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					Registration procedure for allocation of GS1 Company prefix number
The following documents are required to be submitted while applying for allocation of GS1 Company prefix number:


GS1 India registration form duly filled and signed alongwith the “product classification sheet” duly encircling / highlighting the product categories being manufactured / supplied. Please note all fields in the registration form are mandatory. If any field is not applicable, please write “N/A”. Payment of fees by DD/pay order for the requisite amount in favour of “GS1 India”, payable at Delhi. or for details of electronic transfer of funds to GS1 India, please click here Request letter from applicant company on its letterhead for allocation of GS1 company prefix number. PAN card copy of Proprietor - in case of Proprietorship firm and PAN card copy of the applicant company in other cases. Proof of status of applicant company (for Proprietorship firm – VAT Registration certificate; for Partnership firm – VAT Registration certificate/ Partnership deed; for Pvt. Ltd / Public Ltd etc– ROC / ROS / MOA / VAT Registration certificate).

   

Note:   Use separate registration form for each company. Registration forms can be downloaded from

Fees paid to GS1 India are non-refundable except for interest-free refundable Security Deposit after cancellation/ termination of subscription by GS1 India. Please select product numbering capacity required (whether for one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand or one lakh product types/variants/SKU‟s) correctly, keeping future requirements in perspective, since fresh registration (alongwith a set of complete documentation as detailed above with full requisite subscription fees as applicable at that jucture) has to be again undertaken with GS1 India if product numbering capacity gets exhausted. In such case, a new GS1 company prefix number would be allocated.


The registration process requires two–three working days at GS1 India‟s end, if all necessary documents / requisite fees are found to be in order. Broad guidelines for generation of GS1 product codes Every product variant/type/SKU that has to be identified uniquely by a manufacturer/retailer requires a unique GS1 product code. For example: a) If a product is sold in different pack sizes (e.g. 1kg, 500g or 200g), each such pack size represents a different product variant/SKU/product type. b) If two items are combined to create a promotional pack, the new pack represents a new product variant/type/SKU and hence requires a new GS1 product code for its unique identification. c) Products with different colours, sizes / pack sizes, styles, quality etc are required to be considered as different product variant/ SKUs).

Detailed guidelines for the above are made available in implementation guidelines CD on registration and can also be downloaded from It is suggested that product numbering capacity applied for should consider future product development requirements (new product variants) in perspective.

Address for correspondence: GS1 INDIA, 330, 2nd Floor, „C‟ Wing, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110066 Tel : + 91-11-26168720/ 721 / 725, Fax: + 91-11-26168730, E-mail: W-site:
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Fee structure for company prefix number allocation
The fees payable for the above includes the following:

A) One time registration fee: This is dependent on product numbering capacity desired. Please select from table below. While doing so, take into consideration the total number of SKUs/product variants/product types that you currently have, and also what you are likely to add in the next few years. B) Annual fee: Payable as below. Subscribers are expected to remit the annual renewal fee on expiry of the validity period as specified at the time of initial registration with GS1 India and on subsequent renewal each year. C) Security deposit: Interest-free, refundable security deposit payable once on registration which shall be refunded after cancellation/ termination of subscription by GS1 India. Fee structure and subscription validity period
Financial quarter of registration - April - June 2009. Subscription validity - till 31st March 2010 One time Service tax Intt. Free Total fee No of SKUs/product Registration Annual fee @ 10.3% refundable Security payable types (Nos.) fees (Rs.) (Rs.) (Rs.) deposit (Rs.) (Rs.) 100 25000 6000 3193 1500 35693 1000 27500 6000 3451 1500 38451 10000 30500 6000 3760 1500 41760 100000 35000 6000 4223 1500 46723 Financial quarter of registration - July - Sep 2009. Subscription validity - till 30th June 2010 One time Intt. Free Total fee No of SKUs/product Registration Annual fee Service tax refundable Security payable types (Nos.) fees (Rs.) (Rs.) @ 10.3% (Rs.) deposit (Rs.) (Rs.) 100 25000 6000 3193 1500 35693 1000 27500 6000 3451 1500 38451 10000 30500 6000 3760 1500 41760 100000 35000 6000 4223 1500 46723 Financial quarter of registration - Oct - Dec 2009. Subscription validity - till 30th Sep 2010 One time Intt. Free Total fee No of SKUs/product Registration Annual fee Service tax refundable Security payable types (Nos.) fees (Rs.) (Rs.) @ 10.3% (Rs.) deposit (Rs.) (Rs.) 100 25000 6000 3193 1500 35693 1000 27500 6000 3451 1500 38451 10000 30500 6000 3760 1500 41760 100000 35000 6000 4223 1500 46723 Financial quarter of registration - Jan - Mar 2010. Subscription validity - till 31st Dec 2010 One time Intt. Free Total fee No of SKUs/product Registration Annual fee Service tax refundable Security payable types (Nos.) fees (Rs.) (Rs.) @ 10.3% (Rs.) deposit (Rs.) (Rs.) 100 25000 6000 3193 1500 35693 1000 27500 6000 3451 1500 38451 10000 30500 6000 3760 1500 41760 100000 35000 6000 4223 1500 46723

