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                                             Issue Number 190
December ‘13 / January ‘14 issue:                                 November 2013
Thursday 21st November 2013                  email:

Clanfield Festival October Update
The committee met this month and discussed the recent organised events, namely
the Produce Show and the Art Exhibition. Several improvements were noted for the
Produce Show of 2014 which will be held on Saturday September 6th. The Art
Exhibition was down on exhibits and visitors this year and may be rested next year.
We agree that we would organise the following in 2014:

•   Saturday June 21st -a Village Fete with a theme of Midsummer and Druids,
    incorporating a do in the evening

•   Sunday June 29th - a Gardens Open

•   Saturday September 6th - Clanfield Produce Show
There's lots more detail on all the events to discuss and organise, liaising with the
Church and the School and gathering volunteers to display their gardens.
If you are willing to open your Garden in 2014 please contact me on the number
Our next meeting is on Monday 13th January. The meeting, as always, is open to all.
Unless numbers dictate the meeting will be at The Haven at 7:30
The Clanfield Festival committee's objective is to organise events in the village that
hopefully foster a community spirit. In running the events, the monies raised are
added to a fund that is open to all organisations to apply for a small grant towards a
project/event that benefits the village/Parish .
                                                  Glyn James, Committee Chairman
                                                  Mob – 07801451565; Tel - 810569

Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society
 That going to horse race meetings was a worse offence than duelling; discovering
how to tell if an Oxford woman is a prostitute and how a coal deliverer’s portrait
comes to be hanging in New College, were among the tales with which Richard O.
Smith entertained the society’s first meeting of the 2013-14 season.
Richard, a regular script writer for BBC TV and radio and author of several books
including one on ‘Oxford Student Pranks’, had a fund of stories, including that Richard
Burton – the explorer not the actor – objected to a fellow undergraduate teasing him
about his moustache, and on his second day at Trinity challenged his tormentor to a
duel. The challenged did not turn up, but Burton did as did the college authorities,
who suspended him for just two weeks. But later, when they discovered him
organising stagecoach outings to Ascot races, he was sent down.
It is the custom for Oxford colleges to have portraits of their founders in pride of place,
but because there was no such painting of William of Wykeham – and they had to
have a picture – the man who delivered the coal sat in his stead.
With women not allowed into the university until 1879, some 700 years after its
foundation, and dons barred from marrying for much of that time, the university issued
to a guide to students on how tell if a woman was a prostitute. These were, 1) If she
were out on her own; 2) If she was out after 9pm; and, 3) If she was out without
wearing a hat.
We heard the sad story of Gilbert Sheldon, who in building the Sheldonian Theatre
bankrupted himself, was sent to a debtors’ prison and never set foot in it; how the only
extant body of a dodo was accidentally burned, with only a foot and a beak saved;
and much else. It was a very amusing evening.
The society’s next meeting will be on November 19th at the Carter Institute, Clanfield,
and as always at 7.30pm, when David Palfreyman, bursar of New College and a
member of our society, will talk to us about ‘London Livery Companies’. We can be
sure that that, too, will be equally entertaining and I very much hope to see you there.
                                                                               Alan Smith

                                  APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
             A PHONE CALL
                 AWAY             ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                  CLANFIELD                  01367 810512
                                  MOBILE                     07711 427497
               Clanfield WI
               In September members of the WI were delighted to enjoy an evening
               of entertainment presented by some members of the Standlake
               Players – the Birkett family. They performed a selection of poems and
readings with a definite humorous theme.
In October, our Vicar, the Reverend David Lloyd gave a fascinating account of
Harvest customs through the ages and in different parts of the country, including the
history of the church Harvest Festival service. His talk was followed by a delicious
harvest supper prepared by the members. It was a lively evening.
Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday 12 November when we will be learning
how to transform papers into flowers! Come along a find out how! Further details: or ring Raena on 01367 810604.
                                                                                Liz Stevens

                        Why Not Drop In for Lunch?
  Now that the days are getting shorter and people are keeping warm inside, you don’t see
  so much of your friends and neighbours, so why don’t you call in to the Carter Institute
  for lunch.
  Every Monday we have delicious home made soup, fresh rolls, coffee or tea and biscuits,
  all for a small donation. You will get a warm welcome and you can sit around with all
  you friends catching up on all the gossip and news.

