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									  THE LONG ISLAND CHAPTER OF TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION                                            October 2008

                                                 145 COMMUNITY DRIVE, MANHASSET, NY

 Our Next Meeting With                                       Our September 2008 Monthly Meeting
 Dr. Wayne Waltzer                                             With Two Special Guest Speakers
   We are pleased to announce that
 our guest speaker for LI TRIO’s Oc-
 tober 15, 2008 meeting will be Dr
                                              L    ong Island TRIO had two special
                                              guest speakers at our September 10th
                                                                                                  We all know that there are more
                                                                                                people waiting on the transplant
                                                                                                waiting lists than there are organs
 Wayne Waltzer, Director of the Renal         meeting.                                          available for transplant. There are a
 Transplant Service at Stony Brook            First, we had a surprise guest at our             variety of reasons for this shortage.
 University Hospital.                         September meeting. It was none other              However, one area of organ dona-
   Please note that the meeting is be-        than renowned transplant surgeon                  tion that has helped increase the
 ing held on 15 October, 2008 which           Dr Lewis Teperman! If you are a new               number of organs transplanted (rela-
 is the third Wednesday evening in            TRIO member and don’t know much                   tively speaking) is in the category of
 October as opposed to the custom-            about Dr. Teperman just Google his                donation after “cardiac death”; that
 ary second Wednesday evening in              name and be prepared to spend a                   is a death declared on the basis of
 October. This change in schedule             few days catching up. From LI TRIO’s              cardiopulmonary criteria (irrevers-
 is due to the Jewish Holiday being           perspective, Dr. Teperman was instru-             ible cessation of circulatory and
 observed.                                    mental in actually forming the Long               respiratory function) rather than the
   Wayne Waltzer, MD is also a Profes-        Island chapter that is so vibrant today.          neurologic criteria used to declare
 sor and the Chairman of the Depart-          Our president acknowledged that fact              “brain death” (irreversible loss of all
 ment of Urology at Stony Brook               at our meeting and Lew Teperman                   functions of the entire brain, includ-
 University Hospital.                         stated once again that he had a very              ing the brain stem).
   The Department of Urology was              special place in his heart for Long                 As currently practiced, donation
 recently ranked among the top 50             Island TRIO.                                      after cardiac death inevitably raises
 best practices for Urology in hospitals        Dr Teperman told us he had several              more concerns than donation after
 in America by U.S. News & World              important things to tell us. He re-               brain death. In an interview with
 Report (August 2007).                        minded our meeting’s attendees that               the New England Journal of Medi-
   We are looking forward to welcom-          transplantation is a “risk-benefit” sce-          cine, Sue McDiarmid, a professor of
 ing Dr. Waltzer as our special guest         nario and there is still a concern that           pediatrics and surgery at the Univer-
 speaker this month.                          the recipient could contract an illness           sity of California, Los Angeles, and
                                              or virus from the transplanted organ.             the immediate past president of

                                      UPCOMING EVENTS AT LI TRIO

Please note that our October meeting is being held on October 15, at 7:30 PM.

  October 15: LI TRIO October Meeting at 7:30 PM-Dr. Waltzer is our special guest speaker.