For details of electronic transfer of funds to GS1 India, please click here
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1. Definitions: a. Company prefix number / CPN refers to the sequence of numbers granted by GS1 India to the Applicant company which begins with “890” (country code) followed by numerical digits representing a company code as allocated by GS1 India. b. Intellectual Property includes, but is not limited to, the technologies, codes sequencing and other programs used by GS1 India to assign CPN. Further the sequence representation, the pattern of vertical lines & white spaces using the CPN are representations/ symbols belonging exclusively to GS1 India. Applicant company refers to the applicant of the CPN, with GS1 India and CPN is granted pursuant to the terms and conditions set out by GS1 India hereunder or otherwise. Products refer to the specific goods, items, packaging, etc. on which the Applicant company is affixing the graphical representation of the assigned CPN which bears “890” as the first 3 digits. Fee refers to the fees payable by the Applicant company to GS1 India for the right to use CPN. The fee paid to GS1 India is non-refundable except for the interest-free refundable security deposit amount. Procedure for reimbursement of security deposit amount after cancellation/termination of subscription with GS1 India is as per Annexure I. Taxes/duties on the fees payable (one time registration fee & annual fee) shall be in addition to the applicable fees and shall be as per prevalent Govt. rules. f. 2. Term refers to the initial period as specified at the time of granting the licence/rights to use/affix the CPN. The licence is subject to renewal each year/as specified time to time by GS1 India for right of continued use of the same.

c. d. e.

Recitals GS1 India is the sole owner of the CPN granted. The Applicant company is being provided with a revocable privilege for the use of CPN. Further, GS1 India is authorized to grant such rights for allocation of CPN within the territory of India, Nepal & Bhutan and at its sole discretion to the applicant in accordance to the conditions set out here under and other provisions that may be drafted from time to time. GS1 India has taken protection against unauthorized use of 890 with barcode under the Trade Marks Act 1999. Unauthorised use means, use of 890 with barcode by any company without registration with GS1 India or registered with GS1 India but discontinued (cancelled / terminated / revoked) at a later date due to any reason.


Grants GS1 India grants a license/rights to use the CPN for generating GS1 identification keys and their graphical representations, for use in accordance with the terms set out and any other provisions expressly or impliedly communicated to the Applicant company. Further, the CPN granted to the Applicant company is based on information provided by him in the registration form on number of different product types (SKU‟s) manufactured/ supplied. For additional product numbering capacity, if desired at a later date due to addition of new product types/variants/SKU‟s later, fresh application/registration form for CPN will need to be submitted by the Applicant company to GS1 India along with requisite fees applicable at that juncture for the additional capacity desired. General 4.1 CPN granted shall be valid for the period as specified at the time of allocation of GS1 Company Prefix Number. The Applicant company needs to renew its CPN each year to continue using the same for generating GS1 identification keys. 4.2 GS1 India reserves the right to fix annual renewal fee for each year and the subscriber is required to pay the same in full in advance for the subsequent year.
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5. License fees In consideration to the CPN granted by GS1 India, the Applicant company shall pay the License/rights Fee to GS1 India in full in advance. Part payment will lead to withdrawal/revocation of the licence leading to termination of subscription. The Applicant company shall before expiry of each term, receive a letter for renewal of its licence for another term as specified time to time. The Applicant company needs to renew its subscription to continue using the same failing which use of the CPN or its graphical representation will constitute a violation of the licence terms which may invite legal action by GS1 India as deemed fit. The Applicant company shall also be liable to pay any additional/revised charges that may be asked for by GS1 India. 6. Applicant company’s obligations as to conformity of directions of GS1 India 6.1 That the CPN is only a grant for the term to the Applicant company as per terms and conditions assigned. 6.2 The Applicant company shall adhere to all instructions / directions pertaining to use of CPN. The Applicant company must at all times act in good faith and perform functions to its best effort to ensure the proprietary rights of GS1 India. The Applicant company shall also adhere to the technical specs as set out by GS1 and made available from time to time.

