Item 2 - The herefordshire partnership by wuzhenguang


									                                                          South Wye: Belmont PACT 12 May 2008
                                                                      Action sheet

                 Issue                                                                       Response
Item 1:                                      Herefordshire Housing:
Re Item 9 on the previous action sheet:      Response at the PACT:
Could CCTV be placed in Housing              CCTV could be sited only in certain areas in properties. The site previously suggested was not a suitable
Association properties to deter anti-        site. It was noted that when residents took responsibility for reporting incidents immediately, it deterred
social behaviour?                            anti-social behaviour. Also, residents had been taking responsibility for ensuring that no unauthorised
                                             person entered the properties, and that had helped. Cllr Powell noted that one offender was a resident in
                                             the flats.
  Item 2:                                    Herefordshire Housing:
Re Item 13 on the previous sheet:            Response at the PACT:
Request for skips to be placed in            Herefordshire Housing has a budget to provide skips throughout the county. There were now two skips,
Newton Farm to address problems with         which would be placed at Newton Farm and Hunderton, starting 4 June for a day, probably between
litter and fly tipping. A sofa had been      9.00am and 4.00pm. The Housing Association would ensure residents were informed of when and where
dumped, and reported to Mr Newman            the skips would be available. Residents were invited to take part in Estate Inspections. It was noted that it
immediately. He had reported it to           was not only residents of the Housing Association properties who dump rubbish. In addition to the
Herefordshire Housing, but it was still      Housing Association measures, the Parish Council funded a waste lorry to collect large items for recycling
there and was a potential fire hazard.       on the first and third Saturdays each month. The Full House charity would also collect usable items.
Item 3:                                      Herefordshire Council:
Residents reported that Muir Close was       Environment & Culture Directorate
not being properly cleaned by the road       This has been entered into the inspection system. All observations of this type can be ’phoned through on
sweeper lorry. . The whole parish            the “Streets” number – 01432 261800.
needed cleaning and had not been
swept since March 2008
Item 4:                                      Herefordshire Council:
It was reported that the waste collection    Environment & Culture Directorate
staff sometimes dropped litter and left it   If refuse is spilt by the crew they will pick it up. However, if the spillage is due to animals etc tearing the
there.                                       bags it is not the crew’s job to pick it up. The crew will pick up loose refuse if it is still in the mound of bags
                                             presented by the householder but the storage and presentation of refuse is the responsibility of the
                                             householder until the time of collection.

                                                          South Wye: Belmont PACT 12 May 2008
                                                                      Action sheet

                    Issue                                                                     Response
Item 5:                                       Herefordshire Council:
Young people were using garages to            Environment & Culture Directorate
play with a ball. It was thought that this    Response at PACT:
was because of dog-fouling on the grass       It would be necessary to determine who owned the land. Landowners may be reluctant to spend money
area, and that there should be more bins      on provision and emptying of bins. If the land was Council-owned, there would be budgetary
available in all grassed areas to             considerations because of the cost, not only of providing the bins, but also of regular emptying.
encourage responsibility, especially at
the entrances to play areas
Item 6:                                       Herefordshire Council:
No dog warden had been seen in the            Environment & Culture Directorate
area for six months.                          Response at PACT:
                                              The dog warden team now had to spend more time dealing with strays, which stretched resources. There
                                              were only three dog wardens for the whole county. However, it was hoped that as the dog warden team
                                              was built, they could spend more time on enforcement.
Item 7:                                       Herefordshire Council:
There had been one new report of              Environment & Culture Directorate
graffiti this week. There was also graffiti   Response at PACT:
on an electricity sub-station at              This would be dealt with. If the electricity sub-station was the property of the power company, the council
Sherborne Close/Muir Close, and on            would need permission to clean it off. Incidents should be reported to Streetscene on 01432 261800.
Trago Grove bus shelter                       Herefordshire Housing noted that the Council had blanket permission to clean graffiti of any Housing
                                              Association properties.
Item 8:                                       Herefordshire Council:
Cllr Powell reported that residents had       Environment & Culture Directorate
repeatedly requested traffic calming          Response at PACT:
measures in Beatty Avenue and Newton          This would be referred to the Head of Highways & Traffic Management for response. It was noted that
Farm. They were concerned that priority       Portsmouth Council had opted to impose 20mph speed limits in built up areas, but Herefordshire Council
was given to areas where accidents had        had not taken up that option. However, many schools had a 20mph limit.
occurred, rather than where accidents         Additional response:
might be prevented.                           In terms of priority, our efforts are being directed, towards those sites where people are receiving serious
                                              injury or worse. We believe that this is the most effective way of reducing the accident problem across
                                              Herefordshire. With the limited resources that are available it is imperative that we prioritise these
                                              effectively, therefore targeting those sites with a proven “worst” record first. Traffic calming schemes fall
                                              under the remit of the Construction Team, and equally require prioritization, to make the most effective
                                              use of the limited resources that are currently available.

