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									Tolan Blundell Curriculum Vitae. Personal Information: D.O.B - 23-09-77 Marital Status - Single +44 (0) 7776 235 266 tolan@covertops.org Portfolio site - http://www.spinkee.co.uk/tolan/index.htm Work Experience: Programmer May. 2002 -Present Contracting for Corrosive Web Design (http://www.corrosive.co.uk). Projects included : Working as one of two PHP coders designing and building an extensible 3-tier content management system for the Red Bull Music Academy (http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com). PHP/MySQL Content Management System for Brazil Network (http://www.brazilnetwork.org) PHP / MySQL Content Management System for 'Object Lessons' site for Islington Libraries (not yet online). Java J2EE based Quiz creation, display (HTML/XML/WML) and marking system for BBC (work in progress). Programmer Apr. 2001 - Apr. 2002 One of three in-house programmers for customer facing areas of the Citipages sites (hub at www.citipages.net), internal administration tools, and client integration with Citipages systems. PHP and Java (J2EE / EJB 2.0), MySQL, Apache, XMLRPC. Programmer Jan. 2001 - Mar. 2001 Designed and coded a content management system for covertops.org specifically aimed at allowing the users of the site to contribute to the content. PHP and MySQL. E-Shop developer Feb. 2000 - Dec. 2000 Working primarily with HTML and ASP for Scoot’s (UK) e-shop product. This involved customising the existing codebase to suit individual clients requirements, hand coding HTML(Allaire Homesite) and some use of Dreamweaver. Also using Photoshop to generate web ready graphics from designers proofs. Designer / Webmaster Jul. 1999 - Feb. 2000 For DropUK.com website (trading as MusicSpecialist.com). A very varied job including server-side scripting (PHP), e-commerce setup, graphic design, web design, content management, 3D animation, compositing, audio preparation and encoding (Real Audio and MP3). Technical Support Aug. 1998 - Present Freelance Windows support for small office and home users. Webmaster / Computer Manager Aug. 1998 - May 1999 Responsible for maintenance and update of Daily Informations' website which offers broad range of information about Oxford, classified ads, and listings. Responsibilities included; hardware support,

maintenance, advice to clients using the Bureau for internet access, web-design, desktop-publishing, graphic design, printing, and scanning. Photoshop Artist / Web Design Jun. 1998 - Aug. 1998 Contract work photo re-touching, logo design, and webdesign for Mark Griffin Furniture. CGI Artist Mar. 1998 - Jul. 1999 Working in a small team of independent artists (Bardia Productions) making a short animated film. Responsible for organising and creation of 3D CGI content, and composition of graphic elements. Other Skills and Interests: Music / Audio Use Cubase, Soundforge, Cool Edit Pro, and midi equipment to create compositions alone and with others. Computing Experience: Graphics packages Adobe Photoshop versions 3 to 6 Adobe Premier 3 to 5.5 Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator 3D Studio Max from initial release to ver 3 Discreet Logic effect* 2.1 Houdini 1.1 Operating System experience Linux (various distributions) Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP MacOS 6/7/8 Irix Development software/Languages PHP Java ASP HTML (Allaire Homesite, Dreamweaver 1 to 4) JavaScript (some) Macromedia Flash (3 to 5) Including ActionScript Pascal Basic Miva Script Music / Audio Steinberg Cubase Syntrillium Cooledit Pro Sonic Foundry Sound Forge Sonic Foundry Acid Databases / Office software Vista Star

Maginus Word Excel PowerPoint Wordperfect Qualifications: Cheney School, Oxford: GCSE - (1994) Maths Science 1 Science 2 Geography Business Studies Referees: Buphinder Thapar A A A B C English Lang English Lit History Art B B C C A Level (1996) Computer Science B

(Studio Manager)
Scoot (UK) Ltd.

Matt Zanstra

(Lead Programmer)

Corrosive Web Design Ltd.

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