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									  Bryant Woods Condo Association —Atkinson, NH                                                                        Fall 2012

                                Bryant Woods Fall Focus

Inside this issue:
Alarm System               2
                                Board Gets New Member and President
                                The annual meeting of the            Regional High School and two           Cloud architect for Dell Services.
President’s Note           2    Bryant Woods Condo                   of them live nearby, with three
                                                                                                            “The Board has accomplished a
Winter Car Storage         3    Association brought the election     grandchildren. Her mother and
                                                                                                            lot in three years,” Curt says.
Winter Weather             3    of one new Board member and          sister live in the area as well.
                                                                                                            “But a condo complex is a living,
Predictions                     the re-election of another. Lisa
                                                                     Lisa has worked in fundraising         changing organism, so the job is
                                Polacke has begun her first term
Volunteer Spotlight        3                                         for Lahey Clinic in Burlington,        never done.”
                                on the Board. Curt Zingg was
Critter Corner             5                                         Mass., for 28 years. At
                                elected to his second term, and
                                                                     Bryant Woods she serves
New Pool Cover         5        then his fellow Board members
                                                                     on the Newsletter Board
                                elected him president.
Winter Warming Station 6                                             and volunteers for the
Activities Committee   6        The previous president, Joe          Activities Committee.
Update                          Sheehan, chose not to run again.     “Our Board has been doing
                                (See his farewell column, page       a super job, which in turn
Harvest Dinner             6    2.) The other Board members          has kept our condo fees
Septic System              8    are Vice President David             stable and our community
Kingston Waste             9    Harrigan and Treasurer Tom           looking awesome,” Lisa
Collection                      Kelley, both serving the final       says. “I want to help in any
                                year of their three-year terms,      way that I’m needed.”
BW 10/11 Meeting           10
Minutes                         and Secretary Dick Forgione,
                                                                     Curt Zingg has lived on
                                who has two years left in his
Governor of Balsam Ct. 11                                            Overlook Drive since 1993.
                                                                     He has a civil engineering   Rear, left to right: David Harrigan,
Rodents in the AC          11   Lisa has lived on Ridgewood          degree and works in          Dick Forgione, Tom Kelley. Front:
Clubhouse Update           12   Drive for six years. Her three       information technology, as a Lisa Polacke, Curt Zingg (President)
                                sons graduated from Timberlane       storage team leader and
BW Groups in Action        12

 Annual Report: Financial Picture Looks Strong
 How things can change in five years. At the 2007 annual meeting,         The goal is simple: to have the right amount of money available at
 Bryant Woods had $3,499 in its reserve fund. At the 2012 annual          the right time. In other words, the association aims to avoid special
 meeting, the reserve fund has grown to a healthy balance.                assessments, and to keep the condo fee unchanged for as long as
                                                                          possible. The fee has stayed at $300 for seven years.
 “We’ve come a long way,” Finance Committee chair, Pete Gargas
 told the assembled unit owners on Oct. 11.“I think we’re in good         Of the 28 items in the 20-year plan, five are considered “A items,”
 shape – but of course, you never know.” Predicting when things           the most significant expenditures. The A items are roofs, septic
 will need replacing, and how much the work will cost, is not an          systems, paving, decks, and front entrance landings. To replace
 exact science, he cautioned.                                             these five items would cost an estimated $4.3 million; to replace all
                                                                          28 items would cost $4.6 million.
 The reserve fund is money put aside for the repairs and
 replacements listed in the 20-year plan. Every day that all of us live   Many variables affect reserve fund spending. For example, our
 here, we’re using the roads, septic systems, and other jointly owned     septic systems have an estimated life of 15 years – yet some failed
 property, and every day those things are aging and wearing out.          within 10 years, while others have lasted 20. As another example,
                                                                          the original 1999 plan called for all paving to be completed by
 A 1999 study commissioned by Bryant Woods determined that our
                                                                          2018, but it now appears that many of our roads are in good shape
 reserve fund was underfunded; it also listed many items that
                                                                          and will not need overlaying until sometime later.
 needed to be added to the 20-year plan. The result was a new plan
 that estimates when each item will need to be replaced and how           The Board of Directors looks at the 20-year plan every year, to
 much the work will cost.                                                 ensure that the expensive projects do not all hit at the same time.
Page 2                             Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                     Fall 2012

                                    ell c
 2012 BRYANT F a r e wNote—Joe o l u m n
              President’s                       Sheehan
    WOODS    October 2012 marks the end of 2011, Board members
             the first half-decade of Ann    responded to multiple calls
MANAGEMENT Marie'sWoods. residence at about unit owners'In calmer
                      and my
                               It also marks related problems.

