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					University Sports Awards Criteria
In order to be recommended for an Award, the nominee must meet the following criteria:  Nominees for all individual awards, except Honorary, must be proceeding towards a degree or diploma at the University of Southern Queensland.  In respect of sports presented by an affiliated club, the recommendation for the award shall be made by the committee of the affiliated club, and shall be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Sports Awards Committee.  In respect of sports not represented by an affiliated club, the recommendation for the award shall be made by the Executive of the Club which has been approved by the Student Guild, before submitting their nominee to the Chairperson of the Sports Awards Committee.  Nominees must have an academic level or GPA of 4 or above.  Nominees must have demonstrated sport/club spirit and sportsmanship at all times.

Sports Awards Committee
The Sports Awards Committee shall consist of the following members: • Two persons nominated by the USQ Student Guild. • USQ Student Guild Sport & Recreation Co-ordinator. • USQ Student Guild General Manager or nominee.

• Nominations shall be confidential and shall not be communicated to the nominee. • Nominations shall be considered by the Sports Awards Committee whose proceedings shall be confidential. • The names, addresses and contact numbers of two independent referees of high standing in the sport who could provide an objective assessment of the nominees performances and standard are required. • The Sports Awards Committee may require a member of the nominating Club committee to be present at the Awards meeting at which nominations are discussed to elaborate on the submission and answer questions.

Awards Criteria
The Blue is awarded to students of the University of Southern Queensland who have shown outstanding ability, club commitment and who have reached a standard comparable to that generally achieved by the best sportsmen and sports women in other Australian Universities. Blues will be awarded to students who have satisfied the eligibility requirements and who have completed at least three full semesters of study at the University. Blue winners must have played first grade/division at USQ or approved clubs’ competition for at least twelve months in their respective sport and gained representative honours. Additional Criteria  Be an outstanding performer. It is essential for the nominee to have an outstanding record of sporting achievement whilst enrolled as a student (performance by the nominee while not enrolled as a student will not be considered and will have no bearing in the deliberation of the Sports Awards Committee). Success in State, National or International event or selection as a representative, Regional, State or National team is regarded as strong evidence of outstanding performance. Be a loyal member and a sportsperson of good character. While outstanding performance is a necessary condition for an award of a Blue, it is not per se, a sufficient condition and consequently, the nomination should include evidence of the nominee’s support for the sport. This includes coaching, fund raising activities, administrative and organisational or maintenance of club equipment etc. in addition to playing for the club and/or holding a club administration position. Be a student who has achieved a satisfactory academic record (GPA of 4 or above)



Half Blue
Half Blues (Sport) will be presented to nominees who, in the opinion of the committee, have satisfied the requirement of eligibility and who have: i) ii) iii) Not yet completed three full semesters of study at the University of Southern Queensland. Not yet achieved the higher standard required for the Award of a Full Blue within the sporting criteria Met the above ‘additional criteria’

Half Blue (Service) may be awarded for distinguished club service usually over a three year period in the area of administration, organisation and club promotion. The club nominating this person must show evidence of off-field performance and for service to the club in conjunction with meeting the above ‘additional criteria’.

Honorary Blue
An Honorary Blue will be awarded in recognition of distinguished service usually over a period of five years. No more than one Honorary Blue will normally be awarded in any one year. The club nominating the person must show evidence of off-field performance and for long-service to the Club. (Min 5 years) Honorary Blue recipients are not eligible for the Sports Star of Year Award.

Commendation Award
Commendation Awards are for those students who have made an outstanding contribution to USQ Sport and Recreation in the area of administration and volunteer work. Criteria includes spirit and dedication, commitment and willingness to become involved in the sport and recreation on campus. Areas of involvement may include Lunchtime Sport, Recreation Programs, Special Events, University Games and University Championships.

Vice Chancellors Cup – Club of the Year
The Vice-Chancellor’s Cup is awarded to a USQ Club in recognition for the Club’s achievements and development. The recipient Club may also receive a $500 grant towards coaching and administration. Criteria for judging the Club of the Year are based on: • Membership of the Club. • Sporting attainment during the year in fixtures and University Championships or University Games. • The general co-operation of the club and its executive in University activities throughout the year. • General improvements and progress of the club during the year. • Club spirit and development.

University Games Shield
The University Games Shield is awarded to outstanding achievement and spirit at University Games or University Championship. Nominees may be a USQ Representative team or individual.

Sports Star of the Year
To be eligible for the 2009 USQ Sports Star of the Year award, the nominee must have been:  Recipient of a Blue or  Awarded a Half Blue a) for superior ‘all round’ performance b) being ineligible for a Full Blue only because he or she has not completed three full semesters of study.  Satisfactory Academic Record (GPA of 4 or above) The Award will be based on the nominees sporting performance over the past twelve months and on the level of excellence achieved in his or her particular sport. The awardee is presented with the Sports Star of the Year perpetual trophy and small replica and receives a Travel and/or Equipment Scholarship valued at $400.