  November: National Donor Sabbath

   December 6: LI TRIO’s Annual Holiday Party 7 PM- 11 PM Come join us on Saturday evening for a lovely hot buffet
and DJ entertainment.
The party will be held in the beautiful Catering Hall of The Elks Club at 901 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park.
Invitations are being sent under separate cover via U.S. Mail.
     L O N G I S L A N D T R I O U P D AT E
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    Chapter of Transplant Recipients
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    Mike Sosna, President
    5440 Little Neck Parkway, Suite 4H
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    The content of this publication including text,                                                          LI TRIO
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    seek the advice of your physician or other qualified
    health provider with any medical questions you
    may have.                                                                                                Jo Michaels
     N E W S L E T T E R S TA F F
    Mike Sosna–Editor
                                                                                                           Joy Oppedisano
    Laura Laria Roberts–Original Design
                                                                                                             Erin Hogan
    Mike Sosna                        516-902-8111         OPTN/UNOS, said “The perception of                  Ed Burki
    Co-Vice Presidents:                                    some physicians and families is that
    Erin Hogan                        516-759-0178         the end-of-life experience is changed
    George Tietjen                    516-746-0693         because organ procurement begins                Frank Feltkamp
    Sectretary:                                            immediately after death has occurred.
    Ruth Pohl                         631-884-0482         However, many families find great
    Treasurer:                                             solace in the ability to donate organs             Tom Bush
    Jo Michaels                       516-798-8411         under these special circumstances.”
                                                            If the number of organ donations                Walter Ruzek
     LI TRIO GENERAL MEETINGS                              after cardiac death continues to in-
    The Long Island TRIO General Meetings are              crease, more patients will be able to re-
    held on the second Wednesday of each month             ceive transplants. At present, however,          Dave Rodgers
    beginning at 7:30PM from September to June.            these donations remain troubling to
    Our December Holiday Party substitutes for             some and are not as widely accepted
    the December Meeting. The monthly                      as donations after brain death. There       George and Sue Tietjen
    meetings are held at:                                  have been many conferences that col-
    145 Community Dr., Manhasset, NY                       lectively voiced support for donation
                                                           after cardiac death and this included
                                                                                                       Florence and Jerry Sosna
     L I T R I O M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T
                                                           the Institute of Medicine’s conferences.
    Long Island TRIO is a non-profit ALL                   However, there are renewed discus-
    VOLUNTEER organization committed to
                                                                                                          Donald Schwartz
                                                           sions that are taking place and Dr.
    improving the quality of lives touched by              Teperman explained that the Pope will
    the miracle of transplantation through                 likely weigh in on this issue as well.            Mike Sosna
    support, advocacy, education, and aware-               The result is likely to decrease deceased
    ness.                                                  donations and force greater reliance on
    JOIN US!                                               donation (continued on Page 3)

