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March 2010


									                     Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
                Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
   Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America *Sacred Metropolis of Atlanta
                              1217 Trinity Wo o d s L a n e M a i t l a n d F L 3 2 7 5 1
       Church phone: 407-331-4687 • m a i l @ h t g o c o r l a n d o . o rg • w w w. h t g o c o r l a n d o . org
                   Rev. Father Constantin e S i m e o n i d i s          f r c @ h t g o c o r l a n d o . o rg

       W H AT ’ S I N S I D E                                         March 2010
Tables Extraordinaire ......................2                          Annunciation of the
Ministry Contacts.............................3                           Theotokos
Father’s Message..............................4

Annunciation of the Theotokos........5



Our Ministries...........................12-13

Philoptochos ..................................14

Holy Week Schedule......................15

                                                                  Today marks the crowning of our
Greek Fest.................................18-19              salvation and the revelation of the mystery
                                                                before all ages. For the Son of God
                                                                  becomes the son of the Virgin, and
Calendar ........................................23           Gabriel proclaims the grace. Wherefore,
                                                               we also cry out with him, “Hail, O full
                                                                    of grace, the Lord is with you.”
   EnchAntEd ForEst                                                           VEni, Vidi, Voro

    AutuMn’s Glory               All stAr BAsEBAll                      BrEAkFAst At tiFFAny’s

                                                       ~ Thank You ~
                         A special thank you to our twenty five creative Table Hosts, Supporting Sponsors,
                              Silent Auction Donors, Chefs, Bakers, Goyans, YAL and the many, many
                          volunteers who contributed their time, talent and treasure for this unique event.
                                  This fundraiser was an overwhelming success slated to benefit our
                            Iconostasion Fund & Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida.
                                  Thank you to all who attended and shared in the joy of the event.

   cAldwEll country                              God truly blessed this endeavor!

                                                          Elaine Gigicos
                                                    Tables Extraordinaire Chair

                                Joyce Yarbrough          Catherine Kassianides      Simone Behar
                               Administrative Chair        Finance Chair            Public Relations

                                Irene Sorich                   Helen Christakos & Linda Theodorakis
                          Aegean Market Place Chair                    Silent Auction Chairs

  A MAn’s BEst FriEnd

snowFlAkEs & chAMpAGnE     My BiG FAt GrEEk wEddinG                        dinnEr with BArBiE
   Rev. Fr. Constantine Simeonidis, Proistamenos                           Protopsalti: Pantelis Xikis
   Rev. Fr. Dean Gigicos, Pastor Emeritus                                  Cantors: Dean Gionis, Evangelia
   Rev. Fr. Constantine Tsigas, Retired                                    Mastorides
   Sexton: Foti Fotakidis                                                  Choir Director: Stacey Norton

                                                     CHURCH OFFICE:
                 Monday- Friday: 7:30 am -3:30 pm    Secretarial Staff: Venetta Jones Ballroom Rentals: Amy Ames

         Sunday Services:                      Orthros: 8:15 am                       Liturgy 9:15 am
         Weekday Services:                     Orthros: 9:30 am                       Liturgy 10:00 am

                                                     PARISH COUNCIL
Proistamenos: Rev. Father Constantine Simeonidis                                      Members:
President: Dr. Andrew Tringas                                    Peter Gadah                       Phil Logas
Vice President: Sophia Cordoba                                   Aris Harrelson                    Demetri Mavrofrides
Secretary: Nick Panagakis                                        Demetri Katsihtis                 Matt Tavrides
Treasurer: Alex Vastardis
Assistant Treasurer: Tom Haynes

PARISH COMMITTEES                                                          PARISH MINISTRIES
Architectural Review Board: John Dragash                                    Bereavement Group: Chris Rothenberger
Beautification Committee: Flora Milios & Katerina Papaioanou                Bookstore/Gift Shop: Peter Pullman
By-Law Committee: Dr. Sophia Cordoba                                        Church Choir: Tina Stoumbos
Finance Committee: Phil Logas                                               Meals for Moms: Niki Tringas
Greek Fest: Nick Harbilas                                                   Maintenance Committee: Mike Pampoukis, Joe Territo
Orthodoxy 101: Jason Caros                                                  Philoptochos Society: Joyce Yarbrough
Hall Rental Committee: Tom Haynes & Phil Logas                              Prayer Armada: Melissa Georgiadis & Linda Martin
Stewardship Committee: Dr. Sophia Cordoba                                   Society of Wisdom: Mary Mantzaris & Anne Thomas

                                YOUTH EDUCATION AND CULTURAL DIAKONIA
Chairperson: Father Constantine Members: Jason Caros, Dora Francis, Iman Hilal, Venetta Jones, Tara Knecht, Staci Lagoutaris,
Flora Milios, Eve Montero, Ellie Pampoukis, Chris Sofianos, Irene Sorich, Matt Tavrides, Niki Tringas
     Catechetical School: Eve Montero
     Children’s Play Group: Ashley Francis & Jackie Cranias
     GOYA Advisors: Ellie Pampoukis & Flora Milios
     Hellenic Academy Curriculum Director: Effie Hill
     Hellenic Academy PTO: Barbara Vlahos
     Hellenic Dance Troupe: Staci Lagoutaris
     JOY/HOPE Advisor: Niki Tringas
     Jr. Hellenic/Little Aegean Dance Troupe: Venetta Jones
     St. John Oratorical Festival: Dora Francis
     Vacation Bible School: Tara Knecht
      YAL Advisor: Irene Sorich
      YAL President: Evgeniy Sharapov
     AHEPA President: Jim Sirks
             F AT H E R C O N S T A N T I N E ’ S M E S S A G E

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And
      who will go for Us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"
                                       Isaiah 6:8

Dear Holy Trinity Family:

