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									Unique iCAT3 Online Content Management Software

Caltron’s iCAT3, all-online content management software is specifically designed to work with the
MP-1080N Network HD Digital Signage Player. This unique software is capable of updating content
through any web browser and can update content remotely, if there is a stable internet connection.

Fremont CA - When working with advertisements or displays, both small and large dooh (digital-out-of
home) company projects will look for a digital signage player that has a very user friendly interface to
work with, especially if it is a network player versus a standalone looping player.

Caltron’s MP-1080N uses an all online content management software system to manage the player’s
scheduling and playlist of all content that is needed for display.The iCAT3 online content management
software was designed to manage Caltron’s MP-1080N easily and accurately. The online software
allows for users to manage and update content conveniently through a remote location. Providing an all
online content management system allows for players to be place anywhere in the world and can be
easily updated if and when there is new content that needs to be shown. The simplicity and easy-to-use
online management software allows for users to conveniently update playlists and schedules for each
player, located anywhere, with minimal to no assistance with setup as the software is designed to be
extremely user friendly and simple to operate. Since iCAT3 is an all online content management
software, anyone with a steady internet connection can access the software at any location to update
content as needed.

The MP-1080N, Network High Definition Digital Signage Media Player is a very unique player, as it
requires the iCAT3 online software to function. The player was built specifically to operate through the
iCAT3 software only. ICAT3’s main function is to allow media to be uploaded onto the server, create
a playlist for each player or a group of players, create a schedule for designated playing times and
provide status updates of each player through the software. ICAT3 also serves as a content layout tool
since there is an option to add in desired features to the program that will tell the player what to play.
The content management software is designed so that users can utilize the software with ease through
elaborate functions that is designed to be easy to used and understand for configuring content and
designing layouts for any display. Templates can be chosen to create menu boards to have zoning
options to have multiple content displaying at one time on the screen. Unique functions in the online
management software also allows a date, weather, company logo and RSS feed to be added as well.
An easy to use drag and drop allows the user to resize zones selected for the user to choose what size
each zone should be. iCAT3 also serves to manage each player by providing constant log updates of
any new activity incurred on the MP-1080N. A key special feature that this software has it that it can
tell the player what to play during the scheduling and will have the next playlist and schedule download
into the player in the background so that there is no delay when it is time to switch to a new playlist or
schedule, should it be different from the current one.

As with all players with free software, there are generally some limitations to keep the costs at a
minimum. Each registered account will have a 100MB storage limit provided by Caltron Industries.
Generally 100MB will suffice for most applications, but sometimes will not be suitable for all
applications. For applications that require more than 100MB of online storage, there are special options
available for these circumstances. Licensing options are available to applications that require a larger
storage space. With licensing for applications, there is a licensing fee that will be charged to do this.
Each application can then modify and update the software accordingly to meet the needs of the project.
This can be beneficial for any project that requires content that has a large file size. Licensing the
ICAT3 software for company use can allow for custom designs and features for the user and/or
company. This allows for iCAT3 to be unique for each user.

For questions or concerns, please contact a Caltron sales representative by calling 510-440-1800 or by
emailing sales@caltronind.com.

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