Useful tips on how to study and prepare for your AAPC CPC exam by jimtmay


									Useful tips on how to
study and prepare for
your AAPC CPC exam
            Written by Jim H May
The AAPC CPC medical coding certification represents the superior standard for
professionals who work in the healthcare sector. These people are found in different
medical environments including clinics, outpatient facilities, physician offices and
hospitals. The AAPC CPC exam is for people who want to get certification to work as
professional medical coders. To get the right advice that will help you prepare and pass
your exam you must make use of all resources available out there. One of the best
ways to do this is to get in touch with people who have already passed the exam. These
people will reliably deliver the best advice based on their experience having gone
through the process, and you can usually find them on forums and related medical
coding websites.

Early preparation before the exam

Your chances of passing the CPC exam is determined largely by your preparation far
before the exam day. The first essential thing you must do is to get all the information
and knowledge about the AAPC CPC exam by visiting the FAQ section on their official
website. You should also visit online forums and related medical coding websites where
you can find past exam-takers, so you can get useful advice from them. Talking or
discussing with other exam takers like you will help you get additional tips. From their
advice and experience, you'll learn how to take note and tab your CPT books for easy
referencing during the exam. There are several online courses, anatomy courses and
medical courses available, so enroll with as much as possible or your budget or
finances allow. So it is highly recommended that you acquire the AAPC certification
study guide and take as many online practice exams as possible to greatly increase
your chances of passing the exam and get certified.

How to prepare yourself one day before the big day

A day before your exam you must get yourself prepared to ensure that nothing goes
wrong on exam day. Locate your exam using the search box on the AAPC website - if
you've not done so already - and visit the site in person a day before the actual exam. If
you are unsure of the location, you can get driving directions from MapQuest or Google
maps, and call the AAPC exam proctor to ask for directions additional information and
directions. You don't want to be dealing with these problems during the exam day!
Prepare your clothes and ensure that you have all your writing materials like pens,
pencils, erasers, photo id, member id and appropriate or allowed manuals ready, so as
to avoid time wasting and confusion the next morning. Avoid reading over the night and
have a good night sleep, to refresh and prepare you for the exam the next morning.
Last minute preparation on the exam day

Eat a light and healthy breakfast in the morning before you leave, and take with you
some snacks and candies like peppermint to keep you alive and energized. You can
come along with some earplugs to help you improve your concentration if you're noise
sensitive. Move out early enough to beat any event of traffic or road delays, to ensure
that you arrive at the exam site 15 - 20 minutes before time. Do note that all types of
electronic gadgets including cell phones are not allowed into the exam, else you might
get kicked out of the exam hall. Relax, read the instructions and mark your answers
carefully and correctly and try to attempt as much questions as you can.

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