7. Use and Protection of Intellectual Property and GS1 Company Prefix Number 7.1 The Applicant company regards the CPN and the Intellectual property related thereto as the sole property of GS1 India. The Applicant company acknowledges that the right to grant CPN is exclusive with GS1 India and it shall not attempt to act in any contrary manner. 7.2 The Applicant company does not have the right to pass-on/assign the CPN/Intellectual Property of GS1 India. The goodwill generated or any other rights that accrue by the use of the CPN / Intellectual Property of GS1 India, shall at all times belong to GS1 India exclusively. The Applicant company under all circumstances shall promptly call to the attention of GS1 India the use of any Intellectual Property or CPN, by any third party or any such activities of third parties, which in the opinion of the Applicant company amounts to infringement of the legal rights of GS1 India whenever the infringement is noticed by the Applicant company.


8. Warranties and Representations 8.1 Each authorized subscriber warrants that it shall use the CPN only for the company for which it has been allocated and not for any of its sister concern, subsidiaries etc. The Applicant company warrants that it shall not use the name, CPN or other form of identification of GS1 India as its own or to refer to as associated with its own name/products. Further, Applicant company shall not lease/pass on/rent the rights granted. 8.2 The Applicant company warrants that it shall not use the CPN if it has failed to comply with the terms of use or pay the requisite License/rights fee. In case of continued use, the Applicant company accepts to be legally liable to GS1 India for unpaid license/rights fee, damages and any other amounts that may be levied by GS1 India. The Applicant company shall help/assist GS1 India by providing information, details, data, etc. towards provisions of clause 9, to ensure proper use of the rights/CPN granted. The Applicant company warrants that in case there is any change to the product for which the CPN was assigned, or there is change in the constitution/structure of the Applicant company, etc., then it shall provide all information within 10 working days to GS1 India. The Applicant company agrees to pay any additional money or abide by any additional terms that GS1 India may impose to effect such changes. In the event of any change in the name, legal status or ownership of the Applicant company as well as brands (belonging to the applicant company) at a later date, or any disputes on the same, the same would need to be informed to GS1 India, who at its discretion would be free to decide whether the CPN allocated can be used by the new entity or whether the same is revoked and a fresh registration is warranted for allocation of a new CPN at a fee as applicable.
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8.3 8.4



The Applicant company warrants that it will be bound by the terms & conditions with respect to clause 11 even after the termination or when the Applicant ceases to be a Subscriber.

9. Action against third parties GS1 India shall have the exclusive right to take all/any action against 3rd Parties in respect of violation of IP rights and if required by GS1 India, the Applicant company shall co-operate fully with GS1 India in any such action, in all manner possible. In the event of any disputes related to ownership of the CPN allocated by GS1 India, GS1 India shall be the sole arbitrator and his decision shall be final & binding. 10. Termination 10.1 Termination for breach - GS1 India is entitled to terminate the licence/rights after giving notice of termination when there is failure on the part of the Applicant company to make payment of License/rights Fee or failure on the part of the Applicant company to perform its obligations or the disqualification of the Applicant company from being able to perform responsibilities such as liquidation, winding-up, death, etc. or any change ownership, constitution, directors, etc. of the Applicant company, that is not informed to GS1 India for which GS1 India has not given written assent. 10.2 Voluntary Termination – GS1 India may unilaterally revoke the rights granted to the Applicant company with respect to use of the CPN, by sending appropriate notice, if it has reason to believe that the Applicant company has not been adhering to the standards prescribed/ is acting in a detrimental manner towards the interest of GS1 India/ is acting contrary to the general business practices or norms of the Trade/ or involved in any such similar activity. The Applicant company can also voluntarily terminate the agreement by sending written intimation to this effect to GS1 India. On termination, the Applicant company shall forthwith pay to GS1 India all amounts due pertaining to outstanding dues against the Applicant company as per the records of GS1 India.


