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									Supports and accommodations
1. An Important information about Morgan document is available to staff.
It is also helpful to relief staff.

2. Personal needs Morgan suffers from a number of food phobias. He won’t eat ‘mixed’ foods, such as most sandwiches and lasagne. Morgan likes white or chocolate flavoured food. He is a big fan of hot chips. If Morgan is forced to be in a situation around food he doesn’t like, it can bring on a gag reflex. Morgan won’t ask to go to the toilet. His grade six class initiated a system whereby toileting didn’t require permission to leave the classroom. Students simply ticked a box as they left the room. Morgan seems comfortable with this process. 3. Sensory needs Morgan doesn’t cope with loud or threatening situations, particularly with yelling in the classroom, even if it is not directed at him. If Morgan gets stressed he may need his puffer as his asthma is stress induced. Morgan needs reading glasses, but will often forget to wear or even bring them to school. He needs to sit near the board so that he can see on those days that he has forgotten his glasses. Morgan is assisted in his core class by a prominently placed visual timetable that reminds him of his upcoming lessons. Morgan is unable to remember multiple instructions and should be encouraged to write them down as they are given. Alternatively, the instructions should be written on the board or somewhere he can easily access them. Morgan will sometimes need visual reminders, such as a visual timetable, to remind him what classes he has each day.

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4. Providing access and opportunities Morgan is unable to process information as quickly as his peers, therefore he will need extra time for activities. Alternatively he will benefit from having activities modified to take less time. Morgan will have trouble completing work in set time frames and will often need an extension on assignments and other major pieces of work. Morgan is a logical student who will become anxious in a situation where he is required to be creative unless he is given prior notice.

5. Transition Morgan needs reminders about the equipment needed for each class. In some cases this may mean reminding him which books he will need when moving from one activity to another. When moving from one activity to another, especially if this is a change in routine, Morgan requires prior warning and support as this is a situation that can cause him to become anxious and stressed. Towards the end of the year, Morgan would benefit from being introduced to the new environments and teachers that he will come into contact with in Grade 8.

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