    We are happy to announce that we have be chosen to participate as part of a ten
member Mission team to Eklutna, Alaska in early June through the OCMC (Orthodox
Christian Mission Center). Eklutna is 25 miles northeast of Anchorage and has a
population of approximately 400. The village was established in 1650, and Russian
Orthodox missionaries arrived in the 1840s. It is the area's oldest continuously inhabited
Athabaskan Indian settlement, and Saint Nicholas Church is the oldest standing
building in greater Anchorage. The priest at St. Nicholas Church reports that their small
parish lacks the funds and manpower to properly care for their historic church and
cemetery, where the harsh weather has taken its toll. During this trip we will perform
general maintenance for the church and cemetery, and may also lead tours since
Eklutna is the first stop for tourists that come to Alaska north of Anchorage. Therefore,
our team will serve as an Orthodox Christian witness not only to the local community,
but also to all the people that visit Eklutna from across the world.
    Unfortunately, the OCMC in St. Augustine, Florida cannot afford to fund the high
costs of sending the teams out every year. Each individual team member is being asked
to raise a minimum of $1,800 to help cover the expense of transportation, lodging, food
and supplies which are needed to complete this year’s Mission project.
    In addition to your prayers, we ask for another kind of support, which many are able
to offer: your personal financial support. Even if you are not able to offer a monetary
contribution to our missions effort, you are still a vital part of our outreach through your
    Our deadline for raising the funds is April 5th. The main reason for setting the
deadlines so far ahead of our June departure is so that we may secure the lowest airfares
possible. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Please make your
tax-deductible check payable to OCMC and reference “Alaska I” in the memo
section. Please mail all checks to:
                                         Holy Trinity
                                    Attn: OCMC/Alaska I
                                  1217 Trinity Woods Lane
                                      Maitland FL 32751.

God bless you for whatever you are able to give and ask that you keep us in your prayers
as we complete this necessary work for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

In Christ,

Amy Burdette                         Chris Burdette                  Dean Gionis
                   T H E F E A S T O F T H E A N N U N C I AT I O N

           The Annunciation of our Most Holy Lady,
             the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

The Feast of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos
and Ever-Virgin Mary is celebrated on March 25 each year. The Feast
commemorates the announcement by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin
Mary that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would
become incarnate and enter into this world through her womb.

The biblical story of the Feast of the Annunciation is found in the first
chapter of the Gospel of Luke (1:26-39). The Archangel Gabriel appeared
to the Virgin Mary, who was living in Nazareth, and said to her, “Hail, O
favored one, the Lord is with you.” Mary was perplexed and wondered
what kind of greeting this was.

The angel told her not to be afraid, for she had found favor with God. He
said, “You will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call
his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to him
the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; and of his kingdom there will
be no end.”

Mary responded to the angel by asking how this could happen since she had no husband. The angel told her that
the Holy Spirit and the power of God would come upon her, and that the child to be born of her would be called
holy, the “Son of God.”

The angel then proceeded to tell the Virgin Mary that her cousin Elizabeth had conceived a son in her old age
(John the Baptist), and affirmed that with God nothing is impossible. In faith and obedience to the will of God,
Mary replied to the angel, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be according to your word.” Upon her
response, the angel departed.

It is on the Feast of the Annunciation, that Orthodox Christians commemorate both the divine initiative of
God, whereby He took on flesh from the Virgin for our salvation, and the human response, whereby Mary
freely accepted the vocation offered to her. He elected to become man, and He desired to do this with the
willing agreement of her whom He chose as His mother. Mary could have refused, for she was not a passive
instrument, but an active participant with a free and positive part to play in God’s plan for our salvation. Thus,
when on this and other feasts the Orthodox Church honors the Theotokos, the Mother of God, it is not just
because God chose her but also because she herself chose to follow His will.

O r T H O D O x C E L E B r AT I O n
The Feast of the Annunciation in the Greek Orthodox Church also marks a day of national celebration for
the people of Greece and those around the world of Greek descent. It was on March 25, 1821 when Greece
officially declared its independence and began the revolution that would eventually give the nation its freedom
after 400 years of rule by the Ottomans. In addition to the services for the Feast, festivities and parades are held
and official proclamations are offered throughout the world in recognition of Greek Independence Day.
                                                 S T E WA R D S H I P

                                   Orthodox                                              COMMITMENT
                                                                         In gratitude for God’s blessings, I/we pledge to
                                                                         contribute for Christ’s work at The Holy Trinity
                                                                         Greek Orthodox Church:

                                                                                   Weekly: $ _______________

                                                                           “Every Sunday let each of you put aside your
                                                                                offering for the work of the Lord.”
                                                                                            (I Cor. 16:2)

                                                                           Please write your areas of expertise, interests,
                                                                                 and hobbies of family members.
                         “Let us commit ourselves and                    _______________________________________
                         one another and our whole life                  _______________________________________
                              to Christ our God”                         _______________________________________
                      Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church                 _______________________________________
                           1217 Trinity Woods Lane                       _______________________________________
                              Maitland, FL 32751                         _______________________________________
                    Name:___________________________                     _______________________________________
                    Address:__________________________                   _______________________________________
                    City, St, Zip_______________________                 _______________________________________
                    Telephone:________________________                   _______________________________________
                    E-Mail:___________________________                   _______________________________________

                                                     MINISTRY RESOURCES
The Holy Trinity operating budget for the calendar year 2010 will be $648,800. Our Stewardship giving should support all the Parish
Ministries and the entire operating budget.

                                       That would mean each family gives ONLY $30 per week

We should not depend on special affairs to meet our budget, for this is our direct responsibility. Stewardship places the responsibility
on us, for we are the recipients of God’s gifts and play an active role in perpetuating His work of salvation. The expenses of our Parish
are vital to our Church for: •Keeping in Touch With You •Maintaining our Buildings •Those Who Serve Us •Worship and Education
•National Ministries Commitment

      The quality of our service as a Parish, Metropolis, and Archdiocese depends directly on the level of your generous giving.