11. Consequences of Termination Upon termination, the Applicant company shall discontinue the use of the CPN and all other form of rights/representations granted by GS1 India with immediate effect. Any needful continuance must be approved in writing from GS1 India. The grant of the CPN, the graphical representation and other rights granted, shall stand revoked upon termination. Further, the Applicant company must ensure the Proprietary rights of GS1 India are protected irrespective of the surrender and that all use of rights granted is stopped consequent to the termination. 12. Indemnity The Applicant company shall indemnify GS1 India against all actions, claims, costs, damages and expenses, which GS1 India may suffer or sustain as a result of actions of the Applicant company. All precautions have been taken by GS1 India while allocating the Company Prefix number to the Applicant company. However, in the event of any fault in allocation of the CPN by GS1 India, liability of GS1 India shall stand limited to the amount (fee) paid by the Applicant company to GS1 India at the time of allocation of CPN. 13. Miscellaneous 13.1 No waiver and Severance – No waiver by GS1 India to any of the Applicant company‟s obligations unless made in writing, nor waiver by GS1 India in respect of any breach be deemed to constitute a waiver of or consent to, any subsequent breach(es) by the Applicant company. In the event that any provision is declared by any judicial or other competent Authority to be void, voidable or illegal, the remaining provisions shall continue to apply unless GS1 India in its sole discretion decides to do otherwise. 13.2 13.3 Governing Law shall always be the laws of the Republic of India and every interpretation will be deemed to be made in India. The jurisdiction in all matters of dispute shall lie exclusively with the Courts in New Delhi. Change of Address – Each of the parties shall give notice to each other on change/acquisition of a new business address within 7 (seven) working days of such change. Any failure on the part of the Applicant company to inform of change in address, shall constitute a violation that can consequently lead to termination of licence/rights at the discretion of GS1 India.
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Registration Form – GS1 Company Prefix
Please type or print in dark ink


Name of Company with Correspondence address

Status of the Company with proof. Country



Tel. Nos. with STD Code Fax No. Web Site address Address of the factory/works


3. 4 5 6.

7 8 9.

Tel. Nos. with STD Code Fax No. E-mail:Reasons for barcoding :a) Buyers requirement (buyer name/country) ……………………………………………………………………….. b) Others (Please specify)………………………………………………………………………………………………. Turnover of your Company of last Financial year (Rs in Lacs) Would like to receive SMSs on mobiles Yes No Name –Chief Executive/MD Mobile Email: Name-Head Finance Mobile Email: Head Packaging Dept Email of Head Packaging Dept. Mobile Contact Person for Correspondence: Designation E-mail :Mobile No. Total no. of different products * Numerical figure only.
(SKU‟s manufactured / distributed)

Yes/No If yes provide regn. no. Manufacturer Distributor (Please tick your primary business) Exporter Others please specify 10. DD/ Pay order No. Dated Rs Drawn on We have gone through the Terms & Conditions for use of GS1 Company Prefix and agree to abide by them. Signature & seal…............................................................................................................... Name…………………………………….Designation……………………………………………
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Brand Names owned Is your company registered with SSI Nature of Business

(Please encircle/highlight your product category)
Food and beverages Product Category Flour and related products Non alcoholic beverages Sub Category Wheat flour Rice flour Other cereal flour Aerated drinks Bottled water Fruit juices Flavoured syrups Others Whisky Rum Beer Gin Wine Others Instant coffee Granular coffee Others Packed tea Open CTC tea Tea bags Other Processed and packaged sugar Jaggery Others Packaged spices Others Basmati rice Non-basmati rice Wheat Preparations from cereals Other cereals Butter oil Vegetable oils Others Cheese Butter Milk Milk powder Ice creams Others All packaged pulses Textile, clothing and footwear Product Category Textiles (Cotton) Textiles (Silk) Textiles (Synthetic & rayon) Textile fiber/yarn Sub Category Cotton textiles Silk textiles Synthetic & rayon textiles Cotton fiber Cotton yarn Synthetic & rayon fiber Synthetic & rayon yarn Others Upholstry Linen Madeups Others Readymades Sports wear Others All handloom products Hosiery items for clothing woolen carpets Synthetic carpets Rugs Others All jute products Raw hides Semi-finished and finished leather Others Leather garments Leather accessories Saddlery products Others All clothing accessories Leather Rubber Plastic Sports Others Canvas Canvas products Others Sports equipment Sports accessories Others

Alcoholic beverages

Home furnishings

Garments Handlooms Hosiery Carpets and rugs

Coffee Tea


Jute Leather

Spices Cereals

Leather products

Clothing accessories Footwear

Edible oils & ghee Dairy products

Canvas and its products Sports goods


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Confectionery & snack foods

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Other processed foods

Meat products

Dry Fruits Marine products

Floriculture and Seeds

Poultry products

Pet food Others

Bread and bakery products Cakes and pastries Snack Foods (Namkeens, etc) Chocolate and cocoa products Sweets Others Fresh mangoes Fresh grapes Walnuts Other fresh fruits fresh onions Other fresh vegetables Others Dried and preserved vegetables Pickles and chutney Mango pulp Other processed fruits and vegetables Other Raw meat Processed meat & meat products Animal casings Others Cashew Almonds Others Fresh Frozen Canned Others Cut flowers Fruit and vegetable seeds Others Poultry live Broilers Eggs Others Pet foods Others

