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wendellmiddlebands - Wendell Middle School Bands 3409 NC HWY 97 by Levone


									Wendell Middle School


Renee E. Todd, Director
3409 NC Highway 97 Wendell, NC 27591 (919) 365-1693

August 21, 2009 Dear Students and Parents: Welcome to your new school year in the Wendell Middle School band program! With the right mindset and work ethic all students in our program will accomplish their first step in becoming a musician. My aim is two-fold: to educate children through music performance and to instill a lasting appreciation of music in all of our students. In an effort to meet these objectives, our program offers a wide range of educational and performance opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular in nature. This handbook is designed to inform band parents and students of the expectations and opportunities of the Wendell Middle School band program. After reading all the applicable sections of this handbook, please complete and return the necessary forms, found in the back, by the following date: September 4, 2009 I am happy that you as parents and students have chosen to be a part of our band program at Wendell Middle School. It is my firm belief that, as with any other worthwhile endeavor, a student can gain from band what he is willing to put into it. With dedication and hard work, band can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. It is my sincerest hope that through this program, young people will gain a deep appreciation for music as well as individual integrity and pride in their own accomplishments. I look forward to this year as we strive to achieve our maximum musical potential here at Wendell. Sincerely, Renee E. Todd Band Office 919 365 1693

Index of Topics
Attendance ................................................................ 7 Calendar ................................................................... 12 Class Materials ........................................................... 6 Concert Attire ............................................................ 5 Concert Etiquette ……………………………….………… 10 Conduct .................................................................... 7 Grading ..................................................................... 8 Instruments ............................................................... 3 Instrument Storage ..................................................... 5 Jazz Band ................................................................... 5 Music and Equipment .................................................. 6 Music Dealers ............................................................. 3 Private Instruction....................................................... 4 Schedule .................................................................... 3 Supplies ..................................................................... 4 Travel Policies ........................................................... 11


General Information
Philosophy Band was a very special experience for me as a young person. Many of my friends were in band. A great deal of my time was spent involved in some aspect of the program. Band, like sports and other wholesome organizations, gave me a place to grow and succeed. It is my desire to create a band program at Wendell Middle School that will have the same positive impact upon my students. The Wendell Middle School Band Program is designed to:
   

Provide each student with a comprehensive music education, while teaching the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed as a young musician and as a young adult. Benefit the school and community through public performances of quality music, while promoting and enhancing the dignity and reputation of Wendell Middle School. Foster the development of essential character traits to include a strong work ethic, personal integrity, a commitment to excellence, and respect for self and others. Provide each student with a positive emotional outlet, a good social experience, and a worthy use of leisure time.

Band Room Schedule

8:08-8:53(45) 8:56-9:41 (45) 10:15-11:00(45) 11:03-11:48 (45) 12:51-1:35 (44) 1:38-2:22(44)* 2:30-4:00 (90)

6th Grade Band 6th Grade Band 7th Grade Band 7th Grade Band 8th Grade Band 8th Grade Band Jazz Band on Tuesdays afterschool

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Each student is expected to furnish his own instrument by purchasing or renting from one of the area music stores. The th th th school has a few of the larger instruments that will be assigned to individuals in 7 or 8 grade, and in some cases mid 6 grade. Students using a school-owned instrument must fill out an instrument loan form and are responsible for the care of that instrument and any damages that occur. We strongly recommend that any instrument not covered under a rental insurance plan be placed on a homeowners’ insurance policy. Please place an identification tag on the instrument, complete with name, address, and phone number. Parents are encouraged to keep the instrument brand name and serial number on file at home as well.

Music Dealers
Necessary supplies (reeds, oil, method book, etc.) may be purchased at any of the following: Burrage Music Co. Music and Arts Marsh Woodwinds 4900 Green Road, Raleigh 426 Crossroads Boulevard, Cary 515 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh 872-0211 854-0024 839-1154


Private Instruction
Private lessons, while not a requirement for all instruments, are strongly encouraged for students of all ability levels. As a student improves, a greater collection of literature becomes available to him and will enable him to excel, which in turn improves the band. With the aid of private instruction, students also find greater opportunity through experiences like allcounty, all-district, and all-state band. A list of local private instructors is available in the band room.

