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					health impact assessment
 royal Government of cambodia

presentation by cambodian participants

           Phuket, thailand
         13-14 February 2012
v   Using tools for decision makers

v   Providing structure and process to improve
    health outcomes

v   Promoting cross-sectoral working by promoting
    partnerships and sharing of responsibilities for

v   Prospective assessments of impacts in the early
    planning stages
v   Protecting the most vulnerable people, who may be
    at risk from proposed developments

v   Encouraging practices good governance with
    transparent procedures utilizing identified and
    public participation

  To guide decisions on policy, procedures, planning and
 projects to enhance the positive health impacts and
 mitigate the negative.

 General Objective:
   To provide a strategic framework whereby the right to
 good health, poverty alleviation, reduction of social
 inequity and sustainability of development in the RCG
 that can be enhanced through the timely identification
 of adverse health effects of policies ,plans, projects,
 and programs.

   To facilitate the selection of criteria and procedures
    that ensure best practices in health impact assessments in

   To define the essential functions required to support
    adequate and cost-effective health impact assessment
    procedures in line with international standards.
   To define the roles and responsibilities linked to these
    essential functions, of policy or project proponents, or
    all relevant stakeholders in the public and private sector.
  To facilitate the establishment of institutional arrangements
   between the different public and private sector
   in support of an efficient health impact assessment process
    that is effectively coordinated with other impact assessment
          Strategic Interventions

v   Encourage and assist as required the development of an
    Association of HIA professionals within the country to
    further enhance capacity building.

v   Implement measures that ensure public participation in
    the HIA process including full access to relevant

v   Ensure wider reaching collaboration of HIA practitioners
    within the region.

v   Ensure institutional regulation and compliance of the
    HIA process.

                         HIA Procedures
v   Apply screening criteria to the policy, program, project or plan.
    Determine whether an HIA is required.

v   Scoping will involve setting out the parameters of the HIA.
v   Establishing the Steering committee, choosing the appropriate level of
    HIA and agreeing on the Terms of Reference.
v   Select the appropriate assessor.
v   Undertake the HIA with a Health Impact Statement (HIA report) and
    recommendations for Health Risk Management (HRM).
v   Appraisal of HIA statement.
v   Negotiation with final choice of options for health risk management.
v   Change project, plan, program or policy as required.

v   Undertake monitoring and evaluation on the process, impacts and

v   HIA policy not approve yet by the National
    Committee for Environment and Health.

v   Need advocacy with relevant Ministries and
v   RGC not realize as priority issue.

v   The institution response on HIA undecided.

v   Neediness capacity on HIA among health
v   The procedures of the EIA is not include HIA.

v   Socio-economic growth within Cambodia can have
    both positive and negative impacts on the
    environmental and social determinants of health.

v   Initially assisted by WHO Country office: Draft Policy (2006)

v   Via National Committee for Environment and Health (NCEH) as
    National Steering Committee (all ministries “Minister of MoH as
    Chair”, Secretaries/Under-Secretaries of State of all ministries,
    and Director-General/Deputy Director General of national
    committee) to discuss and debate the HIA draft for consideration
    and adoption.

v   Assisted by NCEH Secretariat (Preventive Medicine Department,

v   HIA guideline(s), procedure(s) …is/are to be developed and
    consulted with stakeholders and development partners…, then
    it/they will be endorsed by NCEH.                       8
         COUNTRY                         ASEAN
Political Commitment         Network Coordination and

Institutional Coordination   Participation
and Collaboration             Promoting Sharing

Human    Resource            Information and Best
Development and Allocation    Practices
Logistic Supports            Capacity Building

Community Participation      Financial Assistances

Regional and International


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