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Central Yacht Charter Representation

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					Yacht Charter Management We specialise in high-end luxury yacht charters in South East Asia. As your central agent we endeavor to get the very best from your yacht through careful management and marketing to get the most out of the chartering potential. Acting as your central agent we can offer….. Charter Agency Services We would act as a central booking office and add your yacht to our select group of charter yachts working with established reputable world-wide brokers. Promoting Your Yacht Your yacht can be promoted to international charter brokers and specialist travel agencies. In addition, she would be featured in our newsletter and on our website. We can also design a dedicated individual website for your yacht. Sales and Marketing Services & Costs All exposure on web sites & other electronic media must be accompanied by a high quality brochure for your yacht to maximize marketing opportunities. We can provide information on professional brochure publishers and photographers and recommend the best information to include. Moreover, we can offer advice and produce design templates for other marketing channels such as flyer, editorials and translation of brochures into other languages. Individual needs Naturally, we understand that each yacht and each yacht owners’ objectives and budgets vary and we will develop a budget to suit. Fees for brochure printing, web-design and other promotional items are charged at cost once the owner's approval has been received. Contract Handling We prepare all parts of the charter agreement, which clearly defines the responsibilities of the yacht owner, charterer and crew. Local Knowledge With many years experience in the local and international charter market, we can advise on the optimum charter rate to make your yacht attractive, competitive and profitable. Additionally, our Phuket office offers support services for locally based yachts and crews such as communication, mail service, fund transfers, storage facilities, customs clearance, etc. We also have a network of offices in the region that can promote your yacht. Booking Procedures & Commissions Most charter contracts are based on a "plus all expenses" rate. This means that the owner is responsible for the fixed costs for the charter duration such as crew salaries, hull insurance, standard maintenance and other operating expenses. The charter client is responsible for expenses during the charter that are directly attributable to their usage such as dockage, fuel, food and alcohol. Many charters booked are referred by a retail charter booking agent who represents the charter client. This agent receives 15% commission plus our 5%, totaling 20%, leaving an 80% net return to the owner from the charter fee.

The Captain of the yacht receives an advance provisioning allowance up to 30 days before the start of the charter. The owner then receives 50% of the net charter fee at the commencement of the charter and the balance upon successful completion. Should the charterer cancel a charter, the procedure is that charter moneys are refunded to the client only if the charter dates are re-booked. If the dates are partially re-booked the charter deposit is refunded on a pro-rata basis. If the charter is not re-booked you are paid the charter deposit less commissions. If the yacht must ever cancel or otherwise default on a charter, the commission on the canceled charter is considered an earned fee and is owed to the charter broker by the yacht, as stated in the charter contract. A Successful Partnership Meeting charterers’ needs requires good knowledge in a competitive market place. We are here to provide the central link between the booking agent, the yacht owner and the yacht captain, so as to ensure the smooth charter operations of your yacht.

Please contact us to discuss your individual management needs.

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