BeowulfProject_TalkShow by jizhen1947


									                             Living Outside the Lines
                                         Project for Beowulf

Author: Unknown                                                    Timeline Date: 1000 AD

                                   The Dr. Wulfgar Show
Goal: A great book has great characters. What makes them great? Why do we love one and hate
another? How is a hero created? How is the enemy created? What characteristics make them

Purpose: To study characterization and to see the story from different perspectives.

Choose to be either Beowulf or Grendel’s mother. Choose a friend to be your talk show host.
Dress like the character.
On an index card write the questions you want to be asked and number them.
Write the answers with corresponding numbers on a second index card.
When we get together next time you will give the card with the questions to the person who will be the
talk show host for you. The two of you will act this out for us as if we are watching a talk show.

If you want to be Beowulf:
Develop a talk show interview for him. Through the questions of the interviewer Beowulf will tell the
story of the battle with Grendel in his own words. Be sure to ask question that cause him to tell the
audience about his feelings when he watched the Geat near him die, how he felt during the fight. Ask
questions that make him show us a blow-by-blow description of the battle, and how he felt about not
being able to kill Grendel.

If you want to be Grendel’s mother:
Develop a talk show interview for her that takes place immediately after her attack. Reveal reasons for
her attack and relate her point of view. The audience needs to know why she was fighting and how she
felt during the battle and afterwards.

Get to know your character before you write the interview.
After you make your choice, get acquainted with your character and surmise the reasons for your
actions, what you were thinking, what did you want, what were you willing to sacrifice to get what you
wanted and how you felt. The character you choose has mannerisms; a certain walk, talk, desires,
motivations, feelings, and habits. Study these for the character you choose and show them to us as you
dress like and pretend to be either Beowulf or Grendel’s mother.

(FYI: Wulfgar is the herald of Hroðgar, renowned for his great wisdom.)


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