     TEAM    the end of my three years on
             the Board of Directors, and,
                                             times, we’ve overseen the
                                             installation of a new pool deck
President:                               finally, the end of my term as   and the renovation of the
                                         president.                       clubhouse kitchen. Thanks to      and I believe that the help of
Curtis Zingg                  362-5591                                    Finance Committee Chair Peter     additional members would
                                         All three have been happy        Gargas and his committee          constitute an immense
          czingg@mac.com                 experiences. By moving here      members, the needed repairs       improvement. But I’m glad
Vice President:                          we found a marvelous place to    and updates have been             about the re-election of Curt
                                         live; we’ve met many great       accomplished without the          Zingg and the election of Lisa
David Harrigan                362-9208   neighbors: and, through my       necessity of raising fees.        Polacke. The Board has been
                                         membership on the Board, we                                        needing a woman’s voice, as
     davidharrigan@hotmail.com           have come to understand the        In conversations with Atkinson well as someone from Phase
Secretary:                               inner workings of a                residents who live outside      One.
                                         condominium complex (which Bryant Woods, Ann Marie and I
Dick Forgione                 362-5938   is at times a complex              have heard appreciation for the I will miss the other Board
                                         condominium).                      Board’s and BW residents’       members with whom I
         dforge4@comcast.net                                                involvement in discussions      served. They have always been
                                         As was said by the old man         about the waste treatment plant ready to offer help to their
Treasurer:                               putting a curse on his enemy,      proposed for Hilldale Avenue. colleagues, to the many
Tom Kelley                    362-6073   "May you live in interesting       We’ve also heard appreciation hardworking committee
                                         times.” Admittedly there have for the research and leadership members, and to the
       THK1492@gmail.com                 been occasions on the Board        of Dave Harrigan on the         community at large. Their
Director:                                when the times have felt a little proposal to extend commuter genuine concern for all
                                         too interesting. Mostly,           rail to Plaistow, with a train  residents of Bryant Woods is
Lisa Polacke          (781) 552-1839     however, my term has been a        layover station that would      admirable.
                                         time of friendship and             impact residents of Atkinson
         lgp511@comcast.net              accomplishment.                                                    Thanks to Peter and to Board
                                                                            and Plaistow as well as the
Chair Finance Committee:                 This Board has updated and         wetlands next to BW property. members Dave, Dick, Tom and
                                                                                                            Curt. To Curt, our new
Pete Gargas              362-8977        clarified many policies crucial to I have to admit disappointment president, and to Lisa, good
                                         the running of Bryant Woods. that our proposed expansion of luck in the coming year. If I
         pagargas45@aol.com              In the windstorm of 2009 and the Board was not approved.           can be helpful at any time, give
                                         the many snowstorms of 2010- Board members work very hard, me a call.
Newsletter Advertising:
Kay Galloway                  362-6424   Caution: Your Fire Alarm Requires a Telephone Landline
          hkayg@yahoo.com                By David Harrigan                around the home using sound        given building.
                                         Board Vice President             and a flashing light. Only the
Newsletter Editorial Board:                                               Pulsar system will automatically   Because a fire in any unit is a
                                         Think carefully before you       contact the Fire Department,       direct threat to people in
Dina Brown                    362-9861   cancel your old-fashioned                                           adjoining units and in nearby
                                                                          thus saving valuable minutes
                                         telephone landline and go        while people are still waking up   buildings, and because the
Jane Harrigan                 362-9208   cellular-only. If no one else in                                    Association owns the exterior
                                                                          to the emergency.
Tom Kelley                               your building has a landline,                                       of every building and maintains
                              362-6073   you will lose an important part In order to work, our Pulsar        a master insurance policy on
Lisa Polacke          781-552-1839       of your fire protection.         system relies on a telephone       the rest, the Board of Directors
                                                                          landline. Remove the landline      is considering a mandate that a
    newsletter@bryantwoods.org           Every Bryant Woods home is and you’ll disable the alarm             landline be present in every
                                         equipped with safety devices to system.                             building. The cost could be
                                         protect you, your family, and                                       shared among the building’s
TOWN COOKBOOK                            your neighbors from fire in      However, Pulsar needs only
                                         your home. They include hard- one landline for each building,
                                                                                                             residents. Fairpoint offers an
                                                                                                             inexpensive local plan and
                                         wired smoke alarms and           not each unit. As long as          Xfinity offers a reduced price
   IS COMING                             sprinklers inside the home,
                                         horns and strobe lights
                                                                          someone in your duplex or
                                                                          fourplex maintains a landline to
                                                                                                             on phone service for its cable
                                                                                                             and Internet customers.
                                         mounted outside the garage       which the alarm can be
Beginning in early November,             door, and a professional alarm connected, all of you will still     The threat to all of us is real;
the Atkinson Women's Civic               system that automatically        be protected.                      the long-term solution is not
                                         notifies the Atkinson Fire                                          yet clear. In the meantime, be
Club will be selling a cookbook          Department via Pulsar Alarm Bryant Woods has a few                  very cautious about canceling
                                         Systems, Ltd. of Plaistow.       duplexes in which residents of     your landline. Consult others
of 300 family favorite recipes.                                           both units have already            in your building to be sure that
For more information, contact            In the event of a fire, the      cancelled their landlines, thus    a landline will remain to protect
Peggy McKane at 362-8216.                sprinklers will begin spraying   disabling their fire alarm. This   all of you. And us.
                                         water. The other devices will is a matter of concern to
                                         attempt to alert people in and everyone, not just residents of a
Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                 Fall 2012                                Page 3

