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Zahid Hussain
Personal Details

                    Father’s Name        : Anwer Ali
                    Date of Birth        : 23-July-1981
                    Marital Status       : Married
                    Address              : Flat # D-402, Rubby Arcad, Garden East, Karachi
                    Email Address        :
                    LinkedIn             :
                    Skype                : zahid.hussaini
                    UAE Contact          : 00971559106210, 00971566530902
                    Pak Contact          : 00923462740471 (now)
                    Nature of Job        : PHP Developer/Web Developer/Software Engineer/MIS Software
                                         Developer/System Analyst and Designer

Professional Profile

I am an enthusiastic and professional web developer to build data driven applications having good
understanding of all aspects of web development from the database to UI design, who enjoys being part of, as
well as leading, a successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to
develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I am able to work well on my own initiative and can
demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant
pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively.


 I am now looking to build on my extensive range of technical skills within a suitably challenging role. I am
 keen to achieve further professional development.

    Professional Skills

    Strong web designing and development background
    Proficient in PHP and JavaScript
    Knowledge of JavaScript libraries (like Jquery)
    Understanding of the different web platforms
    Familiarity with software development best practices
    Capable of deploying PHP solutions on Windows using Apache
    Experience with version control, preferably a DVCS such as Mercurial (
    Understanding of the HTML5
    Comfortable with designing data models which can easily be adapted to new requirements
    Strong background in usage of asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) and familiarity with JSON and XML data
    Strong technical writing skills (with respect to design documentation and software requirements)
    Ability to quickly learn new APIs
    Good understanding of the software development lifecycle
    Little background in data warehousing / data mining (SQL Server and Pentaho with PostgreSQL)
    Adaptable approach to learning new technologies
Career Summary

Aug 2011- to-date        MIS Officer (Web Developer), Aga Khan Planning and Building
Service, Pakistan
Responsibilities and Developments
Majority of responsibilities includes MIS/GIS Software Developer
   Developing MIS/GIS application using latest technologies
   Developed Transport System, HR Appraisal System
   Working build with variety of survey related MIS using best practices
   Tools usage:
       o HTML5 (IndexDB)
       o JQuery
       o JavaScript
       o Code Igniter (PHP MVC Framework) – OOP based programming
       o Databases (PostgreSQL/PostGIS)
       o Tortize HG ( for versioning control)
       o Data warehousing (SQL Server/Pentaho)

Mar 2007- Aug 2011          Senior Officer (Web Programmer), EFU Life Assurance Ltd.,
Karachi Pakistan
Responsibilities and Developments
Majority of responsibilities includes Development, and providing support on already running software at
Branch level and Head Office as well
  Team member in development of recently developed website ( & Updating EFU
   Life Website – along with Online Client Portal and Online Credit Card Payment (Joomla, PHP)
 Extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirement definition,
   prototyping, designing, interface implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.
 Developed Web Portal of Bancassurance @ EFU Life (PHP)
 Web Page Developments of Intranet of EFU using PHP and Oracle
 Developed new Insurance Products using VB 6.0
 Developed Payment Input System that is accessed throughout the Pakistan Branches, developed using
   PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle and AJAX
 Developed a Web Based Illustration s/w that is being used by Bank as a Banc assurance Product, using
   JAVA, JSP, and ITEXT (PDF Reporting Tool)
 Updating Intranet Pages from time to time, developed using PHP and Oracle
 Work on Various Projects of Data Management (Freelance Projects) – Data Accessibility in Ms Access.
   Designed Accessibility Data Base System in Ms Access of The Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismailia Tariqa &
   Religious Education Board, Hyderabad.
March 2006- June 2006 Internee, Knowledge Management (Software House), Karachi Pakistan
 Training on Oracle Developer and Reports
 Task accomplished in oracle developer and reports

March 2005- May 2005      Internee, Bolan Bank Limited, Karachi Pakistan

   Worked on Banking software
   Worked on in-house software (under developed)
   Website related work
Tools usage

   HTML5
   Code Igniter (PHP MVC Framework)
   CSS
   JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery
   PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
   Web Designing & Development Tools (Macromedia Dreamweaver, Eclipse (PHP), Notepad++)
   CMS Joomla
   Photoshop
   Version Controlling Mercurial ( & TortoiseHg as a desktop application)
   JAVA (some applications development experience) and ITEXT (Pdf reporting generating tool)
   Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Module Based programming)
   Remote desktop sharing (TeamViewer &
   Active Reports and Crystal Report (initial experience)
   Oracle Developer Form/Reports (Project working knowledge)
   Oracle DBA (Project working knowledge)
   Microsoft Access XP (Project working knowledge) & Data Management
   Develop OLAP using SQL Server
   System Analysis & Designing (UML)
   C / C++
   Thorough Knowledge of Hardware & Networking

Academic Qualifications
2006    BS (Computer Science) from PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.
1999    HSC from Govt Muslim Science College, Hyderabad, Pakistan
1997    SSC from Govt Boys High School, Tarr Khowaja, Pakistan

University and Other Projects

   Completed university’s 2nd final year project (Individual) using Oracle both backend & front end, of NAPA’s
    Student Management System.
   Completed university’s 1st final year project (Individual) using Oracle both backend & front end, of
    Reliance Insurance Co.’s Insurance System.
   Work on Various Projects of Data Management (Freelance Projects) – Data Accessibility in Ms Access.
   Designed Accessibility Data Base System in Ms Access of The Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismailia Tariqa &
    Religious Education Board, Hyderabad.
   Worked on different semester-wise projects in VB 6.0, & Dreamweaver during University studies.


Reference would be furnished upon request.

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