All students should purchase a folding wire music stand, and in 7 grade a metronome/tuner for home practice. Additionally, there are cleaning supplies and accessories that are needed by each instrument, as listed below: FLUTE OBOE BASSOON CLARINET/ BASS CLARINET SAXOPHONE TRUMPET HORN TROMBONE BARITONE/TUBA PERCUSSION NOTE: cleaning rod, lint-free cloth handkerchief cleaning swab, cork grease, soft cloth, small water container, reeds (consult private instructor as to brand and tchikness) cleaning swab, cork grease, soft cloth, small water container, reeds (consult private instructor as to brand and tchikness) cleaning swab, cork grease, soft cloth, reed case for 4 reeds, th th th Vandoren or Mitchell Lurie reeds (thickness: 6 gr.-#2, 7 & 8 gr.-#2½-3) cleaning swab, cork grease, soft cloth, neck strap, reed case for 4 reeds, th th th Vandoren or Hempke reeds (thickness: 6 gr.-#2, 7 & 8 gr.-#2½-3) valve oil, tuning slide grease, cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, mutes as needed rotor valve oil, tuning slide grease, cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush slide cream, spray bottle, cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush valve oil, tuning slide grease, mouthpiece brush th 6 practice pad and Vic Firth snare sticks th th 7 /8 : medium yarn mallets, medium timpani mallets , stick/mallet bag, pitch pipe

Reed players must have at least 3 playable reeds at all times. It is generally less expensive (per reed) to buy them by the box rather than individually.

All 7 and 8th grade woodwind students are encouraged to purchase a step-up mouthpiece. These mouthpieces are designed to withstand the air supply provided by a growing student. They also cause a noticeable improvement in the quality of sound produced by the player and are an appealing option when compared to the purchase of a new instrument. A beginning instrument with a step-up mouthpiece will give young players the opportunity to produce a more mature tone. The brass mouthpieces listed are step-up sized mouthpieces and are the ones on which we start our brass students. If your child's instrument was supplied with any other size brass mouthpiece, return it to the dealer and exchange it for the listed size. Step-Up Mouthpiece Examples     Clarinet (Bb and Bass): Vandoren B-45 with a Rovner ligature. Specify Bb or Bass Clarinet. Saxophones (Alto, Tenor, Baritone): Selmer C Star S-8O with a Rovner ligature. Specify alto, tenor, or baritone saxophone. Trumpet: Bach 3C · Horn: Bach 11 · Trombone and Euphonium: Bach 6.5 AL or Schilke 51 (pronounced 'shill kee) Tuba: Bach 18

-If you are studying with a private teacher, follow his/her instructions regarding reeds and mouthpieces.


Percussion Equipment
8th grade percussion students will be expected to purchase necessary mallets, sticks, and a mallet bag. A list of necessary sticks/mallets is given below. Percussion students will only be allowed to play the instruments with the correct mallets. With proper care and storage these mallets will last through high school. Percussion students should not depend on other students to provide them with these materials. As you can imagine, these items are small and easily lost or stolen. You are responsible for caring for them.    Mallet Bag: Used to carry, protect and store mallets. Vic Firth SD-1 Snare Drum Sticks: Used for snare drum and cymbals. Lexan Clear Plastic Mallets: Used for orchestra bells and xylophone

Concert Attire
6th grade BOYS’ ATTIRE Dark dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Dark dress socks Dark dress pants (no jeans or shorts) White dress shirt Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Black socks Black dress pants (no jeans or shorts) White dress shirt Necktie Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Black Socks Black Pants Jazz Band Shirts(TBD) GIRLS’ ATTIRE Dark dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Dark slacks (no jeans or shorts) OR dark skirt (school-appropriate length) White top Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Black socks or hose Black dress pants (no jeans or shorts) OR black skirt (school-appropriate length) White dress shirt Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes) Black Socks Black Pants Jazz Band Shirts