                                                       South Wye: Belmont PACT 12 May 2008
                                                                   Action sheet

                   Issue                                                                  Response
Item 9:
The Herefordshire Housing
representative corrected figures given in   Noted
item 19 on the last action sheet. There
were not 5,000 tenants of the
Association, but 2,340 properties, most
of which were sole tenancies.
Item 10:                                    Herefordshire Council:
There was a problem with broken glass       Environment & Culture Directorate
in an alleyway between Pixley Walk and      Response at PACT:
Blakemore Close. It was cleared up          Some alleyways may not be cleaned as often as busier roads and walkways. All incidents should be
each time it was reported, but more         reported to support greater attention to the area.
Item 11:                                    Herefordshire Council:
There was a problem with a lamppost         Environment & Culture Directorate
outside the Community Centre, next to       Response at PACT:
elderly people’s accommodation. The         Moving a lamppost was a very complicated matter as it involved relaying cables. The best option would be
position of the lamppost enabled            to use anti-climb paint on the lamppost, and to renew the paint frequently to ensure continued
youngsters playing football to climb onto   effectiveness. This would be taken back to the Highways & Traffic Management Dept.
roof of Brook Farm Court, elderly           WMC:
sheltered housing complex, to retrieve      WMC:
football, alarming residents.               Regular patrols have been conducted in the area during the evenings, and any youths engaged with.
                                            There has been one incident recorded on 24th of May with two youths on the roof. Residents have not
                                            had cause to call the police to report incidents of youths causing a nuisance. Patrols will continue and
                                            further surgeries are planned with the residents.
Item 12:                                    Herefordshire Housing:
The Broxashe and Kilvert flats needed       A five year plan for improving the Housing Association properties was being developed. This would be
gates so that residents could use the       consulted on in about December this year. Cllr Powell wished to ensure that Sherborne Close was
gardens                                     included in the Plan.

                                                        South Wye: Belmont PACT 12 May 2008
                                                                    Action sheet

                  Issue                                                                      Response
Item 13:                                    Herefordshire Council:
There was a problem with fly tipping in    Environment & Culture Directorate
an area at the rear of Blakemore Close,    Response at PACT:
between two fences, and needles were       This may be private land, and that would make it difficult for the Council to act. If it was Council land, the
discarded there.                           rubbish would be removed. If needles were found, they would be removed.
                                           Additional response:
                                           That fly tipping is occurring in this area has been noted by the council officers responsible for fly tipping. It
                                           is requested any fly tipping should be immediately reported to Environmental Health & Trading Standards
                                           on 01432 261761 or by email to
Item 14:                                   Herefordshire Council:
Many roadside verges needed cutting to     Environment & Culture Directorate
get rid of dandelions. The Westholme       This area is maintained as an amenity area by Parks & Countryside and the observations have been
Road/Silver Fir Close area was a           forwarded to them.
particular problem
Item 15:                                   Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service
Residents asked whether smoking in         The Fire Service could only advise and do leaflet drops. The fire risk was not the buildings, but the
communal areas of flats was a fire risk,   rubbish being left in stairwells.
especially since some flats had wood
cladding and wooden staircases.

