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OPEN PLATFORM POLICY EXPANDS THE GAME-PLAYING WORLD CD-ROM based PlayStation - the open sesame to a universe of ultra-realistic images “Square’s open platform policy means selecting the best hardware for each game. As a result, our software developers can now do an even better job of translating their creative concepts into products. To realise on new hardware platforms the game-playing cyberworld that Square envisages, huge amounts of data have to be handled. We are convinced that CD-ROM, with its capacity of more than 500 megabytes, is the optimum data-storage medium. W selected Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation as the platform for our software because it uses CD-ROM and the hardware makes it simpler for our developers to realise the concepts they have in mind. Q. A. What triggered Square Soft’s shift to CD-ROM? In the Summer of 1995, with an eye to next-generation RPGs, at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, the world’s largest computer-graphics show, we exhibited software which uses interactive real-time rendering computer graphics. This software struck a powerful chord with everyone at the show. And it set us thinking that it would be wonderful to be able to interactively move realistic pictures to create new worlds. At the same time, we discovered that to do so would require vastly more data than we had originally thought. At present, CD-ROM is the optimum medium available: no other technology can satisfy the data-handling requirements that inevitably arise with sophisticated game software. In addition, use of CD-ROM promises to bring down the price of game software. This impact on prices is crucially important for expanding the customer base. offers. Essentially, we have decided to go with CD-ROM because we believe that it will result in more game users enjoying the entertainment that Square

MULTILAYERED, DIVERSIFIED STRUCTURE TO DEVELOP RPGS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE To get hardware into more hands, fascinating software is a must “It used to be that popular hardware was the key to selling software. We are now entering an era in which fascinating software sells hardware. With competition for market share among hardware platform manufacturers going ballistic, the leadership in the home video game industry is passing to the software side. As a software manufacturer with trailblazing development capabilities, and in a concerted effort to expand sales and respond as fast as possible to new customer aspirations - Square is promoting networking of richly talented software developers. Solid Co Ltd, our subsidiary, is the bridge between Square and these developers.” Q. Does Square Soft, celebrated for it’s expertise in RPGs, now intend to develop other software genres ? A. To date, by applying Square’s own resources and accumulated know-how, we have released a stream of million-seller games. From now on, while maintaining this inhouse development system, we want to expand co-operation with talented software developers outside the Company, too. By combining their capabilities with our hitproduct know-how, we aim to produce blockbusters in genres other than RPGs. Moreover, we are doing our utmost to encourage our software developers to give their best. We will ensure that outstanding developers receive rewards fully commensurate with their achievements. Apart from financial incentives, Square will continue to provide the industry’s best working environment - one in which developers wholeheartedly devote themselves to their creative tasks. DESTINATION: THE WORLD ACHIEVING NEXT-GENERATION INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT Square USA, Inc. a company created to make dreams come true, working with Hollywood’s finest CG artists to inaugurate a sparking new era of entertainment. “At Square, we define next-generation games as those which pack a visual experience comparable to that of a movie, have sophisticated production values, feature advanced interactivity, and employ cutting-edge 3-dimensional CG technology to awesome effect. Essentially, such games combine the aesthetic delights of movies with the interactive thrills of new entertainment media. categories. Compared with anything available previously, they offer an experience of a different order of magnitude transcending the limitations of current game Aiming at the realisation of next-generation interactive entertainment, we established Square USA/Los Angeles Studio in August 1995 and Square USA/Honolulu Studio in May 1997 to expand our development.

At Square USA, Inc.,. Paul Ashdown, Steve Gray, Ron Sabatino and Darnell Williams, the creme de la creme of CG artists, are on the team. The creative talent of Hollywood and our Japanese staff are advancing hand in hand toward a common goal: creation of superlative next-generation interactive products that will redefine entertainment the world over.”

Q. A.

When you dream about next-generation games, what do you see? “As games machines and software development equipment rapidly evolve, sophisticated image processing is coming into its own. Our dream is to supplant the world’s pre-eminent entertainment vehicle: the Hollywood movie. For instance, we would like to develop game software playable on a TV in which the Jurassic Park dinosaurs are fully realised by ultra-realistic computer graphics. At Square USA Inc, we are working with the CG artists who gave the world Jurassic Park, Apollo 13 and other extraordinary movies. Our products, starting with Final Fantasy VII, will bring their creativity and technical wizardry into full play. Moreover, Square USA Inc. will take the lead in diffusing video game software - a highly evolved technology field in Japan - in markets world-wide.”

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