7th and 8th grades

Jazz Band

Jazz Band
Our jazz band will be an after-school auditioned group of mostly 8 and 7 graders. 6 grade students with previous band experience will be allowed to audition. Auditions will be held again after the new school year and are open to saxophonists, trumpet and trombone players, guitarists, bassist, pianists, and percussionists. Details about the attendance policy, rehearsal days and times, and rehearsal procedures will be sent home with audition info.
th th th

Policies and Procedures
Instrument Storage
Students are expected to take their instruments home daily in order to practice. During the school day, students may store their instruments in a # cubby in one of our rooms. Students must adhere to the following stipulations while using these cubbies (also called lockers or cabinets). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Only band students are allowed in the instrument rooms. Lockers are to be used for storage of band instruments and other band-related materials only. It is recommended that small, easily stolen items be kept in the student’s backpack. Students are to use only the specific locker assigned to them. Students are not to write on lockers, put stickers on lockers, or otherwise vandalize them in any way. Failure to comply will result in administrative disciplinary action. 6. Trading or switching lockers may only occur with the permission of the director. 7. All WMS band students must complete a WCPSS Personal Property Waiver.


Class Materials
Each day, every student is expected to have the following materials on his stand or at his seat when class begins. Instrument Instrument accessories (reeds, valve oil, mallets, etc.) Band binder and spiral notebook Method book th a. 6 Grade – Essential Elements 2000 Book One th b. 7 Grade – Essential Elements 2000 Book Two th c. 8 Grade - Foundations for Superior Performance 5. Music 6. Pencil 7. Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4.

Music and Equipment
All members of the band program are expected to show the utmost respect for school-owned property that is provided for individual use. This includes music, instruments, percussion equipment, music stands, etc. Students are held financially responsible for the damage or loss of any school property that has been assigned to them. Large items such as instruments require checkout through an official WCPSS instrument loan form.

Rehearsals and Performances
WMS Band Concerts: We will have three formal concerts for the year at WMS – Winter, Festival (8 only) and Spring. Central District Band Festival: Middle school bands from our band district (Central District), which includes all counties including and between Wake and Guilford Counties, perform a program selected from the state approved music literature list. A panel of adjudicators rates the band's performance using a five level scale:      I = Superior II = Excellent III = Average IV = Below Average V = Poor

Each band's goal is to earn a Superior rating at Festival. A beautiful cherrywood plaque is awarded to each band that earns this prestigious rating. Only 8th grade band members that have achieved the highest levels of participation and discipline on a daily basis throughout the school year at Wendell will attend this event. The band's attendance is contingent upon good instrumentation, hard work, steady progress, and impeccable student behavior. A decision will be made by the director in late December. All-County Band: Each year around October/November, middle school students from Wake County schools have the opportunity to audition for a spot in the Wake County All-County Band. Auditions will be held at Carnage Middle School. The clinic, which consists of rehearsals and a concert, will take place all in two consecutive days, which are typically th Thursday and Friday. The audition solo is the same solo for All-District Band auditions. 8 and 7th grade band students are strongly urged to audition and should plan on purchasing the solo. Audition material is largely based on the same material used for All-District Band auditions, which can be found at All-District Band: 8 grade band members are expected and 7th grade band students are strongly urged to audition for All-District Band in January. Students who are selected will attend a two-day clinic/concert in February, much like that of All-County Band. Students need not qualify for All-County in order to qualify for All-District Band, but it is highly recommended that students audition for All-County first. Audition material can be found at


All-State Honors Band: Students who make top seats in the All-District Band may audition for the North Carolina AllState Honors Band. Students who make this band will attend a three-day clinic at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The auditions are in March in Greensboro. The clinic is at UNCG in April. Students who qualify for this ensemble are North Carolina's very best musicians. Extra Rehearsals: After-school rehearsals may be called on occasion and before performances. This will allow both bands the opportunity to rehearse together. It will also give students more individualized attention in many cases. It is imperative that we have 100% attendance at these limited rehearsals.

