The County Treasurers Association of Ohio by wuzhenguang


									                                  The County Treasurers
                                   Association of Ohio

The County Treasurers Association of Ohio

The County Treasurers of Ohio is an organization established in 1924 with the
objectives, exchanging experiences and ideas with all county treasurers of the state
of Ohio. Promoting and assisting in the enactment of legislation for the better
administration of Treasurers offices in the state, cultivating friendship among
Treasurers and Deputies of offices across the state; and elevating and improving the
intellectual, social and economic conditions of all employees of Treasurers offices
throughout the state.

The Association's goals are to:

  Promote and protect the interest of taxpayers
  Introduce and promote legislation for the benefit of all Ohio residents
  Prepare and assist in the enactment of legislation for the better administration of
  treasurers offices in the State
  Provide and promote professional education for our members
  Share solutions to problems through networking

Executive Director :      Thomas Steenrod
                          685 Pleasantview Avenue
                          Nelsonville, OH 45764
                          (614) 517-5072 Fax (740) 753-9309

Legislative Agent:        Mike Morrison
                          Government Advantage Group
                          100 E. Gay St. #701
                          Columbus, OH 43215
                          (614) 223-9580 Fax (614) 223-9583

Email Hub:                (will be established at a later date)
                                                              CTAO Dues Structure
                                                (Adopted by Executive Committee November, 2004)

Class                     1                2                  3               4                 5               6              7                  8
Population            1-20,000      20,001-35,000      35,001-55,000   55,001-95,000   95,001-200,000   200,001-400,00 400,001-1,000,000   Over 1,000,000
List of Counties   Harrison-15856    Adams-27330      Ashland-52523    Athens-62223     Allen-108473     Butler-332807  Hamilton-845303  Cuyahoga-1393978
and Population     Monroe-15180      Carroll-28836    Auglaize-46611   Belmont-70226  Ashtabula-102728   Lake-227511     Lucas-455054     Franklin-1068978
                   Morgan-14897     Fayette-28433      Brown-42285       Erie-79551     Clark-144742    Lorain-284664  Montgomery-559062
                    Noble-14058      Gallia-31069    Champaign-38890 Geauga-90895     Clermont-177977 Mahoning-257555   Summit-542899
                    Vinton-12806     Hardin-31945      Clinton-40543  Hancock-71295 Columbiana-112075    Stark-378098
                                     Henry-29210     Coshocton-36655    Huron-59487   Delaware-109989 Trumbull-225116
                                    Hocking-28241     Crawford-46966  Jefferson-73894  Fairfield-122759
                                    Jackson-32641        Dark-53309   Lawrence-62319   Greene-147886
                                     Meigs-23072      Defiance-39500   Marion-66217    Licking-145491
                                    Morrow-31628        Fulton-42084 Muskingum-84585   Medina-151095
                                    Paulding-20293    Guernsey-40792    Ross-73345      Miami-98868
                                      Perry-34078     Highland-40875  Sandusky-61792   Portage-152061
                                      Pike-27695       Holmes-38943     Scioto-79195  Richland-128852
                                    Putnam-34726        Knox-54500     Seneca-58683    Warren-158383
                                    VanWert-29659       Logan-46005  Tuscarawas-90914  Wayne-111564
                                    Wyandot-22908     Madison-40213 Washington-63251    Wood-121065
Total                    5               16                  23              16                16               6              4                  2
Percentage              2%               2%                4%              4%               4%               5%               5%                5%

2009 Salaries         39,157           42,172            45,182           53,214           61,247           68,275           73,294            75,860
                            As Amended November 18, 2008

         ARITICLE I – NAME

Sec 1    This organization shall be known as the County Treasurers Association of Ohio.


Sec.1    The objective of this association shall be to exchange experiences of the County Treasurers of
         the State of Ohio; to promote and protect the interest of taxpayers; to prepare and assist in the
         enactments of legislation for the better administration of Treasurers offices in the state; to
         cultivate friendships among the Treasurers and employees of the Treasurers offices in the state;
         and to elevate and improve the intellectual, social and economic conditions of all workers
         in the Treasurers offices in the State of Ohio.


Sec. 1   The membership of this association shall include the eighty-eight duly elected or appointed
         County Treasurers of this state and their assistants, deputies and employees.

Sec. 2   Each member of the association may participate in the meetings of the association and have the
         privilege of the floor when recognized by the President.