Others Chemical and allied products Product Category Basic chemicals Dyestuffs & pigments



Sub Category Basic chemicals - inorganic Basic chemicals - organic Others Synthetic Inorganic Organic Others Bulk drugs Formulations Drug intermediates & chemicals Homeopathic products Ayurvedic products

Petroleum products

Others lubricants Grease Engine oil Others Nutritional foods Others Skin care Hair care Deodorants Powders Creams Lotions Lipsticks Others Paints Varnishes Lacquers Wall coverings Polish Others Soaps Detergents Tissue papers Shaving products Other cleansing products Polymers in primary form Tubes, pipes & fittings Floor coverings Article for conveyance and packaging of goods

Healthcare products Cosmetics

Paints and allied products


Machinery, equipment and information technology Product Category Sub Category Automotive components, Accessories & Spares Electrical Mechanical Electronic Others Consumer Durables Kitchen Appliances

Plastics & resin

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Electrical equipment

Electronic components

Home Appliances Entertainment (T.V., Video etc.) Refrigeration and air-conditioning Others Elelctric generating sets Electro magnets Electrical appliances Electrical motors Primary cells and primary batteries Audio and video equipment Transformers Invertor and UPS systems Others Capacitors Transistors PCBs Fuses, relays Resistors Micro motors Others Hand tools Cutting tools Power - driven tools (soldering etc.)

Industrial gases Batteries Rubber and products Cement Glass/Opthalmic products

Matches & Explosives Fertilizers/Pesticides/Fungicides

Other plastic products Industrial gases Storage batteries Others Tyres Rubber Products Others Cement Cement Products Others Float glass Mirrors Lenses Others All types of Matches and explosives Fertilizers Pesticides Fungicides Others Others


Hand tools

Printing, publishing and packaging Product Category Sub Category Newsprint Other than newsprint paper Coated paper Paper products Others Office supplies Others Books Cardboard cartons Plastic products Drums Wooden boxes and crates Foil Flexible packaging material Others Greeting cards Newspapers Periodicals Writing Instruments Others

Electrical fittings and accessories

Engineering instruments

Telecom products

Medical equipment

Medical equipment

Electrical cables Paper and paper products Electrical accessories Electrical fittings Lighting equipment (Lamps & bulbs etc.) Others Flow control instruments Stationery Pressure control instruments Navigation instruments Books Aeronautical instruments Packaging material, products Precision control instruments Measuring instruments Others Switching systems Transmission equipments Terminal equipments Broadcasting equipments Greeting Cards Telecom accessories and allied products Newspapers & periodicals Others Surgical equipment and appliances Writing instruments Medical diagnostic equipment Others Medical disposables and consumables Dental care equipment Opthalmic care equipment Miscellaneous Product Category Others Building materials
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Sub Category Sanitaryware

Utensils, cutlery & other kitchen items

Cutlery Utensils Others Brassware Iron hardware Tobacco products

Office automation products Fax machines Photocopiers Others Computer software Computer software products Computers and accessories Computers Printers Modems Scanners and CD writers Others Prerecorded compact disc (except software), tape, and record CD's/tapes (audio/video) reproducing Others Other engineering goods Cast Forged Fabricated Extruded Wires and rods Bars Others Watches, clocks & parts Watches, clocks & parts Machine Tools All types of machine tools Bicycles and bicycle parts Bicycles Spares Accessories Fasteners Power generation, transmission and distribution Others (Please specify) Others Precision fasteners Nuts, bolts, etc. Others Generation equipment Transmission equipment Distribution equipment Others

Perfumery products

Ceramic tiles Granite and natural stones Others All items of brass including decorative items Iron hardware products Chewing tobacco Snuff tobacco Cigarettes Cigars Bidis Others Incense sticks Perfumes Others Plywood Timber products Others All kinds All Musical instruments Household furniture Office furniture Others Indoor games Toys etc. Gift articles Coir and products Precious and semi-precious jewellery Artificial jewellery Precious and semi-precious stones Others Defence equipment Fishing equipment and accessories Others

Plywood & Timber Handicraft Musical instruments Furniture Indoor games, toys, etc. Gift articles Coir and products Gems & Jewellery

Defence equipment Fishing equipment Others

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Annexure I Procedure for reimbursement of interest free refundable security deposit amount of Rs.1500/- after cancellation/ termination of subscription with GS1 India.
1. 2. 3. Request letter on company letterhead for refund of interest free refundable security deposit amount of Rs.1500/-. Subscriber needs to submit the attached affidavit on Rs.10/- non judicial stamp paper to GS1 India. Submission of original receipt issued by GS1 India towards interest free refundable security deposit amount.

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