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									SSU Intramural Sports Point System
Point System
Fraternity, Sorority, and Dorm divisions will utilize a comprehensive Intramural point system. Points will be updated after the completion of each sport or event. (ALL participants must be in the fraternity, sorority, or dorm to receive points). Participants have one week to review each update, at which time the points become final. Fall semester champion will compete against the Spring champion in a two out of three sport playoff to determine the overall champion. Each organization will choose one approved sport and the Recreational Sports Department will choose a tiebreaker sport (if needed). The champion will have their team name engraved in a trophy kept in the Rec Center lobby for all to see. Dorms will be divided into 7 different areas: Cabernet Village, Verdot Village, Zinfandel Village, Sauvignon East, Sauvignon West, Beaujolais Village, and Tuscany). Remember in order to receive points for your village, all participants on the team need to be from that area. 1. Team Sports Flag Football, Volleyball, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, 5on5 Basketball, Softball. 1. 50 team entry points 2. 15 points per win or bye 3. Minus 25 points for forfeits 4. 10 points for making playoffs 5. Final Points 250, 200, 150, 100 6. May have unlimited teams, but only the top team will earn points. 2. Intermediate Sports 3 x 3 Basketball, Dodge ball, Golf, Kickball, Badminton 1. 25 team entry points 2. 5 points per win or bye 3. Minus 25 points for forfeits 4. 10 points for making playoffs 5. Final Points 100, 75, 50, 25 6. May have unlimited teams, but only the top 2 teams will earn points. 3. Minor Sports Tennis, Homerun Derby, Running Events, Card or Board Games, Ping Pong, Billiards, 1. 5 points per participant up to 25 points 2. 5 points for win or bye 3. Minus 15 points for forfeits 4. Final Points 75, 50, 25, 15 5. Entries: * 5 individuals per singles sports 4. Miscellaneous 1. Outright Championship = Fall Semester Champion vs. Spring Semester Champion 2. 25 points for all scheduled meetings 3. Co-Ed Sports: Teams will receive half the points. If both a fraternity and sorority form a co-ed team, each will receive half of the total number of points. (All players must be in fraternity, sorority, and/or dorm to receive points. 4. Officials (Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Softball) 1. Three officials per chapter/area maximum per sport 2. 10 points for clinics (5 class and 5 practical) 3. 2 points per game 5. Payments: $400 per semester = 1 free entry for team sports and 3 free entries for individual sports.

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