Sec. 3   When a vote is taken on any motion, each county shall have one vote which shall be cast by the
         Treasurer, or in the absence of the Treasurer, by any employee of that office who is present.

Sec. 4   All former County Treasurers shall be honorary members of the association and shall be afforded
         all rights and privileges of regular members with the exception of voting and holding office.


Sec. 1   The association shall convene in an annual meeting to be held in the fall of each year at a time
         and place designated by the President and approved by the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2   At the discretion of the President and/or the Executive Committee, the association may conduct a
         conference in the spring of each year.

Sec. 3   Special statewide meetings may be by the President or the Executive Committee and shall be
         convened upon petition at least forty-five County Treasurers’ signatures.

Sec. 4   The Secretary of the association or their designee, shall notify all County Treasurers in the state
         of the annual meeting and any other conference, seminar, or meeting being held by the
         association with the exception of committee meetings.

Sec. 5   A quorum of forty-five counties must be in attendance at any meeting for the conduct of


Sec.1    To be eligible for nomination and election to an office of this association, a member must
         currently be serving as Treasurer of a county in Ohio for which the annual dues of the
         association have been paid prior to the time of the annual meeting at which the election is to take
Sec. 2   The officers of this association shall consist of: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-
         President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Sec. 3   Each succeeding officer, in descending order from President to Secretary, shall be a member of a
         different political party.

Sec. 4   Officers of this association shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall hold their respective
         offices for one year, beginning the first day of January following their election.


Sec. 1   The President shall preside at all meetings of the association at which he/she is in attendance,
         provided that the President may temporarily relinquish the chair to either the first or second
         Vice-President during consideration of a particular item of business. The President shall appoint
         all committees with the advice and consent of the Executive committee. The President may
         execute his/her signature on all official documents necessary for the transaction of normal and
         reasonable business of the association and such signature shall serve to represent the membership
         as a whole.

Sec. 2   The First Vice-President shall preside at all meetings of the association at which the President is
         not in attendance and shall perform any and all other duties as assigned by the President.

Sec. 3   The Second Vice-President shall preside at all meetings of the association at which neither the
         President nor the First Vice-President is in attendance and shall perform any and all other duties
         as assigned by the President. In the event it should become impossible for the President to
         continue in office, for any reason, the Second Vice-President shall assume the position of Acting
         President until such time as a new President is selected and assumes the office.

Sec. 4   The Treasurer shall receive from his/her predecessor all financial records of the association,
         preserve the same in good order and promptly deliver such records to the next succeeding
         Treasurer; assume custody of all funds of the association, including invested funds; promptly pay
         all authorized obligations of the association; prepare and present at the annual meeting a full,
         complete and accurate statement of financial activity and position; and provide accurate and up-
         to-date financial reports as required from time to time by the President or Executive committee.
         Both the President and Treasurer of the association shall be signers on the association’s checking
         account. The Treasurer of the association will be responsible for investing association funds
         with the advice and consent of a majority of the Executive committee. As well, the Treasurer
         shall make his/her report to the Executive committee at their regular meetings and to the full
         membership at the spring and fall conferences.

Sec. 5   The Secretary, or designee, shall be present, to record the complete proceedings at all meetings
         of the membership and the Executive committee; shall prepare and preserve written minutes for
         all such meetings and shall make available a copy of such minutes to all County Treasurers in the
         State for the annual meeting and the spring conference; shall notify all Treasurers of all state-
         wide meetings of the association; and shall be the official correspondent for the transaction of all
         business of the association.


Sec. 1   Except when otherwise provided herein, all committees shall be by appointment of the President
         with the advice and consent of the Executive committee. All members, as described in Article
         III, Sec. 1 of this document, shall be eligible for committee appointment. The President shall
         name the chairman of each committee, except as otherwise provided.
Sec. 2   (A) There shall be an Executive committee comprised of the elected Officers of the association,
         along with the immediate past-president and the chairman of the Legislative committee. The
         President shall be chairman of the committee. In the event the President appoints an elected
         officer as chairman of the Legislative committee, there shall be no provision for filling the vacant
         position on the Executive committee and there shall be but six (6) committee members.

         The Executive committee shall meet monthly or on the call of the President or by petition of any
         three (3) members and shall have the full power and authority to transact any and all business of
         the association at any time the full membership is not convened.