New Policy on Winter Car Storage in the RV Lot
                              The Bryant Woods RV lot, next to             given winter, applications to store passenger cars will be
                               the clubhouse, provides parking for         accepted beginning Nov. 1 (and not before). Applications will
                               recreational vehicles, boats and/or         be approved in the order received, until all spaces are taken.
                               boat trailers, and other non-
                                                                           2. Passenger cars may be parked in the lot only between Nov.
                               commercial transportation items
                                                                           1 and April 30.
                               that won’t fit in a unit driveway or
                               that wouldn’t be appropriate to             3. In addition to filling out an application and following all
                               park there.                                 routine procedures for storing vehicles in the lot, applicants
                                                                           for storage of standard autos must sign a statement
                               In response to some residents’
                                                                           acknowledging their understanding of three points: (a) vehicles
requests to park passenger cars in the RV lot during the winter, the
                                                                           in the lot are not covered by the Association’s master
Board has revised the policy. Beginning this year, each November
                                                                           insurance policy and are left at the owner’s risk; (b) snow
the Board will determine the number of available parking spaces in
                                                                           plowing is not done in the lot, and any owner who wishes to
the RV lot. One space will be kept empty in case a new owner
                                                                           move a vehicle must make his/her own snow removal
moves in who has an RV or boat to store.
                                                                           arrangements, and (c) snow may not be moved to a place that
Any other spaces will be made available for other residents wishing        blocks any other vehicle.
to store a standard automobile during the winter, subject to the
                                                                       Finally, approval of an application to park a car in the RV lot one
following conditions:
                                                                       winter does not guarantee parking for subsequent winters. The
    1. Reservations are accepted for RVs and boats but not for         process begins anew each Nov. 1, depending on lot space available.
    winter car storage. If spaces in the RV lot are available for a

Dueling Winter Predictions: Take Your Pick
Two winters ago, Atkinson had seemingly endless cold days and 94       NOAA says “Expect a snow dump.” Here’s what the Old Farmer’s
inches of snow. Then last winter was mild with little snow, except     Almanac says,
in October. And this winter?
                                                                   “Winter will be colder and drier than normal, with below-normal
Well, it’s anybody’s guess, of course. But for what it’s worth, both
                                                                   snowfall. The coldest periods will be from Christmas through early
the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which is based in New Hampshire, and     January and in mid-January and early, mid-, and late February. The
the Farmer’s Almanac, based in Maine, predict a cold winter in     snowiest periods will be in
northern New England.                                              mid-November, mid- to late
                                                                   December, mid- to late
Although the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts below-normal snowfall,
                                                                   February, and early March.
government weather forecasting agencies like NOAA are expecting
the El Nino current in the Pacific to change weather patterns in a “April and May will be
way that could mean major snow along the East Coast. It depends slightly warmer than normal.
on how strong El Nino is: A weaker El Nino out West can mean a Rainfall will be below normal
snowier winter in the East.                                        in the north and above
                                                                   normal in the south.”

Volunteer Spotlight: The Bushwhackers and The Paint Brigade
Volunteers are people who do something they don’t have to do,          barrel holders along the paths. Also, the railing on Bryant Woods
without expecting anything in return. Jeff Woodburn, chair of the      Road that was replaced after an accident, and the floors in the pool
Grounds Committee, says the two groups he oversees – the               area, including hallways, storage room and showers.
Bushwhackers and the Paint Brigade – do get something in return
                                                                       The Bushwhackers are Woodburn, Gene Baldwin, Toby Jon
for their hard work: the satisfaction of keeping Bryant Woods
                                                                       Esposito, Pete Gargas, Don Higgins, Val Kozak and Jeff Shaw.
looking good and keeping our condo fee down, plus the gratitude
                                                                       This summer they cut brush and trimmed trees all along the
of their neighbors.
                                                                       walking paths. They also removed bushes and limbs blocking
This year the Paint Brigade is Woodburn, Gene Baldwin, Pat             drivers’ views at numerous intersections on Redwood and
Bouchard, Don Deveau, Hank Gardner, Pete Gargas, Val Kozak,            Ridgewood, and removed tree limbs on Rosewood.
Joe Sheehan and Jim Stundze.
                                                                       When you see a volunteer, be sure to say thank you. And if you’d
Here’s what they painted: The covered bridge, Beaver Bridge            like to get outdoors and do some volunteer work yourself, come
(between Aspen and the clubhouse path), and the benches and            next spring, contact Jeff Woodburn at 362-9678.
Page 4   Bryant Woods Fall Focus   Fall 2012
Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                   Fall 2012                                  Page 5