                                                     South Wye: Belmont PACT 12 May 2008
                                                                 Action sheet

                  Issue                                                                    Response
Item 16:                                 Herefordshire Council:
A question was raised about whether it   Environment & Culture Directorate(Environmental Health & Trading Standards)
was legal to store petrol cans           First, it may be worth noting that excessive amounts of petrol or any other flammable at domestic
                                         premises may void insurance policies. In general the average household may store two 10 litre metal
                                         containers and in addition two 5 litre plastic. These cans must be designed and constructed for the
                                         storage of petrol. However these quantities can be increased as described below.
                                         The Petroleum-Spirit (Motor Vehicles etc.) Regulations 1929 states that petrol must only be kept for the
                                         purposes of refuelling internal combustion engines and must not be for sale. The maximum container
                                         capacity for keeping petrol is 10 litres unless the following conditions are met:
                                         a) the storage place is more than 6m from a building, highway or public footpath;and
                                         b) there is spillage retention at the storage place (eg retaining wall, trench), and
                                         c) the licensing authority is given written notice of the storage place before it is used.
                                         This does not include petrol in the fuel tank of a vehicle.
                                         If the storage place is less than 6m from any building, stack of timber or other flammable substance it can
                                         only be kept in the fuel tank of a vehicle and up to two 10 litre containers on a motor vehicle unless notice
                                         in writing is given to the licensing authority. Where petrol is kept in a building (or a place attached to a
                                         building) used as a dwelling or place where people assemble, there must be a substantial floor or partition
                                         separating the petrol storage from the rest of building. The floor or partition must not be readily flammable.
                                         Where the partition (not a floor) has an opening it must be fitted with a self closing door made of fire
                                         resisting material. In these circumstances a maximum of two 10 litre containers can be kept. Petrol in the
                                         fuel tank of a vehicle is not included in this amount. The Petroleum-Spirit (Plastic Containers) Regulations
                                         1982 allow plastic containers to be used as well as metal. For storage in plastic containers, the containers
                                         a) be constructed of suitable materials;
                                         b) have maximum capacity of five litres;
                                         c) be designed and constructed properly;
                                         d) have appropriate markings or labels;
                                         and the quantities that can be stored are:
                                         i) two containers can be kept on any motor vehicle,
                                         ii) plus two further containers can be in a safe place in any domestic premises;
                                         iii) plus two more containers can be kept in any other safe place at least 6m from the first.
                                         These quantities are in addition to any petrol kept in metal containers.

                                                          South Wye: Belmont PACT 12 May 2008
                                                                      Action sheet

                    Issue                                                                       Response
Item 17:                                      Herefordshire Council:
The Bottle Bank at Tesco was frequently       Environment & Culture Directorate
over-full, but the phone number on the        The number on the bank is the number for the “Info by Phone” office who will take the request for
bin was not a direct line. It was             emptying and forward it to the contractor to action. If in any doubt ring 01432 260051 where the call will be
frustrating being put through to several      logged and action taken.
different people.
Item 18:                                      Herefordshire Council:
Some roads in the area were in such           Environment & Culture Directorate
poor condition that they represented a        Response at PACT:
danger to cyclists, in particular, the A456   An inspection would be arranged
going away from town, and outside the         Additional response:
PCT on the left going into town. Also         The A465 is a Trunk Road and this has been reported to the Highways Agency which is responsible for
Ruckhall Lane                                 Trunk Roads and Motorways.
Item 19:                                      Herefordshire Council:
Residents had waited four years for the       Environment & Culture Directorate
walkway between the housing estate            This footpath beside the lake is the responsibility of Parks & Countryside and has been recently
and the PCT to be resurfaced, adjacent        resurfaced. A new footway along Haywood Lane towards the junction with the A465 is in the Council’s
to Lake Cottage at the junction of            programme for this year. The Highways Agency has been requested to approve the extension of this
Haywood Lane and the trunk road               footway onto the area of its responsibility.
Item 20:                                      Herefordshire Council:
On Belmont Road opposite McDonalds            Environment & Culture Directorate
just before the police station on             The A465 is a Trunk Road and this has been reported to the Highways Agency which is responsible for
Goodrich Grove, there was a hole in the       Trunk Roads and Motorways.
road that filled with water


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