; Mined Diamonds That Are Fancy Colored
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Mined Diamonds That Are Fancy Colored


Expensive diamonds might be too expensive but many people today are after it. It’s the top choice when it comes to diamond rings and wedding bands.

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									                           Mined Diamonds That Are Fancy Colored

Expensive diamonds might be too expensive but many people today are after it. It’s the top choice
when it comes to diamond rings and wedding bands. High profile celebrities and royalties love wearing
precious stone jewelries when they are out in general public. Obviously, not everyone can own a
precious stone because of how really expensive it is. Lots of people then turn to lab created diamonds
instead of the original ones. To the naked eye, there’s no way of telling the difference among these two
types of gemstones because they are practically precisely the same, physically and chemically. Both
are made of crystallized carbon molecules and shine and sparkle in the same way.

The authentic diamond stones are the ones that go through in depth mining operation as these are
formed deep within the Earth’s crust under intense heat and pressure. Laboratory created diamonds
are still authentic diamond stones only that they are processed in a laboratory using devices similar to
how the original real diamonds are created. Carbon gets crystallized under intense pressure and
temperature. Experts call it HPHT or High Pressure High Temperature method and CVD or Chemical
Vapor Deposition.

The machines used for the HPHT method can build up a very high pressure and temperature to be
able to form the diamonds. There are three kinds of press designs that the HPHT method uses - the
belt press, the cubic press and split-sphere (BARS) press.

With Chemical Vapor Deposition, the that is energized inside a chamber. The CVD method is more
flexible and uncomplicated than the HPHT and it has the capacity to produce diamonds over large
areas on various substrates. There has been a lot of discussion about HPHT and CVD, on which of
the two methods is more promising. Each has its own pros and cons so both methods are still widely

It is quite rare to find mined diamonds that are fancy colored. Hues of red, green and pink are among
the rarest colored gemstones found. The presence of other components like nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.
as well as other circumstances during the creation of diamonds is the end result of such colors. Out of
a large number of clear diamonds, there can only be one colored diamonds found. That explains why
they are so overly expensive and can be impractical at some point. Diamond makers also can add a
wide range of colors to their diamond by manipulating the added chemical impurities during diamond
growth. In fact, lab created diamonds have more extreme and rich colors when compared to authentic
ones. These lab created colored gemstones are evidently as beautiful as the natural ones but are
more affordable to the masses but in no way cheap.

Probably the most very important main reasons why people enjoy lab created diamonds more than the
mined ones is because they are more Eco friendly. Large mining operations are performed to be able
to obtain genuine diamonds. Although some people still prefer the traditional real diamonds that is
actually created by nature, the negative effects on the environment of organic diamonds have
changed a lot of other peoples’ thoughts when it comes to buying a diamond stone.

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