  We are open every Monday from 12.00 to 1.30pm
  during school term time (including half term). So
  give us a try, young and old - everyone is welcome.
           Monday Drop in Lunches
            Peter and Raena Farley
                  Tel 810604

Flood Prevention: Ditch Clearing
The Parish Council is working closely with landowners to ensure that ditches are
cleared to enable water flow and prevent flooding as we enter the ‘rainy season.’
On 12 October, a very cold and rainy Saturday, six local residents volunteered their
help. They successfully uncovered the culverts leading down the left hand side of
Marsh lane and deserve our very sincere thanks for their enormous effort.
Thank you guys
                                                                 Lynda Scott, Parish Clerk

For the attention of the Parish Council
Due to recent events I have spoken to over 40 people in the village regarding the
ongoing "dog" situation and to a person they all felt this matter needed urgent
attention and a good many of them stated that they felt the Parish Council were doing
little or nothing about it.
My feelings about it are that the recent sad events that have distressed us would pale
into insignificance should a more serious event occur.
I feel that this matter should be given the Parish Council’s urgent and utmost
                                                        Bob Cross, Pound Lane

Dog Behaviour – An Appeal To All Dog Owners
To Keep Their Dogs Under Control
There been several doggie programmes on TV recently. They wax lyrical about
canine intelligence and how dogs have evolved over the millennia to become such
perfect human companions. However not a lot of attention is paid to their more
negative aspects. As a dog owner I am very aware that my pooches, however much I
adore them, are not altogether perfect and am the first to hold my hand up if they
have done wrong. That warm, cuddly and doting creature can turn and on occasion
kill. And I am responsible for that.
However some owners do not react in the same way and sadly there have been
incidents within Clanfield which have been reported to the What? Sheep have been
attacked and more recently one of our residents lost one of their bantam chickens
which was very dear to their heart. Bob Cross was in his own garden when a Golden
Retriever dog rushed in and snatched up one of his chickens right in front of his eyes.
It was as much loved as any other pet. The whole episode has been very traumatic
and tempers have been severely challenged.
Whatever the rights & wrongs of these disputes we dog owners are ultimately
responsible for the behaviour and actions of our pets. It’s a fact and there are laws in
place to ensure this happens.
Just to spell it out I found this straightforward overview on
It’s against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control:
    •    in a public place
    •    in a private place where the dog isn’t allowed to be (eg a neighbour’s house
         or garden without permission)
The law applies to all dogs.

Out of control
Your dog is considered dangerously out of control if it:
     •   injures someone
     •   makes someone worried that it might injure them
A court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if:
     •   it injures someone’s animal
     •   the owner of the animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your
         dog attacking their animal
A farmer is allowed to kill your dog if it’s worrying their livestock.
You can be fined up to £5,000 and/or sent to prison for up to 6 months if your dog is
out of control. You may also not be allowed to own a dog in the future.
If you let your dog injure someone, you can be sent to prison for up to 2 years and/or
Please, please will everyone take more control & responsibility for the anti-social
aspects of their dog’s behaviour – barking/pooing/aggressive behaviour towards
people and other animals. If you don’t want these responsibilities take your pet to the
Blue Cross.
                                                                        Caroline Crisp


    For all your gardening needs
        Chain saw available

For one-off projects or regular
call Fred on 0778 613 8754 or
  01367 810255 (evenings)
   References are available

     Town Hall, Market Square, Bampton, OX18 2JH 01993 850137

     2ND TO 24TH NOVEMBER 2013

Featuring a variety of different media by our members, all of which has not been previously
on view in the Gallery. Artwork will include jewellery, ceramics, glass, handmade books,
sculpture, plus the usual high standard of wall hung artwork.

Join us for the Opening Reception and get to meet some of the artists on Saturday 2nd
November from 12-2pm
                                                               Portrait of an Artist by Diana Homer
There will be a short Remembrance Day service at the War Memorial at
10.50am on Sunday 10 November. The Clanfield Tavern will be serving
coffee afterwards