2     LI TRIO/ OCTOBER 2008
LI TRIO Presented                          (continued from Page 2) after brain
                                           death and a greater reliance on living     ing discussion about Medicare’s drug
Organ Donation Awarensss Night
At Shea Stadium-July 22, 2008              organ donation when possible.              coverage and advantages and disad-
                                           Currently, All major religions support     vantages of this Medicare benefit.
We helped enroll over 104 people in the    organ, eye and tissue donation as an         Robert J Hopkins, BS, MS, MBA rep-
New York State Donate Life Organ Donor     act of charity.                            resented his specialty pharmacy (Total
Registry while promoting organ donation to   Dr. Teperman also discussed a new        Care Rx) that deals with immunosup-
over 54,000 fans at Shea Stadium.          immunosuppressive drug therapy             pressant medications and transplant
The following press release for this event currently in a study trial (for new        recipients on a daily basis.
was distributed to the media:              recipients) under the direction of           Medicare Part D was signed into law
                                           Dr. Teperman and his NYU Medical           in the 2003 “Medicare Modernization
Contacts:                                  Center’s Transplant Program. Several       Act” and the Part D benefit has been
                                           LI TRIO members recently participated      effective since January 2006.
Mike Sosna, President                      in research survey studies concerning        There are many opinions with re-
Long Island TRIO                           this new therapy. This medication is       spect to this benefit and many of the
Transplant Recipients International        administered intravenously once or         facts surrounding the Part D benefit as
Organization www.litrio.org                twice each month. One advantage            the rules exist today. It is beyond the
(516) 902-8111                             is that it is not nephrotoxic and is       scope of this report to debate the vari-
                                           intended to replace all other immuno-      ous opinions so here are some facts
    Anne Keshner                           suppressant medications taken daily        and each person is of course free to de-
    On behalf of Astellas Pharma US, Inc.  including calciner inhibitors cyclospo-    cide how one feels about this benefit
    akeshner@golinharris.com               rine (Neoral) & tacrolimus (Prograf)       and how it effects you, your peers and
    (708) 790-3135                         as well as rapamune and prednisone.        your family members.
                                           Trials for recipients currently on other     Part D is independent of Transplant
SHEA STADIUM EVENT DEDICATED TO            types of immunosuppressant therapy
DEMONSTRATING                                                                         Coordination of Benefits.
                                           are scheduled to begin next year.            Part D does pay for medications
THE POWER OF ORGAN DONATION TO             As always, it was a pleasure to see
SAVE LIVES                                                                            (with limitations and a coverage gap).
                                           Dr. Teperman and we look forward             Part D is not subject to 36-month
                                           to spending more time with him at          limit post-transplant payment for
Transplant Recipients, Donor Families and a meeting within the year. LI TRIO
Transplant Professionals Take the Field                                               medications.
                                           thanked Dr. Teperman for the infor-
to Urge Mets and Phillies Fans to Become                                                The government cannot negotiate
                                           mative discussion and for his contin-
Champions of Organ Donation                                                           the lowest price for medications.
                                           ued support of our organization.
                                                                                        Each plan has a unique formulary
                                             Our second guest began a stimulat-
Deerfield, IL, and New York, NY- July 22,                                             (list of approved medications).
2008 — With nearly 100,000 people                                                       Each plan has a unique appeal pro-
across the country in need of a life-sav-                                             cess.
ing organ transplant, Astellas Pharma                                                   Only formulary drugs count against
US, Inc. and Long Island TRIO (Trans-                                                 what is known as the “donut hole”.
plant Recipients International Organiza-                                              Part D will not pay for certain drugs
tion) are helping take the cause to the                                               and classes of drugs (barbiturates, ben-
field by presenting “Organ Donation                                                   zodiazepines, OTC’s and others)
Awareness Night at Shea Stadium” dur-                                                   In 2009, there is no longer “govern-
ing the New York Mets vs. Philadelphia
                                                                                      ment backup” since the Insurers are
Phillies game on July 22. The event will
                                                                                      said to have developed experience in
also honor the thousands of donors and
                                                                                      the past few years.
donor families across the United States
who have already given the gift of life.                                              In 2009 the coverage limit will in-
                                                                                      crease to $2700.00.
“One organ donor can save up to                                                         Kaiser Study 2008:
seven lives, while a tissue donor can                                                 3.4 million seniors reached the Gap in
improve twelve or more lives including                                                2007
actually restoring eyesight for another                                               Approx 22% stay stuck in the Gap
person,” said Mike Sosna, president of                                                Approx 4% go on to catastrophic care
Long Island TRIO- Transplant Recipients                                               Almost 15% of enrollees stop medica-
International Organization. “Each day,                                                tion while in the GAP
about 77 people nationwide will receive                                               LI TRIO very much appreciates Rob-
the ‘gift of life,’ an organ transplant,                                              ert’s willingness to be a guest speaker
but sadly 18 others will die waiting for a                                            at our meeting and thanked him for
transplant. We hope that this event will                                              sharing his time and expertise with
encourage people to say yes to (continued                                             us.
on Page 6)

                                                                                                       LI TRIO/OCTOBER 2008   3
  LI TRIO’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY                                                  106th AnnuAl GreenlAwn Firemen’s
                                                                                  NYODN and over 20 LI TRIO Volunteers
  Come join us on Saturday evening December 6, 2008 from 7 PM to 11 PM.           worked at tables during this four day event
                                                                                  during the Labor Day Weekend Holiday and
  for a lovely hot buffet and DJ entertainment.                                   helped over 100 attendees enroll in the Do-
                                                                                  nate Life Registry in order to help save lives!
  The party will be held in the beautiful Catering Hall of The Elks Club at 901

  Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park. Invitations are being sent under separate

  cover via U.S. Mail.
Betty Baumgartner         July 28, 2002             Kidney
Anthony Devivo            July 8, 2007              Liver
Al Ferro                   July 28, 1998            Liver
Karin Grossu              July 13, 1999             Kidney/Pancreas
Jennifer Lentini          July 6, 1996              Heart
Henry Prins                July 2, 1992             Liver
Michael Sosna             July 18, 1995             Kidney
James Wiesmann             July 1, 2001             Kidney
Margaret Young             July 28, 1991            Kidney