                                         HOLY TRINITY GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH
                                               STEWARDSHIP COMPARISON

                Pledged Stewards                Pledges Collected      Amount Pledged     Year
                        158                            $25,273           $180,936 As of 1-31-10
                        430                          $356,450            $362,833         2009
                        391                          $303,306            $317,315         2008
                        388                          $281,167            $321,469         2007
                        376                          $350,037            $318,855         2006
                             2 0 1 0 S T E WA R D S H I P

Anthony, Mario                                  Fotieo, George
Argeros, Sophie and Vivian                      Fotieo, Vivian
Asamanos, George & Mary Jane                    Francis, William & Ashley
Avgeropoulos, George & Ifigenia                 Francisco, Crist
Avgeropoulos, George N                          Gadah, Peter
Avgeropoulos, Nicholas and Effie                Ganoudis, Charles
Baker, Helen Evgenides                          Georgantas, Cornelia
Bakidis, George & Susan                         Gionis, George & Sandra
Ballinger Majzlik, Jeanine                      Givoglu, John & Debbie
Behar, Jose & Simone                            Gjurich, Vivian
Besbekos, George                                Golden, Kathryn
Bokas, Victor                                   Graves, Ken & Maria
Bullington, Tina N.                             Harbilas, John & Penny
Bugg, John R. Jr. & Aliki                       Harhalos, George & Helen
Burdette, Chris and Amy                         Harrelson, Ken & Aris
Busby, Heather                                  Harun, Craig & Maria
Capsanes, Theodore & Patricia                   Haynes, Tom & Lola
Caras, Ted & Denise                             Holt, Thomas & Kostantina
Carellas, Peter & Elizabeth                     Hughes, Barbara
Chaddon, Alan & Vasiliki                        Hughes, Dawn & Mike
Chick, Angela                                   Ibrahim, Michael
Chicles, Christian & Lydia                      Iracleanos, Dean & Caryl
Christ, Elias & Amber                           Jakubowski, Paul & Olga
Christ, Irene                                   Jani, Aleks
Christakos, Chris & Helen                       Johnson, Denny & Fay
Conilio, Philip C.                              Jones, Edward & Venetta
Cordoba, John & Sophia                          Jones, Rob & Garifalia
Cranias, Amanda & John                          Kaps, Dennis & Marie
Davatelis, Emmanuel & Helen                     Karras, Esther
Deloach, Chris & Kimberly                       Kachmar, Callie
Deloach, Clayton                                Kachmar, Edward & Tina
Demas Boorom, Helen                             Kassianides, George & Catherine
Demetriades, Michael & Sandra                   Katsihtis, Demetri & Maren
Demetriades, Perry and Kristen                  Kazameas, Asemina
Dragash, J. Marisa                              Kenski, Joseph
Dragash, John & Jeana                           Kevgas, John & Maria
Economou, Basil & Tam                           Khoury, Joseph & Georgette
Edsall, Robert & Eleni                          Kirastoulis, Elena R.
Eslick, David & Maro                            Knecht, George & Tara
Filosofos, Argerous                             Konstantinidis, Savvas & Adela
Flood, Joseph & Maria                           Kontaridis, Nicholas
Fotakidis, Fotios & Georgia                     Kouchalakos, James & Connie
                           2 0 1 0 S T E WA R D S H I P

Koss, William & Mary                           Raptis, John & Stephanie
Kotsonis, George                               Reardon, Patricia
Kouchalakos, James & Connie                    Rinkacs, David & Katherine
Kyriakides, Pantelis & Angela                  Ressopoulos, George & Melanie
Lagoutaris, John & Anastasia                   Simeonidis, Father C & Pres.
Lamonettin, George and Carole                  Smith, Harry & Christina
Law, Robert & Roula                            Sirois, Patrick & Rose Ann
Leloudis, John & Linda                         Southerland, Robert & Sue
Levesque, Christa                              Stavros, Mary
Logas, Jennie                                  Stoumbos, Louis & Tina
Logas, Louis & Alexandra                       Strates, Mary
Logas, Philip & Anne                           Stratis, Natalie
Mackrides, Estelle                             Tavrides, Matt & Julie
Mackrides, Stephen & Katrina                   Tenekedes, Nicholas & Despina
Manolas, Anna                                  Territo, Joseph & Angela
Manos, Emanuel                                 Thompson, Dionysia G
Mantzaris, Mary                                Thomas, Anne
McCloud, Buck & Jennifer Cokias                Tiliakos, Mike & Dru
Mellen, Eric & Artemis                         Toscos, Maria
Michaelidis, Sophia                            Travlos, Dionysios & Kathylene
Mihilas, Koko                                  Tringas, Andrew & Niki
Miliotes, Chris & Elaine                       Vassiliadis, Paul & Elaine
Milner, Anastasia                              Vastardis, Alex & Amy
Monioudis, John & Irene                        Vierbickas, Helen
Morrell, Robert & Tina                         Wagner, Bea
Moshos, Ted & Diane                            Whittall, Terrelyn
Norton Cletus & Stacey                         Wirnowski, Richard & Judith
Palaigos, Louis & Margaret                     Yarbrough, William & Joyce
Pampoukis, Elisavet & Gerasimos                Voulgaris, Anthoula
Panagakis, Helen                               Zuppas, Arian & Ana
Panagakis, Helen                               Zuppas, Keti & Heidi
Panagakis, Nicholas & Heather
Panos, Maria A. Acosta
Papaioanou, George & Katerina
Pantazis, George & Angeliki
Paroussis, Pete & Effie
Peterson, Walter
Plevin, Debbie
Polygalaktos, Kostas & Marika
Pond, Gary & Bea
Rallis, John Sr. & Hester