                       Produce Show Cups and Awards 2013
     Cup Name/Sponsor                  Description              2013
The Yeatman Cup              For the winner of Class 3                  Chris Daw
The Tom Horne Memorial       For the winner of Class 7                  Chris Daw
Cup                          runner beans
The Jim Eeles Memorial Cup   Awarded to the winner of Class     Mary Buckingham
                             8 tomatoes
The Ferguson / Crips         Awarded to the winner of Class             Chris Daw
Challenge Cup                13 longest runner bean
The George Farmer Memorial Awarded to the winner of Class         Martin Brezina
Cup                        14 Heaviest Onion
The Vegetable Tankard        Awarded to the exhibitor with        Martin Brezina
                             most points in the Vegetable
The Jean Pocock Memorial     Awarded to the winner of Class            Liz Stevens
Salver                       21 plate of fruit
Roger Palmer Trophy          Awarded to the exhibitor with       Nancie Greatrex
                             most points in the Fruit section
The Jack Kibble Dahlia Cup   For the best exhibit of Dahlias           Liz Stevens
The Fred Baston Cup          For the best exhibit of Gladioli   Mary Buckingham
The William Palmer Memorial Awarded to the winner of Class             Liz Stevens
Trophy                      26 best perfumed rose
The Roy Breeze Tankard       Awarded to the exhibitor with        Martin Brezina
                             most points in the Flower
The Petite Cup               Awarded to the winner of Class            Diane White
The Prince William Goblet    Awarded for best entry in Class           Diane White
                             31 Floral Art
Cheltenham and Gloucester    Awarded to the exhibitor with      Mary Buckingham
Building Society Goblet      most points in the Floral Art
The Clanfield W.I. Salver    Awarded to the winner of Class      Charles Willmer
                             33 Victoria Sandwich
The Jimmy Robertson Tankard Awarded to the best cake baked             Clive Clark
                            by a gentleman Class 39
The Granary B & B            Awarded to best marmalade             Caroline Crisp
Marmalade Cup                Class 43

The Prince Henry Claret Cup     Awarded to the best exhibit of                Simon Andrews
                                wine in Classes 46/47/48
The Elderberry Cup              Awarded to the winner of Class                    Glyn James
                                49 Sloe Gin
The Teresa Wrangham             Awarded for the best entry in                  Mathew Hillier
Children’s Cup                  Children’s Cookery Classes
The Tina Foreshew Memorial Awarded to the exhibitor with                          Diane White
Cup                        most points in the Cookery
The Swan Hotel Trophy           Awarded to the best knitting                      Carol James
                                exhibit in Class 52
The Nod Radburn Cup             Awarded to the best entry in                   Steve Coxhead
                                Children’s craft 55/56
The Joan Temple Cup             Awarded to the exhibitor with                  Elizabeth Tylee
                                most points in the Crafts
The Fox Russell Cup             Awarded to the winner of Class                   Alan Roberts
                                59 the Open Photography class
The Barbara Slocock             Awarded to the exhibitor with                  Charlotte Smith
Photography Cup                 most points in the Photography
Clanfield Children’s Painting   Awarded to the best entry in                     Sarah Hillier
Cup                             Classes 60/62/64 Colouring
The Youth Club Trophy           Awarded to the winner of                         Not awarded
                                design for 12-16 year olds in
                                Class 68
Clanfield Junior Cup            Awarded to the child with most                   Sarah Hillier
                                points in the Children’s section
Special Awards
The David Temple Trophy         Awarded to the exhibitor with              Martin Brezina (23)
                                the highest number of entries
The Small Silver Salver         Awarded to the entry judged                       Diane White
                                Best in Show by all the judges
                                & committee
The Silver Salver Trophy        Awarded to the family with the     (The Hornes/ Brickell/White
                                highest number of points                              Family)
Best exhibit in Show Prize      (Lobster lunch for two at the                     Diane White
                                Cotswold Plough at Clanfield)

                    truly bespoke hand-made kitchens
                                  & furniture for every room
                         designed manufactured installed serviced guaranteed

With a Kitchen
Design that is
right for you and a service that will make you smile,
contact Darren or Lindsay on 01865 370222
Or visit the workshop in Kidlington

                       Clanfield Football
                        and Social Club
                             Xmas bingo
                            Monday 9th December
                            Doors open at 6.30pm,
                             eyes down 7.30pm
                         Money prizes and raffle prizes
                                   Bar open
                     All very welcome but children under 16
                        must be accompanied by an adult
                        For more details please contact
                         Sue Richardson 01367810204
                          Angie Fisher 01367 810459

Spooky goings on at Clanfield Pre-School

                                        Winner of the pre-
                                        school Halloween
                                        Fancy dress Party