         (B) There shall be a Legislative committee consisting of all of the members of the Executive
         committee, Presidents of the association’s four districts, and any number of members as
         appointed by the President. The President of the association shall appoint the chairman of the
         Legislative committee on an annual basis.

         The Legislative committee shall formulate legislative policy for the association and no proposed
         legislation shall either be promoted or opposed by anyone representing the association except as
         directed by a majority of the committee. The association membership convened may, by
         majority vote of the counties present, establish legislative policy irrespective of the policy
         established by the committee.

         (C) There shall be a Nominating committee consisting of the immediate past five years
         Presidents and the past President of the first preceding year shall serve as chairman. In the event
         any committee member cannot serve, for any reason, the President shall appoint the past
         President in next descending order. The committee shall consist of not more than five (5) or less
         than three (3) members. The Nominating committee shall propose and nominate a slate of
         officers to be elected at the annual convention each year.

Sec. 3   The President may appoint other committees as he/she desires and as the business of the
         association requires and shall appoint committees as directed by the Executive committee or the

Sec. 4   This association shall be a member of, and participate in, the activities of the Ohio Council of
         County Officials (OCCO) and, in accordance with the by-laws of said association, the delegation
         of this association to OCCO shall consist of the President, the immediate past-President, the
         Legislative chairman and two (2) other members appointed by the President.


Sec. 1   The amount of annual dues assessed to each county Treasurer’s office shall be determined as a
         percentage of the annual salary of the Treasurer of each county. The annual rate of assessment
         shall be established by the Executive committee, but shall not exceed the statutory rate
         prescribed in the Ohio Revised Code.

Sec. 2   In January of each year, the Treasurer of the association shall notify each County Treasurer of
         the amount of dues assessed to the county for that year. All dues are payable to the Association.

Sec. 3   Non-payment of dues shall not serve to deny members of the privileges of membership or voting
         rights except as provided in Article V, Sec. 1.

Sec. 1    In the event the office of President shall become vacant, for any reason, the second Vice-
          President shall become Acting President with all of the authority and duties of the President and
          shall serve in such capacity until the next occurring statewide meeting at which time an election
          shall be held to fill the vacant position.

Sec. 2    In the event that either of the officers of First or Second Vice-President should become vacant,
          for any reason, the remaining officer may fulfill the duties of the vacant office until the next
          occurring statewide meeting at which time an election shall be held to fill the vacant position.

Sec. 3    In the event the office of Treasurer or Secretary becomes vacant, for any reason, the President,
          with the advice and consent of the Executive committee, shall appoint an association member,
          who is a member of the same political party as the former officer, as Acting Treasurer or
          Secretary. Said appointee will serve until the next occurring statewide meeting at which time an
          election shall be held to fill the vacant position.

Sec. 4    When a vacancy has occurred in any of the elected offices of this association, the Executive
          committee shall determine when an election will be held to fill the vacancy. Such special
          elections will be held during any previously scheduled meeting at which all counties will be
          afforded the opportunity to attend or at a special meeting. At any such special meeting a
          majority of the counties must be in attendance for the conduct of business.


Sec. 1    The association may reimburse any officer or member for expenses incurred for activities
          performed on behalf of the association including, but not limited to, automobile mileage,
          overnight lodging and meals. The rate for mileage reimbursement shall be that allowed by the
          state government. Statements for expenses shall be submitted to the Treasurer and paid upon
          approval by the Executive committee.


Sec. 1    The association shall be comprised of four (4) districts. Each district shall elect a President,
          Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer and hold a district-wide meeting at least four (4) times
          each calendar year.


Sec. 1    All meetings of this association, including committee meetings, shall be conducted in an orderly
          fashion in accordance with the rules of parliamentary procedure as prescribed in the latest
          publication of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Sec. 1    These by-laws may be amended only at the annual meeting and/or the spring conference.
          Amendments may be proposed by any member of the association but all proposed amendments
          must be communicated to each county Treasurer at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day of
          the annual meeting and/or the spring conference.

