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									                                                                       March, 2013

                      SPRING 2013 NEWSLETTER

Dear Club Member & Family!
Welcome back to the new season and a new tennis year! What a great 2012 it was
for British sport and great for tennis.

On the back of the fantastic success of Team GB in the Olympics, Andy Murray, the
first Brit to win a Grand Slam, and the success of Brit girls Laura Robson and Heather
Watson going strong, we are keen to keep the momentum going and see more and
more people playing tennis. You never know what budding stars we have in our
midst! As the weather starts to brighten up and the days get longer we can start
looking forward to another great year of tennis for Team GB and at Newport Pagnell
Tennis Club .

                             News and what’s going on at NPTC?

We’ve highlighted key news here and full details will be published on our website and you can always chat to one of the committee
members about the details or email us at: – get in
                                 A little refresh!

Alongside a freshly painted clubhouse interior and sign (thanks again to Sid!) we have
a new logo, new look newsletter and a new clothing range soon to be launched. T-
shirt samples are being made up with adult and junior logos on to be offered to
members soon – we will look the business!

We hope you agree the new logos look great and these will be used on proposed
new signage (supported by the sports ground and council) and the website which is
currently being updated (bear with us on this). Wayne Jimes has now finished his
duties on the website and we thank Wayne for all his hard work. We hope to have
the new website up and running as soon as possible.

NEW ADULT LOGO                              NEW JUNIOR LOGO

Huge thanks to Kim Hartley for designing the logos for us!
                        DATES FOR YOUR DIARY

Note: Membership renewal becomes due on 1st April – membership form attached
and renewal open day on Sunday 14th April.

6.00PM AND SUNDAY 24TH MARCH        for local school children – details to follow
10AM-12                             (games and prizes)

SUNDAY 14TH APRIL 2013              OPEN DAY &
                                    MEMBERSHIP RE-JOINING DAY
                                    Refreshments provided.
                                    2.00 – 6.00 p.m.
                                    5.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.
                                    Older Juniors 7.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.
FRIDAY 26TH APRIL 2013              QUIZ NIGHT
                                    7.30 p.m. in Football Club

SATURDAY 27TH APRIL 2013            U12/U14/U16 Grade 6 Match Play

                                    BARBECUE 1.00 p.m.
SATURDAY 11th MAY 2013              U14 Road to Wimbledon

SATURDAY 18th MAY 2013              U12 Grade 5 Tournament

MAY TBC                             NEWPORT AND OLNEY DERBY

FRIDAY 31st MAY 2013                JUNIOR QUIZ NIGHT

SATURDAY 15th JUNE 2013             U8/U9 Grade 5 Tournament

SATURDY 22nd JUNE 2013              Mini Tennis Club Championships

SATURDAY 13th JULY 2013             U12/U14/U16/U18 Club Championships

TBC                                 SUMMER CAMP 1

TBC                                 SUMMER CAMP 2


Please check the website and noticeboards in the clubhouse for further events later
on in the season.
Weekly sessions:

       Wednesday adult clubnights: 7-9pm
       Sunday afternoon adult club sessions:        2-4pm    until   clocks   change

And don’t forget you can come down any time you like if you have a key (available
with your membership renewal if you don’t have one).

Extra sessions:

We are also planning some new events, sessions and practices this year as well as
parent and toddler programmes and a new ‘player connect’ scheme where we can
help you get in touch with other players of a similar ability so you get to play even


Nigel Willard                Gavin Fowell
Head Coach                   Club Coach

We’ve had a great year developing the new coaching programme with Nigel and
Gavin and look forward to another growth year in 2013. Holiday camps, group and
individual coaching are all available, details of coaching programmes are on the
website and in the clubhouse or you can contact Nigel on: 07946 734377 or e mail We are sure that those of you who have been having
coaching are very pleased with the results.

The Spring Coaching Programme is at present taking place but will end at the end of
March and then there will be a new coaching programme starting after Easter.
Please check the website and the noticeboards for details.

The Easter Camp for juniors this year will be from 2nd April – 12th April. All junior
members are welcome and will be offered discounts. See notice board for details
and booking.

Junior clubnights:

These are running again on Friday nights at the club, free to members and supervised
by members of the committee. Full times by age group are in the clubhouse or pop
down and see us on a Friday night.

                 ADMIN & COMMITTEE STUFF – the club team!

A new committee was elected at the AGM in November and the team is listed below
so please come and talk to us about any new ideas you have and of course if you’d
like to get more involved.

Club Committee:
Honorary President:                         Barrie Clough
Chairman:                                   Pam Miller
Club/Membership Secretary:                  Mary Hartley
Treasurer:                                  Darryl Lucas
Match Secretary:                            Marie Walters
Junior Organizer:                           Nigel Willard
Social Secretary:                           Anne Saunders
Social Secretary Assistants:                Darryl Lucas & Sue Gous
Child Protection Officer:                   Anne Saunders
Ground Maintenance & Council
Liason Officer:                             Sid Miller


Head Coach                                  Nigel Willard
Club Coach:                                 Gavin Fowell
                                       Club Match Teams

We have many teams going strong through the winter (who says tennis is a summer
sport?), although some teams have suffered due to injuries. The summer ahead looks
great with Men’s Teams promoted to Divison 1 and other Men’s, Women’s and Mixed
teams representing Newport Pagnell through all divisions in the Milton Keynes and
Bucks leagues and we welcome new members into the teams this year too.


