Nov.-Dec. 2007

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					    Nov.-Dec. 2007
    Volume 2, Number 6
                                     SAUSALITO NEWS
Sausalito Home Owners’ Association                                 

      Home Owners’                              HOA Passes 2008 Budget
       Association                            4% Dues Increase Is In Line With Projections.
      Board Members
                                 The 2008 Budget was unanimously             expenses and the maintenance reserve
  Jay Dobberstein (Unit 508)     approved at the December 6 HOA              fund.
           (206) 933-5985        Annual Budget Meeting by the Sausalito                                               This, of course, assumes no major
                                 Board of Directors and the homeowners
             President                                                       surprises. For example, due primarily to
                                 in attendance.
                                                                             escalating insurance costs and repairs
   Rose Monahan (Unit103)                                                    for minor water damage from the
                                 The budget includes a 4% dues
        (206) 938-0280                                                       November 2006 storms, a neighboring
                                 increase over those in 2007, which is
                                                                             condominium recently had to have their
        Vice President           consistent with the assumptions used
                                                                             Association approve a whopping 37%
                                 when the Board developed the Sausalito
                                                                             dues increase.
   Julie McKnight (Unit 304)     long-term financial plan last year.
       (206) 938-7986                                                        We as homeowners always need to be         This increase, along with future similar    prepared for the changing environment
         Treasurer               increases, should allow the Association     that the Association does business in.
                                 to adequately fund both operating
   Scott Kunnanz (Unit 501)
        (206) 933-9799

                                        The Sausalito Maintenance Report

  Katrina Beckman (Unit 105)
           (206) 937-0711        With our building turning five years old,   As with any building, time and use are     some of the newness has faded away,         beginning to also show up as wear in
      Member At Large            and we’ll start investing in maintenance    our common spaces, such as our
                                 activities which will keep our building’s   hallways and lobbies. So beginning this
      HOA Board email            systems functioning properly and it’s       year, a regular painting and carpet       appearance looking spiffy.                  shampooing      schedule     will   be
                                 Most of the items we’re going to focus
   Property Management           on were taken directly from our             Estimates will be procured, and then a
            Chris Scully         Maintenance Reserve Study, The study        rotating schedule set up based on them.
          Kappes-Miller          is a roadmap that helps the board make      It’s anticipated that the first floor will be     the right investments at the right time     shampooed semi-annually, and that two
    Direct (206)   223-0712      and assures that the value of the           other floors will be done annually. Spot
                                 building stays high.                        shampooing will be contracted on an as-
    Office (206)   287-9947
                                                                             needed bases. The painting will either
     Please page for 24 Hr.      Annual envelope inspections will be
                                                                             be all at once every two to three years,
     Emergency Response          contracted out to monitor the siding, as
                                                                             or split in half similarly to the
                                 well as the roofing (two of the most
                                 common areas where condominiums
                                 experience failures).                       We’ll keep you posted on these and
                                                                             other efforts, in our continuing work to
     4 Thursday of every
                                 Inspections of the building’s HVAC
                                                                             maintain our investment here at
       month, 6:30pm.            system, stair and elevator pressurization
                                                                             Sausalito Condominiums.
      Meeting/Mech. Rm.          fans and fire dampers, will be increased.
     Top Level South Stair
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      Extensive Garage Cleaning Coming Soon
As many of you have noticed, our                     To our surprise, this has been a much
garages are very dirty, particularly P2.             more difficult task that we had thought.
                                                     Washing or wet vacuuming has been
When our building was nearing
                                                     ruled out by most companies due to the
completion five years ago, the builder
                                                     liability of having open cage storage
cleaned construction debris and dust off
                                                     units on P2.
of P1, and it was temporarily used as
guest parking by prospective buyers.                 To avoid delays, we have hired a
Level P2 however, continued to be used               company to at a minimum, dust and
by construction crews for some time.                 vacuum the garages, and deep clean
Consequently, when the building was                  the painted exiting pathways (which is
finished and the crews left, they failed to          actually required per code).
clean that level, since owners had
                                                     When       the   cleaning     is actually
already begun to move in and were
                                                     scheduled, we shall post notices
occupying the stalls
                                                     throughout the building, as it is
This, coupled with the dust and soot in              imperative that all cars be out of the
the air from (some from our industrial               garages on that particular day. The
neighbor to the north), have now built up            cleaning will occur during daytime
to the point where the numbers on the                business hours, so most people along
parking spaces can hardly be seen. Not               with their cars will be gone anyway.
to mention the continual layer of dust on
                                                     We are still interested in an even deeper
the cars and infiltrating storage units.
                                                     cleaning of the garages eventually, and
You can imagine what this dirt and dust
                                                     in making this a more regularly
is doing to the carpets on the upper
                                                     scheduled event.
floors. It’s also not so great for us to be

