding block, $285. W24. Remington 40X rimfire w/adjustable alum. buttplate + after market acces. rail in forend w/sloppy installation, $90. W25. Six thumbhole (ambidextrous) Sporter, f-glass to accept LA Rem 700 ADL w/#7 bbl channel, about VG, $225. W28. Remington 700 ADL walnut professionally widened to 2¼” wide BR type forend c.92% cond, accepts #7 taper bbl. $69. W30. Winchester M70 synthetic by H&S Prec. Hvy varmint New take-off, $249. W31. Hart pattern f-glass BR stock, accepts Hart 1A or round sleeved action, VG $119. W32. Winchester M70 post ‟64, long action, walnut, exc, $74. W34. D&B Tracker laminate New generic inlet to accept 1.375 short or long single shot action, Wt 2# 7 oz. $325. W36. McMillan Edge HV New basic inlet for Farley (R/L) maybe Nesika or sml Hall w/weight system (catalog, $380.) Our price $320.

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GUNSMITHING SERVICES Many used stainless rifle bbls. on hand by Hart, Shilen, Lilja, etc. We can fit these to your action to make an ultra accurate rifle out of one which has the blahs. Used bbl prices $75. To $300. Fitting $100. To $175. Drill & Tap for scope blocks or bases, $15. per hole Rem bolt conversion using Sako extractor, $130. Target chambering, barrel fitting & crowning, $200. Rechambering, $135. Recrowning, $50. Barrel fluting for weight reduction, $150.00 (5 flutes) $20. ea. add‟l. flute Weight systems & installation, $150. Retaper & recrown barrel, $125. - Retaper, recrown & polish, $140. Aluminum sleeve installed on Rem action, $120. Action & bolt truing & accurizing, $200. Firing pin dia reduced to .062 & boltface bushed to .002 clearance Recoil pad installation, $60. plus cost of pad to end blanking & cratering, $125. Stress free pillar glassbedding w/Devcon Alum. epoxy or marine - tex Rem, $175. - others, $200. Stock fitting and painting - QUOTE Shop hourly rate, $45. per hour If you failed to find a particular item that you have been looking for call us. We have many more items on hand.

NOTICE: Any item from this list which is ordered/purchased with modifications performed to it is NON-RETURNABLE. NOTE: While every effort has been made to verify accuracy of this list, we will not be responsible for printing errors. For an easy to read alphabetized 20+ page “Shop” Copy” of the Shooter’s Corner “On Hand List” send $12.00 to cover the cost of printing & postage. We stock certain factory & hand loaded ammo & new & used cartridge cases Please call for availability & pricing WE HAVE MORE ITEMS ON HAND THAN APPEARS ON THESE PAGES CALL US FOR AVAILABILITY OR FOR PHONE QUOTE FOR PURCHASE OF YOUR RIFLES OR EQUIPMENT

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