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Live Webinar on

Electronic Informed Consent for Clinical Trials: Why, What
and How

Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2013                                     Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST

   Duration:    60 Minutes
   Location:    Online                                                             Register Now
 Instructor:    Susan Brink

This webinar will present an exploration of trends that are leading to adoption of e-consent;
options are available for e-consent, what is involved in implementing e-consent. A live
demonstration of an e-consent will set the stage for implementation questions.

Areas covered in the session:

    l   Using an e-consent to assist low literacy patient populations understand your trial
    l   Using e-consent to assist patients in understanding their role in a complex clinical trial.
    l   Working with an IRB in the review of a e-consent
    l   Understanding the cost drivers of an e-consent process
    l   Features of an e-consent. Deciding what is important to your trial.

Who Will Benefit:                                    About Speaker

                                                     Susan Brink
    l   Clinical trial Innovation teams
                                                     President & CEO, ConsentSolutions
    l   VP, Clinical trials                          Susan Brink co-founded ConsentSolutions, Inc. in
    l   Clinical Operations (VP, Senior              2006 to further the development of media-based
                                                     approaches to informed consent for clinical trials. She
        Managers, Trial Managers)
                                                     is the CEO and President. The company grew out of
    l   IT innovation leads                          Phase II SBIR NCI funding for the development of an
    l   Managers, VPs Research Portfolios            online informed consent process for clinical trials, on
                                                     which she was the   ...more

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