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Bring your official documents to us soch as financial records, tax forms to select locations and advantages, we provide the best office shredding services.

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									American Security Shredding
 set the standards for area
  shredding companies by
 creating our Client Bill of
Office Shredding
These days’ corporate staff in large
numbers has to undergo traveling for
the business purpose. Therefore these
employees have flexible hours and
they work from home.
   Office Shredding Services

     Often important, unused and old confidential
documents keep increasing and thus keep causing the
 companies at higher threat of privacy breaches. This
  privacy policy extends beyond the office premises,
which necessitates the organizations to follow certain
  procedures for protecting their private information
            inside and outside of the office.
       Office Shredding Services

  There are numerous home shredding services who
 offer a pre-planned pick up from the place. You can
also carry your documents to them for destroying. Call
   them and their representatives will let you know
            about all your shredding needs.
Office Shredding Services

             They will come to your house, collect the
             items, put them into their shredding
             machine and everything will be
             destroyed within minutes. They also
             provide you with a certificate of
             destruction before leaving your house
             with the documents to be destroyed or
             after destroying.
    Office Shreddin
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        the quantity. S
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        fixed amount
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 If you want to s
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 plan out with y                    you can
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                  collect items in
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Office Shredding Services
This way the amount can be shared and it will work
out cheaper for both, thus solving their purpose. This
can be planned even among the family or friends.
Unused important documents can be collected in one
place and then avail the service at fewer prices by
sharing the total expenses.
New York secure Office Shredding Services
With the increase in work from home which is
followed by many multinational companies,
there is a need to have a regular office
shredding services.
Company Name: American Security
P.O. Box 402 Oceanside, NY 11572 -0402
545 Eighth Avenue, Suite 401 New York, NY
Toll Free: 1 800 882 1979

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