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Wonderful wildlife walks with Hari


									Summary of Season 2008-09 Comments from our Visitor’s Book – September 2008 to June 2009 Thank you for your stories, for sharing your rich history and for your kindness. We hope to return in future, with family and friends, to share in the beauty that surrounds this special place. USA. Stine & I have had some wonderful days up here. It has been a nice pause from Kathmandu life. I hope to be back. Thanks and lot to the staff and Marcus. Copenhagen, Denmark. Stayed for a night and never wanted to leave. Great place to relax, staff excellent, food great. New Delhi, India. Very lovely time, precious experience. I had a very good time. I hope I can come back here with my family. Osaka, Japan. Thank you very much for a wonderful stay – this place is truly special. Every single detail is thought through. Food is fantastic, setting and views – spectacular, staff is extremely friendly. We would really love to come back; special thanks to Marcus for making this place as unique as it is.....It was so good we came back the same day for a further two days and really loved it. Moscow, Russia. At the end of our three day stay we feel calm, relaxed and utterly sated. What a sumptuous place! Thank you for the unerring hospitality and bonhomie. Camberley, England. Mother Nepal, after all these years, I still feel as if I have just begun to know you. I thank the universe each day I wake here, and that you have given me this home. How long my soul shall rest here, as my hand work in this earth, I do not know. But I will keep trusting. USA. The best pastry and scrambled egg in all Nepal. Thank you to everyone in front of and behind the scenes for looking after us so well. London, England. Congratulations to all of the TMPL Team for setting up and maintaining the integrity of TM standards for the last ten years. Looking forward to the next ten and more….Kathmandu, Nepal. Absolutely fabulous. Ultimate in fabulous-ness; thank you all for a wonderful experience. Perth, Australia. Hari was a brilliant guide and Marcus you kept us very entertained. England. Wow, thank you for the most fantastic view of the mountains, full moon and a wonderful experience; for grate hospitality and the two Haris for our lovely walks. Gold Coast, Australia. My 65th Birthday – what a beautiful setting. Washington, USA

Came as a tourist, leaving feeling I was among friends and family. Greece. Manamuing salamat po! Philippines. It just gets better and better, Kathmandu, Nepal. Staff are wonderful, share our sense of humour. The whole trip has been enlightening and what a way to finish! Jedburgh, Scotland. A truly sublime experience. Calcutta, Bengal. The atmosphere is of a wonderful country house party. Buckinghamshire, England. Wonderful stay wonderful views. Madagascar. Kiites hyrasta musasta ja palvelusta. Tammela, Finland. No less wonderful than when we were last here. Impeccable service and utterly beautiful. London, England. Been extremely pampered in a super hotel where everyone has been so kind and thoughtful. Rome, Italy. A beautiful place but it is unfortunate that those mountains block the view of Tibet!! However staff made up for it by being very sympathetic and looking after us very well. Marcus brilliant and totally unflappable – and we certainly tried to unflap him! New York, USA. Outstanding! Well done Marcus and all your team for creating and maintaining such excellent standards. I wish I had come before now. Ex 6GR. Italy. At any time this place would be wonderful. After 14 days on the Annapurna circuit it is exquisite....Aberdeen, Scotland. Takk fyrir okkur. Iceland. Great fun. Need minimum of a week. Too short. Strathconon, Scotland. What a special place to put body and soul back together. Toronto, Canada. Our one year old little menace had a great time too! India. A haven of peace. Fab food, great hospitality. Words are not adequate to describe the peace. Fantastic staff. This is a near as I’ll ever get to heaven. A great Day. QOGLR 50th Anniversary Lunch UK / Nepal. Really a Room with a View! Norway. Marcus is de volmaalite gastheer. Fry heft altyd alles onder conforle tat in de byzonderheden. Leijden, Holland.

