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Joint agreement must be reached between the Athletic Union, the club and the Sports Development Centre in respect of the location of the facility to be used and an associated timetable for the activities. All groups are advised that their members should carry a personal accident insurance policy to cover stated activities, as they will not come under the terms of the university insurance policy for personal injury as a result of such activities. Officials should inform members of their group using the facilities of this fact. The user group is required to submit a written University Accident Report Form immediately following any injuries that occur during the use of University Sports Facilities. These are available at the Reception Desk of each Unit (Sports Hall/Powerbase/Netball Centre/HIPAC/LUFS/Swimming Pool). Accidents should be reported as soon as possible. The user group must formally acknowledge that they have absolute responsibility for supervising the activities and ensuring that the facilities are used in a safe manner and according to regulations of use. The University cannot accept any responsibility for monitoring the programmed activities or providing detailed guidance and instruction upon safe use. With respect to premises and equipment, the University exercises an on-going maintenance and inspection programme and, therefore, these facilities are, as far as is reasonably practicable, in a safe condition for use by the user groups. All users are required to report defects, damage or hazards immediately to the Duty Manager (on Shift), who is responsible for confirming the safety and availability for use of the Department’s facilities. User groups are also required to accept responsibility for damage to equipment and other facilities, which results from negligence or misuse by their members. This will include the cost of materials and labour incurred. Club equipment: Clubs/Groups are reminded that equipment belonging to them cannot be stored in Sports Facility storage areas. Group equipment must be cleared from all activity areas/buildings (indoor & outdoor) at the end of each session, unless special agreement has been made, and confirmed in writing with the Unit Manager. CLEAN SHOES (correct footwear). Non-marking training shoes must be used in all indoor activity areas. Clean shoes must be carried and changed into in the changing rooms before entering any indoor activity areas. FOOD AND DRINK must not be taken into any sports activity areas. CLEARING ACTIVITY AREAS ON TIME Set up and clear up time is within the group’s allocated time slot. All users must clear activity areas (indoors and outdoors) on time unless previous arrangements are made with the Sports Development Centre. CLUBS, GROUPS OR INDIVIDUALS not adhering to the aforementioned regulations will receive a written warning from the Facility Manager, a fine of up to £50.00, and could receive a ban which will be reported to the Deputy Director of the Sports Development Centre, for a final decision.







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TO BE COMPLETED BY AN OFFICIAL OF THE CLUB OR GROUP I accept the above Conditions of usage of the University Sports facilities, Sports Development Centre, both indoor and outdoor, as set out in the regulations (a to j) for both club users and spectators. NAME AND INITIALS (BLOCK CAPITALS) -POSITION (BLOCK CAPITALS) -UNION CLUB/GROUP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SIGNED: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-DATE: -DURATION OF USE: -FROM: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------1st October 2006 15 June 2007 -------------------------------------- TO-----------------------------------th



Events / Special Events should be liaised directly with the Events Manager, Sports Development Centre, Sir John Beckwith Centre for Sport. IMPORTANT NOTES: a) One copy must be signed and returned immediately to the AU Office. Clubs/Groups who do not return the forms will not be allowed the use of the facilities until the form has been signed and returned. Copies will be given to the Unit Managers, Sports Development Centre, Loughborough University. Suggestions and complaints should be dealt with in the following order.   Many Thanks Alert the Facility Manager/Recreation Assistant Report the Incident/suggestion in writing to them



Stephen Stewart Sports Development Centre Deputy Director Sports Development Centre Loughborough University Leicestershire LE11 3TU

Mike Grogan Athletic Union President Student Union Loughborough University, Leicestershire LE11 3TT

Appendix 1 ASHBY UNIT Duty Operational Staff EPINAL UNIT Duty Operational Staff

Cricket Academy Academy Cricket Nets Hazlegrave Cricket Pitch Hazlegrave Changing Rooms Brockington Cricket Pitch Paddock Football Pitch Elvyn Richards, Mobile: 07818 625839 Duty Operational Staff Hipac Outdoor Athletic Stadium & Pavilion WaterBased Pitch & Hockey Pavilion Cayley Football Pitch EHB Sports Hall (after 6.00pm) EHB Games Rooms EHB Squash Courts EHB Sand Pitch Mobile: 07837 345041 xt 8673 Unit Manager: Tom Neale Ext. 8666 FOREST UNIT Duty Operational Staff Netball / Badminton Centre Dan Maskell Tennis Centre Towers Netball/Tennis Courts Mobile: 07788 646130 Ext 6730 Unit Manager: Jay Hawker Ext. 6731 LUFS (Loughborough University Fitness Suite) LUFS Gym

Sports Hall Fitness Centre Victory Hall Dance Studio National Sport Taekwondo Centre PEC Rubber Crumb Pitch PEC Changing Rooms Brockington Cricket Nets st 1 XV Rugby Pitch Towers Rugby Pitch Holywell Pitches Brockington Football Pitch Hazlerigg-Rutland Tennis Courts Mobile: 07795 118764 xt 6190

Unit Manager: Roger Bryans Ext. 6191 EIS POOL Reception Ext 6200

Unit Manager: Sam Pittham, Ext. 6202 EIS/ Loughborough University Performance Centre (PC Building) Physiotherapy/Massage PowerBase Gymnastics Centre Sports Reception: Ext: 6250 Conditioning Coaches: Ext: 6257

Unit Manager: Lea McMullen Ext: 8470

Unit Manager: Mark Davies Ext 6256

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