 How Much Do You Know About Seattle’s Weather Past?
Seattle has experienced some stormy
times these last two Decembers. A look
into the records shows that Seattle has
a pretty interesting weather history.
Check out these tidbits:

• It snowed in Seattle on July 28
• The October 1962 Columbus Day
  Wind Storm had gusts which pegged
  the measuring devises at 150 mph,
  before they were suddenly knocked
                                                    Deep snow in the great 1880 storm (First and Main).
• The 1880 snow storm recorded six
  foot snow drifts in downtown Seattle.
• Hottest Day July 9, 1981 (103°F)
• Coldest Day Jan. 31, 1950 (0°F)
• And, despite it’s rainy reputation,
  Seattle actually receives less annual
  rainfall than New York, Atlanta and

(From the Western Regional Climate Center)         Snowy streets in the storm of 1916(First and Pike).
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          A Few Friendly Pet Owner Reminders
It’s time to give a few friendly pet reminders to our owners. Because, as we know …
there are no bad animals. They count on us, their owners, to know and follow the rules.
• All animals must be in a container or on a leash at all times, when in garage or other
common areas.
• Prevent animals from jumping up on others (it’s bad manners and some are fearful,
allergic or simply dislike animals, not to mention your could knock somebody over and
injure them).
• Ask before touching any animal that is unknown to you.
• Pick up and dispose of all pet waste in appropriate receptacles.
• No guest pets are allowed.
• Small pets, if not on a leash, are to be transported in a carrier.
• Remember, not all dogs like each other. Keep a tight rein and be on alert when
encountering another animal.

                  A few Seasonal Courtesies
With another holiday season upon us, we thought it appropriate to list a few seasonal
• Observe all quiet hours.
• If entertaining, consider notifying your neighbors in advance, as a courtesy.
• Do not admit ANYONE in the building not known to you!
• Advise guests to use the call box or greet them personally at the main entrance.
• Remember that unattended packages can be at risk of theft. Consider having
packages held for pick-up or sent to a secure address.
• Dispose of trees properly (See below)
• Cut down all boxes and press flat! This is a fineable offense.
• Recycle only items that are recyclable. Refer to your trash guide.
• Do not wait for trash to accumulate. Do not overfill dumpsters.