These rules and procedures are designed to create a positive learning environment where students are able to learn and feel safe. Students who are unable to follow these basic rules and instructions will be find themselves in silent lunch, parent conferences, administrative conferences, or even lose the privilege of being a member of the band. 1. Students must be in their assigned seats with instrument and all materials within 1 minute after the official start time of class. This additional minute is to allow wind players to assemble instruments and percussionists to set up. Daily instructions and rehearsal order will be on the board. Students are expected to prepare accordingly. Students are not to warm up until the director starts the class. Students are allowed to play only under the teacher’s direction for the duration of the class. Students are to remain silent during rehearsal. If they wish to ask or answer a question, raising a hand is the st appropriate way to signal the teacher or students can use name cards made during the 1 week of class. Students are to remain engaged and participate actively during class. No work for other classes is allowed during band class. Students are not to have food, drink or gum in the classroom, except under special circumstances specified by the director. (Gum is prohibited on the entire WMS campus.) Respect the property of others. a. Students should only touch/play their own instrument, accessories, case, or other band materials. b. Student must respect the room equipment. The music stands are not to be used as desks or written on, leaned on, spun or otherwise mistreated. The stands are designed for music and a pencil only. Known violators will be referred to administration for vandalism. c. Percussion instruments are for percussionists only. Non-percussionists are not allowed to touch or move these instruments without specific permission from a director. This policy includes the piano. Instruments must be stored on the proper shelves or cubicles, not on the floor. Percussionists should cover the timpani and mallet instruments and put away all accessories before being dismissed. Students are not to enter the band office without permission from a director. Trash such as old reeds, reed cases, paper, etc., must be put into a garbage can.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. 9. 10. 11.

Band members are expected to be present and prompt for all rehearsals and performance functions. The band’s policy on excused absences parallels that of the school and applies to performances as well as daily class meetings. Absences shall be excused only in the following circumstances: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Illness or injury Isolation ordered by the NC Board of Health Death in the family Medical or dental appointment* Court appointment* Religious observance* Other pre-approved educational opportunities*

In order for an absence to be excused, parent documentation is required. For items marked with an asterisk (*), parent documentation must be submitted in advance.


An essential and inherent component of the instrumental music curriculum is student performance. Therefore, a substantial portion of the student’s grade in band is determined by participation in performance activities, either individually or with the group. There are other factors in determining a student’s grade as well, and the specific formula used to calculate the grade varies according to the grade level. Below are examples of the various ways a student earns their grade in band.

Class Participation Policy
All students are expected to play each day in Band class. Class participation is a large portion of each student's quarter grade. Below are the "top four" leading excuses I hear each year. Each excuse is followed by our policy on the subject. Braces. Many students have braces. I realize that these are sometimes painful, especially if the orthodontist tightens them in the morning and you have band in the afternoon. I will work with you on this as long as I believe that you are not taking this situation for granted. Follow your doctor's instructions. Sometimes. gargling with warm salt water will help ease the pain. "I forgot my instrument." This will result in a deduction from your participation grade for each occurrence. Without an instrument, you cannot participate in class. The same consequence applies for not having any reeds or any other accessory, which renders your instrument inoperable. A written assignment will be given and followed by a phone call to students parents. "My instrument is in the shop." No instrument should go in for repair until I see it first. I may be able to repair it much quicker if it is minor. If your instrument is taken to the shop before I see it, you must bring a note from your parents, which includes the following:

1. What is wrong with the instrument? 2. Which shop is it in? 3. What is the estimated time needed for repair?
"I don't feel good." In general, if you are well enough to be at school then you should be well enough to play. I realize that this is not always the case, therefore, situations will be handled on an individual basis.

Home Practice
th th

6 and 7 graders are required to document their home practice according to guidelines given by the director. 8 graders may also be required to document practice toward concert-related goals and objectives.


How to Practice
Daily practice time is essential for student success in band. All band students should spend a minimum of 20 minutes each day in individual practice. Daily practice time is homework for band. The guidelines below will help to organize your practice time. Remember, practice time is to be spent practicing, not watching the clock.   Practice in the same place each day. Be sure there are no distractions. Begin with long tones. Concentrate on producing a pleasing sound. Think about your breathing. Produce a steady and controlled air stream. You should love your sound. It is yours and no one else's. No two musicians have the same tone. Always make sure that your tone is clear and beautiful.


