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Why do I need Laureen Jandroeps Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz videos


									Why do I need Laureen
 Jandroep's Medical
 Coding Certification
 Review Blitz videos?
          Written by Jim H May
Whether you are an uncertified but very experienced medical coder, having worked for a
number of years, or just completed your medical coding training recently, there is no doubt
getting certified by passing the CPC exam will be a huge boost to your career.

Getting certified as a medical coder is important if you want better career and financial
opportunities. Certified coders earn on average about seven to eight thousand more per year
than those without, and have better future career advancement options. Nowadays coders are
expected to be certified with a certain number of years of experience, otherwise it can be
difficult to secure a job. A lot of employers these days outright refuse to even interview
candidates without certification. With medical coding experience, being certified immediately
makes it easy to seek out new job opportunities, in terms of greater job variety and
geographical area.

But if you've done some reading online, you'll notice that there are a lot of programs out there
offering help in terms of training, sample tests, coaching, and etc. specifically for passing the
CPC exam. A lot of people take the CPC exam but not all of them get through as it is a tough
exam. Those who failed the first time are allowed retries, but after that you'll need to pay extra.

Here are some scenarios you might be encountering:

- You're ready to get certified and wants expert guidance.

- You've been studying but it doesn't stick.

- You're taking sample tests but can't finish answering all questions in time.

- You need an easy way to review your studies.

- You're having a hard time managing your study time.

- It takes too much time to look up your CPT book so you need a fast method.

- You taking the CPC exam again and want to ensure you pass this time around.

- The exam date is nearing and you're starting to feel nervous and overwhelmed.
Laureen addresses all these scenarios and more in her videos, which is why they're called
review blitz videos. You use the videos alongside your official or supplementary study
materials. Far more than just a study guide, Laureen Jandroep's videos are there to ensure you
pass the exam, which means she shares the secrets and strategies she's been using to coach
candidates to score and get certified. Instead of attending a last minute training camp or a
getting another sample test program, you use these blitz videos alongside your study so you're
primed for passing the CPC exam from the get go.

So there is no doubt Laureen Jandroep's videos are for those who are going to be taking the
CPC exam to get certified. Whether you have just completed your medical coding training, or
you're an experienced coder ready to take the CPC exam and get certified, it doesn't hurt to
invest in Laureen's videos to make sure you're fully prepared for the CPC exam.

                 Click here now to watch a personal video message by Laureen!

Jim regularly updates his website HowToStudyForCPCExam, about how to prepare and study for
medical coding certification, medical coding in general, the certification exam, and related news about
the industry. You'll find more great tips and useful resources to help you get certified.

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