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									American Security Shredding:
Valuable service at affordable price
Paper Shredding Companies

If there is an office there would be a certain
use of paper. If there is a use of paper in the
office then, there would be a certain need to
compile them well and let’s accept the truth my
friend that we cannot compile all the papers
always. At one point of time you need to hire
the services for any efficient Shredding
services NYC.
 Paper Shredding Companies
 There are many shredding agencies and service operators
offering services for the same and every single one of them
boast about giving the best services. But the reality is none
  can provide the kind of services and commitments that
 American Security Shredding is providing and has been
               providing to each of its clients.
Paper Shredding Companies
Some qualities that American Security Shredding
has and other doesn’t –
•Highest Security Rating
• Competitive Prices
• ”On Time or Shred For Free” Service
• Certified Drivers
• Competitive Prices
• We Can Shred Almost Anything
• Insurance Protection
Paper Shredding Companies
They are a premium service provider for all kinds
of shredding in New York City, and have built
trust based relationship for shredding all the
confidential and high priority documents of
various companies, Government Offices, railway
stations and other departments.
Paper Shredding
They are always on time
and sometimes offer Paper
Shredding Companies to
promote their business
often and to help some
companies so that they can
also get a taste of their
services and get addicted.
They are into shredding of
almost every item and not
just paper.
Company Name: American Security Shredding
P.O. Box 402 Oceanside, NY 11572 -0402
545 Eighth Avenue, Suite 401 New York, NY 10018
Toll Free: 1 800 882 1979

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