     

Spend time on scales. Play them slowly at first and then work for speed. Work from your method book each day. Try to stay several lines ahead of the class. Work for accuracy and be sure to play everything on the page. Practice in front of a mirror to check your embouchure, hand position, and posture. Practice your music. Work on the parts that you cannot play. Practice them slowly at first and then increase the speed. Work one measure at a time for difficult parts. Once you are able to play a measure five times without mistakes then you can increase the tempo. The same goes for the entire exercise. Pay careful attention to details such as: correct notes and fingerings, rhythms, key signatures and accidentals, signs and symbols, dynamics and articulations. End by playing something just for fun. Swab woodwinds thoroughly, empty water from brasses and return instrument safely to case.

Projects and Written Assignments
Occasionally there are non-playing activities that serve to reinforce instruction in the areas of performance, music history, or music theory.

Playing and written tests are given to assess each student’s comprehension of material covered in class. Playing tests may be done in front of the class or on a recording device, according to the director’s instructions.

Student attendance at concerts is mandatory. Self evaluations will be done for each student after each performance. Concert grades are based on musical performance and demonstration of proper concert etiquette.

Curriculum Guide
Parents and students will find below a list of learning goals for students in Wendell Middle School Bands. After three years in Wendell Middle School Bands, the student should be able to: Individual Goals        Hold the instrument, sticks, or mallets correctly with correct hand position. Demonstrate the correct posture to be used when playing the instrument. Form a correct embouchure or stick grip for the instrument. Produce a characteristic, controlled sound on the instrument. Perform clean articulations on the instrument to include; tongue and slur combinations, accents, staccato, legato and forte-piano. Perform solo works with minimal assistance from the director. Demonstrate the ability to care for, maintain, store, and transport the instrument.

Ensemble (Group) Goals         Explain and demonstrate, with the band, the pyramid balance concept. Demonstrate the ability to tune the instrument and play in tune with the band. Explain and demonstrate, with the band, staggered breathing. Explain and demonstrate, with the band, dove-tailing of phrases. Perform the appropriate level of concert music with artistry and musical taste. Successfully sight-read an appropriate level of concert music. Perform and receive a rating at the NC Band Festival. Perform music for the public with the band.


Music Theory Goals         Identify pitches in both treble and bass clef. Count, play, and identify by ear, common rhythmic figures including eighth-note/eighth-rest combinations, sixteenth-note/sixteenth-rest combinations, syncopated rhythms, rhythms involving ties, dotted rhythms, triplet figures, and cut-time figures. Define basic Italian, French, German and Latin terms and symbols found in music. Name the keys on the piano. Construct half-steps and whole-steps above or below any given pitch. Write and play all major scales. · Write and identify all major key signatures. Identify any given pitch in any given key using numerals, solfege, or proper degree names. Identify (aurally and written) major, minor, and perfect intervals.

Advanced Individual Goals      Play chromatic scales on the instrument. Play basic swing rhythms on the instrument. Play blues scales on the instrument. Play pure, harmonic and melodic minor scales on the instrument. Transpose and perform basic tunes up or down a whole step at sight.

Music Appreciation Goals  Experience the performance of fine music by ensembles and soloists by attending live concerts and listening to recordings.

Citizenship Goals   Exhibit personal pride, integrity, responsibility, commitment, dependability, and a strong work ethic. Respect the abilities and efforts of others.

Additional Percussion Goals Percussion students will also demonstrate additional proficiency in the following areas:       Perform basic drum rudiments to include rolls, flams, paradiddles, drags, ruffs, and ratamacues. Demonstrate knowledge of suspended and crash cymbal technique. Demonstrate knowledge of chime technique. Demonstrate a knowledge of auxiliary instrument technique (triangle, tambourine, sleigh bells. woodblock, etc.). Demonstrate knowledge of concert bass drum technique. Demonstrate the ability to tune and play basic timpani parts.

Concert Etiquette
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Listen attentively. Give your full focus to the music being performed. Refrain from talking, tapping, or making other distracting sounds or movements. Refrain from chewing, eating, or drinking. Remain seated until the performance is over. Turn off cell phones or other electronic devices. Applaud only when appropriate and only in a way that will encourage the performer(s). Be open-minded and receptive to different styles of music.