Stamppot met uitziert! Holland. Fantastic sunrise with pink mountains. Excellent food and walkings. Nagoya, Japan. Ich muss nicht mehi ums verrecken Um den Annapurna trekken Sandem kanu im wilden Schatten Suhlen mich in Hangmathen Und umbullt von Kaschmirtuchern Schwelgen in gelahiten Buchen Goethe, Gotthelf, Holdeilin.... Thanks! Engadine, Switzerland. Superb days in a superb place with superb staff and superb food. You can’t ask for more. Switzerland. As always, absolutely wonderful. BG, Pokhara. Thank you so much for an exceptional experience. Singapore. Un endroit magnifique et des gens adorable. France.

A great treat to run into so many old friends at Tiger Mountain. Thanks so much for such a warm welcome. London, England. Another New Year celebrated in style – thanks to Tiger Mountain. Delhi, India. Very Happy New Year to all the staff at TMPL. We had a wonderful few days – loved it all. Muscat, Oman. Merveilleux séjour dans cet admirable Havre de Paix. France. Thanks for a great New Year. Thailand. What a great hotel! California, USA. A wonderfully beautiful retreat; loved the peace and quiet. Peru. Thank you Marcus and great staff for a wonderful stay and v good food. Durban. South Africa. On behalf of Mountain Kingdoms, thank you for taking such good care of our past guests. We look forward to sending many more to your wonderful lodge. Thank you for a most relaxing and interesting time. Bristol, England. Da Iawn. Wales.

Loved everything, the view, the hikes, the food, the generosity....a wonderful vacation. USA It was a wonderful place – we have learnt a lot. Bamyan, Afghanistan. Extremely wonderful and classical Lodge. Bamyan, Afghanistan. Perfect everything, bungalow, weather, food, service. I could easily have stayed much longer. I am not good at being taken care of – but you make it so easy. California, USA. Thank you for looking after me so well; wonderful to see the place having heard so much. Audley Travel, Oxfordshire, UK. Hari P is a wonderful bird guide. UK. A wonderful oasis, such fantastic views! Kilkenny, Ireland. Uzivad sam svaki trenutak u predivnom setingv prekasme lodge, servis, hrana, detazi, pogled je nevjerovatan. Ovo je jeono od, nazdeogim lokacija za odmor dvse I tijela. Hvala direkiji lodge. Folkestone, UK and Kosovo. Without the views this is still a magical place. The staff have been magnificent. Elgin, Scotland. 5th Visit – let’s hope I can get back. Sydney, Australia. Wonderful stay, friendly staff, excellent food. Belfast, Northern Ireland. A beautiful and deeply restful sanctuary. Dhaka, Bangladesh. From Russia with love! UN Russian Permanent Delegation. Thank you for your warm hospitality. Bahamas. Wow! UN China Delegation. Something for stressed people from the cities. Cologne, Germany. A very lovely visit, wonderful food and such thoughtful service. Hong Kong. An even better experience the second time. Brisbane, Australia. Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon. Perfect service – a sanctuary sitting above Pokhara. USA. No picture can do justice to the sheer presence felt while in the serene surroundings of this remarkable region. Dol Raj, Jhalak, and the guys give this great lodge the charisma and character to charm the socks off anyone! New York, USA.

Thanks to the staff, especially in the kitchen – the food has been perfect. Phuket, Thailand. Fabulous as always, great company, wonderful service, good food, lots of laughs. Cumbria, England. A Thumping Thanks to Marcus and his Superb-as-Ever Team! Still under the spell of Pokhara and the mountains. Vermont and Khokitumbi, Nepal. Everybody cared for us – in a word, wonderful. Switzerland. We were so pleased to be recommended a wonderful place to come and stay. Bangkok, Thailand. Great place to chill out. Singapore. There is no more civilised place in Nepal. UK. A totally delightful experience. Costa Rica. This place is almost out of this world. I felt like being in a dream. It is just so beautiful. Great hospitality and fantastic food. Morocco. This “hotel” is one of the best in the world. London, England. Another fabulous experience of Tiger Mountain. So many thanks for the exceptional hospitality. Hong Kong. Very relaxing, just what we needed. Hari, thank you, you were a great host. England. A very welcome oasis of tranquillity in our whistle stop tour of India. Thank you for a wonderful stay - hope to be back. Maidenhead, England. Another great stay...back to KTM re-energised. Kathmandu, Nepal.

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