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					The Goldman Office of Disability Services Educational Resources and Counseling Division of Student Affairs

Accommodation Packet
It is the policy and practice of Tulane University to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (Pub. L. No.101-336), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Pub. L. No.93-112, § 504, as amended), and state and local requirements regarding individuals with disabilities. Under these laws, no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to or participation in services, programs, and activities of Tulane University. Reasonable academic accommodations are provided to students with documented disabilities so that these students are viewed according to their abilities rather than their disabilities. Accommodations offered by Tulane will not necessarily be the same as those received in high school or at another college or university. Students who are seeking support services and accommodations for a specific disability must register with the Goldman Office of Disability Services (ODS) at Educational Resources and Counseling (ERC). The first step in the registration process is to complete and return an Accommodation Packet. The Accommodation Packet is composed of forms and guidelines that allow ODS staff to begin to determine what accommodations the student will receive at Tulane. Students who choose to attend Tulane University will need to complete additional forms and follow additional procedures in order to complete the registration process with ODS and receive reasonable accommodations. ODS staff will notify prospective students regarding accommodations as soon as possible after receiving all necessary information. The accommodations determined for prospective students are considered preliminary and will not be finalized until the student has committed to Tulane and has completed the registration process with ODS. The following is a brief description of each component of this packet. Request for Accommodations Form The Request for Accommodations must be completed by anyone requesting disability-related accommodations at Tulane University. It is to be submitted along with the signed Confidentiality Statement and the disability-related documentation. It will be used in conjunction with the disabilityrelated documentation to determine what accommodations will be deemed reasonable and appropriate at Tulane. Accommodation requests should be as specific as possible and be accompanied by a brief explanation of the need for each. Only the accommodations that are requested on this form will be considered during the evaluation process. If students are unsure what accommodations to ask for, they may consult with ODS staff. Confidentiality Statement The Confidentiality Statement explains how a student's disability-related documentation will be handled at Tulane. It should be signed and submitted along with the Request for Accommodations and any disability-related documentation. Documentation Guidelines Students who are seeking support services and accommodations for a specific disability will be required to submit current, substantial documentation to verify eligibility for services and accommodations. Tulane ODS

A Brief Outline of Steps Required for Registration with The Goldman Office of Disability Services
Determination of accommodations can be an involved and lengthy process; therefore, students are encouraged to begin the registration process and submit required documentation as soon as possible. For incoming, fall semester students, this should be done during the spring or summer before arriving on campus. For current students, this should be done as early into a semester as possible. 1. Complete the Request for Accommodations form. 2. Read and sign the Confidentiality Statement. 3. Mail, fax, or deliver the completed Request for Accommodations form and the signed Confidentiality Statement back to ODS. Our contact information is located on the first page of the Guidelines for the Documentation of a Disability, page 5 of this document. 4. Submit appropriate documentation as outlined in the following Documentation Guidelines. For more information on this step, please see the Guidelines for the Documentation of a Disability. 5. Upon receipt of the Request for Accommodations Form, Confidentiality Statement, and documentation which corresponds to our guidelines, ODS will begin the file review process. Only complete applications will be considered for review. Students who submit documentation that is incomplete or does not follow the documentation guidelines will be asked to submit documentation that is in accordance with the guidelines. This will delay the determination of accommodations. 6. You will be contacted by ODS staff with the results of your file review. You are welcome to phone ODS and check the progress of a file review, but be assured that we will contact you as soon as the review is complete. All decisions regarding accommodations will be delivered to the student in writing during an appointment or by mail at the address provided on the Request for Accommodations Form. 7. If any accommodations are granted, you must make an appointment to meet in person with an ODS staff member. At this time, you will be given an intake interview, provided with information regarding the effective use of your accommodations, and asked to fill out brief, additional paperwork. Until you go through the ODS intake process, accommodations are not considered active.

Request for Accommodations
Name Home Address Local Address Social Security # Date of Birth Home Phone Home email Local Phone Local email

Are you a: □ Current Enrolled Undergraduate □ Current Enrolled Graduate Student □ Prospective Undergraduate □ Prospective Graduate Student If you are a current enrolled student, what year are you? □ Freshman □ Sophomore □ Junior □ Senior □ Graduate: Year? Please check the Tulane University School(s) or College you are/will be attending: ( check all that apply): □ Newcomb-Tulane Undergraduate College □ School of Continuing Education (formerly Newcomb and Tulane Colleges) (formerly University College) □ School of Liberal Arts □ School of Law □ School of Science and Engineering □ School of Medicine □ A. B. Freeman School of Business □ Public Health &Tropical Medicine □ School of Architecture □ School of Social Work Please indicate your major(s), if known: I am requesting accommodation from Tulane University because I have been diagnosed with (check all that apply): □ Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) □ Learning Disability □ Psychiatric Disability (specify type): □ Physical/Medical Disability (specify type): Date of most recent diagnosis: In the space below, and/or on an attached sheet, list and explain each of the accommodations you are requesting. Please be as specific as possible with your request(s).

