Dare to be Different – Smokers can now Create A Personalised Cigarette Case for their Cigarette Packs by kalaimuthu


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									Dare to be Different – Smokers can now Create A Personalised Cigarette Case for their
Cigarette Packs

Smoke Screenz Ltd launches a worldwide first – a retail web site that gives consumers the
opportunity to personally design and purchase a cigarette case using their own pictures, images
and graphics.

Rickmansworth, United Kingdom, November 15, 2013 -- Smoke Screenz has now been launched
and for the very first time affords smokers around the world the ability to overlay images, pictures,
graphics or text onto a durable, lightweight, high quality, hard plastic cigarette case. Each case will
accept a regular King Size packet of 20 cigarettes. The neat design also automatically opens the top
of the cigarette pack when the top of the case is opened. Super Kings and other sizes will be made
available soon!

The Smoke Screenz service allows smokers to encase their normal cigarette pack in a hard-wearing
and crush proof 'jacket'. Each case can be easily stylised with graphics, pictures and text to reflect
individual personalities and tastes, in the same way that consumers have been able to do for years
with mobile phone cases and other products.

Most smokers will be fully aware of the harmful effects of smoking but now have the option to
conveniently hide the sometimes graphic health warnings that appear on all cigarette packs. Every
case designed to hold a regular pack of King Size cigarettes can also double up as a business card or
credit card holder accommodating up to 50 standard size cards.

Smoke Screenz provide two design options and all cases are printed on all six sides. The 'easy
option' allows for the uploading and sizing of personal images, pictures or graphics and for the
inclusion of text. With the easy option the main image that appears on the front of the cigarette case
is also automatically repeated on the back.

For the 'designers' amongst us the 'advanced option' enables the case to have a completely bespoke
design on all six sides. Both options allow the use of full colour!

Ian Lowe, a Director of Smoke Screenz, says “Being able to personalise a mobile phone case, an i-
pad cover, a car, even the human body and virtually everything else – why not a cigarette case?
With ever increasing regulations being placed on society now the smoking community around the
world have the opportunity to 'stand out from the crowd'.

Smoke Screenz personalised cigarette cases are printed using the very latest digital printing
technology and can only be purchased on line at www.smoke-screenz.com with shipping being
completely free to anywhere in the world.

Smoke Screenz Ltd
Wincot House, Shire Lane
Rickmansworth, Herts. WD3 5NR
07747 771551

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