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									Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Bio-related research in Pitt ECE (approx. 30% of faculty)

• Computer Engineering
– CAD, optical interfacing, software engineering, parallel processing architectures, biomedical applications of RF and digital systems, energy harvesting, analysis and control of robotic manipulators, VLSI design, embedded computing

• Signal & Image Processing; Communications
– Biomedical image processing and compression, wavelets, time-frequency analysis and applications, speech processing, communication and information theory and systems

• Control Theory; Power Systems
– Control theory applied to biomedical applications, DODcommand, control & communication; power generation and control

• Electronic Devices
– Photonic & electronic nano-devices, quantum well optoelectronic devices, ferro-electric memory, power electronics, high frequency device fabrication and analysis
W.E. Stanchina

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Examples of Bio-related research in ECE

Time-Frequency analysis in the study of balance disorders

“Harry” at the Smithsonian – RF chips in each eyelid to assist Bell’s Palsy sufferers
Analysis of how the neural system solves the control and coordination problems in hand movements.

Developing nanowire-based sensors for biomolecule detection.

W.E. Stanchina

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Examples of Undergraduate Projects
Undergraduate Research Project

Senior Design Project

Amplifier for Neurological Signals

A Noninvasive “Smart” Medical Device for Effectively Eliminating Head Motion during Radiation Therapy
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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Beneficial Practices


Topics best defined by medical collaborators seeking technical insights but where Engineering Faculty hold significantly important and deep knowledge (i.e. a collaboration of equals)
– Sub-theme: ideal if some MDs also have technical PhD and some engineering PhDs also have an MD – Sub-theme2: work with Bioengineering; they are often a perfect interface

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Introduce new faculty candidates to ECE faculty doing bio-related research, med school faculty, and/or bioengineering faculty Must have someone on research team with experience/reputation in NIH funded programs Answer the phone and respond quickly and with enthusiasm when interested bio/med faculty call Create an environment that advocates bio-related research in ECE (from Provost through Dean through Chair/Head) Involving undergraduates can be good – they are often quite inventive and curious, usually have high energy, are fearless
W.E. Stanchina

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