 It’s a Bird; It’s a Dog (He Thinks); It’s Elliot the Parrot
 By Lisa Polacke
 Since he was 3 years old, Toby
                                     Critter                           Elliot seem almost human, in           Jon’s mom, reports that both
                                                                       his own mind he seems to be            Elliot and Lilli hide her shoes
 Jon Esposito of Balsam Court
 has had a passion for birds.
                                     Corner                            part canine. When the                  and slippers and get into
 When he turned 10, five years                                         Espositos brought home Lilli, a        trouble together. Now we
                                     although shy at first, quickly    sweet Havanese (a breed of the         know why one of Elliot’s
 ago, he told his mother that he
                                     demonstrated his personality by   Bichon type, which is the              favorite sayings (in Ana’s voice)
 wanted a talking bird—not just
                                     following Toby Jon wherever       national dog of Cuba), she and         is, “Bad boy, Elliot!”
 any talking bird but one that
                                     he went, calling him by name      Elliot quickly grew so close that
 had a good disposition and
                                     and mimicking his laugh.          Elliot at times acts like a dog.
 would interact well with Toby
 Jon and his older sisters, Cira     Eclectus Parrots are generally    Lilli hates to be away from
 and Dominique. After two            classified among the top three    Elliot, and is always looking for
 years of research, Toby Jon         parrots for talking ability.      him. The two play together in
 finally made his selection: a       Elliot has such a large           the house or chill out on the
 Solomon Island Eclectus             vocabulary that the Espositos     couch. Elliot can run up the
 Parrot.                             have lost count of the number     stairs as fast as Lilli and is often
                                     of words he can say, but among    found playing with Lilli’s toys.
 Elliot the parrot was born on
                                     them are Hello when the phone
 July 20, 2009, in Texas. When                                         Elliot’s favorite foods are raw
                                     rings, Hi when the doorbell
 the bright green bird arrived at                                      peanuts, grapes, apples, and
                                     rings, and Good Boy to show
 Logan Airport two months                                              sunflower seeds, and at times
                                     what he thinks of himself.
 later to greet his new family, it                                     Lilli shares her dog food and          Toby Jon Esposito with Lilli
 was love at first sight. Elliot,    Though the talking can make       rawhide chews. Ana, Toby               and Elliot.

New Cover Will Protect Pool for Many Winters to Come
By Dick Forgione                                                       The Board visited the West Meadow Hill condo complex in
Board Secretary                                                        Haverhill, which has had a similar cover for years and
                                                                       recommended it highly, thus assuring Board members that the
The pool is closed for the season, but the                             $2,900 investment would be worthwhile to protect our pool. The
improvements go on. Because the winter cover for the pool was          cover has a 10-year warranty, but we hope it will last much longer.
on its last legs, the Board shopped around and found a new one         On the question of adding a band of carpeting to the new deck,
that was professionally installed and anchored to our new deck.        around the perimeter of the pool, a small majority of residents who
It’s called a Loop-Loc cover, and the manufacturer claims it’s so      responded to our informal survey said they preferred carpet. So
strong that an elephant could stand on it without falling through.     the Board attempted to go ahead with the project. However, the
The cover is made of mesh, which means that rainwater drains           installer ran into problems and could not do the work before the
through it rather than collecting on top and creating puddles that     weather changed. The Board will revisit the carpet install in the
can fill with debris.                                                  spring.

Auto Glass—Mirrors—Plexiglass—Garage Doors
Aluminum Products—Replacement Windows and
                                                                                     White Dog Cleaning
                                                                                    Office and House Cleaning Services
                                                                            Carpet Cleaning, Window Washing, Power Washing,
Timberlane Plate Glass Co., Inc.                                                  Event Cleaning, Construction Clean-up
                                                                                       Interior and exterior Painting

                      PO Box 306                                                            Lisa and Wayne Day
               Plaistow, NH 03865-0306                                           Lisa: 603-674-2133 – Wayne: 603-661-5464
                     603-382-6969                                                         www.whitedogcleaning.com
                                                                                    email: cleaning@whitedogcleaning.com
                                                                                     117 Towle Road, Chester, NH 03036
Ernie Carpenter                           Jerry Sheehan
Page 6                           Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                           Fall 2012

W h e r e t o Wa r m U p I f Powe r BW Committee Contact List
G o e s O u t T hi s Wi n t e r     Committee Chair   Contact Info
                                                                 Activities Committee         Barbara Heaphy     362.9452
With any luck, this winter won’t bring a long power outage                                    Nancy Blaisdell    362.6263
of the sort we had a few years ago. But it’s nice to know that   Finance Committee            Pete Gargas        362.8977
if it does, Atkinson offers two places to go for help.
                                                                 Garden Committee             Don Deveau         362.6203
In an emergency identified by Fire Chief Michael Murphy,
                                                                 Landscape Committee          Pete Gargas        362.8977
the Atkinson Fire Department will make its showers
available to town residents. The second location is the          Newsletter Delivery          Nancy Blaisdell    362.6263
Atkinson Community Center, on Main Street across the             Team
street from the post office.                                     Newsletter Editorial         Dina Brown         362.9861
                                                                 Board                        Jane Harrigan      362.9208
Though the center is not set up for sleeping overnight, it                                    Tom Kelley         362.6073
offers a warm place to stay during the day as well as hot        newsletter@bryantwoods.org   Lisa Polacke       781.552.1839
meals during an emergency. The warming center is staffed
by town employees and volunteers, including the Recreation       Paint Brigade                Jeff Woodburn      362.9678
                                                                                              Frank Duggan       362.4448
Commission and the Lions Club. If you’d like to volunteer
at the warming center , contact town recreation director         Pool Committee               Nancy Blaisdell    362.6263
Noriko Yoshida-Travers at 362-5531.                                                           Judy Baldwin       489.1823
                                                                 Web Committee                Dina Brown         362.9861
A Harvest of Good Food                                                                        Dick Forgione
                                                                                              Tom Kelley
At the Harvest Dinner in the clubhouse on Sept. 8, more than     Welcome Committee            Nancy Blaisdell    362.6263
40 people raced the predicted rainstorm and shared a wide                                     Kay Galloway       362.6424
variety of main dishes and desserts they’d prepared themselves
– everything from Chinese noodle salad to Greek meat pies to
strawberry mousse.                                               Activities Committee:
The BW Activities Committee planned and organized the
event, including a raffle with prizes won by Bob Lonergan,
                                                                 Save the Date
Dick Picotte and Pete Gargas.                                     Fall is in the air, and the Bryant Woods Activities
                                                                  Committee is planning a hayride on Saturday, Oct. 27, at 2
                                                                  p.m. A horse-drawn wagon from Twin Cedars Farm will
                                                                  leave the BW clubhouse parking lot and travel the back
                                                                  roads of Bryant Woods.
                                                                  Young and old are welcome, so please invite your children
                                                                  and grandchildren to join the fun. In addition to the
                                                                  hayride, participants can get their faces painted and will
                                                                  enjoy warm cider and donuts plus make-your-own hot
                                                                  fudge sundaes and much more.
                                                                  Details will follow soon, so if you plan on joining us,
                                                                  please make your reservation as soon as you see the posted
                                                                  notices. Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-
                                                                  served basis.
                                       Photo by Tom Kelley
                                                                   Thursday, November 15—Bingo
Above from left to right: Don Deveau, Mary Lonergan, Lisa          Sunday, December 2—Christmas
Polacke, Muriel Baxter, Nancy Blaisdell (co-chair), Penny           Luncheon
Kelley, Virginia Welman, Grace Forgione. Kneeling in front:       As we get closer to the listed events,
Barbara Heaphy (Chair) and Judy Baldwin. Activities               further details regarding cost and
Committee members not pictured: Ruth Harrigan, Helen              scheduled time will become available.
Busta, Anna Welch, Sandy Whitaker, Julie Zocchi.
Bryant Woods Fall Focus                       Fall 2012              Page 7