                                   Holy Trinity Greek Orthoddox Church of Greater Orlando
                                                         January 2010
                                                    Jan 2010       Budget      % of Budget

             Bulletin Income                              150         4,000            4%
             Candles                                    3,284        46,000            7%
             Cash Recovered                                    0        600            0%
             Church Usage Fee                                  0      4,000            0%
             Events/Fundraisers/Social                    958        20,000            5%
             Vacation Bible School.                            0
             Gift Shop                                    583        13,000            4%
             Ministries Income                                 0
             Pledged Tithes & Offerings                27,108       315,000            9%
             Unpledged Tithes & Offerings               1,173        21,000            6%
     Total Income                                      33,256       423,600            8%
             Buildings & Maintenance                    3,966        51,700            8%
             Candle Expense                                          12,000            0%
             Clergy Laity Congress                                    4,000            0%
             Educational Expenses                                     1,000            0%
             Events/Fund Raisers/Social                 1,611        13,000           12%
             General Parish & Office Expense            3,505        28,650           12%
             Gift Shop Expenses                           912         9,000           10%
             Insurance                                  2,589        26,000           10%
             Ministries Expenses                                      3,880            0%
             Misc Expense                               1,461         2,000           73%
             Mortgage Interest                         10,161       112,500            9%
             Parish Assessments                         1,050        51,492            2%
             Philoptochos                                            10,000
             Telephone/Internet/Utilities               2,949        22,000           13%
             Wages & Benefits                          22,630       192,210           12%
     Total Expenses                                    50,833       539,432            9%
Income from Church Operations                          -17,577      -115,832          15%
Other Income/Expense
             Reimbursement / Pass thru                    907
             Discretionary                                300
             Hellenic Dance Troup                          -60
             Hellenic Academy
             Net Income Greek Fest                      1,550        85,000            2%
             Net Income Hall                           13,589       105,000           13%
             Society of Wisdom
             Interest Income                               81         4,000            2%
     Total Other Income                                16,367       194,000            8%
Net Income (ties to Balance Sheet)                      -1,209       78,168           -2%
Less Principal payments on mortgages                    5,314
Net Income                                              -6,523

                      Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando, Inc.
                                                      Balance Sheet
                                                           Jan 31, 10

   Current Assets
             1010 · Wachovia Events Deposit *9610               55,155
             1005 · Wachovia Checking *1863                      1,466
             1006 · Wachovia - Capture Account 1006                545
             1015 · Wachovia Events Account *2808                  119
             1025 · Wachovia-Greek Fest *4447                    2,350
             1020 · Wachovia- Gift Shop *7249                    4,503
             1030 · Central FL Edu CU - MMA                     82,243
             1035 · Wachovia Building Fund Acct                 15,651
             1040 · Wachovia Hellenic Academy *5352             10,275
             1042 · Wachovia Goya *5445                          5,785
             1044 · Wachovia Hellenic Dance *5459                3,686
             1046 · Wachovia Discretionary Fund                    644
             1048 · Central FL. Edu. FCU - Share 0                      5
             1050 · Schlorship Brokerage Account                23,531
         Total Checking/Savings                                205,958

         Other Current Assets
             1305 · Greek Fest Petty Cash                           85
             1350 · Deposits in Transit                           -145
             1400 · Gift Shop Inventory Assets                  47,869
         Total Other Current Assets                             47,809

   Total Current Assets                                        253,766

   Fixed Assets
         1500 · Church Buildings                             3,838,947
         1550 · Pavilion                                       303,234
         1560 · Equipment                                       73,082
   Total Fixed Assets                                        4,215,264

TOTAL ASSETS                                                 4,469,030

                       Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando, Inc.
                                                       Balance Sheet
                                                            Jan 31, 10

        Current Liabilities
             Credit Cards
                  2011 · Central Fl Edu Cu - Visa                   475
             Total Credit Cards                                     475

             Other Current Liabilities
                  2055 · CFEFCU Restricted Funds                 80,993
                  2110 · Direct Deposit Liabilities                 443
                  2050 · Sales Tax Payable                          176
                  2065 · Scholarship Fund (Brokerage)            22,908
                  2085 · School Fund                              1,000
                  2100 · Payroll Liabilities                     12,343
             Total Other Current Liabilities                    117,863

        Total Current Liabilities                               118,338

        Long Term Liabilities
             2210 · Church & Hall Note Payable                2,097,403
             2215 · Pavilion Loan CFEFCU #2                     162,893
        Total Long Term Liabilities                           2,260,297

   Total Liabilities                                          2,378,635

        5110 · Accumulated Earnings                           2,091,605
        Net Income                                               -1,209
   Total Equity                                               2,090,396

TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                                    4,469,030
                                      OUR MINISTRIES