Richard DeRocher         August 24, 1999            Kidney
Eileen Dimino            August 10, 1996            Kidney
Cheryl Echevarria        August 23, 2005            Kidney
Iris Edelson             August 2, 1995             Liver
Frank Feltkamp           August 15, 1999            Kidney
Mary Ferris              August 14, 2001            Kidney
June R. Herman           August 29, 2005            Kidney
James Jewell             August 13, 1986            Liver
Anne Marie McCartney     August 20, 1988            Liver
George Tietjen           August 23, 2001            Kidney

Neila Farber             September 29, 2007        Kidney
Elise Folk               September 25, 2007        Kidney
Richard Randall          September 3, 2005         Liver
Hugh Collins             September 13, 1990        Liver
Eric Young               September 7, 1979         Kidney
Jim Spence               September 12, 1991        Liver
Arthur Menendez          September 19, 2002        Kidney
Karen Paulick            September 8, 1996         Liver
Robert Gabe              September 15, 1997        Heart

Jarena Bates          October 15, 2007              Kidney
Roberta Baumstein     October 7, 2003               Kidney
Daly Costello         October 6, 1997               Liver
James Dempsey         October 24, 2007              Kidney
Joseph DiMartino     October 17, 1989               Liver
Anthony Fama         October 28, 2001               Liver
Rachel Feldman       October 25, 1994               Liver
Jules Feuer          October 21, 2005               Liver
Daniel Kum           October 1, 2004                Kidney
Charles Lehecka      October 28, 2001               Liver
Mary Lou Murphy      October 17, 1992               Kidney
Josephine Recine     October 1, 2001                Kidney
Dave Rodgers         October 22, 2002               Liver
Jan Schichtel        October 21, 1982               Kidney
Deborah Taylor       October 28, 1999               Kidney
Bob Violino          October 25, 1995               Kidney

       4   LI TRIO/OCTOBER 2008
                                                                   UPCOMING EVENT AT WINTHROP UNI-
                                                                   VERSITY HOSPITAL: GIFT OF LIFE PRO-
Donor Sabbath                                                      GRAM ON 2 NOVEMBER, 2008 FROM
                                        LI TRIO’s Organ Do-        10:15 AM TO 3:00 PM. THIS YEAR’S
The National Donor Sabbath is           nation Night At Shea       PROGRAM WILL INCLUDE PRESENTA-
an ecumenical celebration of            Stadium                    TIONS FROM RENOWNED PHYSICIANS,
                                        was a huge success! We     HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS AND
life in which clergy and congre-        hope to see you at next    FRIENDS OF TRANSPLANT.
gations nationwide emphasize            year’s event as well.        WE WILL ALSO COMMEMORATE
organ and tissue donation, and                                     THE 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE
discuss their faith’s doctrine on                                  RAILROAD MASSACRE. ALSO DONOR
                                                                   MOM CLAUDIA GRAMMATICO SHARES
donation. The National Donor
Sabbath is held each year during        Please check out           HER STORY WITH A SONG SHE WROTE
                                                                   WHICH WILL BE SUNG BY HER NIECE.
the second weekend in Novem-             www.litrio.org              OTHER DEAR DONORS, AND DONOR
ber but your congregation can            for our list of           FAMILIES WILL ATTEND AND SPEAk AS
observe Donor Sabbath on any                                       WELL.
weekend in November. Religious
                                        uPcoming events.            THIS GIFT OF LIFE PROGRAM OFFERS
                                                                   CONTINUING EDUCATIONAL UNITS FOR
leaders and congregations are                                      HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS
encouraged to participate in a                                     WHICH INCLUDE CEU’S AND CME’S
variety of ways. As is tradition,                                  AND IS SPONSORED BY NYODN.
LI TRIO will be sending out an                                     PLEASE RSVP TO JOY AT 646 291-4400
email with some suggestions.