   You may have given up your traditional job, but your retirement
   money still needs to work.
   To help ensure your retirement stays on track, you need a
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                Robert J. Gustafson
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                                       www.edwardjones.com   Member SIPC
Page 8                               Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                           Fall 2012

Be Kind To Your Septic System. Here’s How.
In the last five years, Bryant Woods has had no septic failures.
Since replacing a septic system can cost as much as $150,000, we’d
all like that good fortune to continue. Here are some tips to help
your system last longer .
Septic systems contain living organisms that digest and treat waste.
Though few of us want to think about what’s happening
underground, it’s our job to keep those organisms alive and well.
         Condo rules prohibit garbage disposals because they
         accelerate septic system failure. If your unit has a
         disposal, remove it.
                                                                                systems make septic systems fail sooner. Do not install a
WHAT TO DO                                                                      water softener.
         Use water efficiently. A septic system can’t handle too                Keep the following materials out of your toilets and drains:
         much water at once. Rather than doing multiple loads of
                                                                                System cloggers: Diapers, cat litter, cigarette butts or
         laundry in a single day, try to spread them out over
                                                                                filters, coffee grounds, grease, feminine hygiene products,
         several days. If too much water enters a septic system, it
                                                                                dental floss, cotton swabs, paper towels.
         can back up into the yard, creating unsanitary conditions.
                                                                                System killers: Household chemicals, gasoline, oil, paint
         Limit use of commercial bathroom cleaners. Use
                                                                                (latex or oil-based), pesticides, antifreeze, caustic drain
         them in moderation. Mild detergent or baking soda work
                                                                                cleaners, liquid fabric softeners, large amounts of bleach.
         for many cleaning needs.
                                                                       Remember, you septic system is not a trash can. Its health is vital
                                                                       to life in your home, and it’s to everyone’s advantage that all BW
         Water softeners: Studies suggest that water-softening         septic systems be kept in the best possible shape.

603-858-6329 cell                                                                               DID YOU KNOW?
                 603-489-1171 home
                                                                          Condo rules, documents and bylaws are
                                                                          now available on the Bryant Woods
                                                                          website: www.bryantwoods.org. Click on
                 ANA L. ESPOSITO                                          Reports and Documents.
                        Notary Public

               States of New Hampshire &
                                                                                              On Line
                                                                                              Hair Salon
                                      2 Balsam Court                                        (603)362-6082
                                      Atkinson, NH 03811
                                                                        6 Linebrook Road                                       Janet Porter

                                      anaesposito@aol.com               Atkinson, NH 03811                                     Proprietor
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K i n g s t o n H a z a r d o u s Wa s t e C o l l e c t i o n
Residents of Atkinson and five other towns are invited to drop      cleaning products. Auto-related items like old gasoline, brake fluid
their hazardous household waste in Kingston on Saturday, Oct.       and antifreeze. Oil-based paint, varnish and paint thinner.
27, from 9 a.m. to noon. Materials dropped off at the collection    Chemical fertilizer, herbicides, rat poison, mothballs, pool
site -- the parking lot of the old high school, 178 Main St. in     chemicals and photography chemicals.
Kingston -- will be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally
                                                                    Not Accepted: Computers or monitors. Latex paint. Propane
appropriate way.
                                                                    cylinders. Explosive or radioactive materials. Prescription drugs or
Accepted: Batteries and fluorescent light bulbs. Aerosol cans and   medical waste. Smoke detectors or fire extinguishers.

