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					UAB Symphony Band – MUP 235A
Tuesday-Thursday, 5:30-7:00, Hulsey 210

Dr. Marc Reed, Conductor 205-934-2265 Fall 2009 Syllabus and Expectations

Course Objectives: 1. Development of individual and ensemble performance techniques. 2. Knowledge of appropriate musical terminology needed for performance. 3. Development of interpretive and analytical skills in relation to music. 4. Development of an appreciation of various styles of wind literature. 5. Improved interpersonal relations with colleagues.

Course Activities: 1. Rehearsals, listening assignments, quizzes, and informal and formal performances. 2. DAILY PRACTICE – ensembles are skill development courses. Daily practice is essential to your individual and ensemble progress. 3. Sectionals – you will be required to meet with your section to rehearse outside of class a MINIMUM of four times this semester. 4. Tape evaluations – you will be required to record yourself on cassette tape or compact disc one time during the semester for teacher evaluation. 5. Written performance evaluations- you will be given opportunities to hear ensemble progress two times this semester and asked for written comments. 6. There will be one musical terminology quiz during the semester.

Course Expectations: 1. Students are responsible for having appropriate materials (i.e. instrument in excellent condition, mouthpiece, reeds, mallets, etc.) and all music at every rehearsal. 2. Students are responsible for the proper care of all music. Markings should be written in PENCIL only, and students are expected to have a pencil at each rehearsal. a. There may be random unannounced pencil checks during the semester. Students are given one warning for not having a pencil, with the second and each subsequent infraction resulting in a 5% deduction in the final grade 3. Students are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. Band members must arrive early to rehearsals in order to properly warm up their instruments so that the first ensemble downbeat may occur promptly. The instructor reserves the right to dismiss any student from a rehearsal who may be distracting other students from a proper rehearsal experience. 4. Ensemble rehearsals are intended to be a time when proper balances, blends, articulations, and stylistic concerns are rehearsed. They are NOT intended to be a time for you to work out your parts. Individual parts must be prepared outside of class time.

Attendance: Regular attendance is imperative for success. Attendance is expected for all scheduled class meetings (T/R), dress rehearsals, and performances. Active class participation is expected; please anticipate and avoid schedule conflicts. Students are generally not excused from class under any circumstance. However, unexpected illnesses or emergencies do arise. An absence will be considered “excused” only if the student contacts the band office PRIOR to the absence (975-2263) and consults the instructor BEFORE the next scheduled class meeting. Excessive absences (more than one or two) will require a meeting with the instructor and may diminish the final grade. Absence from a performance will result in automatic failure of the course. You are tardy if you are not in your seat and ready to perform by the initial downbeat. Being tardy twice will result in one full unexcused absence. Disrupting rehearsal by leaving early bears the same consequences as a tardy.

Grading: Full Band Rehearsal attendance and preparation Sectional attendance and preparation Taped evaluations Tests/quizzes/final exam

50% 25% 15% 10%

NOTE – As indicated above, the largest portion of a student’s grade depends on attendance, participation/preparation. Attendance, therefore, should be PERFECT in order to receive the highest grade possible in the course. Students with ANY unexcused absences should not expect to receive an “A” in the course. Please read the “Attendance Policy” above very carefully. Class Preparation refers to an individual’s preparedness for class. This includes ALWAYS bringing all music, equipment in working condition, pencils, etc. It also includes the individual’s PREPARATION OF PARTS outside of class. Students are expected to prepare all assigned music outside of class time so that class meetings can be spent on ensemble preparation rather than individual preparation. A student must show evidence of outside preparation in order to achieve the highest possible grade in the course. The teacher reserves the right to dismiss any student from a rehearsal or performance if that student is deemed to be a detriment to the ensemble based on lack of attendance, lack of preparation, or an attitude that is not supportive of the group.

Early Alert System (EAS): EAS is designed to help students be more successful academically at UAB. If you receive an email with EAS in the title, please open it, read it and take advantage of the support that UAB offers to all students. UAB is committed to ensuring that students receive academic support and are aware of the resources available that will help assist them in successfully completing their degree program.

Cellular Telephones/ Text Messaging Leave all cellular phones outside the music building, in your locker, or turn them off/silence them BEFORE rehearsal begins. Likewise, do not send or check text messages during rehearsal. This is

your first written warning. If your phone rings during rehearsal, you will be marked absent for the rehearsal.

Reminder: Playing in an ensemble can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Pleas e relish this opportunity and the opportunity of those who share it with you by respecting yourself and others as fellow musicians. Professional behavior should be part of the experience!

August 18 20 25/27 September 1/3 8/10 15/17 22/24 29/10-1 chair placement auditions rehearsal rehearsals 3:30-TBA 5:30-7:00 5:30-7:00

rehearsals 5:30-7:00 First Sectional Rehearsal due by Friday, 9/4 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 Second Sectional Rehearsal due by Friday, 9/18 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 Third Sectional Rehearsal due by Friday, 10/2

October 6/8 11 13 20/22 27/29 November 3/5 10/12 17/19 24 26 December 1/3 8/10 13

rehearsal 5:30-7:00 CONCERT – Jemison, Alys Stephen Center–3:00 p.m. rehearsal 5:30-7:00 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 rehearsals 5:30-7:00

rehearsals 5:30-7:00 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 Fourth Sectional Rehearsal due by Friday, 11/13 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 rehearsal 5:30-7:00 THANKSGIVING holiday rehearsals 5:30-7:00 rehearsals 5:30-7:00 TENTATIVE DATE – CONCERT FOR SENIOR CITIZENS

**Concert attire: Women – black formal attire, either a long dress, skirt, or dress pants with a black coordinating top. Arms should be at least partially covered (no bare shoulders or spaghetti straps). Dark or nude hose, and black dress shoes. Men – black tuxedo with white tux shirt, black bow tie and either vest or cummerbund, black socks, and black dress shoes.

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