Lord of the Flies
Every year for a period of about three weeks some households
(particularly older properties) will have to tolerate a plague of small
[cluster] flies that live and infest small cracks and crevasses in the walls
of their homes. Many people escape the infestation but for those who
don’t they have to put with a constant swarm of flies which no end of fly-spray will kill
completely as they keep on coming and coming. But what are they and why does it
happen? Wikipedia tells us:- ‘The cluster flies are the genus Pollenia in the blowfly
family Calliphoridae. Unlike more familiar blow flies, such as the bluebottle genus
Phormia, they do not present a health hazard because they do not lay eggs in human
food. They are strictly parasitic on earthworms; the females lay their eggs near
earthworm burrows, and the larvae then infest the worms.
However, the flies are a nuisance; when the adults emerge in the late summer or
autumn, they enter houses to hibernate, often in large numbers; they are difficult to
eradicate because they favour inaccessible spaces such as roof and wall cavities.
They are often seen on windows of little-used rooms. They are also sometimes known
as attic flies.
The typical cluster fly Pollenia rudis is about 7 mm long and can be recognised by
distinct lines or stripes behind the head, short golden-coloured hairs on the thorax,
and irregular light and dark gray areas on the abdomen. Cluster flies are typically slow
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has published some even more comprehensive
information on the little varmints:-
Advice leaflet about Cluster Flies - These flies are commonly found throughout
Europe and the UK the name refers to their habit of clustering together in large
numbers and hibernating in buildings. There are several species found in the UK but
they are often found in mixed swarms. The sizes vary between species from 3 to 8
mm, but the commonest species are 3 to 4mm long.
Life Cycle - Eggs are laid on damp soil or beneath dead and rotting leaves. The
larvae of one species seek earthworms and bore through the body wall and are
therefore more common in the country. When the earthworm dies the larvae bore out
again and pupate in the soil. The adult flies feed on the nectar of garden and wild
As a free-living insect the length of the life cycle is weather dependent. In Britain two
generations are common, but in hot summers up to four are possible. During the
summer and early autumn cluster flies are of no importance. As the season cools they
seek shelter in nooks and crannies in houses and other buildings.
When the temperature drops further they will seek greater protection and often form
very large clusters in lofts or roof spaces. Often nuisance is caused by the presence
of these large clusters outside buildings while they try to find a way in to hibernate.

These masses may consist of several thousand flies clustered together. These large
clusters produce a sickly smell. If the flies are warmed up during their hibernation they
may emerge rather lazily and be a source of nuisance within the building.
It has been observed that a single building in a row of apparently identical buildings
will be selected for clustering year after year. This is no indication of poor hygiene
standards and no explanation for the phenomenon has been found.
Control Methods -Control of these insects is at best difficult. Ideally one would wish
to prevent them entering the building, but this is rarely possible. Fly proofing a
building is not 100% effective. However, caulking around windows, and sealing
obvious entry points can help.
When the insects are inside control can be achieved by a combination of physical and
chemical methods.
If your premises have been used for hibernation before, hanging insecticidal strips in
the loft or attic may be helpful in reducing the numbers of flies.
If the cluster is accessible a vacuum cleaner can be used to collect them, and the
vacuum bag can then be disposed of sealed inside a plastic bag.
Aerosol fly killers will deal effectively with small clusters, but larger ones may need to
be treated by a pest control contractor. However, it must be borne in mind that even
treatment by a pest control contractor may not be 100% effective. The insecticide
used may not kill those flies that are already hibernating at the time of the treatment,
and as the area warms up they will emerge.

Clanfield Football Club
Clanfield football club's hopes of cup glory this season suffered a setback when they
lost cup games against Abingdon United and Thame United in the same week, with
the extra time defeat against Abingdon occurring in the league cup, and the defeat
against Thame being in the Floodlit Cup. The defeat against Abingdon still means
they can take part in the Supplementary Cup.
 Both Abingdon and Thame our old adversaries of Clanfield's and I can recall both of
them previously playing Clanfield in cup competition. I was present at the 1988/89 F
A Vase tie between the clubs which Abingdon won 4-1 on their way to reaching the
3rd round proper for the first time in their history. In the previous round Clanfield had
beaten Vale Recreation of the Channel Islands 7-4.
Former Clanfield utility player John Blackmore has been an official of Abingdon United
for many years.
I was also present when Thame beat Clanfield in the Oxfordshire Senior Cup final at
Oxford United's ground in 1976, and in recent seasons have beaten us in the
Oxfordshire Senior Cup and F A Vase as well as the floodlit cup in recent seasons.
Both Abingdon United and Thame United are Hellenic League Premier Division clubs
who have returned to the league after a spell playing at a higher level.
                                                                        Malcolm Clarke

                           PATRICK STRAINGE
                               QUALITY MEAT
                           FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
     National Finalist Sausage                     Voted Best Sausages in South Of
          Championships                            England as seen on National TV

                     Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                                 Tel 01993 850350

   Simms Property Maintenance
                                             G . P. J O N E S
                                             GENERAL BUILDING &
                                            FENCING CONTRACTOR
Experienced and Fully Qualified City
                                           Brick & Stonework    Pergolas & Decking
  and Guilds Painter and Decorator.        Extensions           Closeboard
   For all your Interior and Exterior      Driveways            Stock Fencing
paintwork, minor plastering, repairs       Patio & paving       Chain Link
     and odd jobs. Fully Insured.          Plastering           Post & Rail
                                           Rendering            Panels
 Excellent references from previous        Drainage             Gates
clients. Very competitive rates. For a     Guttering & Fascia   Boat Moorings
 free no obligation quote please call
                  Tony:                    Call for a free estimate
           (01367) 810152 (Home)           Telephone: 01367 810464
         07879 335123 (Mobile)               Mobile: 07790 501181

