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The Conservatory Audio Department provides sound reinforcement services free of charge for recorded Student Degree Recitals, Faculty Recitals, and Conservatory Ensembles. You must first schedule the facility through Concert Productions. All other SR requests will be charged a rate of $35.00 per hour plus media. If there is no recording requested, a fee of $35.00/hour for sound reinforcement will be charged. You will receive a bill from the College for the cost of services. Requests for sound reinforcement must be received at least TWO-WEEKS before the event. Please indicate below the instrumentation of your piece and what you think needs to be amplified. The Director of Audio Services will determine what equipment and personnel are required and available based on the music and what equipment we have. Other events on campus sometimes determine what we will be able to do. We will then contact you to discuss what we can provide. A student engineer will be provided to operate the equipment. (Please note that we cannot rent equipment for you to operate yourself, and there is a limit to the size of the system we can provide.) Guidelines: 1) Sound reinforcement requires time in the hall immediately preceding the concert for setup and time after the concert for strike. Usually we need AT LEAST 90 MINUTES before the concert starts, and sometime more. This is another reason to be early – we can request extra setup time in the hall if it is still available. 2) You may be under the impression that you need things that are really not necessary. When we contact you, we will help you determine what is really necessary to make your performance a success. Usually the best way to make this happen is to do as little amplification as possible. This is sometimes true even if a very loud sound is desired. What Can’t We Do? We cannot provide sound reinforcement any place other than Warner Concert Hall, Kulas Recital Hall, Finney Chapel, or the Cat In The Cream Coffeehouse. In the space below, please draw diagrams of your stage setup and indicate what you think needs to be amplified. Remember to include DAT, cassette, or CD playback if necessary.

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Conservatory Audio Services Department (440) 775-8272 M-F 8:00-3:00 PM
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