Sec. 2    The by-laws shall be amended when two-thirds (2/3) of the counties present cast votes to
          approve the proposed change.
                      Ohio                                                           Ohio                                         Membership Application

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              ...                                                            ...                                                           Type of Membership:
                                                                                                                             Non-Governmental – $140
                                                                                                                             Governmental Budgets – Check below:
                                                                              Top Ten Reasons                                ( ) Under $6 million ...............................    $40

              Mission Statement                                               to Join Ohio GFOA                              ( ) Under $10 million .............................
                                                                                                                             ( ) $10 – $25 million ...............................
                                                                                                                             ( ) Over $25 million ...............................    $70
          By promoting the exchange of                         With your Ohio GFOA membership you can:
                                                                                                                         Please indicate membership category for which you are
       information among finance officers
                                                               10 Receive access to our on-line member directory         applying:
             of all local governments,
                                                                                                                             ( ) Library        ( ) School District
    Ohio GFOA works to meet the challenges                     9 Receive informative quarterly newsletters examining         ( ) Township       ( ) Special District (i.e., water
         of the ever-evolving profession                           issues impacting Ohio governments                         ( ) Municipality         districts, parks, etc.)
              of government finance                                                                                          ( ) County         ( ) State Agency
       and fosters increased cooperation                       8 Take advantage of the many resources available on
                                                                   our web site (                             Associate – $20 (students, interns, and retirees)
               among governments
                                                                                                                                        Total Amount Enclosed $____________
         and private financial institutions.                   7   Receive frequent legislative updates of interest to
                                                                   the finance officer
                                                                                                                               THE MEMBERSHIP YEAR BEGINS ON JULY 1
                                                                                                                                      AND ENDS ON JUNE 30
                                                               6 Join one of many committees for your professional
                                                                   growth and recognition
Ohio GFOA was the first organization formed in Ohio with                                                                                    Method of Payment:
the capacity to act as a conduit for the flow of information   5 Take advantage of the best networking                       Check enclosed (Make payable to Ohio GFOA)
among all local governments.                                       opportunities available to Ohio finance officers          Charge to: ( ) Visa            ( ) MasterCard
                                                                                                                                        ( ) Am Ex           ( ) Discover
The organization is governed by a board of trustees elected    4   Enjoy the social and recreational aspects of our                        (No other cards accepted)
by the membership and composed of three representatives            various meetings
from each of its seven membership categories.                                                                            Account Number: ______________________________
                                                               3 Have access to scholarship opportunities for
                                                                                                                         Authorized Signature: ___________________________
                                                                   finance office staff
                                                                                                                         Expiration Date: _______________________________
                                                               2 Satisfy your educational needs with finance-
                                                                   oriented CPE at excellent prices                      Address: _____________________________________

                                                               1   Attend different seminars throughout the state            Purchase Order # ___________________________
                                                                   created just for the finance officer                      (Application will be processed once payment is received.)

                                                                                                                             I prefer to receive the Newsletter:
                                                                                                                                         Electronically             In the mail
                       Ohio                                                                                             Ohio
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                                                             Columbus, OH 43215-3458
                                                             17 South High Street, Suite 200
                                                                                               Ohio GFOA
          Membership Application

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Please complete this application form and return to the

Ohio GFOA, 17 South High Street, Suite 200, Columbus,
OH 43215-3458. The application must be accompanied by
a payment of dues or a purchase order. Or join on-line via
the Ohio GFOA web site at
Membership dues are proper expenditure of public funds.
Ohio GFOA employer ID# is 31-1229036.                                                                          for
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E-mail _______________________________________
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The name of this organization is the OHIO COUNCIL OF COUNTY OFFICIALS.
It is not an organization that you join individually but by state association.
Currently, the County Treasurers Association is a member.

The purpose of the organization is to unite the various elected county officials
associations in Ohio in a joint effort to maintain the existing structure of county
government in this state; to initiate or support legislation in the General Assembly
which promotes sound, efficient and fiscally responsible county government; to
aid the member associations in their individual efforts to promote the enactment
of legislation of particular concern to association members or to the mutual
benefit of all county officials; and to further the efforts of this organization, the
member association, or any other organization designed to maintain and protect
the sovereignty of elected county officials in their sworn duty to best serve the
citizens of Ohio within the existing structure of county government.
The National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers

    The National Association of County
    Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers

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                                                                                        NACCTFO Officers 2008-2009                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                    Back Row, L-R Barbara Ford-Coates, Tom Malzahn, Ken Parrish, Stephen Holt
                                                              Front Row, L-R Michael Long, Kim Reynolds (Former 1st VP), Eileen King, Lance Beshires           2008-2009 Membership
                                                                                                                                                                  Dues Statement
                                                       NACCTFO is a national organization similar to your state treasurer, tax collector or finance officers
                                                      associations. It provides you with a great experience to gain diverse and differing methodologies and
                                                                  opens your thought process to a wider range of problem solving techniques.                    NACCTFO Brochure