  Charles                                                NO CALL OUT
                                                        CHARGE WITHIN
      HICKMAN Ltd.                                    LOCAL emergency call
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     Central heating installation     With over 30 years experience of
     New bathrooms/showers              installing Heating & Plumbing
     Upgrade heating controls              systems, small works and
     Outdoor taps                    maintenance, please call Charles for
     Washing machine installation     a professional and reliable service
     Small works

           (Clanfield) 01367 810457 or Mobile 07760 170625

I recently visited Clanfield to see them play Old Woodstock in the Hellenic
League. The match was won 6-3 by Clanfield, with five different players scoring for
them, and enabled them to complete their first ever double (winning both home and
away) against Old Woodstock in the Hellenic League. The aggregate of nine goals is
the most I have seen at a Clanfield match I have attended. Clanfield certainly played
some good attacking football and had chances to score further goals, but they did not
always look comfortable defensively.
I had arrived in the village early which gave me time to look around and I did have a
small snack at the Plough to supplement the food I already had, I did initially visit the
Clanfield Tavern, but they were not serving food at that time, although they said they
would be on Sunday.
It was also interesting to see some of the cottage names which had been previously
mentioned in the Clanfield What and I also passed the Carter Institute and the
Conference Centre.
It should be mentioned that the team were at the time of writing having a good season
on the pitch and would greatly value the support of the local community in their efforts
to maintain their position near the top of the table.
                                                                       Malcolm Clarke

Fuelling your community
home heating oil
fuels for agriculture and industry
monthly payments scheme
boiler servicing
                                                             Brize Norton
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     SWINDON (01793) 527171                 BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
     CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151               REPLACEMENT OF
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                        WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                     Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
For children in the age range 2-5 years       810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
in the Foundation Building on the school      01367 810587
site. Open every Monday to Friday from             Snooker Club
8.45am – 2.45pm during term-time. Call
                                              7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,
Jane Brown on 01367 810365 for further
                                              Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in
                                              the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie
     Women’s Institute                        Rawlinson on 01367 810265
Meetings are held every second                Email
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the          Monday Drop-in Lunches
Carter Institute. Notices giving details of
                                              Drop in at the Carter Institute every
the meeting will be on display in the Post
                                              Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
Office and village notice boards. All
                                              Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
welcome. Contact Raena Farley
                                              of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
Brookside Main St, Clanfield 01367
                                              and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                              Contact John Greatrex - 810609
     Mobile Library Service
                                                  Parish Council
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield       Lynda Scott (Clerk to the Council)
every other Thursdays; by the Church          1 Farmers Court
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens             Clanfield
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
                                              01367 810606 or 07789 653 308
     Historical Society
Monthly meetings between October and
May in either Clanfield or Bampton.
Details from Alan Smith on 01367
     Carter Institute                                   MALC NEWMAN
For bookings contact Mrs.            Kate      FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
O’Donnell on 01367 810440                                 TRACKS ETC
                                                VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
     Art Classes                                  BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further               TEL: 01367 810558
details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on                    MOB: 07984 602093
                                                   OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
     Bell Ringing                                (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact

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   FLOOD ALERT                             Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
    CLANFIELD                              Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
                                            Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
  PARISH COUNCIL                          (all handwritten articles must have a contact
EMERGENCY NUMBER                                  name and telephone number)
   07717 598 836                                         Jan Smith,
                                                12 High House Close, Clanfield
 Planning a Party, or maybe you                       For general queries
 would just like to have friends or                     please contact:
  family to stay and are short of               Liz Gaertner         01367 810465
 space; why not book a room at                  Caroline Crisp       01367 810452
        your local B & B?                       Charles Willmer      01367 810206

   WHEELGATE HOUSE                        The WHAT? would like to remind readers
                                          that it does not accept responsibility for the
  BED AND BREAKFAST                       content of any article printed. Views printed
                                          are solely those of the contributor.
                                          The WHAT? will publish all contributors’
                                          names unless anonymity is specifically
                                          requested. Anonymous articles and or
                                          letters will not be printed.
                                          The WHAT? reserves the right to edit any
 Elizabeth Gooddy, Wheelgate House,       article, where appropriate, according to the
       Market Square, Bampton,            available space.
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       The Cotswold Plough
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