           Atkinson Hair Depot
                      3 Main Street
           (Across From The Community Center)

              Mens & Ladies Cuts $12.00                                                   Upscale Consignments
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              Thank-You Veterans $ 8.00                                               We are always having a SALE!!!
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                        "Just Walk In"                                       18 Plaistow Road – Plaza 125 – Subway Plaza
                                                                             Plaistow, NH 03865              603-378-0565

                                                                       Hours: M-T 10:30-5, W-F 10:30-6:30, Sat 10-5, & Sun 11-4
Mon-Fri. 9AM-6PM
Saturday: 8AM-3PM                    603-362-4165                              Consignments taken by appointment only!

                                                                           Robert J. Perreault, DDS, PC
                                                                                 General Dentist
                                                                                  Specializing in Laser & Microtechnology

                      David Proulx

      474 Main Street               PO Box 554                                      12 Main Street Atkinson, NH 03811
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                 David@allfloorz.net                                                           over 20 years.

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Page 10                                      Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                                        Fall 2012

 BW Condominium Association Open Meeting Minutes
                                                                           October 11, 2012
The meeting was called to order at 7:34 p.m. by Joe Sheehan, Board President. A quorum was established.
Steve Ziogas of Seeley and Schulz delivered the audit presentation. The auditors gave Bryant Woods a clean audit report. The balance sheet, revenue and expenses,
statement of cash flows, footnotes and disclosures were explained.
70-604 election, to transfer transferring a balance from the Operating account to the Reserve, was explained by Steve. A motion was made to approve the 70-604 election.
The motion was seconded. Vote: All in favor.
A financial report was given by Pete Gargas. The reserve balance is up and greatly improved from $3,499 at the 2007 annual meeting. The 20-year plan was reviewed. This
shows each reserve line item, expected life of each, years to replacement and cost to replace. Many things on the plan are estimates. Right now things look good; however,
that could change quickly.
Community status report was given by Rob Barnes. The follow items were discussed:
     Rob commented on how involved this Board is and how much they do for the community.
     Alarm testing in Phase One should be completed this month. All owners must return their fire service forms.
     If a building does not have a phone line, it cannot be monitored by the alarm company. It is important that if there is a problem with the panel to communicate that
     to management. If the alarm or strobe light goes off, leave the building and then call the fire department. Dispatch is not automatic in an unmonitored building.
     Septic alarms or red lights mean problems with a pump station. Contact Harvard Management.
     Reminder: No overnight parking on the roads is allowed. Owners should be considerate of neighbors and not block driveways.
     An owner who wants to park an additional vehicle in the clubhouse parking lot needs Board permission.
     A discussion was held on painting work. A comment was made that in prior years one unit owner’s water was used to power-wash multiple units. With the new
     painting company, this has not been a problem recently. Rob asked that any complaints be made immediately so they can be addressed by the painter.
     A comment was made about mildew on the rear of 25 Ridgewood Drive.
     An owner asked why the stain looks blotchy. This stain that has been used for eight or so years. It is semi-transparent so may appear blotchy in some applications.
     The Board is looking at other products.
     A question was asked about replacing the sliding windows in all condos. A suggestion was made that a committee look at what would work well as a replacement.
     The Board will look into this.
     Reminder: Pets must be on leashes while outdoors, and pet owners are responsible to pick up after their pets.
     Reminder: The speed limit in BW is 15 mph.
Kay Galloway gave the Nomination Committee report. There are two vacancies on the Board. Joe Sheehan’s position is expiring, and he will not seek another term. Curt
Zingg’s position is also expiring and he is running again. Lisa Polacke is running for the second open seat. Kay asked for nominations from the floor. There were none.
Nominations were closed. A motion was made to elect Curt and Lisa to the Board. The motion was seconded. Vote: All in favor.
Tom Kelley spoke about the website (www.bryantwoods.org) and the newsletter. The website has a link for owners to submit story ideas. The bylaws have been added to
the site for owners’ convenience. In the past year we had 334 work orders and almost half of them have been sent via the website. Owners who would like to be added to
the email list, or who have changed their email address, should contact Dick Forgione.
Nancy Blaisdell gave the Activities Committee report. Saturday, Oct. 27, at 2p.m. will be a hayride with face painting and make-your-own sundaes. Thursday, Nov. 15, is
bingo night. In December a Christmas luncheon is being planned.
Donald Deveau gave the Garden Committee report.
Pete Gargas gave the Landscape Committee report. Jeff Shaw did a lot of work this year. He thanked Grace Forgione, Joe DeMonaco, and Gene Baldwin as they watered
plants throughout the property. Bruce Voigt and Joe DeMonaco were thanked for their help on landscaping projects this year.
Nancy Blaisdell gave the Pool Committee report. New pool deck was replaced and looks great, some new furniture was added, the entrance area was painted, the upper
deck was washed, and a new pool cover was installed. Nancy, Judy Baldwin, Joe Lee, Benny Cordischi, Curt Zingg all volunteered to test the water daily. She thanked all
those who used the pool for following the rules.
Dick reported that there is now television in the clubhouse. Benny Cordischi built a TV shelf in the gym; he also donated a TV. The clubhouse is now a wireless hot spot.
The connections instructions will be in the newsletter.
Jeff Shaw spoke about the committee that has done tree trimming along the walkways. He also spoke about the 26 bluebird boxes. There were approximately three
dozen eggs this year.
Kay Galloway thanked the owners who pick up the litter on Bryant Woods roads.
Tom Kelley thanked Joe Sheehan for serving as president of the Board, and a round of applause was given for Joe.
Adjourned 8:47pm.
Respectfully submitted;
Melissa Silvio
Harvard Management
Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                  Fall 2012                               Page 11