    A D u LT B I B L E S T u D Y C L A S S E S                              PA S C H A P I C n I C
Adult bible study taught by Father Constantine will           If anyone is available to help in preparing the food
be held on Wednesday, March 3 and 17th after the Pre-         for the pascha picnic, please contact Christian
Sanctified liturgy. Everyone is encouraged to attend.         Chicles for more information at chicles@yahoo.
                                                              com or by calling 407-403-5928. Many hands make
                                                              work light, so please come help with this special
                 AGAPE SErVICE                                celebration.
Anyone who is interested in reading the Gospel during
our Agape service on Pascha is asked to call the front
office. The following languages are needed: Latin,                                  G O YA
French, Russian, Romanian, Polish, German, and                The next GOYA meeting is March 14 after
Spanish. If you can speak another language and are            catechism classes. GOYA lock-in will be held on
interested in reading, please call the front office and let   March 26 at 6 pm. We will begin with Presanctified
us know.                                                      Liturgy, have a lenten dinner, and we will have a
                                                              guest speaker. Please be prepared to serve breakfast
                                                              on Saturday morning to the community. If you do
                    BAkE SALE                                 not attend Friday night’s lock-in, you must be here
Our dance troupes will be having a bake sale for Pascha.      Saturday morning for Liturgy. DON’T FORGET
There will be finikia and kourambiedes for sale at our        YOUR SLEEPING GEAR AND CHURCH
annual Pascha Glendi. Pre-orders are also available.          CLOTHES.
Please contact Venetta at 407-331-4687 or mail@ for more information and how to pre-
order your items.                                                      HELLEnIC ACADEMY
                                                              The Hellenic Academy will have its 25th of March
                                                              Celebration Luncheon and Program on Sunday,
           COFFEE FELLOWSHIP                                  March 21. Tickets will be available during the
Preparing and serving at the Sunday Coffee Fellowship         coffee hour beginning March 1.
is an easy way to participate in the total life of the
church. Holy Trinity provides all that is needed. Please
take your turn by selecting an available date on the                                  JOY
sign-up sheet, or call the front office. Thank you to the     The JOY will be going to the Orlando Puppetroupe
following for volunteering!                                   Puppet Lab on March 13, 2010. If you would like
     March 7            Mavres Family                         to join them, please contact Niki Tringas at nicole_
     March 14           AHEPA                        for more information.
     March 21           Hellenic Academy
     March 28           Palm Sunday Luncheon
                                                                     O r A T O r I C A L F E S T I VA L
                                                              The Oratorical Festival for the junior and senior
        C O M M u n I T Y B r E A k FA S T                    students will be on March 14, 2010. For more
Please join us after Divine Liturgy on March 27, Laza-        information, please call Dora Francis 407-886-8790.
rus Saturday, in making palm crosses for Palm Sunday.
Breakfast will be served. This is a great event for the
children to participate in!                                                OrTHODOxY 101
                                                              Orthodoxy 101 will be on March 10th and 24th
                                                              after Pre-Sanctified liturgy. Anyone new to
                                                              Orthodoxy or who would like to learn
            DAnCE GrOuP nEWS                                  more about our faith is encouraged to
Practice Dates for Little Aegeans: March 7, 14 Jr.            attend. Please contact Jason Caros for more
Hellenic: March 7, 14, 21 Hellenic: March 7, 14, 21           information.
& 28. If you cannot attend any of these practices please
notify your instructor PRIOR to practice. Thanks!
                                       OUR MINISTRIES

         SOCIETY OF WISDOM                                     Scholarships Available: If you are a high school
Society of Wisdom’s event on March 18, 2010 is                 senior and graduating in 2010 or beginning your
a Lenten Pot Luck Luncheon. Society of Wisdom                  sophomore year in college for the 2010 fall
will provide the drinks and dessert. Join us for               semester- We may have a scholarship for you!
good fellowship during this beautiful season and               Please apply by calling either 407-830-9420, 407-
bring your favorite Lenten dish. If you plan to join           862-7387, 407-322-6420. All applications must be
us, please contact Mary Mantzaris @ 407-322-6968               received by May 30, 2010.
or Anne Thomas @ 407-352-2236.

  S C H O L A r S H I P I n F O r M AT I O n                        DAuGHTErS OF PEnELOPE
The Dion Raftopoulos Scholarship Fund is                       The Daughters of Penelope will be selling Holy
awarding graduating high school seniors. For more              Friday memorial luminaries for $5.00 each. The
information on applying for this year’s scholarship,           luminaries will be personalized with names of your
please contact the front office.                               deceased loved ones. They will be placed around
                                                               the outside of the church for the Holy Friday
                                                               evening sevice . This will be a beautiful addition
                     A H E PA                                  to our Holy Friday procession. We will be in the
The next AHEPA meeting will be held on Tuesday,                hall foyer immediately following Sunday liturgy or
March 9 at 6:30 P.M. in the classrooms of the                  for more information please contact Stella Sirks @
church hall. Past, present and future members are              407-2755842 or SSirks@aol,com or Dora Francis
welcome.                                                       @ 407-886-8790

             GrEEk FEST!!!! ALL hands on deck! Our target this year is to get everyone involved.
  Baking has begun! If you missed the rolling of 8000 Dolmades in February, don’t worry, there are other days
  scheduled for you to come and volunteer. This year we will be making our pastitsio, mousaka, koulourakia,
  paximathia, kourambiedes, melomakarona, karithopita, diples, tsourekia, kota psiti, lemon potatoes and lamb.
  Everyone in the community is invited to come and help bake and prepare these items for OUR festival. Please see
  the dates below and come prepared to share in fellowship, food and a little cooking lesson for those who do not bake
  Greek food.

  March 2, 4 & 6, 2010 – Baking koulourakia
  March 11, 13 & 16, 2010 – Baking Paximathia
  March 20, 2010 – Baking Melomakarona
  April 6, 8 & 10 – Preparing Pastitsio
  April 13, 15, & 17 – Preparing Mousaka

  Booth Captains
  If you wish to help in a booth or would like to be a booth captain, please contact the front office or Nick Harbilas on
  how you can be a captain. Also, please consider working a minimum of 2 hours during the weekend to alleviate the
  time that many of our Seniors are working.

  The advertising forms have been sent via email. Please support the Church by advertising your business. There are
  three ways you may advertise: the placemat which is used for all food trays, the internet (advertising for a year) and
  the banners which are hung in the pavilion.

  raffle Tickets
  AHEPA has graciously accepted to support the Church and sell raffle tickets this year. Please stop by the Raffle Table
  during coffee hour and purchase some tickets and support Holy Trinity’s largest fundraiser.

