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									 On the Move
              Joe Boissy,                    Ohad
              Vendavo                        Meitav,
              The Moun-                      Heptagon
              tain View                       The Singa-
              provider of                     pore-based
              enterprise                      provider of
              solutions                       intelligent
              to analyze,                     micro-im-
negotiate and close profit-    aging, sensing and light
able deals appointed Joe       systems for smart devices
Boissy chief marketing         named Ohad Meitav chief
officer. Recently, he served   technology officer and he
as CMO at 3VR.                 will work in the Mountain
                               View office. Previously, he
              Ron Fior,        held positions at Zoran.
              Technology                     Beth
              The Sunny-                     Prunier,
              vale provider                  SimplyHired
              of secure                      The Sunny-
              enterprise                     vale job
              mobility                       search
software named Ron Fior                      engine
chief financial officer. He                  appointed
is former CFO at Callidus      Beth Prunier senior
Cloud.                         vice president of sales.
                               Previously, she served as
              Mike             vice president of sales at
              Gridley,         CareerBuilder.
              Ventures                       Miriam
               The San                       Rivera,
               Francisco                     Lex Machina
               secondary                      The Menlo
               investment                     Park firm
firm focused on providing                     that helps
liquidity to early em-                        clients fight
ployees and investors of                      patent law-
venture-backed business-       suits by compiling a con-
es named Mike Gridley          stantly updated database
as a managing director.        of patent litigation named
Previously, he served at       Miriam Rivera to its board
Industry Ventures.             of directors. She is co-
                               founder of Ulu Ventures
              Denise           and former vice president
              Johnson,         and deputy general coun-
              Eating           sel at Google.
              Resource                       Mark
              Center                         Rotolo,
              The Los
Gatos organization to help                   Security
raise awareness through                      The Moun-
education via health care                    tain View
professionals and the gen-                   startup
eral public named Denise                     developing a
Johnson to its board of        new type of Web security
directors. She is a regis-     technology named Mark
tered nurse and health         Rotolo vice president of
care professional.             sales. Recently, he worked
                               at Palo Alto Networks.
              Kevin Lee,
              Superfish                      Olayinka
              The Palo Alto                 Sanusi,
              visual search                 GE Capital,
              engine                        Corporate
              developer                     Finance
              appointed                     The provider
              Kevin Lee                     of asset-
chief product officer. Previ-               based, cash
ously, he served at Zynga. flow and structured loans
                              and leases named Olay-
                              inka Sanusi vice president
                              of equipment and he will
                              work at the San Francisco
                              location. Before his recent
                              appointment, he held
                              financial positions at the

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