                                                      When state legislatures pass new laws, they many times mirror laws that have been passed in other        Order Your NACCTFO (1 of 2)5/4/2009 10:36:43 AM
                               NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COUNTY
                                            PO BOX Y, GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49501
                                            TEL (616) 632-7513, FAX (616) 632-7505

Tom Malzahn
Kootenai County Treasurer                                                  DUES STATEMENT
PO Box 9000                                                                   2008-2009
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816-9000
TEL (208) 446-1011                    TO:                                                               CORRECTION INFO ONLY
FAX (208) 446-1017                                                                                       NAME
1ST VICE PRESIDENT                                                                                      ADDRESS
Kim Reynolds
Clarke County Treasurer
                                                                                                        CITY, STATE, ZIP
PO Box 157
Osceola, IA 50213
TEL (641) 342-3311                    PHONE # __________________________ FAX # __________________________
FAX (641) 342-6260              E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________
Lance Beshires                        This invoice is for 2008-2009 dues for the National Association of County Collectors,
Chester County Trustee                Treasurers and Finance Officers. It is billed to the Tax Collector, Treasurer or
PO Box 386                            Finance Officer whose name appears on our records. If incorrect, please make the
Henderson, TN 38340                   necessary changes in the area to the right of the address listed and return it with your
TEL (731) 989-3993
FAX (731) 989-3272
                                      COUNTY POPULATION                                           AMOUNT DUE 2008-2009
Eileen King
Riley County Treasurer
110 Courthouse Plaza                    200,000 or more                                                        $225.00
Manhattan, KS 66502                     100,000 to 199,999                                                     $175.00
TEL (785) 537-6320                      50,000 to 99,999                                                       $120.00
FAX (785) 537-6326                      Under 50,000                                                           $60.00
Stephen H. Holt                       Make the check payable to: NACCTFO and remit to: Stephen H. Holt, Jasper County
Jasper County Collector of Revenue
                                                                                       NACCTFO Treasurer
PO Box 421
Carthage, MO 64836                                                                     PO Box 421
TEL (417) 237-1062                                                                     Carthage, MO 64836
FAX (417) 358-0495                  Questions, please contact any of the Board Members listed in the left-hand margin.
Michael Long                          NACCTFO requests your support as an active member of this National Association,
Klamath County Treasurer              which exists to better serve our local, state, and national government.
PO Box 340                            Objectives include:
Klamath Falls, OR 97601                 • Promoting the professional growth of our members educationally and by peer
TEL (541) 883-4269                        communication.
FAX (541) 883-5165
                                        • Raising the level of government service efficiency to the general public.
                                        • Supporting and/or proposing national legislation beneficial to county government
NACo BOARD REPRESENTATIVE                 while opposing legislation believed or deemed to be detrimental.
Barbara Ford-Coates
Sarasota County Tax Collector
101 S Washington Blvd                 Your dues enable NACCTFO to actively pursue educational and legislative programs that
Sarasota, FL 34236                    are vital to the success of every local government. All County Treasurers and Tax
TEL (941) 861-8433                    Collectors should become a NACCTFO member and add your support to our national
FAX (941) 861-8338                    legislative issues. We encourage you to join today!

                                        NACCTFO, An Affiliate of the National Association of Counties (NACo)
                                                            Federal ID #63-1259220

The International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials, and Treasurers (IACREOT) was founded in 1971
by a group of government officials who wanted a professional organization which would provide a forum for the free
exchange of information, resulting in improved standards for serving the public. Although the founders belonged to other
governmental organizations, they felt these groups were unresponsive to their desires to establish an organization
which would speak with a unified voice on matters of importance to them.

Over the years, IACREOT grew in both membership and purpose. Professionalism in public service, openness, and
good fellowship became goals of the organization. Members are governmental officials whose responsibilities fall into
one of four areas – finance, land records, courts, and elections. Each of the four areas is a specific division with its own
director and education programs. As membership grew, so did the size of the Trade Show, which provides the
opportunity to see the latest technology and equipment, predominantly in the election field.

Today, IACREOT is one of the most successful, well-respected organizations in the United States, with over 1,600
members, representing local, state, provincial, national, and international associations and agencies. The elections
division has approximately 1,200 members and is the most active of the four divisions.