  Food Tickets
  Food tickets will be available during coffee hour. Stop by the Greekfest table and pre-purchase $5 tickets for only $4.

    LEnTEn SuPPEr                                              MEMBErSHIP DrIVE
Every Wednesday evening during Lent,
                                                              Our 2010 membership drive will be continuing throughout
there is a Liturgy of the Presanctified
                                                              the year. Please join our Chapter and help us to help our
Gifts celebrated at 6:00 p.m. followed
                                                              community, our Parish, and those who God has given us
by a Lenten Supper sponsored by
                                                              the obligation and privilege to help. Membership is open
various ministries of our church.
                                                    to all of the ladies and gentlemen in our parish. Look for our
Philoptochos will be sponsoring the
                                                    Membership drive table in the Agape Ballroom during coffee hours
Lenten meal on March 24th. We hope
                                                    or see a member of the Philoptochos Executive Board.
you attend this beautiful service and join
us for fellowship in the Aegean Hall
afterwards.                                                     PA S C H A          SCHEDuLE

        H O LY C r O S S                        •     On Holy Thursday, April 1st Philoptochos will be dying and
                                                      netting the Red Eggs for Pascha. We’ll also be prepping the ferns
On Sunday, March 7th, Philoptochos                    and baby’s breath for the Kouvouklion.
will be passing a tray in honor of the
Veneration of the Cross for Holy Cross          •     On Holy Friday morning after Hours, we’ll be decorating the
Seminary. Please give generously to                   Kouvouklion.
support our seminary in assisting young
men who are studying for the Priesthood.        •     On Holy Saturday morning following Divine Liturgy,
                                                      Philoptochos will be decorating the church for the Resurrection

                                                Please plan to participate in these events. Your help is needed and
                                                greatly appreciated. During this Great Lenten Season, I pray that
                                                God will continue to bless each of you. May the promise of Salvation
                                                that this season brings continue to grow in our hearts.

                                       nArTHEx DuTY
Philoptochos has added a new opportunity to our ministry. We shall be serving in the Narthex during Divine
Liturgy on the first Sunday of every month. We shall need five volunteers each month to serve in the Narthex
and also be a greeter for new members and guests. If you are a member or an associate member and would like
to volunteer to serve in the Narthex, please contact Joyce Yarbrough at 407-774-2744 or
We’ll send out a schedule for the Sundays that you will be in the Narthex. This is just one other way that you can
share your time and talent with Holy Trinity. We need volunteers for March 1st. We shall not need any volunteers
in April since the first Sunday is Pascha, and the Parish Council will serve during the Agape Service.

                                      GEnErAL MEETInG

                         There will be a General Philoptochos meeting on March 2nd at 6:30 pm. We shall
                         have a Lenten Covered Dish Supper followed by a presentation given by Father
                         Constantine. All members of the community, men and women, are invited to attend
                         this meeting. Please join us in Christian fellowship and learn more about our
                         Orthodox faith during this most blessed time of our Ecclesiastical year.

                 CELL PHOnE DrIVE
Turn in your old cell phones to the box in the front office or the
box in the gift shop to turn your old cell phones into prepaid
calling cards for our soldiers!
H O LY T r I n I T Y G r E E k O r T H O D O x C H u r C H
      worship schEdulE For holy wEEk 2010

                     Palm Sunday- March 28, 2010
         8:15 AM       Matins (Morning Worship)
         9:15 AM       Divine Liturgy and Distributions of Palms
         7:00 PM       Matins (Bridegroom)

                     Holy Monday - March 29, 2010
         10:00 AM      Presanctified Divine Liturgy
                       of St. Basil the Great
          7:00 PM      Matins (Bridegroom)

                     Holy Tuesday - March 30, 2010
         10:00 AM      Presanctified Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great
          7:00 PM      Matins (Bridegroom)

                     Holy Wednesday - March 31, 2010
         10:00 AM      Presanctified Divine Liturgy
                       of St. Basil the Great
          3:00 PM      Holy Unction
          7:00 PM      Orthros of Holy Thursday
                       and Annointing of Holy Unction

                      Holy Thursday - April 1, 2010
         9:00 AM       Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil (The Mystical Supper)
         7:00 PM       Matins (Crucifixion)

                      Holy Friday - April 2, 2010
         9:00 AM       Royal Hours
         3:00 PM       Vespers (Descent from the Cross)
         7:00 PM       Matins (Lamentations)

                      Holy Saturday - April 3, 2010
         10:00 AM      Vesperal Divine Liturgy
                       of St. Basil (Resurrection from Hades)
         11:15 PM      Matins (Pannychida)

                      Holy Pascha - April 4, 2010
         Midnight      Resurrection Service and Matins
         Following     Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
         11:00 AM      Agape Service (Great for Children)
         Following     Easter Egg Hunt and Pascha Glendi

        Greek independence day celebration of 1821
                   Sunday, March 21st
                       11:00 a.m.

   The Hellenic Academy students will be reciting Greek
         poems and songs and performing dances.
     We will also be hosting a Greek traditional lunch.
    Tickets are on sale every Sunday during coffee hour.

  Donation: $10.00 Adults. Hellenic Academy Students and
             Children under 12 years old FREE.

          Palm Sunday luncheon

                  march 28, 2010

                 Sponsored by the
                   Parish council

              cost $10 donation
Gift basket raffle, fun, and fellowship for all!

            POTLuCk LEnTEn SuPPEr
            Please join us on Wednesday evenings during Lent for
                      Pre-Sanctified Liturgy at 6:00 p.m.

