Calvin Gamer Vol. 4 by jizhen1947


									TALK                   An Exclusive Interview with Maryanne Freeman
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Volume 4, April 2008
5                        3

                                            3 News

                                            4 Previews
                                           9 Ratings

                                           10 Around the ppt

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    5 We give three slides of King of           this “fore” yo
                                        What is
       Fight. What more could you
       ask for!?
    8 Interviewing went Mecha.
                                  WERE ALL THE OTHER STUFF
                                  IS… WELL, MOST OF IT.

Smack it down                              Relive the Gory days

                                           Have your parents ever thought that the
                                           games you make or play are weird. The
                                           PowerPoint just for them are coming! No
                                           more warriors is coming in the summer with
                                           tons of action and blood. This game is
                                           definitely not for little kids (maybe 15 or older).
Although another delay is
                                           -Sam Haefner
here, it will still be a blast.
Calvin and Hobbes and
Pico will be in the game.-
Andrew Martin
                               Even though we haven’t
                               talked about the game
Maryanne Freeman has
                               since the first issue, this
let the curtain out a little
                               game has a lot to show
more on Paper Calvin:
The Complete Saga.
                               There will be four
We have given you an
                               characters and stages,
inside scoop of the very
                               and all free.
first level of the game,
were, if you can               Each of the four
remember, you have to          characters has a Super
reach Susie's House.           Specialty in which they
The level has gotten           can unleash utter
even bigger than in the        destruction by hitting a
first version.                 butterfly. Hobbes has the
                               ability to turn into a
Seeing that it will get her
                               stuffed animal and make
some work, we will see
                               more of him fall from the
more action soon from
this great title.
                               We will see great stuff in
                               the Summer
                                             the first t we
                                      ough re great,
                                  Alth s we
                                         n             oop
                                  Versio ve you sc t
                                           i             h
                                    Will g ing of Fig
                                        for K

           If you did the first
two versions of King of Fight
already, they you have a good
idea of what the game is
about. People from the Calvin
and Hobbes series (and later
down the road some third
party characters) fight with
there special moves to defeat
the other opponent. As you hit
them, your special bar goes
up and then they attack until one player
has beaten the other. Although it might
not seem like much yet, in the next two
slides we will show you upcoming stuff
for the game that will end up great.

             If you pay attention to the
 beginning, then you know in 0.3,
 Hobbes will be playable. This section
 will show what he can do. The first
 attack he does is in some way invisible.
 He attacks the enemy with his claws.                 There will be other characters
 His second attack is that he throws one    down the road. In version 0.5,
 of his stuffed tigers at the opponent (I   Spaceman Spiff will be a playable
 wonder how they feel)                      character, and in 0.8 another hidden
                                            character will emerge from the ashes.
             Hobbes’ special move is
 different. He has this sun show up in                  I’ll go out and say it. Tracer
 front of the opponent and it explodes.     Bullet will be playable, but a long way
 Not the thing that would be there, but     down the road (think around 1.7 or
 heh, I can’t think of anything better,     something close to that).
                                                       Of course we’re having 2-P in
           So far in the game, there is      0.6.
only one stage, called the boardwalk. A
                                                       Arcade Mode might be a little
simple stage. Like the characters, more
                                             confusing, but it’s the same thing as
stages will come, like in 0.4, a Mountain
                                             story mode.
stage will be available, and then another
in 1.1.                                                  And the one not showing up
                                             until 1.9 is tournament mode.
           Each stage has it’s own
soundtrack that will provide you the link
to that stage’s music. All of the tracks
have been selected from Newgrounds.
            One of the newer features is
that each stage has a hidden health bar
that will restore your health, and defeats
the opponent.
                                                                       on der
            A lot of modes are yet to                              me
come. I’ll just go ahead and name.
          The next mode will be
Training mode, letting you train fighters
                                  We talk with the girl who made Mecha Warrior
                                  Ultra, Maryanne Freeman.

Calvin Gamer (CG): What got you the         CG: Will there be new characters?
                                            MF: Let's leave that a secret for
Maryanne Freeman (MF): I saw various        now.
PPTs, thought they were neat, and
really wanted to make one myself.           CG: What part of making Mecha
                                            Warrior Ultra do you enjoy the most?
CG: What do you think of the
franchise?                                  MF:I always like finishing it, because I
                                            know it'll gain tons of praise on the site.
MF:I am very impressed with myself at
the fact I have created an over-100-
slider that's only on 0.5.
CG: When’s version 0.6 coming?
MF: Unfortunately, it will be delayed a
lot because it takes a lot of work to
make a 2-player maze game on
PowerPoint. In will triple the size!
Super                                      Medal of
Paper                                      Calvin 2
Calvin 2         game only has one                        exact same thing.
                 level, but the whole                     Even though it’s the
   8.5/10        concept of it, there      If you liked   same, the graphics
                 being a gallery and       the first      and new story line
Since I made     trailers, it’s awesome.                  make it not be rated a
                                           Medal of
a review for                                              2 or something like
                                           Calvin, your
first, I might                                            that. A fine piece of
                                           in luck- the
as well do the                                            art.
second. The
                                           almost the
A freewebs website has been made for         Calvin: I DON'T NEED
                                             SCHOOL WITH HIGH IQ!
the Calvin Gamer, showing past issues,       Calvin:
special reviews, and a sneak peak at the     AAAAAAUUUUUUUUUU
next issue! You can see this great site at   BLAM THIS
                                             Calvin: Hey, Susie, what's
og/                                          the answer to #5?
                                             Susie: Antonio Bandera's
                                             Calvin: Yeah right! I doubt
                                             he crossed the Delaware.
                                             Susie: And I doubt you're
                                             on question 5
May 2008, Volume 5

                      We will give you ten upcoming games,
                      why you should care about them, and
                      why you shouldn’t.

                        The next issue will have a character
                        from Super Calvin Bros. giving you info
                        on them

                     Next time, we will give you strategy on
                     Mecha Warrior Ultra.

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