Many of the winter matches are still being played as fixtures have been altered
because of the bad weather. The results can be seen on the LTA website and you
can reach these by the link on our own website.


All the summer teams have been entered for the new season as follows:-

Bucks Shield: Promoted (well done guys!)
1 x 3 Pair Team:              Div. 3         Captain: Darryl Lucas

MK League:
Mens A Team:                  Div. 1         Captain: Tom Garry
Mens B Team:                  Div. 4         Captain: Marie Walters

Ladies A Team:                Div. 2         Captain: Marie Walters
Ladies B Team:                Div. 4         Captain: Jan Francis

Mixed A Team:                 Div. 1         Captain: Sue Gous/ Armaan
Mixed B Team:                 Div. 2         Captain: Anne Saunders
Mixed C Team:                 Div. 3         Captain: Marie Walters

A Captains Meeting will be held on 13th March and captains will be shortly sending
fixtures out to all the players. We wish all our teams well for the coming summer. All
team players must be members of the club and British Tennis. Please get in touch
with Marie or any of the committee to let us know if you are interested in playing in a
                WIMBLEDON BALLOT:

The Wimbledon Draw will take place in April. Please make sure you either sign the list
up in the Clubhouse or tick the appropriate box on the membership application form
if you wish to enter the Draw. Please remember that you must be a British Tennis
Member to be entered into the ballot and you must be aged 9 or over. Juniors who
win through their own separate ballot will not be able to win on the ordinary ballot as
well. To join British Tennis please email or telephone them on
0208 487 7000. The more members signed up to British Tennis the more tickets we will
be allocated.

                                Facilities & Housekeeping


At present the use of floodlights is free. The over-ride key is kept in a small silver box in
the drawer in the clubhouse and this should be replaced carefully after use. It is
important that this key is not lost and that the lights are not left on otherwise we’ll lose
this free benefit.


Balls are expensive and we would appreciate that all balls are collected after use
and returned to the clubhouse especially any that go over the fence.

NEW MEMBERS: a warm welcome

We have a lot of new members who recently attended a social session which was
great fun and enjoyed by all. A warm and friendly welcome is something we pride
ourselves on and this was felt that day and encouraged more new members to join;
this is always great news for any club. Joining a new club can be intimidating so it’s
great to know that our members make newcomers feel very welcome.


Please make sure that your visitors pay the correct amount to play at the club i.e. £3
for an adult and £2 for a junior. All visitors’ fees should be given to Darryl Lucas, the
Club Treasurer, 8 Taylors Court, Newport Pagnell, or any Committee Member or
Coach present. This is a difficult fee to monitor during weekdays but we put our trust
in you to be honest and pay for any visitors that you bring down.

CLUB ETIQUETTE: A polite request

We would just like to remind everyone that interruptions on court can be very
disruptive to players and spoil their enjoyment of the game for everyone. Perhaps on
court behavour has become a little casual of late regarding other users on the courts.
Please make sure that you and any guests do not interrupt players on the courts by
walking across the courts in the middle of play, or behind them during points. Wait for
a gap and always keep to the back of the courts, preferably using the paths at the
side. This is especially important during matches and important for safety too.

Also no cycles, scooters or skateboards are allowed on the courts at any time
particularly when toddlers or younger children are down watching with parents.

Please also make sure that you do not leave clothing or water bottles behind, and
that you always wash up any pots that have been used and leave the club neat and

In other words, please respect other players at all times by being polite and helpful
and refraining from foul language at all times.

Although we have to remind you of these things we’re all looking forward to a great
year at Newport Pagnell Tennis Club and look forward to seeing you all on court as
the weather improves!

Kind regards.

The Committee

PS: Membership application forms with membership fees attached.
                          SUBSCRIPTIONS 2013 – 2014:

Please note there are a few changes this year, namely £5 has been added to adult
memberships and £2 has been added to junior rates for the under 12’s.

Category:                                                Membership Fee:

Adults:                                                         £95
Adult 60+ &    Adults Off-Peak                                  £65
(Mon – Thurs 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. and
Friday 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.)

Students:                                                       £45

Family Membership:
1st Adult:                                                      £95
2nd Adult:                                                      £65
All Children under 18 years HALF JUNIOR PRICE

Under 5 years:                                                  £14
5 – 11 years:                                                   £22
12 – 17 years:                                                  £35

Part Year Membership:
Subscriptions will be reduced by 50% from
1st September 2013.

Visitors of adult club members:                                 £3 per visit
Visitors of junior club members:                                £2 per visit

Public Court Use:
Non-members public court hire (No. 4)                           £6 per hour

Match Fees:
Adults:                                                         £3 per match
Juniors playing in Adult matches:                               £3 per match
Juniors:                                                        £2 per match

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