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Completion Report on the Use of GEF Manila Third Sewerage Project (P089082) Preparation Grants
as of February 14, 2007
1. Please find the Completion Report for the above mentioned PDF Block B Grant which was approved last September 29, 2005
with a funding of Three Hundred Fifty Thousand US Dollars (US$350,000) executed by the recipient.

2. The recipient has successfully completed most of the activities funded under the PDF Block B, and the outputs are satisfactory.
The specific activities funded under the PDF Block B are listed in the following table. A summary of the outputs is included. All
uncommitted funds for activities that were not completed will be refunded to GEF.

                         Approved                                                                 Actuals
Proposed Activities at Approval            GEF         Co-       Completed Activities         GEF         Cofinancing   Uncommitted
                                           financing   financing                              Financing   committed     GEF funds
1. Review institutions and policies,                             1. Institutional and Legal
identify overlaps and prepare terms of                           Studies and terms of
reference for streamlining institutional                         reference for partnership
arrangements                                                     planning and policy
                                            $50,000       $0     development and draft
                                                                 Memorandum of
                                                                 Agreement among the
                                                                 concerned agencies
2. Baseline condition and investment                             2. Baseline conditions
program                                                          study with a delineation
                                                                 of the watershed              $275,656     $40,000       $23,344
                                                                 boundaries and terms of
                                           $130,000       $0     reference for the review
                                                                 of the water and
                                                                 wastewater tariff
                                                                 structure and innovative
                                                                 financial mechanisms
3. Pre-feasibility study for prototype                           3. Pre-feasibility study
sewage-septage treatment plant             $100,000       $0     Joint Sewage / Septage
                                                                 treatment plant
                                                                 5. Monitoring and
                                                                 Evaluation Plan

                                                                 4. Stakeholder analysis,
                                                                 workshop, TOR for
4. Prepare GEF project document             $30,000       $0     partnership                    $33,546     $30,000         $0
                                                                 strengthening, build
                                                                 consensus, and prepare
                                                                 a stakeholder plan
                                                                 6. GEF Project
5. Conduct workshop, study visits                                7. Study tour /
                                            $40,000       $0     replication and                  $0           $0         $16,455
Total                                      $350,000       $0     Total                         $309,202     $70,000       $39,798

The total amount of uncommitted funds to be returned to GEF is US$ 39,798. This amount is for two individual consultant
services that were cancelled (US$ 23,344) and for two study tours to Malaysia and Vietnam for 12 people from DENR, EMB, EMB-
regional office, MWSS CO /RO, PRRC, and LLDA (US$ 16,455) which was forfeited.

The reason for increasing cofinancing from US$ 0 to US$ 70,000 is that during the course of preparation, the government and the
Maynilad Water Services Inc allocated $70,000 to staff time, office space and equipment, travel costs for the workshops and
consultations, and training sessions within and outside Metro Manila.

Sheet1                                                            1/3

Project Preparation Grant Management Budget
                              Approved                           Committed
                  Staff weeks     GEF       Co-       Staff    GEF          Co-financing
                                  Financing financing weeks    Financing
Local Consultants              80        $0 $40,000         85           $0      $40,000
                                0        $0        $0        0           $0           $0
Training                                 $0    $5,000                    $0       $5,000
Office Equipment                         $0    $5,000                    $0       $5,000
Travel                                   $0 $10,000                      $0      $10,000
Miscellaneous                            $0 $10,000                      $0      $10,000
Total                                    $0 $70,000                      $0      $70,000

Outputs from completed project preparation activities

The purpose of the PDF B Grant is to assist the Recipient in the preparation of a project document entitled GEF Manila Third
Sewerage Project (GEF-PPG Number TF0555659) which has at its main objective to complement the Manila Third Sewerage
project, particularly, to remove institutional and technical barriers in sewage and sanitation management and to provide the
Government with tools to better plan and leverage investments in these sectors in Metro Manila.

The development objective of the GEF-MTSP is to create an enabling environment to scale up investments in priority areas in
sewerage and sanitation in Laguna de Bay-Pasig River-Manila Bay watershed area to reduce pollution loading discharges in Metro
Manila through a) partnership strengthening; b) planning and policy development; c) innovative financing; d) use of market-based
incentives; e) water and wastewater rate rebasing; and f) demonstration of the viability of combined sewage and septage treatment
in Metro Manila.

Under the Fund, the global environmental objective of this project is to mobilize international and domestic financial resources to
support the GOP as it builds a fully-functioning partnership between key agencies responsible for environmental management and
pollution control, such that they can work together to remove the institutional, financial and technical barriers that limit investment
in pollution control in MM, thereby promoting new, efficient investment in facilities that reduce land-based pollution of the East Asia

The project preparation activities were divided into the following major components:

1. Institutional studies, strengthening of partnerships among stakeholders. The project achieved the following:
(i) reviewed the current institutional responsibilities for water pollution control within the Laguna Bay-Pasig River-Manila Bay
watershed area;
(ii) identified the institutions' manpower strengths and calibers, size of investment, operational budgets, actual water pollution
control activities, value added elements, gaps and needs, overlaps in policies, jurisdiction, and development plans; and
(iii) prepared the terms of reference for the formulation of convergence mechanisms and alternatives for streamlining institutional

2. Review Baseline Conditions within the Watershed Area and Prepare ToR for an Integrated Watershed Investment Program:
(i) reviewed available information on designated uses and socio-economic conditions of the watershed area;
(ii) held stakeholder consultations on major pollution sources and delineated the hotspot areas within the watershed areas;
(iii) prepared the terms of reference for the review of a tariff structure which supports scaling up investment in sewerage and
sanitation and requirements for investment in government-defined hotspots, and
(iv) prepared terms of reference for the formulation and implementation of an integrated watershed management program

Sheet1                                                           2/3

3. Pre-Feasibility Study on a Joint Sewage-Septage Treatment Plant (STP):
(i) identified design parameters for a STP to accept septage in order to demonstrate a prototype sewage-septage treatment
(ii) completed a pre-feasibility study of the selected system to identify optimal quantity of septage, required modifications in the
design and operation of the STP, estimated costs, engineering and equipment changes, and operating costs; and
(iii) formulated a monitoring and evaluation program to determine the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the joint sewage-
septage treatment plant

4. Conduct Workshops, Build Consensus, and Prepare a Stakeholder Plan
(i) conducted stakeholder workshops attended by stakeholders in the watershed to identify existing issues and constraints with
respect to integrated management of the watershed areas and build consensus among the stakeholders on these issues
(ii) prepared a stakeholder plan to guide implementation process

5. Prepare Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
(i) developed a project monitoring and evaluation program
(ii) developed a strategy to confirm the pollution reduction loading estimates achieved through the project
(iii) prepared monitoring and evaluation parameters on the institutional and regulatory reform component

6. Preparation of GEF Project Documents
(i) prepared GEF project documents

7. Replication and dissemination activities
(i) made presentations and disseminated materials to share information and recommendations of the project studies in
collaboration with the regional offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and PEMSEA
(ii) participated in national conferences to disseminate information on the project
(iii) prepared a dissemination and replication plan

Sheet1                                                          3/3

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