Need Something? The ‘Governor of Balsam Court’ Is There To Help
By Lisa Polacke                                                        but in getting everyone involved. A few
                                                                       years ago, Val invited his neighbors to
When anyone on Balsam Court needs help, they know whom to
                                                                       contribute $5 each to buy a balsam tree,
turn to: Val Kozak. If you’ve walked down his street, you’ve seen
                                                                       appropriate for the street’s name, to
him outside, working on his own yard or someone else’s or just
                                                                       plant in the cul de sac. Residents
talking with his neighbors.
                                                                       worked together, removing stumps and
Val is retired and has lived on Balsam with his wife, Joyce, for 18    wild bushes to clear a spot. In the
years. Long ago, when a dog belonging to Katie Shea – then a           clearing they planted flowers, put down
child, now a doctor – broke loose and was running around the           pebbles and installed a park bench
neighborhood, Val caught the dog and brought it home. His              donated by Nancy and Frank Duggan.
neighbors already called him the mayor of Balsam Court, but Katie
                                                                       In the middle of it all grows a beautiful
was so happy that she promoted him to governor .
                                                                       balsam tree, a tribute to the spirit of
When someone on the street is ill or has gone away for a while, Val    volunteerism. From time to time you’ll
helps wherever he’s needed: trimming shrubs, planting rosebushes,      find Balsam Court residents gathered
even working on plumbing. He watches out for everyone, young           there, enjoying a drink and one another’s company. They’re proud
and old. “When I moved to Balsam Court,” says neighbor Ana             of their accomplishments and feel that their street is one of the
Esposito, “Val helped me fix a loose outside water spigot and also     best in Bryant Woods. Many of them help the whole complex by
furnished me with the names of tradesmen I could call when             working with the Paint Brigade and the Bushwhackers.
                                                                       Val is just one of the many Bryant Wood volunteers who make a
He takes pride not just in keeping Balsam Court well-manicured         difference.

Have Mice Made Their Own Condo in Your AC Unit?
By Dina L. Brown
                                                                       David Laventure of Advanced Pest Control, the BW official pest
                            Before covering your air conditioning      control company, advises residents not to worry needlessly. Mice
                            unit for the winter, take a look inside.   may be common, but unit owners can take steps to reduce the
                            In New Hampshire and other cold            likelihood of damage, from installing screening and filling holes to
                            places, rodents, especially mice, often    eliminating nearby food sources such as birdfeeders. Here are
                            find the electrical box on AC units to     some other possible deterrents that experts and local residents
                            be a warm, dry, cozy place to live. The    recommend: steel wool in the electrical box, baited traps,
                            bad news is that mice can damage your      waterproof foam spray as insulation, peppermint oil on cotton
                            AC unit, the good news is that keeping     balls, poisons like Decon or Rataway, mothballs, fabric softener
                            them out is relatively easy with one       sheets designed for the dryer, cloves, or even WD-40 sprayed
                            quick annual check and some anti-          on the wires.
Mouse condo inside one of
the many different BW AC    rodent measures.
                                                                       With a little effort, we can make sure that our AC units are clean
                             One hot night this past August, Bryant    and mice-free before we seal them up for the winter.
Woods residents Jane and Dave Harrigan tried to turn
on their AC. Nothing happened, even though it had
worked the previous day. The repairman who came
took the cover off the HVAC unit in the basement and
discovered a burning smell coming from the
transformer. He installed a new transformer and then
went outdoors to look at the condenser.
Unscrewing the panel on the side, he found the
problem: Mice had chewed through the wires. Two
mice were dead inside the box, where they’d obviously
been living – and, as the repairman delicately put it,
“using it as their toilet” – for quite some time.
Shorting out the wires outdoors had blown out the
transformer indoors. Repairs required a new
transformer and some outdoor wiring, for a total of
about $350. The repairman, who said he had seen mice
in AC units numerous times before, caulked around
the area where the wires enter the electrical box on the
Page 12                               Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                                          Fall 2012

Check Out These Changes at the Clubhouse
It’s Now a WiFi Hotspot                                                 Kitchen Gets an Upgrade
If you use the clubhouse, you can now use your smartphone or
                                                                        Along with the new WiFi hotspot, you'll find some other updates in
other mobile device there without piling up minutes on your data        the BW clubhouse. The kitchen, which was showing its age after 22
plan. As of mid-September, the Bryant Woods clubhouse is an             years of use, has new cabinets and rolled-edge laminate countertops
XFINITY WiFi hotspot. The signal is available throughout the            in a color called golden mascarello.
building as well as on both the upper and lower pool decks.
                                                                        Fresh paint on the walls and a new faucet in the sink complete the
Here’s how to get on the Internet in the clubhouse:                     picture. In addition, the rear door of the kitchen has been tinted and
                                                                        vertical blinds installed to reduce sun damage.
Step 1: Enable your WiFi ready device (mobile phone, laptop,
tablet computer, etc.).                                                 The kitchen renovation work, done by Steve Prudhomme of SAJ
                                                                        Renovations after the Board solicited bids, was part of the general
Step 2: On the list of available WiFi networks, find and select         maintenance budget approved by BW owners for the last fiscal year.
xfinitywifi, then launch your browser.
                                                                        Downstairs in the
Step 3: Follow the on-screen prompts to sign in, using the sign-in      workout room, you've
name on your XFINITY account. If you are not an XFINITY                 probably noticed the
Internet customer, you can access the Internet via the clubhouse        addition of a
WiFi two times, for up to 60 minutes each. You must sign up for         television. Benny
your two sessions by Dec. 31 of this year, then use both by Feb.        Cordischi of Overlook
15, 2013.                                                               Drive generously built
                                                                        the shelf and donated
For more information, visit xfinity.com/wifi.                           the TV for anyone
                                                                        who wants to watch it
                                                                        while using the gym
                                                                        equipment. The TV
                                                                        remote will be kept on
                                                                        the shelf.

