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									A good place to
start in treating your
acne is with a gentle
                                                                    Some self-help tips for acne
                                                                    Wash problem areas with a gentle cleanser twice a day and after                     acne
                                                                    exercise. Products such as facial scrubs, astringents and masks
cleanser like QV Wash                                               generally aren’t recommended because they can irritate the skin,
or Cetaphil. Use the                                                which will aggravate your acne. Remember, excessive washing and
cleanser regularly                                                  scrubbing can also irritate skin.                                                Health & wellness
to wash your face,
especially after                                                    -   Avoid using any oil-based products that could make your
exercise.                                                               acne worse. Use water-based make-up, sunscreen and
There are several over-the-counter creams and
wipes available from our pharmacy. These are                        -   Make sure you carefully remove all your make-up at the
generally mild and contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur,                    end of the day
resorcinol or salicylic acid as their active ingredient
which works by killing bacteria, unplugging your                    -   Watch what touches your face. Keep your hair clean and off
pores and healing pimples. Creams and wipes can be                      your face. Also avoid resting your hands or objects on your
helpful for mild acne.                                                  face. Tight clothing or hats also can pose a problem, especially
                                                                        if you’ll be sweating. Sweat and oils can contribute to
Some of these treatments are applied only to the areas affected         acne.
by pimples, and some to the whole area. Clearasil has a wide
range on products which are designed to work on specific            -   Avoid the urge to pick or squeeze blemishes.
areas. Whereas products like QV Wash and Cetaphil are gentle            Picking or squeezing can cause infection or
cleansers that can be used over the whole body. Check the               scarring. Most acne will clear up without this
instructions carefully or ask your pharmacist if you aren’t sure.       kind of intervention.

You should also tell your pharmacist or doctor if the treatment
you’re using stings or irritates your skin. If you’re suffering
from severe acne, or the over the counter treatments you’ve
tried aren’t effective, you might want to see a doctor or
dermatologist so they can prescribe you a stronger medication.

                                                                    This booklet is intended to provide basic information for the general public.
                                                                    It is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical advice. Readers are
                                                                    warned against relying solely on the information contained herein, or changing
                                                                    medical schedules or life activities based on the information it contains
                                                                    without first consulting a doctor.
Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts - very few of              lining cells thicker. This,                                           -   Stress, anxiety or illness
us manage to sail through life without a single blemish.          and the extra sebum,
                                                                  can lead to blockages                                                 -   Working with oils and greases that can get on your skin,
Whether serious or mild, acne will affect almost all of us        and swelling of the hair                                                  like cooking deep-fried foods in a restaurant
at some stage in our life. It can be an embarrassing and          follicle to form a soft, white plug.
traumatic experience, often hitting us when we’re most                                                                                  -   Some medications - ask your pharmacist or doctor
vulnerable - in our teenage years.                                This plug may block the pore, causing the follicle wall to bulge
                                                                  and produce a whitehead. If enough sebum builds up behind the         -   Scratching, picking and squeezing the skin
But adults can get acne too. It’s not uncommon for people in      plug to push it to the skin’s surface, it will darken and become
their 20s and 30s to have acne. And some people continue to       a blackhead. A blackhead darkens when it’s exposed to light           Acne mythology
have acne in their 40s and 50s.                                   because of the melanin skin pigment it contains (not because of       Contrary to common belief, the food that you eat appears to
                                                                  dirt).                                                                have little or no effect on acne. Eating chocolate or fatty foods
“I’ve tried     Women can also experience mild to                                                                                       won’t make your acne worse.
                moderate acne from hormonal changes               With more sebum being produced, bacteria in the hair follicle
everything but
                during pregnancy, menstrual cycles and            multiply to break down the oil. This causes inflammation and          Acne also isn’t caused by dirt! So excessively
they just won’t starting or stopping birth control pills.         small, red raised bumps to pop up. The follicle can become red        washing or scrubbing your skin won’t help
go away”                                                          and fill with pus, forming a pimple. Pimples can burst, releasing     prevent acne. In fact, this can actually make
                                                                  their contents from under the skin. But trying to make them burst     acne worse by irritating the skin and drying it out.
Although acne is rarely a serious health problem, the             by squeezing the skin at this stage can damage the skin around it.
emotional distress and skin scarring it causes can be a                                                                                 Treating Acne
concern. Luckily, with the right treatment, acne can usually be   What makes my acne worse?                                             Acne treatments work by reducing oil production, speeding
kept under control.                                               It’s still not really known what causes the increased production of   up skin cell turnover, fighting bacterial infection or doing
                                                                  sebum that leads to acne. But there are a number of things which      all three. Don’t expect any miracles overnight though, most
Why do I get acne?                                                are thought to be contributing factors :                              treatments take around 6-8 weeks before any improvement
You get acne when your skin’s hair follicles become plugged                                                                             and sometimes your acne may even get slightly worse before
up with oil and dead skin cells. Usually, when the cells lining   -   Certain skin and hair care products which increase the            it gets better. Oral prescription medications for acne shouldn’t
the hair follicle are replaced, they get carried to the skin by       amount of oil on the skin and could block up hair follicles.      be used during pregnancy.
sebum (an oil produced by your body).                                 Good examples of these are oil-based make-ups,
                                                                      hair oils and sun tan oils. If you’re not sure, ask
At times (often during puberty), your body’s change in                our trained beauty and hair experts for advice.
hormone levels can lead to an over production of dead skin
cells and sebum. An increase in dead skin cells makes the         -   Hormonal changes

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