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									SEO Conference 2014 in Sofia Bulgaria

SEOM announced the full list of speakers at SEO Conference 2014 that will be held on April 4,
2014 at Inter Expo Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria. Among the experts speaking at the event will be
experienced SE professionals from Google and Yandex.

Sofia, Bulgaria, November 15, 2013 -- SEOM Announces the Speakers at SEO Conference 2014
Sofia, Bulgaria.

As of November, 2013, the confirmed specialists who will speak at the conference are: Maria
Moeva (Google), Adrian Hristov (Google), Ognian Mladenov (SEOM), Vasil Toshkov (Cloxy),
Lily Grozeva, Evgeni Yordanov, Teodor Zahariev, Borislav Arapchev (Idea Studio), Liybomir
Liybomirov (Rocket Studio), Ivo Iliev, Dimitar Dimitrov (, Gennadiy Vorobyov
(, Oleg Salamaha (, Kalin Vasilev (, Georgi Stefanov
(GanBox), Plamen Barzev (411Marketing), Stanislav Dimitrov (AdAcademy), Ognyan Popov
(Commission Share). Specialists from the Russian Internet search engine Yandex have also
confirmed their participation and their names will be announced soon.

SEO Conference 2014 is the biggest and the most authoritative event in the search engine
optimization and online marketing industries in Bulgaria. It is organized by SEOM and Cloxy, with
the general sponsorship of SuperHosting. The one-day conference provides its attendees in-depth
perspective on the past, present and the future of search engine optimization.

The event is dedicated to a broad range of subjects related to online marketing and presence,
including SEO, SEM, PPC, inbound marketing, online reputation management, content marketing
etc. Some of the specific subjects addressed will be: Google +, Authorship, Brand Authority,
Ranking in Yandex, Linkbait, Local Search, Copywriting, Online advertising, e-commerce sites.

With a full-day agenda from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. the conference is a must-attend for both marketers and
SEO specialists who want to hear the latest trends in the industry, learn from each other, create
business contacts and opportunities.

The much-anticipated SEO Conference (tickets usually sell out less than a week after the opening of
the registration) addresses best practices, current trends, perceptive insight and last, but not least
actionable practical advice, focused on websites visibility, brand authority, paid search marketing

Events at the conference are scheduled in different tracks, each of them covering SEO and online
marketing strategies and experiences. The sessions involve conversations with the speakers and
networking with some of the most influential and trustworthy experts in the field of search engine

For its five-year history the SEO Conference has been aiming at serving both as forum and a
platform for sharing the latest challenges related to online marketing. The event is attended not only
by SEO and SEM Specialists, but also by directors, business analysts, eCommerce, brand and
marketing managers, SMB CEO & owners, IT Managers, Webmasters and many other
professionals, involved in the internet marketing field.

The detailed agenda for SEO Conference 2014 will be announced shortly. The program of the event
will be scheduled within 3 tracks, held in 3 halls at Inter Expo Centre, Sofia. Every track will give
the visitors the opportunity to hear and later on discuss the best solutions for good ranking in the
popular search engines - Google, Bing, Yandex etc.
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About SEOM:
Established back in 1999, SEOM is among the most well known and influential online marketing
companies in Bulgaria. The company offers SEO training, education and consulting services, it also
holds SEO conferences and seminars. Ognian Mladenov, the CEO and Founder of SEOM, is a
leading speaker at all major IT events in Bulgaria.

The registration for SEO Conference 2014 is still open. Learn more and register at

For more information about SEO Conference 2014, contact Asya Asenova at +359 878 178 515 or

For more details about sponsorship and advertising opportunities, contact Teodora Petkova at + 359
878 289 289 or teodora(at)seom(dot)bg

Ognian Mladenov
94 Ralevica str.
1680 Sofia, Bulgaria

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