                          Holiday Decorations
Although the Association Board may approve seasonal decorations for the lobby areas,
decorations may not be hung or placed in the common areas or on individual unit doors.
(This includes door mats as well). You may however decorate your deck and railing, but
please use discretion. Be sure lights and decorations are securely fastened and cannot
blow away. Use lights which are intended for outdoor purposes, and DO NOT use
blinking or strobe type lights. Outdoor decorations should be removed by January 15 .
As always, please, do not leave candles unattended.
Residents who bring in real trees must transport them in and out of the building in a tree
bag that is tied shut. Be sure to clean up any stray needles that may have fallen while
transporting the tree either in or out. Never attempt to dispose of trees by leaving them
for pickup anywhere on the property. The transport of trees to the transfer station is the
responsibility of each home owner, lessee and resident.
Seattle residents can also drop off their holiday trees and greens for free at Seattle Public
Utilities’ North and South Recycling and Disposal stations between December 26, 2007
and January 13, 2008.The tree sections must be cut to eight feet or less in length and the
trunk must be four inches or smaller in diameter. The limit is three trees per vehicle. Only
trees without flocking or decoration may be disposed of free of charge.
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            Hey, the Parking Spaces are for vehicles only
Yes folks, a quick reminder to us all that         This brings us to another point, that if      “I stopped believing in
our parking spaces are intended for               it’s just something biding it’s time until a   Santa Claus when I
                                                                                                 was six. Mother took
parking cars only, and are not intended           decision is made about it’s disposal,
                                                                                                 me to see him in a
to serve as extended storage space.               there are other alternatives to the            department store, and
                                                  Transfer Stations. There are numerous          he asked me for my
Aside from just not looking great, it can
also attract thieves, as well as present a        charitable donations including Northwest       autograph”
host of potential fire hazards.                   Center, Salvation Army and Goodwill,           - Shirley Temple
                                                  which are all within driving distance.

             Additional Recycling Pickups Starting Soon                                          “New Year's Resolution:
The City of Seattle has agreed to add an          And the best part is that the additional       To tolerate fools more
additional weekly recycling pickup, due           pickup will not be charged to us. Keep         gladly, provided this
to the increased amount of recycling              up the good work everybody.                    does not encourage
being generated here at Sausalito.                                                               them to take up more of

               West Seattle Schedule of Events
                                                                                                 my time”
                                                                                                 - James Agate

  Did you know that there are quite a few activities and events happening in our own
  neck of the woods? Here are just a few (include a couple of non West Seattle biggies):
                                                                                                 “Operator! Give me the
  Dec. 5-23          The Gift of the Magi (Arts West Playhouse)
                                                                                                 number for 9-1-1”
  Dec. 22, 2007      Sleigh Ride & Gumbo Feast, (Delridge Community Center)
                                                                                                 - Homer Simpson
  Dec. 19, 2007      Free Concert (Hope Lutheran Church)
  Dec. 27, 2007      Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza Project fundraiser (Duke’s on Alki)
  Dec. 28, 2007      Ron Stubbs comedy hypnosis show (Admiral Theater)
  Dec. 31, 2007      New Year’s Eve (Kenyan Hall, Seattle Center, Benaroya, Etc.)
  Jan. 3, 2007       Winter Carnival (High Point Community Center)
  Jan. 6, 2007       West Seattle Farmer’s Market Winter Schedule Begins (11am-2pm)
  Jan. 9, 2007       Annual Meeting (West Seattle Chamber of Commerce)
  Jan. 12, 2007      Walking Tour of Highpoint (High Point Library)

                              Emergency Numbers                                                  Special Thanks
  Emergency…………………………………………………....……………. 9-1-1
                                                                                                 to those who contributed
  Crisis Clinic…………………………………………………… …. (206) 461-3222                                            to this issue!!!!
  Police (Non-Emergency)…………………………………………(206) 625-5011
  Fire (Non-Emergency)…………………………………………...(206) 386-1400
                                                                                                 A shout out to:
  Chris Scully (Kappes-Miller)…………………………………..(206) 223-0712
                                                                                                 Jenaya Van Horn
  Kappes-Miller (Business Hours)……………………………….. (206) 287-9947
                                                                                                 Karen Reed
  Seattle Police Dept. (Southwest Precinct)………………… …. (206) 733-9800
  Poison Center………………………………………………....... 1-800-222-1222
  Seattle City Light (Emergencies)…………………………....... (206) 684-7400
  Seattle Public Utility ……………………………………………..(206) 386-1800

Note: Do you have ideas to contribute to the Newsletter? Please contact Jenaya Van Horn
at 226-1872 or Scott Kunnanz at 933-9799. – Thanks!

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