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scentsy-snooty-sniffer-11-07-2013-ScentsySnootySniffer_How to Host a Scentsy Party_Nov7_Corinne


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									How to Host a Scentsy Party

Is your house a stinky mess? And do you have visitors coming over
soon? Save yourself the trouble of deep cleaning, and instead find a
good way to replace the stinky smells of your house with your favorite

Alright, that first part was a little misleading, you should probably still
clean your house, especially the trouble areas such as the bathroom and
fridge, but by adding a pleasing scent to your home, you can help your
house seem more clean and orderly than it would otherwise.

The Nostalgic Side of Scentsy

Smell is the closest sense associated with memory. So by creating a home that smells pleasantly, you
can help to create positive memories associated with time spent in your house. Whether you want your
house to be associated with fresh baking brownies, sea breezes, or crisp mountain air, a good scent
choice can help your house stand out as a positive memory for all those who visit it.

I’m sure you can remember the smells associated with the Christmas season, your grandmother’s
kitchen, or the home of your best friend growing up. And it is these positive scents that have helped
you to remember your friends and family in such a positive light.

Giving Your Home a Signature Smell

Choosing a scent that accurately portrays your home and family is a fun job and will help you to create a
home that feels welcoming and inviting. As you begin establishing your home, don’t forget the
importance of having a welcoming scent to bring in your guests and envelope your family.

The choices of wall color and decorations often overshadow the choice of a scent, but choosing an
appropriate scent will help you and your family create a more comfortable home where other people
want to spend their time. As you make the important choice of your family’s scent, make sure to keep
in mind the many smells provided by Scentsy.

Scentsy is a great product that is in the business of making your home
smell better. Whether you decide to use Scentsy Bars, or Scentsy buddies,
you are making a great choice to improve not only the smell but also the
feeling in your home.
Scensty also has products such as Scentsy Lids, Scentsy Lightbulbs, and Scentsy warmers that can help
you improve the scents of your home conveniently and efficiently!

The power of a good smell is often forgotten, but choosing the right smell for your home will help you
and your family and friends to feel content and comfortable within the walls of your living room.

Creating the right feeling for your home is the key to entertaining guests, and everyday life, and having
the right scent is a great first step. As you begin designing the feeling of your home, remember to keep
scents in mind.

Whether you are a frequent entertainer, or a home body, having a good smelling house is the key to
your happiness in the home. As you and your family work together to create a wonderful life,
remember to fashion and keep those memories with a wonderful smell.

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