              Potluck Lenten Dinner Immediately following
                March 1- Sponsored by JOY/HOPE
                March 10- Pre-Sanctified at St. Petka Orthodox Church
                March 17- Sponsored by Catechism
                March 24 - Sponsored by Philoptochos

               c o m e j o i n u s to celebrate the traditional…

         holy TRInITy
a n n u a l F a mIl y Pa S c h a
     G l en dI & P Ic n Ic
                         aPRIl 4, 2010
  Immediately following the agape Vespers, 1:00 p.m., on the church grounds
   … s h a r i n g t h e j o y o f o u r lord’s glorious Third-day Resurrection
        a s h i s f a m i l y o f f a i t h! a ll proceeds go to holy Trinity!!
                            Children 7 and under FREE
                                8 – 15 years $15.00
                             16 years – Adult $20.00
                         Tickets sold at the door will be
                                8 – 15 years $20.00
                             16 years – Adult $25.00
Reservations are made on a first-purchase, first-service basis. no seating will be
                guarenteed if tickets are purchased at the door.
                    Tickets will be on sale during coffee social.
                                    GREEK FEST 2010

             GREEKfest                                                   April 23 – 25, 2010
HURRY Eight Weeks LEFT !!! Advertising Form
GREEKfest '10- Get your ads in Now!
 We are looking for those who are interested in getting their business name in front of over 10,000 attendees. Please
   contact us now. Tell your friends about GREEKfest 2010. Bring them for the food, entertainment and come and
              experience a little Greek Culture here in Orlando at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.
Placemat Advertising
ONLY 16 Spaces will be sold and 5000 copies will be printed
$150 per Business Card Space
Please send this form, a check and a PDF File and/or a Business Card to the Church
Make Check Payable to: HTGOC/Greek Fest 2010          Memo: Placemat
Internet Advertising                On
$150 per link
Website Link:
Please send this form, a check and web link to the Church
Make Check Payable to: HTGOC/Greek Fest 2010         Memo: Internet
Banner Advertising
$500 per Banner / $300 Renewal for Existing Banner from 2009 Festival
Please send this form, a check and a digital file and\or Name as you wish it to appear on the
Banner to the Church. Make Check Payable to: HTGOC/Greek Fest 2010           Memo: Banner
                             Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
                                  1217 Trinity Woods Lane
                                     Maitland, FL 32751
                         Phone: 407.331.4687         FAX: 407.331.4898
                       G R E E K F E S T D O N AT I O N L I S T

GREEKfest 2010                                              DONATION LIST
ITEM NEEDED                  QUANTITY       # OF PIECES     TOTAL PRICE   DONOR NAME             CK #
Grape Leaves                  12 cases       12x8oz Jar       $252.00
Rice                            2 bags          25 lbs        $57.54
Gyro Meat (Cones)             19 cases        20lb.cone      $1,676.37
Peanut Oil                     7 cases          35 lbs.       $224.20
Gold Medal Flour               12 bags          25 lbs.       $279.00
Tomato Sauce                   4 cases       6 #10 cans        $87.56
Pita                          30 cases        12 x 10ct       $779.70
Red Wine Vinegar               9 cases        4/1 gallon      $160.20
Salad Olive Oil               19 cases        6/1 gallon      $821.75
Sugar                           5 bags          25 lbs.       $124.95
7" Pita Bread                 50 cases       12/10 count     $1,299.50
Lemon Juice                    3 cases        12/32 oz.        $81.15
Vlahotyri (Saganaki)           8 cases         377 lbs.       $978.57
Feta Crumbles                 17 cases         2 x 5 lb.      $662.15
Sweet Butter                   3 cases       36 x 1 lbs.       $57.15
Chicken Halves                20 cases         16/3 lb.      $1,122.62
Milk                           7 cases        4 gal/case      $126.00
Ground Beef                    4 cases        10 lb.avg      $279.08
Pork Souvlaki                 22 cases       1100 pieces      $968.00
Fries                         40 cases         6 x 5lbs       $860.00
Chicken Souvlaki              43cases         2150 pieces    $2,150.00
Grape Tomatoes                15 cases           12/1 pt.     $294.75
Tomatoes                      30 cases            25 lbs.     $564.00
Garlic                          2 jars             5lb         $19.32
Eggs                          10 cases          30 dozen      $239.90
Chopped Onions                 2 cases           4x 5lbs       $49.32
Lemons                         4 cases            165 ct      $135.60
Spanikopita                   42 cases           72/3 oz.    $1,890.00
Tiropita                      30 cases           72/3 oz.    $1,485.00
Lettuce-Salad Mix             30 cases           4 x5lbs      $539.70
Orange Blossom Honey           3 cases          6 x 5lbs.     $317.97
Lamb                               8             400 lbs.    $1,537.32
Eggplants                   20 bushels         20 bushels    $1,100.00
Dried Yellow Onions           15 cases           4/5 lbs.     $328.35
Cucumbers                      2 cases           1 x 55lb      $59.50
Confectioners Sugar            2 cases           24/1 lb.      $48.30
Green Beans                  10 cases             30 lbs.     $290.50
Donation to Greek Fest                       Misc. Amount
Please make check payable to : HTGOC/GREEKfest 2010
NOTE: In the Memo please add your donation item
Thank you for your continuous support for Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church's Greek Fest 2010
                           Florida Eye Clinic and Laser Center
                                                                              Health Central / Ocoee
           Orlando Locations                                                    (407) 296-1970

 College Park      Dr. Phillips   Lake Underhill                         Kissimmee            Orange City
(407) 423-2030   (407) 352-8968   (407) 281-0866                       (407) 933-2908        (386) 668-4332
                                                   Altamonte Springs
      Kirkman Oaks         Michigan Ave.            (407) 834-7776     Ormond Beach          Winter Springs
      (407) 299-8300       (407) 896-0324           (800) 456-8515     (386) 676-1300        (407) 695-2020
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     RYT 200 hrs.
                                          Serenity through the Art of
                                Bringing you
 Hatha Yoga Instructor                 Breath & Movement
                                         407.695.1980 •
            1385 W. SR. 434 Ste. 103      Longwood, Fl. 32750
                                                                         the art of exceptional dining