There are 99,875 men, women and         The TRIO Singers also
children currently waiting for the      performed The National
Gift of Life in the United States.      Anthem at the Long Is-        LI TRIO TRIBUTE
                                        land Ducks baseball game
There have been 13,814 transplants      on August 11, 2008. The       CARDS AVAILABLE
from January 1, 2008 through June       LI TRIO Singers promote
30, 2008.                                                           Florence and Jerry Sosna will send lovely
                                        organ donation and show
                                                                    LI TRIO “In Memory of” and “In Honor
                                        that Transplantation
There have been 6,988 donors from       works!                      of” Tribute cards in your name. Please
January 1, 2008 through June 30,                                    call 516-482-2908 or
2008.                                                               e-mail Jerrysosna@aol.com

Source: UNOS
                                                                    In Order To Save Lives:
Recognizing The Brave And                                           Improved Statistical Tool To
Selfless Act of Organ Dona-                                         Rank Sickest Patients Wait-
                                                                    ing For Liver Transplants
I’m pleased to report that the House
of Representatives has passed the                                    ScienceDaily (September 2008) — Mayo
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Gift of Life                                   Clinic researchers have developed an
Congressional Medal Act (H.R.                                        improved statistical model that could
6950). The next step is for the Sen-
ate to pass the companion bill that                                  help ensure that the sickest patients
was introduced by Senator Sherrod                                    receive liver transplants first.
Brown as S. 3530. These bills direct                                  Researchers found that including
the Treasury department to design                                    serum sodium concentration in the
and produce a commemorative                                          statistical model now used could reduce
medal that the Department of Health                                  by 7 percent the number of patients (as
and Human Services will award to                                     many as 50 people) who die each year
organ donors or to a surviving family                                while waiting for a liver transplant.
member. Enactment of this legislation                                Serum sodium levels can be measured
would have no cost to the Federal                                    with a blood test.
Government. The medals will be                                      .
                                                                     The study was be published in the Sept.
funded by charitable donations and
organizations including Long Island                                  4, 2008, issue of the New England Jour-
TRIO. -Mike Sosna                                                    nal of Medicine.

                                                                                         LI TRIO/OCTOBER 2008   5
       (Continued from Page 3) organ dona-                                            at the ceremony and this was one
    tion.”                                      Our Annual Donor Rose Garden of our ways of saying thank you
      At the game, representatives from                                      for the “Gift of Love” and the
    Long Island TRIO will hand out              Re-dedication Ceremony
                                                                                      “Gift of Life”. Joy Oppedisano
    organ donation information and
    other materials to fans as they enter       Thank you for joining us at Our       read the names of the Donors
    the stadium, as well as staff donor         Annual LI TRIO Donor Rose Gar-        as their families came forward
    sign-up stations on each level of the       den Ceremony Honoring Donors          to receive a rose. Jo Michaels
    stadium to provide attendees the op-        and Donor Families. We had a          prepared a written program and
    portunity to join the New York State        wonderful day and it was a plea-      Dave Rodgers (Chairperson, Rose
    Organ and Tissue Donor Registry at                                                Garden Logistics) did a wonderful
                                                sure to honor Donor and Donor
    the game.                                                                         job with the garden’s shrubs, roses
      To join the registry, game attend-        Families with our special program.
    ees will complete and sign a short            Some of our speakers and invited    and appearance as well as serving
    form that includes basic information        guests included Senator Kemp          lunch with assistance from Dave’s
    (i.e. name, address and birth date)         Hannon, Assemblyman James             son and from Colleen who has
    indicating that they would like to be       Conte, Nassau County Minority         been such a big help with TRIO
    listed in the New                           Leader
Peter J. Schmitt, Judith Ja-   events of late.
    York State Organ and Tissue Donor                                                  The weather was beautiful and
                                                cobs-Nassau County Legislator, Er-
    Registry maintained by the State
                                                nesto P. Molmenti, MD-Director of     we were so pleased to dedicate
    Department of Health. Information
    included on the form will also be           Transplant-North Shore University     this day and this event to the Do-
    shared with federally regulated organ       Hospital, Elaine Berg-President/      nors and Donor Families.
    procurement organizations and New           CEO, NYODN, Winnie Mack- Presi-
    York State-licensed tissue banks and        dent of Southside Hospital, Gil-
    hospitals.                                  lian Cohen- Liver Recipient, and
                                                Kevin Simmons- Donor Brother.
    The facts* clearly illustrate the ur-
    gent need for more organ donors:            We were welcomed by Mike Sosna,
    •       Nearly 100,000 Americans            President of Long Island TRIO and
    are on the organ transplant waiting         George Tietjen (Vice President) in-
    list.                                       troduced our distinguished speak-
    •       Every 12 minutes, another           ers. Long Island TRIO presented
    name is added to the national trans-        roses to each of the Donor Families
    plant waiting list.
    •       Each day, an average of 18
    people die because there are not
    enough organs to save them.
    •       90% of Americans say they
    support donation, but only 30%
    know the essential steps to become a
    *Source: Donate Life America, http://
     About Long Island TRIO
    The Long Island chapter of Transplant
    Recipients International Organization
    (LI TRIO) is a non-profit, all-volunteer
    organization committed to improv-
    ing the quality of lives touched by the
    miracle of transplantation through
    support, advocacy, education, and
    awareness. For more information
    please visit www.litrio.org.
     About Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
    Astellas is a recognized leader in trans-
    plantation and has been committed to
    the field of immunology for more than
    20 years. Astellas continues to build
    upon its leadership in transplantation.