Travel Policies
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. A completed and signed WCPSS field trip permission form is required of each student participating in any trip taken by the WMS Band. A full itinerary will be issued to each student prior to any trip. It is the student’s responsibility to share this information with his parents. While on trips, students are to follow all applicable school and band policies. Students who are riding with their parents instead of with the full group should submit a signed note to the director prior to the trip. Band members will sit in assigned seats and are expected to cooperate during all roll checks. Students will load and unload vehicles only upon the director’s instruction. Students will be held financially responsible for any damages to bus property. All school bus safety rules must be observed while on charter buses as well. Students and parents should arrange transportation home from the band room in advance. Electronic items such as personal tape/cd/mp3 players, video games, etc. are considered personal property. Neither the band director nor the school are responsible for theft, damage, or loss of such items. The band director reserves the right to restrict the use of such items when necessary. These items may be used only with headphones.

How Parents Can Help Regardless of musical background, a parent's support and encouragement will have a tremendous impact on a child's progress in band. To assist in the musical growth of your child, you can:
      

Support the goals, policies, and procedures of the director. Your child succeeds when the band director succeeds. Require regular practice at home. Provide a daily time and place where your child can practice without distractions or interruptions. Ask your child to play for you and encourage performance. Teach your child to be punctual by helping him or her to be on time to performances and rehearsals. Enthusiastically attend all band functions to show your support. Get involved! Join the Wendell Middle PTA! Help keep your child's instrument in good repair. Give strong consideration to providing private lessons for your child.

In Closing Young people need positive direction. I see band as an opportunity to shape young lives and to positively influence young people. Students must understand that their actions will have a tremendous impact on their lives and the lives of others. The nature of that impact (positive or negative) is up to the individual. Remind your child when the challenge becomes tough that teachers, just like parents, set high standards, because we care. Thank you for your support and best wishes for a safe, happy, successful school year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is Sincerely,

Renee E. Todd 11

wms wolves band calendar 09-10
Event 6 Grade Band Parents Meeting Harvest Festival tentative All-County Auditions All-County Clinic tentative Winter Concert Winter Concert tentative All-District Auditions Central Region Jazz Auditions All-District Clinic Central Region Jazz Clinic

Date Thursday, August 27 Friday, September 25 tentative Thursday, November 19 & Friday, November 20 Tuesday, December 8 Thursday, December 10 Or Tuesday, December 8 Saturday, January 9 Saturday, January 23 Friday, January 29 and Saturday, January 30 Friday, February 12 and Saturday, February 13 Thursday, March 4 Saturday, March 6 Wednesday, March 17 or Thursday, March 18 Friday, April 30 through Sunday, May 2 Thursday, May 6 Friday, May 7 or Saturday, May 8 Tuesday, May 11 TBA

Time 6:30pm afterschool evening evening, all day 7:00pm 7:00pm all day all day all day all day

Location WMS Cafeteria Downtown Wendell @ Ashley Town Square Carnage Middle School Ligon Middle School WMS Auditorium WMS Auditorium CW Stanford Middle School AL Stanback Middle School Asheboro High School Northern Guilford High School WMS Auditorium EL Brown Middle School Ligon Middle School UNC-Chapel Hill Salem Middle School Orange High School WMS Auditorium WMS Gymnasium

Personnel 6 Grade and Parents TBD select 7th and 8th graders only for those who make all county band 7 and 8 Grade Bands 6 Grade Band and Jazz Bands select 7th and 8th graders select jazz band members only for those who make all district only for those jazz band members who make central region jazz band 8 Grade Band and select th 7 Grade Band Members select 7th and 8th graders select 7th and 8th graders select 7th and 8th graders Jazz Band Jazz Band All Bands 7th grade, Jazz Band
th th th th

Pre Festival(MPA)Concert All-State Auditions Concert Festival MPA All-State Clinic Wake County Jazz Festival Central Region Jazz MPA Spring Concert Awards Ceremonies tentative

7:00pm all day all day all day all day all day 7:00pm TBA

If any other optional or mandatory events arise during the school year, I will notify parents as soon as possible. Concert dates are subject to change based on the school calendar and schedule. If such changes occur, you will be notified as soon as possible.



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