Minor Gas Leak - King Hall Dorm - Cheyney University of by panxiagong


									                            Cheyney State University of Pennsylvania
                             Cheyney University Police Department
                                        McKnight Rogers
                   Lawrence W. Richards, Director of Public Safety- Chief of Police
                                    Email: lwrichards@cheyney.edu
                                      (610) 399-2123/2330 phone
                                             (484) 574-0959


Gas Leak 11-9-11

10:06 AM – Cheyney Police reported a smell of natural gas coming from King Hall Dorm –
contacted Facilities immediately.
10:12 AM – Within 6 minutes - King Hall evacuated – Gas company notified
10-16 AM – 4 minutes later - Dispatch called 911
10:27 AM - Concordville Fire Company arrived on location 11 minutes later
10:36 AM - West Chester Fire Company arrived on location
10:38 AM - Edgemont Fire Company arrived on location
10:58 AM – Fire companies cleared location
11:39 AM – students returned to King Hall

Students displaced for 93 minutes

Cause: New Boilers were installed in King Hall in 2010. The systems were started up in mid –
October by the Contractor who was on location and approved and monitored the start ups. A
very small leak developed in the lead boiler at the burner unit. The Contractor was notified
immediately and make the small repair to the piping connection within 4 hours of the start of the
leak by 2:00 PM on 11-9-11.

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