6     LI TRIO/OCTOBER 2008
                                            received the opportunity to meet the        and several awards for outstanding
  LI TRIO MEMBER PROFILE:                   family of the 18 month old girl who         efforts at promoting organ donation
 2008 U.S. Transplant Games                 was her donor. They had both been           were given. The Chairman of the
  Rich DeRocher wins the gold!              searching for each other and the            NKF announced that the 2010 games
                                            donor’s sister found the recipient on       would be held in Madison Wisconsin
The National Kidney Foundation              Facebook! Dr Starzl performed the           and then we saw the video that will be
presents the Transplant Games and           surgery and he, the recipient, and the      sent to each of the athletes later this
they are open to all types of organ         donor family were all reunited on the       year. As usual, the games were over
recipients. They are held every two         stage. The recipient had won a medal        much too soon.
years at locations around the country.      at the games and she gave it to her           On Wednesday it was time to go
The primary purpose of the games is         Donor Mom.                                  home. While I was waiting for the
to promote organ donation by show-            Sunday was racquetball day. When          bus to the airport, I was talking to a
ing the public how successful trans-        I arrived at the courts I found out that    woman whose husband had received
plantation can be. In addition to the       there were 4 players in my age group        a double lung transplant. She told me
12 athletic events for recipients, there    and that we would play a round robin.       that while she was waiting for a shuttle
are recognition events and programs         That meant that I would have to play        bus to the closing ceremony, she was
for donor families and living donors.       3 matches. Each match would be              talking to a Donor Mom. They were
There is also a 5k run that is open to      best 2 out of 3 games. My first match       telling each other their transplant
everyone, and a golf outing for do-         was relatively easy, my second match        stories and when they talked about the
nors and recipients. There are about        was harder, and my third match was          dates and locations it became appar-
50 different teams. Some states have        very hard. Even though I knew that I        ent to her that she was speaking with
more than one team and some states          won all 3 matches, I was so tired from      the mother of her husband’s donor.
combine to form a team. I am on             playing for 2 1/2 hours that it took        Only at the Transplant Games could
Team Liberty, the team that represents      awhile for the fact that I had won the      you meet your donor family while
the Greater NY. Metropolitan area. I        gold medal to sink in. It was the first     waiting for a shuttle bus!
was pleased to be one of the LI TRIO        medal that I had won since I started          So if you haven’t already been to the
members representing Long Island            going to the games in 2000. I am go-        games, start planning now. It’s an
TRIO at the games.                          ing to have it famed and give it to my      event that you’ll never forget and that
  Now I’ll tell you about my experienc-     brother Paul, whose generous gift of a      you have to experience at least once.
es at the 2008 Transplant Games. On         kidney allows me to compete.
Saturday July 12th I went to Carnegie-        Monday was track and field day.
Mellon University to check out the          I’m not a track and field person. I
racquetball courts and the track. I met     only started to compete so that I had
a couple of racquetball players from        something to do on the day between
Team Pittsburg that I had met at previ-     racquetball singles and doubles. I
ous games. It was great to see them         also get to spend the day with other
again. One of the best things about         members of the team out on the track.
the games is meeting people from            My legs were so tired from Sunday’s
other teams and seeing the friends you      racquetball that I didn’t expect to do
met at previous games. After practic-       very well. I was very surprised to get
ing for a while I headed back to my         a Bronze Medal in the long jump and
hotel so that I could get ready for the     to finish 4th in the 100 and 200 meter
opening ceremony that evening.              races. I felt honored when Dr. Starzl
  The opening ceremonies are always         presented my medal.
special. Each team is announced and           Since they didn’t have racquetball
marches in to the convention center.        doubles this year, I went to watch
Our team captain dressed as the Statue      Team Liberty compete in volleyball,
of Liberty. She had a crown, a torch, a     basketball and bowling on Tuesday.
flowing green gown, a green wig, and        I also spent some time trading pins.
green face paint. Team Liberty’s 35         Each team has their own pin and the
athletes followed her into the con-         goal is to get a pin from each of the
vention center carrying banners and         other teams. It’s a great way to start
torches that lit-up.                        a conversation and meet people from
  We also have donor families and liv-      other teams. I’ve never received all of
ing donors that are part of our team.       the pins because I usually end up giv-
They marched in after all the athletes      ing some of my pins to little kids who
and they got the biggest ovation of all.    really, really want to get them all. This
The highlight of the opening ceremony       year I think I got them all. That night
was when a 24 year old woman, who           we had the closing ceremony at the
had received a liver transplant in Pitts-   University of Pittsburgh. Awards for
burg when she was 2 years old,              the best male and female athletes                  Donors January 2008
                                                                                             USA waiting list candidates:

