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Consulting Computers

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					Consulting Computers

Education Software Buyers
UNIVERSE: Last 12 Months: Monthly Hotline: Description:
Software companies are providing a wide variety of “edutainment” software for children of all ages. Reading, writing, arithmetic and many more software programs are now conveniently available through your home computer. This is an exclusive database of computer software buyers/ sweepstakes entrants who have purchased a home computer or software products offering a combination sweepstakes/ warranty program. These purchasers have bought 50+ dollars worth of software. Software was purchased during a promotional effort at a major market retailer with 200+ stores offering a sweepstakes giveaway at point of sale. Sweepstakes entrants mailed in sweepstakes offers with receipt proof of purchase to qualify. Warranty information was also captured at point of sale. Selections include a variety of software products you can now target simultaneously with direct mail and e-mail marketing!

800,000 500,000 60,000



Selection Charges:
Phones Region SCF State Zip Credit Card Children’s Age $15/M $5/M $5/M $5/M $5/M $10/M $5/M

4-up Cheshire 4-up P/S Labels Key Coding Zip Tape Set-up CD-Rom N/C $7.50/M $2.50/M $5/M $25.00 Flat

Recommended Usage: Computers and Software Products, Children’s Products and Services, Catalogs, Music & Entertainment, Video Games, etc.

Terms: Minimum order is 5,000 names. Prepay for all first time customers. Sample mail piece required with order. Cancellations after mail date require payment in full. 20% discount for recognized brokers. Delivery in 7 business days. This is a one-time rental only.

Consulting Computers

Software Buyers PARTIAL USAGE
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Portal Five Software America On-Line** WEKA Publishing Compu-Serve** Egghead Software** Software of the Month Club** Software U.S.A.** Softkey International** Internet World Windows Magazine** NetGuide** Home PC** Supreme Software** Tiger Direct** On Technology Corporation LaserLife International Discount Telecommunications Televerde

CMP Publications**  Image Club Graphics  The Learning Co.**  Software 2010**  Reliable Corp.**  Micro Star**  FCB Direct West  Serif, Inc.  Media Pro  Mosaic Performance Solutions  Mentor Networks  MCI Communications  Vacation Break**  Southwestern Bell**  Columbia House ( Canadian)  All-Tel  NetCom**  Microsoft**

** Indicates Continuation