The Holy Marketing Manifesto by Jason


									The Holy Marketing Manifesto

Pretty landing pages lose. Follow these 6 Rules of Landing Page Optimization

If online media spend isn’t converting profitably, then it’s highly unlikely you can go
to radio or television

You don’t have to have a product to sell a product, here’s how -

7 ways to get massive amounts of online traffic for free

Invest in learning how to write copy that sells, you’ll be forever gainfully employed.

People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Sell benefits not features.

Most important metrics: ROI, LTV,CPA, CPL,

You can’t outsource marketing -

KPIs -

The trick of getting PR, get to know reporters personally. People like writing about
people they like

Persuade the Persuadable -

Guide to Affiliate Marketing -

Email subject lines (email overall) – videos

Marketing is the art of gaining interest. You have to learn to talk to people about

It’s never too early to start marketing a consumer service.

Social is a great way to get the word out for your product, but typically a very hard
chancel to drive any sales.
Online media is the best channel to quickly and cost effectively test the marketing
spend against your unit economics.
Marketing Basics

In the short term the product with the best marketing wins. Over the long term, no
matter how good the marketing, poor quality products lose.

The Viral Loop: for every user you get how many additional users do they bring in.
Anything over 1 is a surefire way to grow your product virally.

Marketers tend to be: natural promoters, metrics measurers, creative copyrighters,
or awesome optimizers. Try to be the Fantastic 4.

No one will market and sell your product for you. If you have a new product, get
over yourself, you’re now a promoter.

Test Everything. If it can be measured, then it should be tested.

The more niche your offering, the easier it is to capture an audience.

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