                                                                                                         LI TRIO/OCTOBER 2008   7
Helena McDermott
                                                             LI TRIO Main Number/Voicemail—Jerry Sosna 516-942-4940
Babona Wynn
Yolanda Malone
                                                             Welcome Committee—Tom Bush                  516-887-4931
Barbara Gantman
Gary Fischer                                                 E-Mail Tree—Joe LaBarbera                litrio@gmail.com
Rich Fischer
Steven and Bryan Fischer                                     Corresponding Secretary/Publicity—
Josephine Recine                                             Ruth Pohl                                   631-884-0482
Kevin O’Brien
Dorothy Collins                                              Website Design/Legislative Initiatives
Tara Hoffman                                                 & Guest Speakers—Mike Sosna       mike@sosproductions.com
Audrey Saltzman
Tonia Finkelstein                                            Special Projects—Ed Burki                   516-620-3700
Kathleen Gerlach
                                                             Rose Garden Ceremony—Jo Michaels            516-798-8411
Jean A. Kelly
Alison Milligan
                                                             Rose Garden Logistics—Dave Rodgers          516-449-1421
Arlene Goldberg
Fran Oreckinto                                               Data Base Manager—Howard Pohl               631-884-0482

                                                             Donor Families & Social Secretary—
                                                             Barbara Musto                               516-671-5793

                                                             Singers and School Speakers—
                                                             Sue Tietjen and George Tietjen              516-746-0693

                                                             The Ways and Means Committee/
Please note that our October meeting is being held on        Holiday Party Chairpersons—
October 15, at 7:30 PM.                                      Florence & Jerry Sosna                      516-482-2908
  October 15: Elections will be held at our meeting.

             VISIT LI TRIO ONLINE: www.litrio.org            E-MAIL LI TRIO: mike@sosproductions.com

          Transplant Recipients International Organization
          Long Island Chapter
          PO Box 81
LI TRIO   Garden City, NY 11530

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