As an association, IACREOT is governed by its Constitution and By-Laws. The Executive Committee consists of 10
elected positions and 10 positions appointed by the President. The Executive Committee meets three times a year. The
IACREOT Board of Directors includes the Executive Committee and all Delegation Directors, representing each U.S.
state, Canadian province, and international member. The Board of Directors meets twice a year.

An Annual Meeting is held during the summer each year, where all delegates participate in the business of the
organization, elect officers, vote on the location for upcoming annual conferences, and participate in several educational
workshops and seminars. Numerous functions are held in the Trade Show to allow members to visit with vendors and
see the latest technology.

IACREOT has a strong partnership with IFES. In 1997, 40 IACREOT members participated in the parliamentary
elections in Albania as both observers and technical election experts sponsored by IFES. Numerous members
participated in IFES sponsored electoral assistance projects and conferences and IACREOT supports many IFES
works, including the Buyers Guide, which is distributed throughout the United States by IACREOT.

In response to the 2000 Presidential Election in the United States, IACREOT formed a Resource and Review
Commission of election experts who have participated in election reform matters for several months. Five resolutions
were adopted and passed by the Board of Directors in support of two existing federal agencies who have supported
election officials for many years. Resolutions were also passed reinforcing the rights of voters, the military, and the
disabled voting community. IACREOT members continue to participate in numerous election reform task forces,
election reform organizations, and with election vendors to improve services and equipment.

IACREOT, although a not-for-profit organization, is financially independent, thanks to the dues structure and donations
from groups and members. Fund-raising activities including auctions, social events, and special sales which benefit the
IACREOT education fund. IACREOT awards five (5) college scholarships each year to children of members, Members
come from the largest urban cities, to the smallest rural areas. All find worthwhile education sessions, information, and
new technology at IACREOT meetings.

IACREOT offers full individual memberships, deputy memberships, corporate memberships, and association
memberships, as well as life memberships for those who have retired from public service. There are more than 100 life
members in IACREOT.

Education has become a major emphasis of IACREOT members and IACREOT has partnered with a United States
University to develop 12 different course modules taught by university professors. After completing nine of the 12
modules, IACREOT members will receive a Chancellor’s Certificate in Public Administration. More than 100 members
are currently enrolled in this education program. Members may also benefit from receiving continuing education units for
various education programs offered at IACREOT meetings. These programs encourage continued membership in the
organization and continue to grow.
                    Benefits of being an IACREOT Member
                                      Membership Application

Connect with Colleagues: Other IACREOT members are your best resource for knowledge and
experience. IACREOT membership immediately connects you to an experienced group of professionals
with whom you can discuss shared concerns and successes, network and exchange information, which
will help you to better serve your public. Membership provides you with monthly e-newsletters, an
annual magazine, and timely “google blasts” on issues concerning responsibilities of our professions.

Immerse yourself in Knowledge at IACREOT Annual Conference: IACREOT Annual Conference
is held in the late summer of each year, in a different area of the United States. The 4-day conference
brings together hundreds of public officials from all over the world to attend seminars on relevant topics
presented by dynamic speakers focusing on four tracks of education pertinent to clerks, recorders,
elections officials and treasurers. These programs run simultaneously offering numerous choices of
educational seminars to attendees. Several programs are presented during the conference that appeal to
more than one fields, joining groups together for these universal topics.

Take Advantage of the World’s Largest Trade Show for professionals in your field: Each year at
IACREOT Annual Conference, exhibitors from all over the world gather in one spot to show you what
they offer. It may be the best that bookbinding services offer for real estate document recorders,
software for court case management or financial practices or the latest voting machine that election
technology offers, all under one roof. Vendors offer you a “hands on” demonstration showing the
benefits of their product line so that you can make excellent purchasing decisions for your agency.

Interact with Experienced Colleagues to solve your Challenges: IACREOT offers you a unique
setting to network with public officials from all over the world, in person at conferences or by telephone
or online through email correspondence. Tap into the wisdom of an experienced professional by
joining a committee or striking up a conversation with your peers. The professionals you network with
through your IACREOT membership are eager to share their experiences and provide advice to help you
solve your office challenges.

Share your best Office Practice and win the “EAGLE AWARD”: IACREOT recognizes excellence
in office accomplishments by offering a special award that acknowledges our members who have been
successful in overcoming challenges. An award is given out annually in each division (clerks, recorders,
elections officials and treasurers) when a best practice is submitted which shines above the rest in the

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- International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials, and Treasurers

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