What makes Laureen Sandroeps CPC exam prep course so unique

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					 What makes Laureen
 Sandroep's CPC exam
prep course so unique?
          Written by Jim H May
The Medical Coding Certification Blitz Review Videos are designed to get you to pass the CPC
exam on your very next (or first) try. These Blitz Review videos are the ONLY video-based CPC
exam prep course available on the Internet.

Having a video-based CPC exam prep course means:

1. No waiting. After purchase you can start watching the videos immediately.

2. You absorb more information quickly through the review videos.

3. You see exactly how the "bubble and highlighting technique" work.

4. You study at your own pace and schedule. Play, pause, rewind all you want.

5. You gain confidence from the tips and strategies given to you.

6. You skip chapters that you're already confident in.

7. You spend more time studying problem areas.

8. You get all the videos in a 7 DVDs package sent to your home or office.

9. You save money as this is a lot cheaper than some other courses out there.

On top of the videos, you get:

10. 60 days money back guarantee.

11. 60 minutes telephone support with Laureen.

12. Monthly webinars conducted by Laureen.

13. Access to Laureen's community of medical coders.
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Jim regularly updates his website HowToStudyForCPCExam, about how to prepare and study for
medical coding certification, medical coding in general, the certification exam, and related news about
the industry. You'll find more great tips and useful resources to help you get certified.

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