                                                                         7600 DOCTOR PHILLIPS BOULEVARD
                                                                              ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32819
                                                                        407 / 345-8770 FAX 407 / 345-8700



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                        Medical Corps, he moved to the US to continue his studies. He spent
                        one year in the University of Louisville (Louisville, KY) participating
                        in several research projects in plastic and hand surgery which led to
                        scientific publications in prestigious journals of the field. Subsequently
                        he started his clinical surgical experience in Washington Hospital
                        Center, Washington DC. He completed his General Surgery training in
                        Orlando Regional Medical Center in 2004 and became board certified in
General Surgery in 2005. His plastic surgery training consists of 2 years in general plastic surgery
in Summa Health system, (Akron, OH) and fellowships in hand surgery (Kleinert Institute,
Louisville, KY) and Pediatric- Craniofacial in Univ. of Texas Southwestern (Dallas,TX).

Here in Orlando, he joined Dr. Orlando Cicilioni in private practice with offices in Maitland.
He has privileges in Florida Hospital and Orlando Health systems. His interests include breast
aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, as well as facial aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty,
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                                                                March Μάρτιος
    Sunday [Kυρ]                   Monday [Δευτ]                   Tuesday [Τρ]              Wednesday [Τετ]                   Thursday [Πεμ]                   Friday [Παρ]                Saturday [Σαβ]
                                                               Playgroup 10-12 pm          Hellenic Academy                                               † Salutations to The
                                                        1                              2   4:30-6:30 pm                 3                             4   Theotokos 6:00 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                    5                           6
                                                               Philoptochos Meeting        † Presanctified 6:00 pm
                                                               6:30 pm                     Lenten meal following
                                † Great Compline                                                                                                               GOYA ST. SIMONE                 ISLAND
                                                                                           Adult Bible Study
                                  6:00 pm
                                                                                           following Presanctified
† Sunday of the Holy
                                                                                           Hellenic Academy
Cross                     7                             8                              9                         10                              11                           12                             13
                                                                                           4:30-6:30 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                        Levesque Baptism
                                                                                           † Presanctified Liturgy                                         † Salutations to The         11:30 am
                                † Great Compline               Playgroup 10-12 pm                                                                          Theotokos 6:00 pm
                                                                                           at St. Petka Serbian
                                  6:00 pm                                                                                                                                               JOY Orlando Puppet Lab
                                                                                           Orthodox Church 6:00 pm
† Sunday of St.                                                                            Hellenic Academy
John Climacus         14                              15                            16     4:30-6:30 pm          17                             18                            19                             20
Jr and Sr Oratorical Festival   † Great Compline               Playgroup 10-12 pm          † Presanctified 6:00 pm          Society of Wisdom 11:30       † Akathist Hymn
                                  6:00 pm                                                  Lenten meal following            am                             6:00 pm
                                                                                           Adult Bible Study
                                Parish Council 7 pm                                        following Presanctified

† Sunday of                                                                                Hellenic Academy                 † Annunciation                                              † Lazarus
St. Mary of Egypt     21                              22                            23     4:30-6:30 pm          24         Orthros: 9:30 am    25                            26        Saturday             27
                                                               Playgroup 10-12 pm                                           Divine Liturgy 10:00 am                                     Orthros: 9:30 am
                                                                                           † Presanctified 6:00 pm                                        † Presanctified Liturgy
Hellenic Academy Program                                                                                                                                                                Divine Liturgy 10:00 a.m.
                                                                                           Lenten meal following                                          6:00 pm
Pan Orthodox Lenten                                                                                                         OFFICE CLOSED                                               Pancake Breakfast ,
                                † Great Compline                                                                                                                                        Philoptochos to clean church
Speaker 5:00 pm                                                                            Orthodoxy 101
                                  6:00 pm                                                                                   Greek Independence Day
                                                                                           following Presanctified                                                   G O YA           LOCK IN
† Palm Sunday                   † Holy Monday                 † Holy Tuesday               † Holy Wednesday                 † Holy Thursday               † Holy Friday                 † Holy Saturday
                      28                              29                            30     Pre-Sanctified Divine 31         Vesperal Divine Liturgy of1                             2   Vesperal Divine Liturgy 3
Palm Sunday Luncheon            Pre-Sanctified Divine Liturgy Pre-Sanctified Divine        Liturgy of St. Gregory the                                     Royal Hours 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                            St. Basil 10:00 a.m.                                        of St. Basil 10 a.m.
                                of St. Gregory the Great      Liturgy of St. Gregory the   Great 10:00 a.m.
No Catechism Classes                                                                                                        Dye eggs, Prepare flowers     Vespers (Descent from the     Decorate church for
                                10:00 a.m.                    Great 10:00 a.m.             Mystery of Holy Unction          for Kouvouklion               Cross) 3:00 p.m.              Resurrection Service
                                Matins (Bridegroom)           Matins (Bridegroom)          3:00 pm and Bridegroom           Matins (Crucifixion)          Matins (Lamentations)         Matins (Pannychida) 11:00
                                7:00 p.m.                     7:00 p.m.                    service at 7:00 p.m.                                                                         p.m.
                                                                                                                            7:00 p.m.                     7:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                    SUBMISSIONS FOR THE MONTHLY BULLETIN ARE
                                                                                                                   DUE ON THE 10th OF THE MONTH FOR THE FOLLOW-
                                                                                                                               ING MONTH’S BULLETIN
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of
Greater Orlando
1217 Trinity Woods Lane
Maitland, FL 32751

                         Return Service Requested

                h E l l E n i c d A n c E F E s t i VA l 2 0 1 0

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