How to place ASK-REF fields

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					      How to place ASK-REF fields in a DocGen form
1. Place the cursor where you
   would like to insert an ASK
2. In the Insert menu, select Field.

3. In the right column click ASK

4. Go to the area where “ASK”
   was inserted, click inside that
   area. The cursor goes to one
   space after the word ASK.

-1                                         Revised June 16, 2004
5. Enter a single word with no
   spaces for the name of the ASK

6. Press the spacebar once and
   type within quotation marks the
   instructions you want the user to
   see during the merge. Click the
   OK button.

7. After clicking the OK button,
   you see what the user will see
   during a DocGen merge of this
   document. Do not leave this
   blank. Doing so will cause
   FOUND” to appear in the shell
8. Enter a value here that will be
   helpful to the user. “Name of
   Child” will appear in the shell

9. Although nothing shows,
   the ASK field is now in
   place in the document. In
   order for what the agent will
   enter in the ASK field to
   print, we must insert a REF
   field immediately after the
   ASK field.

-2                                     Revised June 16, 2004
10. In the Insert menu, select Field.

11. Scroll down in the right
   column of “Field names”
   and select “Ref”. When you
    do, the word REF appears in
    the code section below.

12. Click inside the area above Description. The
    cursor should automatically be one space to the
    right of REF.

13. Enter the name of the ASK
    field here. This will print
    the agent’s response to the
    ASK field referenced.

-3                                                    Revised June 16, 2004
14. Be sure to place a checkmark in
    the box to the left of Preserve
    formatting during updates.
    Click the OK button to place the
    REF field.

15. Here we see what we stored in the form as a default
    value for the ASK field. (See step 8. above.)
16. During the DocGen merge, the
    agent will see this value
    highlighted.     Whatever the
    agent      types     in     will
    automatically replace this value
    when OK is clicked.

17. Now, the default value of
    the ASK field shows after
    placing the REF field.
18. Since the form had an underline for the child’s
    name, we want to format the REF field with an
    underline. This will cause the child’s name to be
    underlined for emphasis in the merged
    document. Make sure the REF field is fully
    selected (black, not gray). Right click on the
    selected REF field. Select Font.

-4                                                        Revised June 16, 2004
19. Select a solid line under
    Underline style.

20. Make sure the Preview
    shows the field underlined.
    Click the OK button.

21. Here is the underlined REF field.

22. Make sure to completely select the REF
    field. Right click. Select Copy.

-5                                           Revised June 16, 2004
23. Go to the next place in the
    document where you want
    to place the REF field.
    Right click and select Paste.

24. The 2nd REF field appears. You can place as many copies of
    the REF field as needed.

-6                                                               Revised June 16, 2004

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