Signature of Student


Confidentiality Statement
The Goldman Office of Disability Services (ODS) is responsible for receiving and maintaining the disability-related documentation and information for students with disabilities at Tulane University. The documentation and information may include test data; psychological, psycho-educational, and/or neuropsychological evaluations; grades; transcripts; biographical history; case notes; and any other disabilityrelated information necessary to document and provide accommodations to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities have the right to review their file. A student who wishes to review his or her file must schedule an appointment with ODS staff at the Center for Educational Resources and Counseling (ERC). Students may request and receive copies of case notes, Course Accommodation Forms, and other documentation from ODS; however, students will not be provided copies of disability-related documentation from their file. Disability-related documentation is defined as any documentation given to ODS to substantiate the student's disability status and need for accommodations (e.g. psychological, psycho-educational, neuropsychological, or medical evaluations; letters or other information from physicians; or medical records). ODS will retain a copy of all information within a student's file. All documentation in the student's file is treated confidentially and will not be released to anyone not involved in the accommodation and service-delivery process with the following exceptions: (a) the student gives ODS a signed release to share disability-related information with the person(s) or office(s) named on the release; (b) ODS will release disability-related information as required and/or permitted by the law and/or a court order; (c) the student threatens to harm himself or herself or others, or is suspected of abuse of a child or incapacitated adult (d) the student files a disability-related complaint, appeal, grievance, or lawsuit against any university office or employee(s). ODS staff will not release disability-related information to a student's parents/guardian/caregiver without a confidentiality release signed by the student. This must be a confidentiality release completed and signed at ODS. A confidentiality release signed through another office or department on the Tulane University campus does not grant parental access to disability-related information kept by ODS staff or in ODS files. Only ERC staff, including ODS staff, have direct access to student disability files. When a student with a disability requests accommodations, he or she understands that some disability-related information may be provided on a need-to-know basis to university faculty and staff to help insure that the student receives appropriate accommodations. The academic dean's office of the college in which the student is enrolled and instructors of classes for which the student is requesting accommodations will receive disabilityrelated information necessary to provide appropriate accommodations. If a student files a disabilityrelated appeal, grievance, or lawsuit, the student understands that ODS will release disability-related information to appropriate university offices (i.e. the General Counsel, the ADA/504 Coordinator, the Office of Student Affairs, and/or appropriate university committees). Otherwise, university faculty and staff need to know only (1) that the student has been through the disability documentation review process at Tulane University; and (2) what accommodations have been approved by ODS to meet the student's disabilityrelated needs.

"I have read the Confidentiality Statement. I understand and agree to the confidentiality of my disability documentation and information as discussed above. I understand that I can speak further with ODS staff if I have any questions."
________________________ (Printed Name of Student) ________________________ (Signature of Student) ________________________ (Today's Date)

Guidelines for the Documentation of a Disability
Students requesting services and accommodations for a disability will be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility for services under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To assist students in assembling appropriate documentation to support their request for accommodations, the Goldman Office of Disability Services (ODS) has developed documentation guidelines. Carefully read the general guidelines on this page and the guidelines applicable to your disability or disabilities on the following pages, as you are responsible for submitting documentation that complies with these guidelines. We recommend providing a copy of the guidelines to your qualified professional before the preparation of your documentation. If a student and/or qualified professional wishes to discuss the documentation guidelines, he or she can call ODS at (504) 862-8433. All documentation must be completed by a qualified professional. A "qualified professional" is defined as a licensed physical or mental health care provider who has had extensive training in the field related to the student's disability. This would include a licensed physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical or educational psychologist, school psychologist, neuropsychologist, or a learning disability specialist with the license to diagnose according to the DSM-IV/DSM-IV-TR. Regardless of professional background, it is not appropriate for the evaluation to be done by a member of the student's immediate or extended family. Also note that it is the student's responsibility to pay all costs involved in obtaining evaluations and documentation of a disability. Please see the following guidelines specific to your disability for more details. Documentation should be sent to Tulane University directly from the appropriate school or professional, rather than from the student or the student's family. All documentation should be sent to:

The Goldman Office of Disability Services Educational Resources and Counseling Mechanical Engineering Building, 1st Floor Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118-5698 Phone: (504) 862-8433 Fax: (504) 862-8435

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