Lets review why Laureen Jandroep coding blitz videos or DVD for 2012 are proven to help you pass the cpc exam by jimtmay


									  Let's review why Laureen
Jandroep's coding blitz videos
or DVD for 2012 are proven to
 help you pass the CPC exam
           Written by Jim H May
You have so many options out there when it comes to getting some help to get you certified as
a medical coder. You may have the experience and coding knowledge to take the CPC exam, but
it is still a good idea to invest a little to get further coaching and advice as part of your
preparation. There are no shortage of practice exams, books, prep courses, certified trainers,
and review classes that you can use.

Let's add one more unique choice to the list: coding review videos. Video engage more of our
senses, so when we study using coding review videos or DVD, we simply absorb more due to
the fact that it is in an audio and visual form. Laureen Jandroep has released her blitz review
videos for coding and CPC exam for some time and since its release has been helping students
to pass the CPC exam on their first or next try.

So let’s review again why Laureen Jandroep's coding blitz videos or DVD for 2012 are so much
better as review materials:

First of all, you simply get more value from the videos or DVD because you get Laureen guiding
you through all the steps you need to do to pass the certification exam. Every aspect is covered
from identifying areas to focus on, how to maximize your study and exam time, how to mark up
your CPT book, time management, and more. Check out her credentials as a certified medical
coding and billing trainer and you'll see why she has a long list of testimonials from past

When you do your review in videos, you absorb more information. She is speaking directly to
you in the videos, so you pay more attention. You also get to follow along with her explanations
and illustrations. Also, videos are less likely to make you fall asleep. If you commute a lot, why
not download the videos onto your iPod or MP3 player to squeeze out more review time. When
you're at home, just pop in the DVD (2011 and 2012 special bonus) version.
Not everyone studies at the same pace, so in a classroom environment you are usually either
ahead or behind. The blitz review videos are like your virtual classroom, you get to pause,
rewind, and fast forward your teacher. And if you have questions that aren't answered in the
videos, you still have her telephone support and access to her private community of
experienced coders and billers.

There is actually one more unique feature of Laureen Jandroep's coding blitz videos or DVD for
2012 over others, and that is her risk-free, 60 days guarantee. This is backed by the Internet's
leading retailer of digital products. Highly unlikely you'll be left wanting, but it is there for your
peace of mind.

         Click here now to see a special video presentation for you by Laureen herself!

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