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									Obama HealthCare Joke - Government Scandal
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It is not clear how [Obamacare’s] troubled rollout to date will affect attitudes over the next year. But as the debate about
the implementation of the new healthcare law has unfolded, and it has raised some eyebrows...

Americans have become less likely than ever to agree that the federal government should be responsible for making
sure all Americans have healthcare.

Maybe the government should mind their own business and stop trying to control everything everyone else does, and
start worrying more about their debts. No doubt, the government is trying to gain more control over what us americans
do, but their main focus should be on the national debt and not so much healthcare...

Many of the conversations have been to the tune of $389.00 per month is the average of a persons healt hcare after
March 2014. How many people can afford that? Not many!

Should healthcare be mandatory?

Is this just another government scandal?

This is exactly why people have to get second, and third jobs, or simply start a business of their own that allows them to
create additional income to evercome these kinds of hits from the government.

Do you agree with what President Obama is doing...or not? Comment below!
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