BW Groups in Action
The Forty-Fives are a social group              Tuesday nights to get together.”                  with your first project. If you’d like to learn
of Bryant Woods card players. Carmen                                                              more about Needles, Hooks, and Hoops,
                                                All Bryant Woods residents are welcome to
DeMonaco, Kenny Wilman, Jack Fitzgerald,                                                          please contact Ruth Harrigan at 603-362-
                                                join the group on Tuesday evenings from
Hank Gardner, Ray Busta, Tom Kelley, and                                                          5453 or jandrharrigan@comcast.net.
                                                6:30 to 9 p.m. in the lower level library/pool
Bob Laprise faithfully get together every       room/card room at the clubhouse. Just
Tuesday evening at the clubhouse.               show up by 6:30.
The weekly gathering started as a friendly      Needles, Hooks, and Hoops
game of poker by some former residents,
                                               is a social group of Bryant Woods crafters:
then evolved about eight years ago into the
                                               Ruth Harrigan, Virginia Wilman, Judy
game Forty-Fives. Originating in Ireland as
                                               Baldwin, Muriel Baxter, Julie Zocchi, and
Spoil Five, the game migrated to Nova
                                               Janice Licare. They get together every third
Scotia and then south, becoming especially
                                               Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon at the BW
popular in the Merrimack Valley. Tom says
                                               clubhouse to share knitting and crocheting
that when he was in Army basic training in
                                               patterns, helpful hints, and the latest projects
New Jersey years ago, he could tell who was
                                               and crafts each is working on. They
from the Merrimack Valley by whether they
                                               welcome and invite crafters at all levels to
knew how to play Forty-Fives. The game is
                                               join them. If you’ve ever thought about             Displaying some of their crafts are members of
also known as Auction 120s, since players
                                               learning how to knit or crochet, this is the        Needles, Hooks and Hoops.
play to 120 points.
                                               group for you. Although the members are             From left, Virginia Wilman, Janice Licare, Julie
“Forty-Fives is either played with partners or busy working on holiday decorations,                Zocchi, Ruth Harrigan, Judy Baldwin. Muriel
cut-throat,” Carmen says. “We enjoy each personal gifts and charity items, one of the              Baxter (not shown).
other’s company and look forward to            six would be happy to help you get started
Page 13                             Bryant Woods Fall Focus                                                       Fall 2012

        Harvard                           All owners in
                                                                        HAPPY HOME
                                                                       Plumbing & Heating LLC
       Management                         Phase I are
                                                                         37 Academy Avenue, Atkinson NH 03811
                                          reminded to
        Contacts:                         return forms to                              603-489-1625
EMERGENCY CONTACT                         Melissa Silvio at                       markbplb@comcast.net
                        888-840-1777      Harvard Mgmt.
Property Manager:                         so that Pulsar              Here are some of our most
                                          can test sprinklers     important tools. When we work in
Rob Barnes
                                          and fire alarms.        your home we never leave a mess!
Assistant Property Manager:
Melissa Silvio          800-924-8994
Refinancing or selling your unit?
                                                 DID YOU
Susan Hodgson        888-840-1777x322
Electronic Fee Payments:            Did you know that
                                    you could submit
Lauren Ortiz       888-840-1777X315 work orders on the

  lortiz@harvardmanagement.com      web? Go to:
Club House Reservations:
Melissa Silvio          800-824-8994
 msilvio@harvardmanagement.com                                                   Finish Painting
                                                                                 Kevin M. McCann, Proprietor
Club House Office Address:
57 Aspen Drive
Atkinson, NH 03811
362-5706—Office      362-9410—FAX
                                                   DID YOU

                                           Owners submitted
                                           334 work orders
                                           last fiscal year. Of
                                           those, half were
                                           submitted online.
                                                                  PO Box 1049             E. Hampstead (603) 378-0777
                                                                  East Hampstead, NH      Salem (603) 893-1491
                                                   DID YOU                                Nextel (603) 231-2912
      Want to win a Dunkin                         KNOW??
       Donuts gift Card?
Submit your favorite fall photo to          Bryant Woods has          15% Bryant Woods Discount
                                            26 bluebird
  the BW Newsletter Editorial               nesting houses.          www.finishpainting.com OR finishpainting@comcast.net
           Board at:                        About three dozen
newsletter@bryantwoods.org or               eggs hatched this
   at www.bryantwoods.org

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